★-★-★-★-★ The Jigsaw – One of the Best Short Horror Films of 2017

★-★-★-★-★ The Jigsaw – One of the Best Short Horror Films of 2017

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(sounds of bustling market place) Get your tea towels, table cloths, flannels here Six for a fiver get your donuts here we’ve got chocolate Gentleman, keep your trousers up (blowing sound) (sounds of pieces rattling) Excuse me sir what’s in this box? Oh forget that one It’s not worth the price it costs What’s the cost? (sound of book slamming on counter) Now listen I’ve sold this puzzle to many a customer but it always finds it way home to this shop It was my mistake for putting it out Now choose another before it becomes yours (condescending laugh) We’ll meet again (short snigger)


  1. If I idly were setting up a jigsaw and suddenly unexpectedly a creepy man showed up right behind me at a mirror, I'd probably poop and pee all myself.

  2. One of my biggest questions is how did the guy nowhere he lived and also does the puzzle like change every time someone buys it. Any way great ending and great film

  3. As a lover of all things horror and suspenseful, I thought this was a good effort. I did like the idea, but something was missing to move it from "a good effort" to "Twilight Zone" status. I think if this got tweaked a bit, it would be stellar. When I refer to The Twilight Zone, I mean the original series with Rod Serling., because this has the potential to be in that category.

  4. Has anybody ever read a book of short stories called tales for the midnight hour..you should if you like this..Google it..

  5. Such an awesome, REALLY AWESOME Concept!!!

    (My personal idea: Much-much better if there's more thrilling scenes after that man appears)

  6. it was just an old guy who was confused. He forgot to take his meds. I mean, who in their right mind drinks ice water while sitting next to the fire?

  7. This was amazing! I kinda saw the end coming once the store owner said it was continuously returned but, this was still very good!

  8. Great piece of art. I felt hitchcocks presence in the car scene. You made beautiful choices for delivering the story, and that is what it is about for me when enjoying a film. Big creep factor. Very Nice.

  9. The absolute best short I have seen so far. The acting was amazing and the story was very creative. I loved it!!!!!

  10. wow that was excelent , very cozy and spooky and very well made.Amazing work very professional , thanks and we will meet again muaaahhhhahahah

  11. Nicely done! Ninety percent of these 'horror shorts' are absolute crap. But this one was well-paced, had a simple storyline, had great camera work, and wasn't over-the-top. Best of all, no fucking trite jump-scares.

    Good work.

  12. szkoda, że nie ma polskich napisów bo nie wszystko rozumiem ale ogółem przyjemnie się oglądało, więc zostawiam łapkę w górę.

  13. This reminds me of a really good “twilight zone” short…very very good…music score is awesome…the sliding trombone is so effective! The slide from normalcy to madness and then death! Enjoyed this! Would live to see more!

  14. I really liked the aesthetics. The old puzzle in the old car, bought by the old man who took it to the old house, to put together while he listened to an old record in his old record player. The movie is an ode to a bygone era. Even the type of tale is old. This is the type of story people used to tell around campfires back when people went outside.

    This is a lovely period piece combined with a horror story. It was pretty good.

  15. Excellent. It’s more of a ’weird tale’ than a ’horror story’ but that certainly does NOT disqualify it from earning its rightful place among ’Tales of the Occult’.

  16. I loved this.
    But I wouldn't finish that puzzle, I'd tear it apart, put it in its box, dig a hole, drop it in, burn it with kerosene and a lighter and bury the ashes far from home.

  17. Now I know why the puzzle keeps returning to the shop. Great movie and no blood and gore needed to get the message across.

  18. Guy trying to sell it:YOU WILL DIE this will kill you and return back to me im trying to save you
    Buyer:I don't care take my money I want to die

  19. A touch of Dorian Gray. Evil in a picture or literally The Devil In The Detail. Crossroads, maybe, A man makes a deal with the devil at any cost. He gets what he wants and when that deal is fulfilled he has to pay up.

  20. Tiny bit of a SPOILER ALERT
    WOW! Having just watched it again, I just realized something I missed the 1st time! The guy at the window is the guy from the BOOKSTORE! I guess it doesn't change much, but it's an interesting detail I failed to catch!

  21. This was great unlike some other mindless horror shorts with a bad guy winning against an innocent with no real motive.

  22. So much creativity packed into just a few minutes, I loved it! This would have been a perfect Twilight Zone segment. Why not put together your own version? Or forgive me if you do already…this is my first time watching

  23. The first scene in the shop is reminiscent of the scene in the never ending story where Sebastian first gets the book.

  24. I watched the movie. I has a very interesting idea and elements of suspense. However there is no explanation of his motivation to go to the town to buy puzzle. There is nothing in exposition that would prepare the audience and explain – connect the dots why would he go to the town, buy puzzle, that particular shop, that particular box, then drive back home. This is in my opinion missing – the story – the motivation behind actions.

  25. I am currently in preproduction for a short film and watching this is very inspiring; it’s nice to see a short film with such high quality in all its aspects. Great job and thank you for inspiring me to work harder as well !

  26. Nice short film u would really have to watch it closely to understand this is for whomever is reading the comments first….

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