10 Mysterious Zombies Caught on Tape

10 Mysterious Zombies Caught on Tape

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With biological weapons on the rise and new
viral outbreaks happening in different parts of the world every year, many people feel
the threat of a zombie epidemic has never been greater. While some of these videos could be pranks,
others could be the early warning signs of an otherworldly apocalypse that none of us
are going to survive. 10. This footage was recorded roughly 5 years
ago somewhere in London during a police chase on foot. A helicopter keeps track of a suspect as they
dart around the city, desperately trying to evade the law. He tries to get into somebody’s car, but
he gets into a quick struggle with the person inside and then runs away. The footage is too grainy to tell for sure,
but it looks like the person in the car may have sank their teeth into him. The suspect immediately drops to the ground
and doesn’t move for quite some time, then suddenly gets up and bolts away twice as fast
as before. He gets his hands on a nearby police officer,
and appears to make a meal of him before running off. The video ends afterwards and no more footage
was recovered. 9. A YouTuber named Brian and his friend think
they see something weird moving in the backyard, so they grab a camera and go to investigate. Soon the intruder makes itself known. They retreat back towards the house, and their
former friend Teddy follows. Whatever happened next we’ll never know
because the video ends shortly afterwards. This one has a genuine feel to it making me
think it’s real, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it was a skit. 8. This aerial footage was taken during some
sort of late night raid, though the exact location is currently unknown. A military helicopter tracks a lone Russian
soldier as he flees from a group of crazed people. Occasionally he turns around to open fire,
but to absolutely no effect. His firepower does not appear to slow them
down in the slightest as they relentlessly charge forward in a pack. If you happen to speak Russian, then please
listen to this next part and tell me what they are saying. More importantly, tell me if they sound legitimately
scared or just pretending. Soon the soldier finds himself cornered with
the enemy closing in from all sides. He’s out of ammo and there’s no way out. You can hear the pilot wretch from the sight
and the video ends. 7. A YouTuber named djdangler [“DJ” “Dangler”]
sees two men shambling down the street and immediately begins recording what he believes
could be the early stages of an outbreak. I personally think that these could be real
people, but then again, I wasn’t there at the time. Let me know if you agree with djdangler’s
assessment or not. 6. This video starts out with a person cautiously
walking around their basement with a flashlight. I’m assuming the power went out in their
home and they are now trying to get to the circuit breaker or something like that. They have a feeling that they are no longer
alone, which I guess is why they started recording. I think I heard him say someone’s name in
the very beginning, something like Allie. So maybe he was looking for her. Anyway, he makes it a few more steps before
something makes him freeze. A pale, ghoulish creature slowly turns around
and regards him with beady eyes, and he only manages to record it for a split second before
retreating hastily [haste-til-lee”]. If this video is real, then I don’t know
what this creature is, and neither does anyone else. Everything from an alien to the rake has been
proposed, and some people are thinking zombies, too. Maybe this creature even used to be Allie
at once point. Whatever it is, it definitely sounds enraged
and possibly once human. 5. This possible zombie sighting occurred somewhere
along a busy highway in Brazil. Lying awkwardly in the back of a work vehicle
is a pale woman with white eyes and a face without expression. Highway workers have a discussion as they
watch her thrash around wildly. Maybe someone who speaks Portuguese can tell
me what they are saying here so that we can get some clues. I looked up the business name on the truck
and I found out that Ecovias is a company in Brazil that helps drivers in distress. Their website says that they have limited
mechanical and medical training for highway emergencies, which means that these are probably
real responders and not just actors. I can only imagine what was going through
their minds when they came upon this person who looks mostly human, yet at the same time
is so far gone. 4. This compilation of security camera footage
was supposedly recorded in June of 1998. A dark figure is clumsily walking down a long
and drab hallway in shaky and uneven strides. He appears to be heading towards a shared
laundry room that is perhaps in the basement of an apartment building. Meanwhile, another resident walks normally
from the other direction, completely unaware of what lays ahead. This is what it looks like moments before
they cross paths. What happens next is too much for YouTube,
but here is the final aftermath of the encounter. The video ends shortly after. I personally am not sure if this is real or
fake. According to the uploader, a copy of this
footage was sent to the Centers for Disease Control in Georgia [“George-a”] almost
10 years later, but I could find no official news story from that time period, or any other
evidence. Let me know if you think this is real or some
sort of prank. 3. What you are seeing is rumored to be a zombie
that was somehow captured by marines somewhere in the Middle East. It appears to have been put into some sort
of quarantine container and now is trying to break its way out. This video is obviously amazing if it’s
real, but I think it might be fake because at certain times the zombie looks like it’s
being a little too dramatic. Like here for example. Its facial expressions have a little too much
emotion at times, which zombies are supposed to be lacking. Then again, these expressions could be from
some kind of leftover primitive instinct or maybe even just muscle spasms. 2. Ross McKenzie is YouTuber and tour guide from
Scotland. One day, one of his clients said that they
saw something stirring in the local graveyard. They appeared to be genuinely frightened and
not joking at all, so the next day, Ross sets out for the cemetery to check for himself. The sun is starting to set and Ross still
hasn’t found anything. Just when he is ready to turn around, he comes
across this disturbing discovery. Instead of running away, he follows it and
demands to know what the thing is up to. The creature turns around to reveal white
eyes and begins heading towards him, at which point Ross wisely retreats. Before we get to number 1, my name is Chills
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your channel will be added in the description. 1. Two soldiers in Iraq enter a building to find
the power is completely out. They sense something is wrong and cautiously
enter. This is what one of their body cams picks
up inside. As the two of them venture deeper into the
building, they can start to hear a rising chorus of groans and growls coming from just
around the corner. What they see next is enough to make them
lose their training and go into a full-blown panic. A
soldier gets pulled into a doorway just as they round the corner. At this point the soldiers know they are in
too deep and try to run, but fear seems to have frozen their feet to the ground. The video ends before we can see their fate,
but somehow we can already tell what probably happened.


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  2. Fact:
    A zombie apocalypse would NEVER last more than 2 days due to natural predators like maggots spreading diseases through them and to the heat tearing them apart.

  3. Person: Snorts a bunch of crack and acts all crazy

    Chills: As you can see this may be the first stages of infection turning someone into a zombie

  4. No.5 the woman in the truck is a drug addict…. I got that footage on whatsapp something about a drug that make people go crazy

  5. The person in the back of the truck is a video from a person on the new street drug Flakka if you google it you’ll find it all over

  6. Number 7 may be the location of Pripyat , ukraine. Because back in 1986 happend the Chernobyl nuclear power disaster that blew practicles radiation into the air.
    You can find more about Pripyat and its Close brother Chernobyl.
    People say that there had been an accident where someone was fishing , then got his arm bitten off by something unknown. This was later viewed in a popular show.

    No Old Ukranian Person will forget this the trauma of this horrible accident.

    Press F To Pay Respect For the fallen Firefighters , liquidators and Citizen who tried to save their country and people.

  7. The Russian soldier was sadly murdered in Chernobyl

    Just thought you would might to know.

    The deformation happened because of the toxicity of the accident, it made them turn into zombies.

  8. The girl in the back of the truck isn't attacking them or trying to attack them it's drugs she could be on drugs or have some medical issue

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