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hey my name is Sonia and I just want to
ask you a really quick question and your network marketer or a direct sales rep
he’s looking to build a bigger downline and attract more business and customers
are you looking to reach people outside of your warm market I mean you’re
looking to do all of this without having to do all those mundane things like cold
call chase friends and family around go to malls grocery stores coffee shops or
host our home parties and you tired of spending massive amounts of hours
private messaging people all day on Facebook and Instagram well if this is
you then I have a solution for you it’s a revolutionary new system called the
attraction marketing code in this four part video training series I can give
you free instant access to just by clicking the send message button below
go ahead and I’ll send it directly to your inbox
now come on into my house really quickly I want you to see that I’m a real person
I want to tell you a little bit about why I want to share this powerful
training with you now that is a picture of me right there and that’s a picture
of my son Harrison and I’ve got to tell you he is my WHY he is why I wanted to
get into the home-based business industry in the first place because I
knew that I didn’t want to have him brought up in front of the television or
have someone else bring him up in daycare and so I needed an alternative
to the traditional 9 to 5 grind and that is when I stumbled across the power of
network marketing. Network marketing in the home based business industry has
literally allowed me to go from working a toxic nine-to-five type job that was
killing me both mentally and physically where I was spending precious time I
can’t get back away from my son and missing those special moments in his
life I had to build my home-based business and I had to do it leveraging
the internet like I had no actual other choice and so I was forced to lock
myself in the house that we were living in and we were barely surviving on about
I don’t know maybe fifteen hundred to two grand a month and I had to figure it
out so what I did after spending tens of thousands of hours studying the internet
paying for him watching dougie marketing training videos they send you Braun and
round in circles and only give you snippets of real help I finally figured
out that the reason why most network marketers fail is because of two things
number one if you run out of your warm market or number two you’ll run out of
time so in other words you’re not going to be able to talk to as many people as
you need to hit your rank and to be honest is that really the way you want
to do it anyway so that’s when I jumped onto the Internet and I started seeking
solutions and it may be the same reason that you’re watching this video right
now if it is then this really is a solution to all your home business
struggles this is a reason I’m able to work from home my office is right here
okay and so I’ve found is a new revolutionary training system that shows
you how to tap into your cult market without feeling sleazy without feeling
salesy without feeling like you have to persuade people to join your business I
want to share with you these codes for your network marketing or home-based
business that are absolutely going to change your life so if you want access
to this private training that literally has a value of over five hundred dollars
but I’m going to give it to you for free that’s right a hundred percent free no
patches all you have to do is go ahead and click the send message button right
on this video and I’m going to introduce you to the solution and begin to break
down these codes in exquisite detail so once again my name is Sonia Howe and you
know really the purpose of this video that I’ve put together today is because
I have information and noise that I need to get out to you if you’re in the
network marketing industry because to be honest there’s a struggling network
marketing epidemic right now going on and so so many people are just trying to
recruit people into their businesses and create a successful business but you
know a lot of their training their sales techniques they’re based on outdated
methods from like the 80s and 90s and they’re just not effective anymore this
is a new modern age and you need to get on board with technology with social
media and so you can start to literally take your business to the next level so
click that send message button button on this video right now this training is
going to show you exactly how you can get a hundred leads every single month
how you can become the top income earner in your company or business and how
you’ll be able to recruit a massive amount of P
people especially business builders using tomorrow’s innovations with speed
ease and pleasure so once again my name is Sonia and thank you so much for
watching this video I look forward to speaking with you in just a minute

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