💥A DANGEROUS GAME – Talking Tom and Friends Special Feature Cartoon

💥A DANGEROUS GAME – Talking Tom and Friends Special Feature Cartoon

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Face it, boys, I’m not leaving. I’m a Zapper! Forever! Our first structure is almost done! Hard to believe we only started playing SquareStack
a week ago. -Yay! We did it! -Whoo! -Pathetic! I wouldn’t store Level 2 moldy wood shavings
in there! -I’d like to see you do any better! – You would? -OK! -Huh? Behold my throne! Ginger, how did you-
This isn’t my biggest enormous castle, but it’s the closest, and it’s well defended. Uh… Defended from what? That? Really? Don’t beat yourselves up, guys. Old people aren’t good at video games. Hey, Ben. How do we make a big castle like that? -Not easily! Builder X says you need 9,000 bricks of Impossible-to-get-ium. Which is even harder to get than Hard-to-get-ium! Tom, I need your help applying to perform
at the Uncomfortable Rocks music festival. I need the perfect song if I want to get in. Tom! Don’t give up on our digital domain! The manual says if you have game questions,
you can contact Builder X. There he is, Builder X. -We must treat him with respect. -Ronnie? -Hey, Scoutmaster Tom! You’re Builder X? What can X do for you? We want to be as good at the game as Ginger
is. -Just without having to play it for years. I see. Sorry, Tom. There are no shortcuts in SquareStack. Well, so much for that. OK, if you help us, I’ll let you make the
first s’more on our next Scout Boy trip. The very first s’more? Mmm– Maybe there’s one shortcut in SquareStack. This is my special cheat code. It doubles your resources! But be careful. Any changes to the code could have serious
consequences. Come on! We won’t mess with it. We’re not idiots. Thank you, cheat code! This giant mansion is perfect. -Good thing you have your own. Hank! Did you decide to join the SquareStack revolution? I didn’t want to miss out on all the “Stack-tion.” I’ve carved out my own little nook in this
world. -See? -You mean that hill? -There’s nothing there. -I know. I felt like anything I put there would just
mess it up. Pretty, huh? What? Nice mansions! Kind of! But you’re still living in my shadow. And you forgot defenses again! Oh, no! How are you still better than us
even though we’re che…erfully learning this game? Come on, Tom. It’s time to mess with the code. I’m proud of you, Ben. You made Ronnie’s cheat code way better! I told you not to alter my code! How did you not understand? You’ve ruined everything! Look at this hot mess! How is this happening? All I did was change your code so we got 1,000
times more resources! You multiplied everything by 1,000, including
the Zappers! You always forget about the Zappers! An army of Zappers is destroying anything
players make! This game has bad guys? I dumped hundreds of hours into this game,
and I got nothing! No. You have your building skills,
and I’m sure those will help you later on in your life. Huh. Hank’s right. I have a plan. Hello? Oh, boy! -I hope this works. Here they come. Retreat! To the top of the hill! Got ’em! Hey, that was easy. Uh-oh. Maybe it wasn’t easy. This building’s not going to hold them for
long. It doesn’t need to. Get out of my game! Yeah! Those bad guys are lost in cyberspace now. You guys destroyed the game that I love! But then you saved the game that I love. -I guess it works out. You guys! I did it! I wrote a song everyone will like. -No matter what they like! ♪ Yes, we like good things ♪
♪ Things that are good ♪ ♪ And we like that they’re good ♪
♪ Oh, so good! ♪
♪ Good, good things… ♪
Hey! Today had some ups and some downs, but everything
really worked out in the end! ♪ ..Good things, yeah… ♪
Thanks, Tom! Yeah! I heard back from the Uncomfortable Rocks
Music Festival! Really? You got in? I sent them the best song I’ve ever written! -Open it! -Okay, let’s see… Aw. “Sorry, we only accept songs that are original,
exciting, and world-changing. This is… not.” What? Oh, Angela. You can’t let this rejection get to you like
this. Nothing is getting to me! Maybe the judges were right. I’m not original. -Or exciting. Or– Huh? I don’t know, Angela. When the song goes, “Krrrr!” That’s pretty big and bold. That’s not the song. It’s a computer glitch. Ben’s making it worse! Yeah, Ben, stop making it worse. Or… is he making it better? -Oh, Ginger! -Do any of you need help? -I really want that badge! -Not now! Angela’s about to show off her new sound! I can’t wait for you guys to hear it. I haven’t been this excited about music in
weeks! -Enjoy. ♪ Who am I? There’s doubt in my mind ♪ ♪ Who am I? I’m asking this time ♪ ♪ I’m a caterpillar changing into something new ♪ ♪ Totally different! I’ll show it to you ♪
Check it out! -Enough! I can’t take it anymore. -Was that a joke? Ginger, don’t you know it’s easier for someone
to take criticism when it’s paired with a compliment? Angela, that’s a very nice shirt. – And was that song a joke? -It’s definitely new. But I liked the “good” song a lot better. You know what? I don’t care what anyone thinks! I am performing this at the Town Talent Show
today because I believe in it! We have to stop her. Angela, uh… -Let me guess. You want to tell me not to do the new song,
right? It… Yeah. It’s way too weird! I know it’s weird! That’s what I like about it! Really? But aren’t you worried everyone else won’t
like that about it? Well, I don’t care what everyone else thinks. I have to do this, for me. And if I just had your support, well, that
would be enough. I’m sorry, Angela. You do your show. I’ll be in the front row, cheering you on. -Really? -I’m still your biggest fan. Thanks, Tom. You’re a great boyfriend. Well? Did she listen to reason, or should I get
my doctor voice ready? -Ahem. Nurse, I need ten– -No. We’re not stopping the show. -What? -Angela believes in it. And it’s time for us to believe in her. Greetings, my friends. It’s Ben. Not now. Tom! Come home immediately! I’m dealing with an apocalyptic mega disaster! A mega-what? Stop exaggerating. I’m not exaggerating! I hope you’re ready for something
a little… different. -Whoa! Yeah! -I have to go. Cheer loud! -♪ …There’s doubt in my mind ♪
-Sorry, pardon me, excuse me, so sorry. What is this? What do you mean “boo?” More like “boo-yah!” Make it stop! -[splat]
Give it a chance! Oh, yeah, oh, yeah, oh, yeah! -Great song, Angela! Tom? Hey, Angela! Good show! Are you kidding? It was a disaster. Tom couldn’t even sit through it! I’m never going to be a singing star. There’s no point in chasing an impossible
dream. -I’m quitting music. -What? No! I’ll never sing again! Ben. What is going on? Do you remember when we were playing SquareStack
and we built a rocket to shoot the bad guys out of the game? -Yeah. I do. But what does that have to do with anything? That was a game! No! We blasted them out of the game and into my
computer. And from there, they’ve been chewing a path
out of the digital world entirely. -To where? -To here, you fool! They just cubed the Landlord. -Let’s get out of here. – Wait. -Go, go, go! Angela’s not answering her phone. I need to warn her about this! -So what’s the plan? -Well… I could create a Universe Unmixer
to close the gap between our world and the computer world. But I can’t do it here! I need electricity and quiet! -So we need a place to work. Okay… I’ve got an idea, but you are not going to
like it. What do you want? -Not your help, that’s for–
-No, we want your help. -[muffled]
Ben has a plan to fight the Zappers from here. He does? Too bad, because I have my own plan! I was just bravely preparing to save the world. -Liar! -Look, we don’t have time for fighting! I know you’re in a bad place, but a bad place
is good place… …for a comeback! Am I right? -Why is Tom calling? -Angela. If you wanted to see me you should have stayed
at my concert, Tom! Um, okay. That’s bad. But it’s just that something really huge is
happening! Lots of huge things are happening, Tom! For example, I just quit music forever. -What? Will– – Tom, No! Give me that! He’s going to break it! -Ha! -Tommmm! Angela, right now we have a huge crisis to
deal with! -Come see me at the CEO’s office! -No, Tom. I don’t want to see you. -But An–
I think this was the crisis Tom was talking about! -[boing] -[squeaking]
-The electronic sound is stopping them. -Go, guys. Get out of here. -I can distract them with music. Hurry! Find Tom! Angela… Let’s go! The Universe Unmixer is finished! It needs to charge in approximately… one
minute. -Hey, guys! Hey, Orangeie. You made it! But where’s Angela? Uh… she… She distracted a bunch of Zappers so they’d
get her while we got away. -What? I have to help her! -Tom! You can’t go! They’ll cube you, too! -Let go! -We can still save her, Tom. Help! My office is being invaded! I still need 15 seconds! Distract that thing! Great job, CEO! Very distracting. More Zappers! -Three, two, one–
Whoops. Noooo! That was the world’s last chance! Well, we tried. On to Plan B. Enjoy your horrible fates, everybody
else! Oh, Goldie. Who cares if the rest of the world gets cubed? -Things always work out for us in the end. Maybe the CEO’s bathroom door will stop them
forever? -Nothing can stop them. Come on. You have to keep fighting! These are computer thingies, right? Make a computer virus! For your idea to work, I’d need some sort
of massive infection– Wait. You’re a genius! Ha-ha-ha! I know where we can get help. We just need to find a way out of here. -Guys? -Whoa. Wow. The pipes on that must be huge! All right. Let’s escape this building by going down this
toilet. -Ginger, what are you doing? -I can’t go with you. One of us needs to stay behind to flush. At least I got to flush people down the toilet. No! Oh, no. Ben, you didn’t tell me this was your idea! Jeremy the germ. Tom the jerk. How’s it going? I hope you’re in good health. We don’t have time to cleverly insult each
other! Jeremy, computer viruses have invaded the
town. Oh, I see. And to fight the viruses, you want the help
of a germ. -Exactly. Can you do it? -Oh, sure. I can infect anything. But it’s gonna cost ya. Ugh. Aw. This brings back memories. On the other side of this door is the portal
to the computer world. We have to toss you in there. You infect it from the inside. Looking forward to it! It’s been so long since I’ve made anyone sick. Let’s do this. -Tom? -Ben! Ugh! No! -Jeremy! -Don’t forget about our deal, Tom. I won’t. Oh, boy! We did it! All right! That was a royal flush! Geronimo! It’s sure good to have everything back to
normal again! Did you have to make a stupid deal to let
Jeremy move in here? Quiet, roomies! I’m trying to watch a movie about a doctor
who gets in big trouble. Don’t blame me. Tom did that. Ben, step away from your computer. Xenon! She’s here! -Boy, oh, boy, oh–
Wow, Xenon! You sure know how to make an entrance. I’m sorry, Ben. I’m not here as your girlfriend. The Agency has decided you’re too dangerous. Wh-what agency? The Agency, Ben-bear. The Agency. Angela, I’m sorry about everything that happened
at your concert and I promise I will make it up to you! I just had to– Angela? Angela! Angela, where are you? Angela! -Angela! -Have you seen Angela? -Angela! She has to be here. Angela! Okay, people! I want the status of Operation Find Our Missing
Friend Angela. And I want it yesterday! I made a list of every concert hall within
50 miles. If Angela performs at any of them, I’ll hear
about it. Tom, I made fake online profiles
for a bunch of people Angela would want to meet. Now, we just sit back and wait for her to
take the bait. Well, as you know, I am currently banned from
using tech. So, I made popsicles to keep our energy up. Ah, watch it! I need your help, Ben. You were the best. So, if Xenon is evil now, we’ll just have
to go around her. What did you have in mind? All right, I’m here in the park after sundown
and I made sure I wasn’t followed. Why all the cloak-and-dagger stuff, Tom? Shh! I got it from an old lady. If you use it, the Agency will think your
name is Edna and you’re going online to write a scented
candle review. We could get in big trouble for this. No one else can know we–
Hi, Tom! Hi, Ben! You should be at the garage. Yeah, but I have a good sense of when sneaky
stuff is happening and I wanted a piece of the action. Fine, but this stays between the three of
us, got it? So, does that mean I should go, or stay, or
what? Everyone just keep quiet. I’m about to find Angela. Oh, how I missed the feel of my fingers on
a keyboard! Now I simply access the GPS network to–
Ben detected! Ben detected! Ben detected! Ben detected! Stop, in the name of the Agency. Run! What? Ben, you’re a super-genius. Why can’t you understand one simple rule? Don’t use tech! I understand the rule. I’m ignoring it because I need to find Angela! Remember when we used to use tech to solve
problems together? You can’t use this! Last time you had a computer, you almost broke
the world. Okay, since he almost broke the world,
you should almost stop us from finding our friend, right? That belongs to Edna! How will she review her candles now? I guess Edna is another casualty of you being
reckless. And now, since you can’t be trusted not to
sneak around, I have to give you this. -What is this thing? -This thing is a bracelet
that will zap you if you try to use tech. No! You can’t do this to me! You did it to yourself. Goodbye, boys. I have to go back to the only people who can
be trusted, a secret organization with shadowy goals and
unlimited power. Wow, she’s really changed. This is why Hank flies solo. Tom, hear me out. We should join the Agency. They can do anything, and they give you rocket
glasses! Actually, that is a good point. Follow that nerd! One, one, one…
one. She’s not here. Unless she turned invisible. Can she do that? No, this can’t be another dead end! Hold on, Tom! The spy shows I watch, even though my parents
told me not to, say there’s always a secret entrance. Stop messing around, Ginger. Maybe we missed something outside. This is either a really big bathroom
or it’s the Agency. Look who’s still sneaking around! Do you need a second bracelet? No! I was… We were… Help, Tom. Uh, excellent work, Agent Xenon! You found the intruders. We’re actually double-secret-triple-agents. -We were testing you, right? – Right! We totally belong here and deserve rocket
glasses! Mm-hm? Come with me. I’ve got just the place for you. Look, before you disintegrate us, I just want
to say that I understand how exciting it must be to work in a place
like this. I don’t blame you. Good to hear, Ben. Because I’d be super-sad if you all hated
me right now! I’m so relieved you got my signal to follow
me! -What? -Signal? When I said you couldn’t use a laptop to find
Angela, but implied I had another way to do it! You picked up on all my clues, right? Oh. Yeah. Yeah, we saw that. Why couldn’t you just tell us that you were
gonna help? Obviously, because the Agency is always watching,
Tom. -Well, this guy gets it. -Xenon, this is fantastic! You’ve been on our side the whole time! Bleugh! I admit I started to doubt you with that whole
bracelet thing. I had to convince the Agency I was against
you! Now, we have to find Angela, and there’s a
machine that can do it. The Privacy Destroyer! -Oh! Oh, fairly impressive. With a name like the Privacy Destroyer
it almost sounds like a bad thing, but I guess the Agency knows best. The machine will open a portal to wherever
Angela is. You go through it. I’ll stay back and make sure no one finds
out what we’re doing. Got it! Now it’s time for Science Ben to get back
in the science saddle– -Ben, no! You can’t touch it! -Ben detected. -You nincompoop! You can’t use tech! Agents are on their way. Cancel the mission! Ah! I’m gonna lose kitchen privileges over this. No one is losing anything. We’re finding something! I’m gonna find Angela. Angela found. -She’s in trouble! I have to help. -Tom! -No, Ginger! It’s too dangerous for a kid! That’s never stopped me before! Geronimo! -Angela! Hold on! I’m coming! Don’t worry, Angela. I’m here to protect you! Stop it. What are you doing? We’re saving you! Don’t you know you need to be saved? Ignore these fans, everyone. We’ve got a song to finish. ♪ This is my screaming song ♪
♪ If you’re feeling frustrated you might want to scream along ♪ What happened to Angela? -Thank you, you’ve been great tonight! I mean, not as great as me, of course, but
still, pretty good! Hi, nice show, but we’ve got to get out of
here. Ben and Xenon are waiting in the Agency. There isn’t much time before our portal closes! -Wait, what? -Yeah, that is a lot. But don’t worry about it, point is I don’t
know why you’re here, but we’re leaving. Well, I’ll tell you why I’m here. It all started during the Zapper invasion. I got surrounded,
but the Zappers weren’t there to zap me. They heard the new electronic song I wrote,
and really liked it. -So, they brought me back to their home…
…and made me the biggest music star in the whole digital universe. And now they’re forcing you to make music
for them. Those monsters! Well, we’re gonna stop them! Why would I want you to stop them? The Zappers didn’t kidnap me. They brought me home. I am a Zapper! Huh? -Dramatically fly me away, boys! You’re not a Zapper, Angela! You don’t even look like one. I’m done talking about this! It is time for you to leave! Great show. Of course, all your shows are great. -You’re so great. -I also think you’re great! What? Why won’t you go away? We’re not going anywhere without you! You’re our friend. Look! Ew! That girl doesn’t even look like me. See? She’s not wearing my digital diva glitter
gloves. Zap Assistant, I tire of these intruders. Remove them. Angela, wait! We’re trapped in a secret lab, surrounded
by enemies, our hopes clinging to a desperate mission
to another world. This is so exciting, Xenon! The dream team is back in action! Agent X427, open this door! -Uh, in a minute! I estimate we’ve got 40 minutes until we lose
this room. -More like seven minutes! -Are they behind us? Are we doomed? -It’s probably better not to look. -Jump! Don’t be afraid! Jump, Ginger! -I can’t! Huh? We’re not cubes. What happened? I think I bumped into one of them. Hank, you made it non-digital! I didn’t know you could do that. Yeah! What other secret powers are you hiding? I don’t think I have secret powers,
but when Zappers invaded our world, they could change us to be like them. So, maybe when we’re in their world, we can
do the same to them! Hm. Let me try something. What? Let’s get my girlfriend! They’re almost in! Don’t worry, Xenon! I’ll protect you with this plasma bazooka! Uh, Ben, that’s just a fancy air-blower. We use it to clean the floors. Then I’ll blow them away
No! Stupid anti-technology bracelet! I’m useless, dead weight! Xenon, just open a portal and send me far
away from here. Wait, Ben. A portal! That’s it! This machine can open portals anywhere. So, if I open one under the big statue in
the park… That’s it! Open more portals! Yeah, dream team, baby! Uh-oh. The Privacy Destroyer wasn’t designed for
this. Any more portals and this place might collapse! Hurry, Tom. It’s all on you now. Oh, so, in my next song, I have this amazing
part where I say, “The old Angela can’t come to the digi-phone
right now because she doesn’t exist.” That’s so cool, it’s digi-cool. Wrong. She’s regular cool. -What? You again? -That’s right. It’s me, and it’s again. I came back to save you. I don’t want to be saved! I’m in a room with fans of me, all my favorite
snacks, and pictures of myself on the walls. It’s a dream! It is a dream, and we’re here to wake you
up. Ginger, Hank, let’s do this. What? You belong in the real world. You have to remember! I… Wait. I do remember something. -You do? -I remember… I remember the digi-cool dance-fighting moves
I learned for my concert! Face it, boys, I’m not leaving. I’m a Zapper! Forever! You’re not a Zapper! You’re real! It’s a trick. You’re too smart to be tricked. Yeah, you’re right, Zap Assistant. I am smart! It’s a trick by these analog aliens to mess
up my music! The headpiece is controlling her mind, making
her mean! -All right, Angela. We understand. -No, Tom. Don’t give up! I expect so much more from you! It’s hopeless, Hank. Let’s go home. No! You’ll ruin everything! Stay away from my boyfriend! But you’re famous here. You’re our only musician. We need your music. Download it off my website like a normal fan. Because I am not a Zapper. I am Angela, and I am real! We did it, we–
Whoa, wait. What did you do to this place? You’re not the only ones who had an adventure. Now, I have to open one more portal. It will blow up the room, so go through it
fast! This was a real rush, Xenon! The Agency will want to know who broke the
Privacy Destroyer. I need to go away. -You can’t do that! We’re a team! -I know we are, Ben. Trust me, we’ll meet again. -It is good to be back! -Oh, it’s good to have you back, Angela. Hello again, lamp. Aw, hello again, couch. Hello again, wall kayak. I have to find her! -This isn’t fair! -Hello again, grumpy Ben. Gee Angela, I sure like this version of you
a lot better than the mean one. Me too. I can’t believe I got brainwashed. From this day on, I will never get close to
anything evil, ever again! What the heck’s goin’ on here?


  1. Just because your her biggest fan doesn't mean you have to like all the songs of her.Cuz you can have your own opinion as long as it's critical.♥

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    Youtube:* h o l d m y b e e r*
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  5. old people are good at videogames because they were way harder back then and losing restarts the game lol.

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