10 Paranormal Abandoned Haunted Houses

10 Paranormal Abandoned Haunted Houses

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– The earliest records
of haunted houses go back as far as the ancient Greeks. Even today, the legends
and whispers of things that go bump in the night continue. Some of these houses have been so stained by malevolent ghostly spirits that they have been abandoned altogether, and the visitors there are made
unwelcome by both the living and something much worse. (creepy music) Here are 10 paranormal
abandoned haunted houses. Number 10 is St. Peter’s Seminary. Built in 1966, St. Peter’s
Seminary in Cardross, Scotland was to be a seat of
learning for the priesthood. Slowly but surely, however, it
gained a demonic reputation. After shutting down as a seminary, the building was repurposed as
a drug rehabilitation center. By the end of the 1980s, it
was completely abandoned. Since then, fire
vandalism and the elements have eaten away at the building,
and yet still it stands. The Catholic Church still
pays to insure the building and has described it
as an albatross around the church’s neck. Ghostly sightings such as phantom priests, spectral screams, and spontaneous fires have all been recorded
there by those brave enough to sneak into this place. All attempts to renovate it have failed, and some believe this is
due to the ghostly figures which stalk its abandoned rooms and halls. Number nine is the Sheriff’s House. The Cater House in
Buffalo, New York was one of the most haunted houses in America. It was so haunted in fact,
that it was boarded up, left to rot, and eventually
demolished in 2013 in order to remove the source
of spiritual infestation once and for all. Like many such places, the
house had a checkered history of both accidents and
tragedies, but it was only once it became vacant due
to foreclosure in 1968 that the malevolent
spirits really took over. Many have seen the apparition
of Sheriff Donald Caters, who was the house’s last resident. It was said that the muffled, angry voice of the sheriff could be heard inside the dilapidated structure. Trespassers were urged
not to enter the house due to its fragile state,
but some believe this was a cover story and
that the true threat came from a vengeful spirit. Number eight is 300 Kim Ma. This bizarre house in Vietnam
is both forbidden and haunted. Originally constructed to
be the Bulgarian embassy, it was abandoned for an unknown reason. Unlike many of the surrounding homes, the building is relatively
new, but no less feared than a creaking old mansion. Most in the neighborhood refuse
to set foot in the building, and despite efforts as recent
as 2014, no one was willing to renovate it and move in. Experts in Vietnam have
concluded that the land upon which it lies is bad and this
cursed land has brought about the terrifying apparitions
as well as noises that occur there. Most frightening of all
are the descriptions of floating white
entities with glowing eyes which have attacked those
brave enough to enter the abandoned building. 300 Kim Ma is now owned by the government and is still off-limits. Number seven in Chaonei No. 81. This house in Beijing is
one of the most famous haunted houses in China. Because of incomplete historical records, no one is certain who built the house. One theory’s that it was completed in 1910 and was owned by a man
who fled the country, leaving his wife or mistress behind. This ties into the terrifying ghost which is often encountered there. During the 1960s, communist
guards moved in, but soon fled. Stories circulated that they
were chased from the residence by an unspeakably grotesque spirit. Lying empty for so many years,
locals feared the house, citing bloodcurdling screams
which emanated from it, especially during thunderstorms. In just the last year,
attempts have been made to renovate the house and
restore it, but for some, this will only enrage the
spirits who walk there even more. Number six is Manuel Varela House. Known as the Devil House,
this abandoned mansion in Colombia has a macabre history. The mansion was owned by
a man named Manuel Varela. He was a physician, but
instead of healing people, it was rumored that he
carried out yearly sacrifices and made a pact with the Devil. Varela arrived in the
area in 1908 from abroad and quickly accumulated wealth. Many believed at the time
that he was sacrificing his loved ones who
disappeared mysteriously, and by doing so was rewarded
in turn with further fortunes. Those who live nearby today
say that the abandoned house and its grounds are a hive
of paranormal activity and few dare go there at night. Some go as far as to say
that a shadowy figure has been seen walking through the grounds and is none other than the Devil himself. Number five is Bern’s Ghost House. In the city of Bern, Sweden,
there is a medieval house which has a notorious reputation as one that you would not want to sleep in. For much of its most recent life, it has remained uninhabited,
abandoned to silence itself. There have been several ghostly encounters at number 54 Junkerngasse. One of the most compelling
involves repeated eyewitnesses who have seen the body of
a headless woman staring at one of the windows as they walked past. Many have seen this ghost,
most often just after midnight. Those who have seen her
say that her appearance is accompanied by a horrid cackling laugh. Despite being in a
desirable part of the town, the house continues to
scare away any brave guest, and has remained on the
market for some time. Number four is the most
haunted house in Korea. This old two-story building
in South Korea is feared by many for more than just its loneliness, a when tourists ask to see
it, many tell them not to go for fear of disturbing evil
spirits which haunt it. The building can be found
north of Pohang Town, and is often known as
Yeongdeok Ghost House. No one knows why it’s abandoned, as in its heyday during the
1980s, it would have been an attractive house with
beautiful countryside around it. Several paranormal groups
and television crews have investigated the
house, picking up the sounds of strange disembodied voices
as well as seeing apparitions of soldiers on the property. It has recently been
revealed that the house sits on top of a mass grave, which
is now seen as the cause of the activity. Number three is Coolbawn House. This 19th-century mansion
in Ireland has developed a fearsome reputation
as a paranormal hotspot. Built between 1840 and
1855, the house was once a lavish spectacle for
its owner, Francis Bruen, who built it for his bride-to-be. The family had no children, and
with its owner spending most of his time in London, the
house and its sprawling grounds were overseen by a fearsome landlord. As the Bruen family withered away by 1911, it was occupied by four
servants and then burned to the ground by the IRA in 1923. Several apparitions haunt the ruins, but it is the ghost of a servant girl which has caused most distress
to those trying to visit it. She was struck by lightning
while standing next to a window, her outline
burned into the glass. Many believe her anguished
spirit brought about the eventual destruction of the house. Number two is the Old Stone House. Known as the Herrera House, the
Old Stone House can be found in Taiong in the Philippines. Built in 1927, the house has
a creepy colonial appearance with lifeless stone statues
staring blankly at visitors. It’s been abandoned for some
time, and with good reason. The house was used by
Japanese soldiers during the occupation there, and
it’s said many atrocities were committed within the house. Those atrocities have left an imprint, with visitors hearing
the shackled footsteps of spectral prisoners
of war shuffling across the stone floors. The rooms inside have been stripped of its past regal appearance,
but several other spirits continue to haunt the emptiness. This includes an elderly
couple, a headless apparition, and another lady whose
children can be seen, but who remains invisible to any adult. And number one is Al Jazirah Al Hamra. This is more than just one haunted house, it’s actually an entire
village which once housed nearly 3,000 people. Local competing groups laid
claim to the village throughout the early 20th century,
resulting in an agreement for most of the people
living there to leave. However, some believe that
there’s more to it than that. Those who still live in the region believe that the empty, abandoned
houses attracted something from the wilderness. They believe the houses are now haunted by powerful demonic
entities known as djinn. Brave souls who visit the
derelict village have seen creeping demonic figures
between the crumbling buildings. Visitors are encouraged to
leave the houses alone at night, but several people have
ignored this warning and ran afoul of the djinn, who are said to feast on the flesh of the living.


  1. I'm sure I mentioned in one of my comments to many of your videos – but I grew up in an apartment block in Italy that was built right over a necropolis.
    Not an uncommon practice in that rural part of Italy-between episcopio and sarno there are many dig sites.
    You can bet your bottom dollar I have stories to tell.

  2. Matthew: Many withness claim to see headless women staring at a window
    Me: She's headless goddammit

  3. My house is Haunted! I dont really wanna say haunted because growing up they've never put fear into my family if anything it feels comforting knowing they're watching over. I could go into loads more detail but I'd write a novel in a comment haha.

  4. Awesome video Matt! I love the use of the Disturbed mascot for the vengeful spirit in number 9 😄

  5. "Communist guards moved in, but soon fled."

    Ad plays

    "You could have camped out on the couch!"

  6. Cracking video Matt. However you announced the bern house as being in Sweden 🇸🇪 and bern is actually in Switzerland 🇨🇭. Love the scary themed videos though. Maybe we can have some more creepy pastas

  7. Matthew, do you believe in ghosts? Do you have any theories on how they could exist? Love your videos 🙂

  8. Can we just send a swat team of 1 million people with guns into these abandon houses like if four people enter and the door shuts the others outside can just kick it down

  9. I swear I just a flash frame of the image to his right right around here but now It's not even showing up. 2:23

  10. The IRA burn down a house that was owned by a British family.
    -It was definitely the ghost that caused it.

  11. i was watching this while eating in the living room in the middle of the night and then i felt something touched me….. guess you could add my home in this list

    I also experienced losing items and falling objects.

  12. Bern is the capitol of Switzerland not Sweden ffs! And try to get the help of someone who can tell you how to pronounce german words… facepalm

  13. When I was in high school there was a teacher of mine that said when he went to visit a castle in Ireland there was a ghost that walked through him

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  15. When I was still 9, I went on a camping program in my school. So one of the activities was a game called "Treasure Hunt" which was played at night. We needed to find a clue. And then 5 highschool dudes explored an abandoned slaughterhouse. We actually thought they got lost!!!!!! Ahhh, Nostalgia.

  16. Ive been to the Cardross estate. Its weird there. I met a guy that also broke into there to hang out and probably party one time. A slab fell from a higher level and took his arm off. He was still young and strong so they put it back on. But regardless of that I already thought the place was off. I heard all the stories of the priest collage. And I heard stories of abuse. Even when it was a rehab clinic. It's sad really.

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