10 Most Haunted Places In Las Vegas

10 Most Haunted Places In Las Vegas

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hey guys thank you for tuning in to hear
some spooky tales from Amy’s crypt my travels recently took me to Las Vegas
which I didn’t realize was so freaky and I’m really excited to share with you my
top 10 most haunted places in Las Vegas so let’s kick it off with number ten
number ten the mob museum Las Vegas was once run by a criminal underbelly the
exploits of Sin City’s infamous mobsters have been immortalized within the mob
museum set up in the former courthouse that prosecuted many of them countless
reports of paranormal activity occurring in the building after dark have been
made number nine the Excalibur Hotel the medieval designed Excalibur Hotel is one
of the most popular on the strip yet also one of the most haunted the tenth
floor is notorious for frequently occurring paranormal events guests
claimed to have felt the sensation of being closely followed when alone in the
hallways poltergeist activity is also present with furniture being moved by
invisible forces and electronic equipment malfunctioning for no apparent
reason number eight Madame Tussauds Madame Tussauds is a wax figure museum
bustling with tourists during the day and active with spirits by night staff
at the venue have reported hearing unexplainable laughter and the clinking
of glasses some even claim to have been pushed by unseen forces at one point in
time this area was occupied by the old Copa room and it is believed a ghost
seen in 1970s clothing is still lingering from this era number seven
Caesars Palace Caesars Palace Hotel and Casino is one of the grandest in Las
Vegas rumor has it that the female bathrooms
may be haunted inside the venue automatic taps that turn on by
themselves when no one is around is common the casinos profits were also
once plagued by mysterious and haunted craps table it is said that this table
paid out and favored gamblers for an unheard-of 13 months straight before
being removed and destroyed number 6 the West Gate the West Gate Hotel formerly
the Las Vegas Hilton was once frequented by Elvis Presley who performed there for
many years since Elvis’s death many claims have been made that he continues
to hang around the West Gate Hotel people say that they have heard sensed
and even seen Elvis inside the hotel most commonly inside the showroom higher
floor hallways and backstage number 5 the Flamingo Bugsy Siegel was a
notorious mobster responsible for opening the Flamingo Hotel and Casino he
was killed in 1947 but his spirit remained restless and returned to the
Flamingo Hotel his apparition has been cited countless times by staff and
guests who have reported him near the pool area the Presidential Suite and the
wedding chapel which once made up his living quarters number four the Luxor
the Luxor’s Pyramid Like design and history of death led to rumors that it
may be cursed and of course haunted multiple ghosts are said to have taken
residence within the building during the Luxor’s construction two workmen lost
their lives in fatal accidents and continue to still wander the casino and
hotel two more deaths have been recorded from
people jumping from the open hotel hallways to the casino floor below their
spirits are thought to wonder the hallways of the 14th and 26th floor
giving off cold spots and breathing down visitors necks number three Circus
Circus Circus Circus is said to hold one of the most haunted rooms of any Las
Vegas hotel room one two three was the site of a tragic murder-suicide where a
mother shot her young son and herself the mother and child are thought to have
remained within the room after death searching for the boy’s father guests
have also reported hearing unexplained voices crying for help from other rooms
and the poker area as well as seeing the words help me written on to steamed up
mirrors inside bathrooms number 2 zak bagans the haunted museum zak bagans the
host of paranormal show Ghost Adventures and lifetime collector of haunted
objects recently opened up a Museum of oddities and cursed artifacts it exists
in a real haunted house where satanic rituals were once performed in the
basement and contains some of the world’s most haunted objects such as the
Dybbuk box and Peggy the doll number one Bally’s
the original MGM Grand was the scene of a terrible fire in November of 1980
trapping many in the upper floors of the hotel and claiming 85 lives following
the tragic event the hotel was taken over by Bally’s to be restored and
renovated since then strange events have occurred within the Hotel and Casino
people have reportedly heard screams coming from the stairwells smelt the
strong scent of smoke and seen apparitions on the upper floors of the
hotel the ghost of an elderly woman playing slot machines with her dress
aflame in the casino and the cries of a young boy for his mother coming from
this 17th floor have also been reported thank you so much for watching I hope
that you enjoyed this video and if you did please don’t forget to Like comment
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  1. I’m a Las Vegas native born and raised. I love your list! There’s also a really haunted area near Hyde park middle school. There used to be a day care called little choo choo daycare. A lot of people don’t know the original location because it was torn down. It was right next to the fire station. The legend was that a little boy was tragically killed on a motorized train inside the day care. When I was younger, my older brother ran away with a few of his friends. My mom had to search for him and I was with her. We ended up at the abandoned day care before it was torn down. It was the most uneasy feeling ever! I was about 8 years old and I still remember the vibes I got from that place. I know that being as young as I was had some play in that, but still…there was something about that place.

  2. Hi Amy I was wondering if you ever heard of a place called Virginia city, Nevada? it has several ghost stories and haunted places like the Washoe club, and we even had the people from " ghost adventures" come to Virginia city in the past. so if you ever get a chance to check it out I think you would really enjoy it.

  3. Probably you are going to be famous than any of the fake paranormal investing youtubers. I am sure. You truly have an amazing content. I am from India

  4. The only "electronic malfunction" at these hotels is the slots that dont pay out! With the high numbers of people that visit las vegas from all over the world,there is little evidence of anything that proves anywhere is really that haunted. spooky yes and an over active imagination is about as haunted as it gets

  5. I didn't even think LAS VEGAS had any hunted places…been there.first time I've heard about it… cool…thanks for insight

  6. Oh yeah Vegas has its stories! Luxor has couple hauntings that I heard of but we stayed their couple months ago in April and we didn’t witness shit. So who knows!

  7. I went to Zak's museum in Oct. 2018. I can swear that it seems bigger in the inside than what it looks on the outside.

  8. wow your legs after that amzing how many places you went crazy cool i lived there for 3 years and never went to that many lol great job i have to say
    Two thumbs up ????that was some hard work done

  9. Cool video.. I been to almost all these places.. Havent seen anything weird yet but will watch next time i am there.. Ty for posting.

  10. So I have been born and raised in Las Vegas, I’m 26 and still live here. I’ve been to the strip obviously many many many times and I’ve had NOTHING happen except I stayed at the planet Hollywood which used to be the Aladdin hotel, for a convention and that shit was craZy. We heard knocking at the door which no one would be at and we heard footsteps and talking, whispering, things would be moved around like crazy and even one of my friends who was staying at the hotel with us didn’t feel very well so she stayed up there for a couple hours while me and some other friends went to the convention area and she called me crying and begging for us to come back up because she was too terrified to be alone in the room. But we had a lot go on in the 3 days we stayed to the point we almost considered just going back home and driving to the strip the rest of the convention lol

  11. My mom works at the ‘Flamingo ‘ But i have stayed there nothing creepy happened so i don’t believe this video i’m sorry it’s just i don’t believe it my opinion not a fact just my opinion. And if i’m wrong it’s Okay. And i have video tape too. ( Comment on my Comment if you want to see the video tape ) No hate involved. NO HATE. Just love.?♥️???

  12. Great video! I am currently producing a show called," HAUNTED VEGAS" Where I will be bringing all of Las Vegas most haunted story's to life. I was born and raised in Las Vegas and have been to so many places that are haunted I cant wait to bring this to life.

  13. i had a feeling Zak's museum was going to be on the list. Vegas has lots of history, i'm not surprised that there's some hauntings.

  14. That’s not even real just to tell you if it was real I convincing bus right now but now it’s not you’re just saying all the stuff but it’s I don’t like is liar liar liar liar liar liar liar liar liar but thanks

  15. I’ve been to circus circus a lot and one time I went to the 2 floor and I had a nightmare while I was sleeping so I went to the bathroom and I heard a knock on my fucking door and I opened it and I asked my mom if she did that and she and my sister both said no and I asked a person that worked there is it haunted or something and he exactly said, “I’ve worked here a lot and I have seen wierd things like when I take a picture in front of the front of the hotel I’ll see dots around me”

  16. At Ceasar Palace bathroom, I learned to ignored it when the faucet turn on by it self. There's a lot creepy roads here in Vegas to. I'm glad to hear the history of the town I live at. Awesome video! Stay safe

  17. Im littarly about to go to sephora where the statues that look like real people and i stayed at circus circus

  18. The Luxur Hotel That's Where Project Zorgo At Top Of the luxur
    Like=If you agree
    And it can seen by CWC/Chad Wild Clay
    Dislike=if you do not agree
    thank you for reading the comment

  19. Do hotels in Excalibur’s turn off @ 1 in the morning bc I am just seeing this and it says that things get turned off and when it was 1 in the morning on Saturday the tv turned off automatically idk what it was I though it was just normal and didn’t think of it

  20. Next time try going to the mafia house that is haunted by evil spirits due from the mafia murdering people in there. It even has a secret room.

  21. Hi Amy and Jarrad. Very awesome video guys. Have y'all ever been to Hollywood California? You can Google Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel and read the interesting info on it and when y'all can. Y'all should visit there.

  22. I met a couple the other night who had just left the Haunted Museum. I asked how they liked it and they said that strange things happened to them while in there. They noticed a bunch of orbs in a photo she took of her husband and the wife then stated that both of her arms ended up with spontaneous scratches all over them. I saw the photo with the orbs and saw her scratches so I believe them 100%! I have since decided not to visit the museum… : /

  23. the Mob museum was not a courthouse before, it used to be a US Post Office. Get your facts straight.

  24. Lived and worked in Las Vegas for 40 years. Never seen anything. I have worked at several of the place listed here.

  25. Went to Vegas in both 06 & 07. Stayed at The Imperial Palace the first time. Second was the Monte Carlo

  26. Hey Amy I'm watching this video of Las Vegas let you know I live in Las Vegas so I'm excited to watch this video

  27. Amy that was a great video I enjoyed it I didn't know that was happening in in Las Vegas that's good to know

  28. I've been to all these except for the 2nd to last. I've always gotten chills everytime I've walked around with my family. It felt like someone was watching me but no one looked at us cause people are too busy doing what there doing. I also felt chills everytime we go to the mob museum and it really gets to me. I also had a friend who stayed on the same floor as room 123 and always wanted to know what went on in room 123 and she heard a scream from far away at night. She said she had a hard time sleeping that night. She was scared out of her mind because she didnt believe ghosts are real. She was so paranoid the rest of the week.

  29. Hmm what if you could do the most haunted places in Ohio, I think it would be cool even though the mud house was burnt down a long time ago the mud house was extremely haunted and they burnt it down for that reason.

  30. Very interesting. My Finacee and I stayed on the 12Th floor of Excalibur. We were very fortune, we had no hauntings whatsoever. Still, I'm spooked and won't be staying there from now on! ???

  31. I was in Circus Circus Hotel from June 21st to June 25th one time in my room which is Room 2222 I heard tapping and also I was sleeping in there I was with my friend my friend slept so fast I was like dang I was so tired and I went to bed but I couldn’t sleep idk I just felt so scared and it was dark and I will never return to that hotel it has an eerie feeling I never got the Help Me thing but when I took a shower I heard the door open a little so yeah that’s my story and experience at circus circus room 2222.

  32. I'm in las Vegas but my cousin lives in las Vegas we always go in circus circus we once stayed in room 123

  33. I used to work @ The Flamingo before they demolished the old rooms in the back, people always said there was strange things going on there.

  34. I’ve stayed in Bally’s several times when I’ve gone to Las Vegas. And I’ve never seen or heard anything paranormal. But ghosts don’t always show themselves to you. Sometimes they just let you feel their presence. For example cold spots or breathing down your neck. Maybe someday I’ll see a ghost. But I haven’t yet.

  35. My husband recently left working at Luxor In Management. He told me about a guy who jumped about 6 months ago and landed so hard they had to replace the tile flooring

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