2am – Based on a True Incident – Horror Short Film – English subtitle available

2am – Based on a True Incident – Horror Short Film – English subtitle available

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daughter, please pass the pickles leave it mom, what will i do with pickles? listen!! lets go or else you will leave your train mom, hurry up! hmmm!! ya! hold on! dad, whats the departure time of train? hmm in half n hour. in half and hour neha! yes dad i had a talk with the warden she will give you the local number ok dad and after you reach there do let me know and even when there is a need of anything okay! ok mom! and do have your meal at time hmm hello have you reached? just about to reach mom good evening ma’am hmm, whats your name? Neha Hmm put your signature here take the key and your room number is 13 thankyou ma’am and listen yes ma’am this is your sim card thankyou ma’am yes mom, this is my local number. save this and hows the room? its okay not like home but its okay and have arrange all the stuffs? yes mom! okay listen am going to sleep now first have your dinner no mom, am very tired okay as you wish’ hmm bye yes ma’am its dinner time and you will get your your dinner from 9 pm to 9.30 pm only come to the mess or else you have to sleep without food yes ma’am yes mom am late now About to leave do your breakfast okay okay bye ma’am? What are you doing, so late? ma’am was studying. and why you not coming to mess to have dinner? ma’am i arrive late here thats why. okay okay go and sleep (watching movie in laptop) alarm beeps hi hmm yes? sorry, i disturbed you so late in the night my is name is Chaya and i live in room number 17. yes tell me i heared you are preparing for medical? yes actually am also a medical student if you have any problem you can ask me ohh, please come inside this is my 3rd year oo if you need any help you can ask me aww, thankyou di, if you will give litle time it will help me a lot okay , i will teach you regularly from tomorrow happy? okay ok i should go now okay yes mom yes you know i met one senior, she help me a lot nice, you made a friend too ๐Ÿ™‚ yes ๐Ÿ™‚ hi was waiting for you lets go give me that book yes okay, so lets start from darwin theory today hmm so what you know about it? you tell :p (discussing the topic) hello neha here its my local number save it and call me also sometime ๐Ÿ˜€ okay am studying now call you later okay, bye listen am going to home tomorrow, so i will be returning after one week so, i will make you mark some important topics this one! read this one okay do this topic do all this topic, very carefully most important topics okay all the best for your exams okay see you after one week should go now okay yes mom dad was telling me your exams are over noe, so come home will come mom Chaya is coming today so after then i will come back neha, come soon or dad will be angry okay take care hello hi what are you doing here? actually my senior lives here what? yes she was out of town now she said she will come..so was here to meet her here? yes room no. 17 what are you saying? yes, she told me this room only from almost one and half year this door is locked she told me this room only what is her name? Chaya Chaya?/ how does she look ? almost my height what happen? is that her? yes she is Chaya she is not Chaya, she is Smita Smita? Smita was my best friend she was also a medical student everything was okay but then she was behaving weird she used to talk with herself one day When he returned to the examination in the room, he did not return next day when warden open the door, she found her dead and have my suggestion leave this place as soon as possible hello neha you will not call me inside? open the door you will not study? hi my name is Chaya, i live in room number 17.


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  2. its very pakoa…its very very very slow….im sorry guys..public dont have that much time…… yiu guys are fucking slow….
    warch and learn,.

  3. Din me dek ke dar lag ta hain ..bt ye to rat mein padhai kra rahi hai ..sach mein concept manna padhe ga ?

  4. Chahya original wali bhoot h jo 13 me rehkr suicide ki hogi uske bad se jo v us room me aata tha usko pdhaati thi or fir jb pta chl jata tha ki wo bhoot h to wo mar deti thi fir jo log mar gye fir usme ghusk firse jo us room me gya usko marti thi..pr kyu? Itne murder hone k bad wo hostel me jana kyu tha..or ye jo smita ki dost thi wo room 17 k pas kya kr ri thi udhr to koi room v ni tha …

  5. Everything against girly nature and behavior… .itni tough girl dikhai hai…hahahhaa

    Adhe ghante me train hai aur memsab ghar per hai…hahahah…

    Bhoot b punctual hai…second ka b wait karta hai…..hahahaha…

  6. Ye kaunse type Ka hostel hai be
    Bas ek warden, ek student aur ek bhoot,
    Chutiya banaya be..

    And based on true incident,

  7. Thoda paisa acha room lene pe khrch kiya hota to may be views aur hote ? room dekh ke hi mn nhi kr rha aage video dekhne ka ?

  8. Hostel looks horrible and dangerous anybody stays one night also he or she will have deadliest nightmare may face heart attack or stroke. So saying to everyone while going to a hostel see properly the rooms and the hostel

  9. "kamra thik hai" ghanta. Yeh adiwasi wale rooms hai. Aise bhutiya haveli type hostel select karne wale log chutiya hote hai

  10. Ye saare bhuth room no 13 mai hi kyu hote?? Or sabko twinkle twinkle hi ata bs also who sleeps with light on and studies with lights off ye kya putha logic hai.bhuth are also quite consistent more than humans knocking everyday exactly at 2:00 am and does nothing???

  11. fighting thru the subtitles for 34 mins was brutal enough but for it to literally, only have 2 seconds TOTAL, of a kinda scary image, and that's it, ???? was a bad enough punishment for watching this. Then add in the HORRIFIC lighting to the mix and BOOM, you have one HORRIBLE waste of time!

  12. Ye Jo concept uthaya Gaya hai vo Friend Request movie se uthaya Gaya hai.
    Screet Writing bahot dheeli thi kyu ki writter se Mai ek baat puchna chahunga ki Bhai agar ladki last day 9 bje room me aayi tab se le Kar toh 2 bje Tak bandi ne full time pass Kiya aur bas jaise hi 2 bjne wale the tab v raat ko 2 bje ghar jane ke liye bag pack krti hai, Kya concept judta hai Bhai iss scene me.
    Aisa nhi hai ki movie acchi nhi thi, movie bahot acchi banaye aapne bas kuch khamiya thi movie me.

  13. Itni badi car wale maa baap or hostel aisa lkr diya bc kya bakwas hai hostel hai ya kaid khana ya koyi bhutiya kila

  14. 4 ghante bad packinng karne ka deside kiya baki time kya uska dinner par wait kr rhi thi asp apas kisi hotel ya kisi tatti khane bhi rh leti to kuch na hota

  15. Worst horror short film. No logic at all. Director even didn't used common sense. No depth and reasoning in the story.

  16. Totally chutiyapa, jab use dusri ladki ne sabkuchh bata hi diya tha to wo khud ko bacha sakti thi, turant waha se ja sakti thi, Warden se kah sakti thi apne parents ko bata sakti thi Help k liye bula sakti thi, wahi marne ki kya jarurat thi, Vanessa Film ?

  17. Bhoot bahar nahi apke dimag me hi hota he..ek normal atma k pass na to itni pawar hoti he …agar ho bhi to uski power bohot jald khatm hone lagti he..ek atma kud itni lachar or bebas hoti he unke pass itna time nahi hota ki wo plan karke logo ko daraye ya mar de..
    Kuch apvado ko chod ke …ek tamsi kattar yogi ,naga,shevtatvi logo ki atma power full ho sakti he but aaj kal ab wese sadhak or asli tantrik bache hi nahi…

  18. Ek to 1.45 pe bag pack Kiya upper se us dost k kamre me bhi rat k liye nhi chali gayi…MATLAB ki us Ko us ki di se milna hi tha

  19. 2nd ki warden aayi pehle 2 baj room me idhar udhar dekha aur fir JB confirm kar liya ki bhoot hai to chali gayi dekh k

  20. And 3rd is episode ka 2nd name Chhaya rkhna b ok hoga kyun ki har bhoot apna nam chhaya hi batata hai

  21. Guys, I know everyone has a common concern after watching this film. Who stays in such a dirty and untidy hostel room ? Try to understand guys, director couldn't afford more than this due to low budget capping. This has become a trend while releasing a horror film and that's "based on true incident" ???… After watching 10mins of this film, I thought I can still save my precious 20mins. Movie sucks

  22. Engineering ke londe hote toh bolte chudel babes thank you ane ke liye koi ladki nhe dekha itne time se?
    Wo bhe bhag jate dekhke.

  23. Baba re kitna horrible hostel hai yar but anyone tell me one thing…..itni rat ko light band kar k kon study karta hai….!

  24. OMG! That room no.13 looks so horrible. It needs an extreme makeover or else some more ghosts will get attracted to it.?

  25. Well tried..but i guess horror was about room not the gal ?? on the basis of that yes its a true story ??

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