“32 Minute Creepy Song”, “LONG Halloween Horror Back Track” “Haunted House Background Music”

“32 Minute Creepy Song”, “LONG Halloween Horror Back Track” “Haunted House Background Music”

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You can expect Halloween Horror Music, Scary
Music, Ambient Music, Creepy Songs, Instrumentals, Backtracks, Background songs, Trick or Treat
door opening songs, haunted house music and so much more from my channel. I try to offer
as many different varieties of dark, suspenseful music as possible. Some of my instrumentals
are long and repetitive, while others are, short and unique. Most of my music is free
to download. Usually around Halloween time I will offer special discounts on certain
hour long songs that I usually charge for. Check my website 4estbest on blogspot around
Halloween because free MP3 files are available. As always please share, like, comment, subscribe
and favorite to show your support. Thanks so much for listening to my spooky music.
Halloween Horror Music could never have gotten to where it is today without your help! Hopefully
I will be able to continue to make haunted house, ambient, scary, creepy, sad and dark
music for many more years to come If there is anything you need for me, leave a comment
and I would be happy to help. I usually answer in a day or two. My music can be used in any
free project, or film so long as you credit me and please share the song. . Enjoy! And
Happy Halloween!


  1. Can you please just like, subscribe and share my music on your Facebook/twitter or whatever social network you use? It would mean a lot to me. and yes you may use it good luck on your film.

  2. Impressive! I used to listen this reading "Walking Dead" comics. Recently I am listening that all the time. Just awesome.

  3. Ok you'll really think I've lost it here, but that beginning song,it didn't scare me or creep me out. Instead (believe it or not) it relaxed me and gave me good breaths. I love this song. Doll picture NOT so much!!!

  4. May I use some of this fantastic music in my next Creepshow video?  I promise to share your link on my social accounts and of course credit within the video.

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