3D Why Doesn’t Big Cat Rescue Breed?

3D Why Doesn’t Big Cat Rescue Breed?

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Why doesn’t Big Cat Rescue breed? Meet Sundari. Sundari was born here back in 1996, before we learned that no privately held exotic cats can serve any sort of conservation purpose. Back then in the pre-internet era of the 90s the only people we could turn to for advice were breeders and dealers, who lied to us about the necessity of breeding exotic cats to save them. As soon as we learned better we stopped breeding and began campaigning to end the abuse of breeding wild cats for life in cages. There is no reason to breed tigers or any other big cats for lives of confinement and deprivation. The only sanctioned international breeding plans for exotic cats are called Species Survival plans and they are only carried out in accredited zoos. None of the captive breeding of exotic cats is doing anything to save them in the wild. The wild cats in private hands mostly came as zoo surplus and was sold out the back door with no records or pedigrees. Unfortunately it still happens today those animals were then bred and many purposefully inbred for such traits as a white coat, tiny size and a docile temperament. None of the exotic cats in wild hands can be traced back to the wild, other than the local cats: cougars and bobcats who may have been snatched from the wild in the US. For that reason they can never be bred for introduction back into the wild. First no such program exists, and even if by some act of God all human settlements were wiped out of some vast area and it became suitable for wildlife again, these captive bred cats could never survive. There are other reasons in the real world why it doesn’t work, which includes the fact that human Big Cat conflict is one of the main reasons cats are wiped out of areas. Captive breeding not only selectively chooses animals that are least fit for the wild, but also conditions the cats not to fear humans. That increases the conflict and the result is that not only would the offending cat be killed but likely any wild cat seen in the area will be hunted down and killed in case of mistaken identity. That escalates the extinction of cats in the wild. Last but maybe most important: if you can pay to see wild cats on your terms, cheaply, in a cage or being forced to let you touch them and have your photo taken with them or their young, you aren’t learning anything about who these animals really are. You aren’t learning about how they fit into a complex environment when they are housed in a situation that does not duplicate all the web of life that they are part of in the wild. All Wildcats roam territories that are calculated in miles, not square feet. To know anything about them, you have to see them for who they really are in their real environment. Conservation is a very complex issue and the captive setting does not duplicate it, so the important work of saving entire ecosystems is not taught and not done in a captive setting. What’s worse is that the lip service is paid to these worthy objectives. When you pay to see thw captive wildlife, you walk away thinking you did something good, when in fact you contributed to the problem. You pay to see a cat in a cage you make sure that the industry continues to breed and exploit more cats. You did not pay to save the wild and all of the wonderous and magnificent creatures who call it home. You put another nail in the coffin for the planet. Sundari demonstrates better than most the fact that you may be able to take the animal out of the wild but you’ll never be able to take the wild out of an animal. Want to volunteer, intern, donate or simply learn more about us and our mission? Visit Big Cat Rescue dot org today. You can be a voice for these cats. Go to BigCatAct.com and make the Call of the Wild. [Music] -EDITED-VJ-DQ


  1. Not all captive breeding is bad I volunteer at a zoo and they are very nice to their animal are a for conservation and education zoo and no contact the on,y animals that can be touched are their education animals which are commonly kept pets such as reptiles and almost all of their bred animals were recommended to be born as part of a conservation plan like their new snow leopard and giraffe but they also bred amphibians for release


  3. Sundari looks pretty chill. I wish the poaching etc. would stop 😢. They deserve to live out their days roaming free.

  4. Thank you Dear Big Cat Rescue Team, for clarifying this question :). I love you! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ It may be that I will revise this comment again, because I actually wanted to say something about it, but I do not know yet how to express it correctly. I'm just not a good comment writer. ☹️

  5. It's shitty that they lied to you, but no less than I'd expect from someone who exploits these cats for a living

  6. Is there hope for big cats? Because yes there are terrible people out there that hunt and kill them but there are so many amazing people willing to help them. I can think that with so many people that they would be extinct. I still have hope for humanity that they'll come to their senses and try to help. I want to help but I'm not sure how I'm only 15 xD

  7. That sounds very idealistic and naive unfortunatetly.

    The sad truth is it’s only a matter of time before we don’t have any wild populations of large cats at all. And when that day inevitably comes we will regret not having preserved more genetic diversity by starting organized breeding programs earlier.

    It sounds good but as usual…

    There are many famous quotes on the theme of ”Good intentions leads to unfortunate outcome.” I don’t need to write any of them here. I’m sure you get the idea anyway.

  8. The education you provide about false ideas about conservation is so very helpful. Thank you! I know your work is making and will continue to make great changes for the betterment of the lives of these creatures. Thank you for all your dedication and hard work. 🌷🌿

  9. I know on a previous 3D video, it was said that certain glasses would enhance the viewing. I cannot remember what was said. I am not familiar with the technology. Somewhere, I have some cardboard 3D glasses, I think from McDonald's! Do you think they would be helpful enough to try to find them? Thank you! Ann

  10. I really like the fade to black. It fits. But the music level was too high for the narration. I had trouble understanding what was said.

  11. Thank you for the video. Very informative as always. But please, cut the music. It isn't necessary in fact it makes it very hard to listen to your commentary.

  12. I can say it's really very different from captive big cats and no you can't explain they are just very different

  13. It's so true.

    Many people don't realise that cats or other wild animals need their natural habitats. They only see their cute faces and paws. They want to pet and live with them… But this is wrong!
    It breaks my heart to see the sadness in the eyes of animals who live in wrong an bad conditions.

    Thank you BCR for your work, your videos and your heart in the right place.

    And to all animal lovers who want to pet someone. Go to the shelters an give foster kittens, adult cats and dogs a forever home.
    Thank you.

  14. Oh wow I didn't know that breeding was so bad! :0 Thanks for educating us with these wonderful 3D videos 🙂

  15. The problem with breeding these days is so many people cross breed (like Siberian Tigers to Indian Tigers, make hybrids (some are actually breeding tiger lion hybrids (hard, but certain ones are able to breed apparently) and making hybrids of their hybrids for $$$$), or breed offspring back to parents causing horrible genetic and health problems.
    Plus these cats can never be released into the wild because they don’t know how to hunt on their own, nor to avoid humans.
    To re wild these cats would require tough genetic testing (minimal cross breeding and inbreeding) and gradual rewinding of the cats over a few generations, lots of land, tons of food and eventually live pray (seeing how some viewers freak out over feeding live rats and rabbits to rehab wild bobcats, I doubt live deer, wild cow, and wild boar would be well received.
    Plus, where would you set the tiger, lion, and leopard free?
    Apparently there is a program to rehab cougars (remember guy who strangled a young male cougar who attacked him, yea, the young cougar had 2 starving siblings that were caught alive and secretly being rehabbed and will be released when they get healthier) but there is a lot of secrecy about it because locals freak out about a cougar being released then the amount of sex offenders living in their neighborhoods.

    I rather have the cougar thank you. It can eat all the pedophiles it wants as far as I am concerned!

    Plus, you also have problems with diseases in the wild, the released captive cats spreading disease, or due to lack of immunity dying of disease or parasites 🦠.
    When South America sent all the seized lions from illegal circuses, a few died due to lack of immunity to local diseases and bacteria that Native lions are not bothered by.

    😓In the end, it’s kinder to let them live out their lives in near luxury, but not let them breed.
    I know the Sand Cat was the last and only exception to this rule due to the gulf war, and that I am ok with.
    In times of crisis keeping a pure genetic line as a back up is ok……..but should be done under strict controls!

  16. Love this video, really opens my eyes to knew info that I would haven't known by myself!!❤❤😻😻😸😺😀

  17. How fragile human egos are to think that owning or killing wildlife makes them powerful. It just lets the rest of us know you deserve nothing not even to be noticed. No protests, no tweets, no comments. Boycott everything they touch. Ignore them and they'll wither away.

  18. The Americas needs more Jaguars, Asia needs more tigers, Asian lions are almost extinct. Cougars in parts of the U.S. are extinct. Cheetahs have very little genetic Diversity. Please breed or Save eggs and sperm

  19. You excuse not to breed or repopulate big cats is wrong you are helping them go extinct. You can overcome certian problems. Your stupid. I don't support big cat rescue anymore.

  20. I don’t really think breeding for the pet trade is okay nor at all , but some animals are very endangered and sometimes if the zoo provides proper cages and environments then it’s okay , but overall breeding is quite cruel

  21. Big Cat Rescue is WRONG!!! on some things… For the most part they are doing good, and their hart is in the right place. But they keep repeating some talking points and ideas that are outdated and proven to be wrong.
    1st: There are programs that have introduced Lions, tigers, and other big cats back in to the wild. So the idea that captive big cats cannot be reintroduced back into the wild, is wrong.
    2nd: There is a big cat specialist that has used DNA to test tigers and lions, to find that some of the tigers being held here in the USA are not what was called "junk tigers"
    3rd: Even in this video Big Cat Rescue makes the argument, when they say "You can take the animal out of the wild, but you cannot take the wild out of the aninal" So they recognize that the animals are wild and will always be wild, but then they say those animals cannot be returned back to the wild…

    Big Cat Rescue management just needs to look at Mrs. Li Quan program to save and return the South China Tigers back to the wild.

  22. I don't like just making comments without providing any proof.
    So… Just look at:
    * SAPA (South Africa Predator Assosiation) has released captive lions back to the wild.
    * Mrs. Li Quan who has a program to save and return South China Tigers, back to the wild.
    * Tomy Winata who has a conservation to return Sumatra, Indonesian Tigers back to the wild.
    * Kevin Richardson aka(The Lion Whisperer) out of South Africa that has video of one of his captive born lioness, who made her first kill… Out of pure instinct…

    If you just look search, you will find many programs by Nat Geo or The Animal Planet of shows they have filmed for TV; of individuals or associations who return big cats back to the wild.

  23. The video sound was jerky, don't know if the problem was theirs or on my end, so I didn't listen to the whole thing. My question is, what happens when those jerks have killed off all the cats in the wild, because you know they are not going to stop, knowing it's illegal means nothing to them. With so few left at zoo's or where ever, to have no inbreeding. Thats not the word I want but can't think of the correct word. That their genetics are kept pure?

  24. Steven O'Bryan who is an expert on big cat genetics, has done some work that found that some the US bread tigers are not just generic or junk tigers as it is said. He has found that some of these tigers have very good strong genetics of whatever there subspecies is, weather it is Bengal, Siberian…

    So…. Some of these tigers in sanctuaries should be considered for reintroduction programs back to the wild. If the founder of Big Cat Rescue is so emotional about the captivity of the big cats in her sanctuary, she should work with these programs to return them to the wild.

  25. That was awesome!! Very clear and concise!! I am moved to tears but more importantly moved to action! I'm going online to your website and will donate to be a voice for these amazing felines!!!😍🐯🦁🐱

  26. The cheetah at saint louis zoo actually had a lot of babies. And not on purpose it, was similar when April the giraffe had her baby.

  27. How to make that the camera move that we wanted to control it well maybe didn't work for all people who work for me and made me move the screen which usually would make me do the pods or other stuff like that but I seen videos like that way you get to move your screen is really cool and what was awesome thank you for the speech

  28. Easy if they breed they won’t have place for the injured big cats to place so they dont and so they can keep bringing injured big cats

  29. THIS is one of the most heinous crimes of all time, how the humans have used the wild life animals for greed, pleasure or circuses, zoos and selfie pictures….NO animal should ever be held in captivity, killed or hunted for what ever reason…WE are the lucky ones, who still were able to see them in real life………..PLEASE save theese magnificent animals, they are going to be extinct if we don´t try to save them………….the clock is ticking, don´t let it become too late …..

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