ІT (Horror Movie, 2017) – TRAILER

ІT (Horror Movie, 2017) – TRAILER

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Ini. Dia sudah siap, Kapten. Terima kasih, Billy. Tidak! Tidak! DARI NOVEL SERAM
KARYA STEPHEN KING Derry berbeda dari kota-kota lain
yang pernah kulihat. KEPOLISIAN DERRY
INGAT JAM MALAM – 19.00 Orang mati atau menghilang
enam kali dari jumlah rata-rata nasional.
INGAT JAM MALAM – 19.00 Itu baru orang dewasa.
Anak-anak lebih buruk. HILANG
Itu baru orang dewasa.
Anak-anak lebih buruk. Jauh lebih buruk. Kami semua mengapung di sini. Aku lihat sesuatu. Ada… Seorang badut. Ya, aku juga melihatnya. PETA KOTA DERRY Lihat. Semua terhubung
lewat gorong-gorong. Di situ dia hidup. – Apa itu?
– Apa itu? Matikan! SEPTEMBER INI APA YANG KAU TAKUTKAN? Bill, jika ikut aku,
kau juga akan mengapung. – Georgie.
– Kau juga akan mengapung. Kau juga akan mengapung. Kau juga akan mengapung. Kau juga akan mengapung! SEGERA


  1. Is it just me, or is pennywise not really as terrifying as people are saying in the original It? This actually makes him seem terrifying compared to that.

  2. ok you can do whatever they like but that what I just saw will NEVER I repeat NEVER beat the original IT movie

  3. this is what happens when u cant come up with new stories u begin destroying others by making a weak version of the original very hard to get right

  4. reason why even without looking at this trailer i know that these kids cant create the right atmospere why cause the story is based in a 50s,60s and the kids and actors working on the original were closer to that time

  5. they grew up with their parents or even demselfes with stories from the time this is what makes a movie work

  6. only one remake if seen that was better then original at least as horror movie and that is evil dead the originals to me all 3 evil dead movies plus the exorcist made me laugh and laugh untill i coughed

  7. I'm torn as i know this one will follow the novel more but the old one was just…so hilarious but also brought the horror. That "WA HA WA HA WA HA!" laugh will forever be in my heart ♥

  8. The last time I watched the old IT i couldn't sleep ? I was so scared ? this one ☝️ is gonna be worst omg I can't wait to poop ? my pants!!

  9. Im just gonna say this to anyone who might say the clown isnt good.. There will never be a good replacement for Tim Curry. Not even fucking remotely possible. And hes 70 (practically dead). So.. Just embrace the new fucking clown.

  10. Stop complaining… I hate this movie, and i think it's not scary, at least original version…
    When i saw this trailer, i've changed my mind and decided to watch it. It's not bad at all.

  11. Fuck!!!! …..even the damn trailer scared the shit outta me ….it's dark out now and all of a sudden I don't want to use the bathroom

  12. Tim Curry was fab in the original. He made Pennywise both comedic and scary. This version looks more gruesome!! Arrggh.

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