10 Haunted Dolls Caught On Tape

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a common feature in horror movies are
haunted dolls The first written account of a haunted doll comes from ancient Egypt and today there are hundreds of people claiming to possess haunted dolls in this video A YouTuber called spunkflunk
talks to his camera what he doesn’t notice is that of a doll in the
background moves It literally moves by itself. Or, at least, it appears to I’ve put a link to his video in the description. This video is slightly different from the others It doesn’t appear to show any paranormal activity. But I still find this video to be genuinely chilling this girl has just been given a large
doll as a gift perhaps a gift from someone who hates her… This man is showing the camera his creepy doll collection He zooms in on one doll,
and then moves on to others But later on in the video he looks back at
the first doll to see its facial expression changed he goes back and
forth a few more times in the video each time the doll’s face had changed this is another video of someone showing
off their doll collection I’m surprised that’s a thing to be honest… About 50 seconds into the clip you’ll notice one of the dolls arms moving but the cameraman doesn’t seem to have noticed at all so here’s a video of a child. But pay
attention to the doll on the desk behind her It’s arm moves, causing the candle to
roll across the desk this video was filmed by a paranormal investigator who came into the possession of a strange doll its previous
owner claimed it to be haunted But he wanted proof, so he recorded this Inside a glass cabinet the doll can clearly be seen moving as if alive. this doll is being filmed as its owner
believes there is something not quite right about it when in the same room as it, they always felt as if they were being watched In this video you can
clearly see it’s arm and head moving this video doesn’t show a doll
moving or anything like that It shows Mandy the doll. she was created in the 1910s And is said to be possessed by the woman who created her. Now in a museum, her previous owner would hear mysterious
crying and night After donating the doll, she never heard her crying again but now museum workers report hearing it. This video is really weird News websites recently reported that some who watch it suffer sudden chest pains so I’d actually stop watching this if you have a heart condition. The doll is said to be haunted by a
Holocaust victim not everyone is affected by the video but hundreds have
reported feeling distressed after watching it Some report seeing flashing
images of Satan and hearing people scream But most don’t see or hear that

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