13 Horror Movies Based on Real Stories

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13. The Serpent and the Rainbow (1988)
The plot: An anthropologist from Harvard University goes to Haiti to get some mysterious powder
that suppresses the psyche and human motor function. The real story: The movie is based on Davis
Wade’s book The Serpent and the Rainbow. Davis personally faced a terrifying science
that dates back centuries. In his book, he writes about his incredible
experience of the zombification process. 12. The Mothman Prophecies (2002)
The plot: Columnist John Klein and his wife are going to buy a house. They get involved in a car accident after
they visit one of the houses. Mary claims that she saw a strange creature. The real story: The movie is based on John
Keel’s book. John studied witnesses’ stories about the
Mothman and conducted his own research. The last time the Mothman was seen was before
the Silver Bridge collapse, which resulted in the deaths of 46 people. 11. Monster (2003)
The plot: Aileen Wuornos, a prostitute, is beaten and raped during her meeting with a
client. She kills him with a revolver that is hidden
in her bag. After this accident, Aileen starts to kill
all clients that she thinks deserve to die. She follows her own rules and doesn’t kill
people who seem to be good. The real story: This movie is the real story
of Aileen. Wuornos was convicted and sentenced to 6 death
penalties. She was executed on October 9, 2002. 10. An American Haunting (2005)
The plot: The happy and respectable Bells are cursed. They are being visited by a ghost that wants
one of the family member’s death. The real story: There are 35 books about the
family that was attacked by a mysterious spirit. Something paranormal had been tormenting the
Bells and making their life unbearable for several years. It killed one of the family members. John Bell’s death is the only one in American
history that is documented as a death caused by a ghost. 9. The Amityville Horror (2005)
The plot: A newly married couple with 3 kids moves into a new house. The cost of the house is really low because
the previous owners died a horrible death, but the new family doesn’t know this fact. Strange events happening in the house convince
the new owners that something terrible hides inside. The real story: On November 13, 1974, Ronald
DeFeo killed his father, mother, 2 sisters, and 2 brothers. It’s his story that is at the heart of the
movie. Though there were lots of mysterious details,
DeFeo was sentenced to 6 sentences of 25 years to life (150 years in total). 8. An American Crime (2007)
The plot: The parents of 2 girls (Silvia and Jenny) decide to leave in search of money. The kids are left in the care of Gertrude
Baniszewski for $20 a week. But a payment is delayed for 2 weeks, and
Gertrude decides to punish Silvia and Jenny. The real story: The murder of Sylvia Likens
is the most horrible crime that has ever happened in Indiana. It’s hard to imagine that real people can
act like this: Gertrude’s kids beat and tortured Silvia. The most disgusting thing was that neighbors
knew about everything and didn’t even try to help or rescue the girls. 7. Primeval (2007)
The plot: This serial killer has more victims in its collection than Jack the Ripper and
the Unabomber combined. People tried to kill it many times, but they
failed their mission or were killed. The real story: The movie is based on the
real story of the 6-meter-long crocodile, Gustave. It’s believed that it’s 65 years old and
has eaten more than 300 people. Many local and foreign hunters, with the help
of military forces, tried to kill it using AK-47s and explosives, but it’s still alive. 6. Changeling (2008)
The plot: After the disappearance of Walter Collins (Christine’s son), the police find
a boy, but the woman understands that it’s not her son. Christine falls into despair and asks journalists
to help her. But the city government isn’t interested,
so the woman is claimed to be an insane mother. The real story: The Wineville chicken coop
murders are a series of kidnappings and murders of boys in Los Angeles. Quicklime was used to dispose of the bodies,
and the remains were buried on a ranch’s territory. Some bodies were identified: presumably, one
of them was the body of Walter Collins. Now you know about all the horrors of this
movie. 5. Shadow People (The Door) (2013)
The plot: During a radio talk show, a scared man tells about the shadow people who come
and kill people at night. The real story: The movie is based on the
phenomenon of the shadow people. Scientifically it can be explained as an optical
illusion. Scientists have conducted research: during
the electrical brain stimulation of a patient who suffered from epilepsy, the patient noticed
that someone was repeating her moves behind her. And when doctors asked her to read something
on a card, she said that a ghost was trying to snatch the card from her hands. 4. The Conjuring (2013)
The plot: The Perrons move into a new house and discover that they are not alone there:
someone slams the doors, the couple feels cold, there’s a smell of rot, and kids see
strange reflections in the mirrors. They turn to the Warrens, an exorcist couple,
for help. The real story: In 1970, a woman bought her
daughter a doll. The girl took it to college with her. Later, the girl’s neighbor realized that
the toy was living its own life. Ed and Lorraine Warren, who investigated this
case, concluded that there was an evil spirit inside of the doll called Annabelle. 3. Deliver Us From Evil (2014)
The plot: The NYPD investigates a series of unexplained crimes. One of the policemen asks an exorcist for
help. The real story: The movie is based on Sergeant
Ralph Sarchie’s stories. He worked in the 46th precinct of the Bronx. He has also published a book called Beware
the Night. Ralph described his experience in investigating
some cases (including mysterious ones). 2. Robert (2015)
The plot: Paul and Jenny are about to fire their old housekeeper, Agatha, who becomes
more and more forgetful and malicious. The angered woman gives a doll called Robert
to her former employers’ son. Later, after she leaves, strange things start
to happen in the house. The real story: This doll inspired lots of
film directors. And it was really gifted in retaliation for
a bad attitude to a housemaid. Witnesses claimed they saw scary and horrible
things: the doll winked and moved from one room to another at tremendous speed. 1. The Nightmare (2015)
The plot: The film director interviewed each project participant and recreated everything
they saw in their dreams. This documentary shows 8 different people
who see similar dreams where a strange man’s shadow appears. The real story: The movie studies the sleep
paralysis phenomenon. With the help of 8 people, the viewer can
see what happens when someone is almost awake but their consciousness is still shackled:
they understand everything that is going on, but they are unable to control their body.

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