4 Weirdest Movies Ever Made

4 Weirdest Movies Ever Made

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– Some movies should have never been made. – Let’s talk about that. (playful theme music) Good Mythical Morning. – You know, a movie
title should draw you in, it should entice you, it
also should let you know what the movie is about. For instance, Looking for Ms.
Locklear, our documentary, you know what that’s about, don’t ya? – It’s about us searching
for our first-grade teacher. – Looking for Ms. Locklear, right. Did you find her? I don’t know, you gotta
watch it to find out. But listen, not everyone has taken– – We did.
– My master class in movie titling at the
University of Phoenix. Link, you haven’t shown up yet. You haven’t logged in. So hopefully I’m gonna be
able to take advantage of you, and figure out how well
you know your movie titles. It’s time for Is This Cinema? Or Cinemade Up by Moi? Okay Link, very simple, I’m
going to describe a movie and give you the title of said movie, you’re gonna say whether
it’s real or fake. – Well if it has a title, it must be real. – If you get four right, you
win something very special, movie related.
– I bet they’re all real, you’re just gonna mess with me. – If they are real,
we’re gonna see a clip, that’s my favorite part of this. – Oh great, okay. – In the 1987 post-apocalyptic
film, Surf Nazis Must Die, a women breaks out of her
retirement home in order to hunt down the evil
surfing neo-Nazi punks who killed her son, cinema or cinemade up? – Well just because they surf doesn’t mean that they’re okay, I wanna say that. – That’s good, I’m glad you said that. – They’re not. – That’s the official stance
of Good Mythical Morning, we do not like surfing Nazis, or Nazis. – Just because they surf
doesn’t make it okay. Real. – Hey, what a start for
the Linkster, it is real. Here’s a clip.
– Yeah. – Hey Ethan, where do
you think you’re going? – Surfing brother, surfing. – Nobody surfs here but the Nazis. Do orders from Adolf. – Never seen that signal before. Uh oh, things are about to get serious. – Oh no, not on the rocks. – Whoa, he’s a zombie? Or a vampire? What the?
– There’s a lot of stuff going on. Oh gosh.
– He’s beating the crap out of that sand dune. Ew, he’s bloody now. Ooh man. That was intense. – Now yes, I know you’re wondering– – Now that wasn’t real,
it was still just a movie? – It was just a movie, but
it was actually a movie. But listen, he did actually bite him, he was biting him on the ear,
but I watched the whole movie, and I gotta say, there was
violence on many sides, many sides. – What matters is that I’m one for one. – Yeah, the 1978 grindhouse
film, Zombie Milkmaids of the Second Coming,
follows the story of Yannick, a young farm boy who discovers
that the only people left behind in the Rapture are
himself and a whole bunch of undead milk maids, got milk maids? Cinema of Cinemade up? Cinnamon and cinema are close. I’m realizing that as I say
cinema and I wanna say cinnamon. – But milk maids and milk men
are two different professions, think about that, fake. Too much milk going on
here for this to be real. – Two for two Link,
you’re right, it’s fake. But if it were real, there
would be a movie poster, and that movie poster
would look like this. – There it is. Zombie Milk Maids of the
Second Coming, I’m in it! – And if you get four
right, and you’re well on your way to that, this is your prize. You could put it up in your bedroom. – That’s cool looking. – Discuss that with your wife. – Going over the bed baby, on the ceiling. – You want me in your
bedroom on the ceiling? Three of me dressed as a woman? – That’s not you, it’s a milk woman. – In the 1988 horror
comedy, Sorority Babes in the Slimeball Bowl-O-Rama,
a couple of nerdy frat boys accidentally unleash an evil
imp inside of a bowling alley, the gutter balls really
get rolling when Uncle Impy possesses three hot sorority sisters. – Uncle Impy can possess three
sisters at the same time? – I don’t know, can he? – Cinema or cinemade up? – That just doesn’t, the laws
of physics and possession are being broken here
in this hypothetical, which makes me think this is fake. But it’s 1988, physics
just hadn’t progressed. – That’s good reasoning. – So therefore it is real. – Three for three for the Linkster. It is real, here’s a clip. – Please, stop this. – You don’t understand, I
have to do this, I’m morphed. – You don’t understand. – A nasty lesson for a nasty girl. – Ooh, nasty girl. – Hello Bab. – Company’s arrived. – Company’s arrived. – Yeah, I love his voice. – Yeah, how did he come up with the voice. You know this is like the
guy holding the boom mic, and they were like, we really
need somebody to do the voice, he’s, well, I got this voice. Doesn’t that sound impy? – Yeah, on Buddy System we have like a PA, or like an assistant
editor do a temp vocal. – He’s not bad.
– Like an ADR. And then we’re like, oh,
we’re gonna keep that. – But we’re not.
– We’re not. – The 1989 film Cannibal
Women in the Avocado Jungle of Death, follows Margo Hunt, a professor of feminist studies who is
sent by the US government to lure some hangry jungle
ladies back to Malibu in order to domesticate
them with aerobics classes. – Do not get in the way
of a hangry jungle lady. Trust me. Cannibal Women in the Avo–,
Avocade Jungle of Death? Avocado trees do not
jungle-ize, this is fake. – Link you’re wrong for
the first time, it’s real, and it starred Bill
Maher, look at the clip. – What? – And I bet you you’re terrific cooks, something around here smells fabulous. It’s this bathwater. – That really is Bill Maher. – Wait ’til he realizes what’s going on. – Hey, what’s up Doc? Hey, what? Oh my god, you’re marinating me. Let me out! – I don’t understand. – What do you mean you don’t understand? – How could he have gotten
involved in such a thing? – I don’t know, but you think
he made the right choice in diverting away from acting? What’s up Doc? – He still gets himself
in hot water occasionally. – Oh, yes he does. – Okay Link, you only gotta
get one more right, man. This is easy. In the 2009 slasher flick, B.F. Eff U, a young blind boy becomes best friends with a mysterious outcast at school. Soon he discovers that
the new kid on the block isn’t his BFF at all, it’s his evil clone who’s dead set on taking,
and taking over, his life. Cinema or cinemade up? – Why didn’t he recognize a clone if it looked just like him? Like you’re my best friend,
but you look just like me except you’re blind. – He’s blind. – Oh. Therefore he didn’t realize
that the clone was himself. – That’s what makes it
a great movie concept. – Somebody tell the boy. That’s so cruel. Hey dude, your friend is you. I was trying to give him
the benefit of the doubt. This is real man. – It’s not. It’s fake.
– Dang it. I don’t get the poster. – Oh no, no, we still got a chance. The movie is fake, but B.F. Eff U is actually Taylor Swift’s next single. Okay Link.
– Oh one more, okay. – In the 1966 film The Ghost
in the Invisible Bikini sorry I said that in a weird way, it wasn’t supposed to
have in at the beginning. The 1966 film The Ghost
in the Invisible Bikini tells the tale of a corpse
who only has 24 hours to do a good deed in
order to get into heaven. It stars Boris Karloff, Nancy
Sinatra, and a ghost bikini! – Oh please show me that
invisible bikini, true. – You’re right Link!
– Yes! – And you get to see the
ghost bikini, check it out. – I think I’ll settle for this. – I see it. – Oh that’s not it brother. You’ll know when you’re
seeing the ghost bikini. – Oh.
– That’s it. – You gotta fight fire with fire. – So you can see through
not only the bikini, but her whole body. – It’s just what the doctor ordered. – What a disappointment. I’ve never been so disappointed
to win a poster in my life. – Link, congratulations
you win this poster. I expect to see it when I come over. Although I don’t usually
visit your bedroom. Thanks for liking,
commenting, and subscribing. – You know what time it is. – Hi, I’m Michael and I’m
from Los Angeles, California, and it’s time to spin
The Wheel of Mythicality. – Accessorize your invisible bikini with these visible hats,
available at Mythical.store. – And click through to Good Mythical More, where we’re gonna play
Guess That Movie Quote with these dental spreaders in our mouths. – Dental spreaders. – We’re donating–
– Got a hand, too. – Can I say this?
– Yeah. – We’re donating $1,000
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being your mythical best.


  1. You guys are funny i enjoy watching u.guys lift me up some days thanks…. Smelling bee i was cring i was 😁 so hard

  2. Some movies should have never been made… like the live-action Popeye. I'm still salty about that.

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  4. Link goes home with poster

    Wife: hunny who the hell is the girl in that picture

    Link: Oh just my zombie milk maid

    Wife: hm that's a weird thing to call your ex

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  9. i just want to say thanks for donating to that cause because my 8 year old sister named Lexi has epilepsy Thankyou

  10. violence on many sides…. it's good to make jokes about this 😀 Because the reality of "finde people on both side" was dark, sad and disgusting…. it's nice to have Rhett referencing that and bring some light 🙂

  11. hahaha Bill Maher 😀 Love him.. and man.. he has a BIG GOOD heart! He just doesn't get sentimental to the point of ignoring actual facts… and people, who need some illusions, are mad about that….

  12. Top 4 weirdest movies
    4. Justice League
    3. Batman Vs Superman (especially the parts with Doomsday)
    2. Green Lantern
    1. Any DC movie ever

  13. Honestly, I want to say thank you for the end epilepsy thing. I however am not sure how exactly you can end epilepsy but when you find out let me know please. I, myself have abdominal epilepsy.

  14. #endepilepsy I actually have it myself and it makes me feel good to know that people are trying to end it

  15. Okay, I'm really happy about this Gifticality.

    They're always really nice, but my brother is epileptic. I'm so grateful they're donating to this cause!

    Thank you Rhett and Link for being your mythical best! <3

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