5 Best And 5 Worst Christmas Horror Movies

5 Best And 5 Worst Christmas Horror Movies

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Christmas is a time of comfort, joy, and cocoa
by the tree. But if you’re in the right kind of mood, it’s
also a time for killer Santas, demonic elves, and other seasonal frights. If you want to curl up by the fire for a monstrous
movie marathon, here are the best and worst films out there for your yuletide slay. Black Christmas is the twisted godmother of
holiday horror films. The plot is a familiar one, with a mysterious
killer picking off victims in a sorority house around Christmas. But more than four decades after its release,
this wintery slasher still wins over viewers with its haunting holiday tone. The film features terrifying murder sequences,
compelling performances, and one of the most unsettling phone calls in horror movie history
– all set against a cozy Christmas backdrop. “Just like having a wart removed!” “Oh my god.” Nearly a decade later, director Bob Clark
did a complete turnaround with a very different holiday classic – the slightly-less violent
A Christmas Story. Now that’s a double feature. “You’ll shoot your eye out, you’ll shoot
your eye out! Hahaha!” It’s no surprise that Black Christmas got
the extreme remake treatment. But louder, gorier, and darker doesn’t necessarily
equal better. Released in 2006, this second incarnation
attempted to flesh out exactly what was behind the brutal murders at the sorority house,
and while the answer to that mystery is satisfyingly bizarre, it does pull time away from the victims
and their stories. Aside from spelling out the killer’s origins,
the remake attempts to distinguish itself through increasingly disgusting murder sequences. But it’s all just soulless violence, with
little charm or fun to be found. For all its effort to grow its mythology and
serve up twisted kill scenes, the end result is both too much, and not enough. There are plenty of Christmas movies that
explore the mythology of Santa Claus, each one hoping to add something to the legend. Few films really succeed at this. One exception is Rare Exports, a Finnish film
that offers a fascinating, creepy new take on Father Christmas. Perhaps the best thing about the film is the
way it plays with the tropes of Christmas movies. There’s a struggling family, a boy searching
for a reason to believe in magic, and some wonderful supernatural happenings, all twisted
into a frightening fantasy tale. It’s a film that both celebrates and subverts
Christmas, shattering the illusions its characters have about the holiday as the dark truth about
Santa Claus is unearthed. For at least one Christmas Eve, you’ll be
thinking about Saint Nick very differently. You probably don’t want to let that guy in
your house. Silent Night, Deadly Night is a campy slasher
classic with one of the best posters in horror history. But its sequel is mostly a dull retread of
the first film, and is about as much fun as a lump of coal. Thanks to a flimsy framing device, the movie
spends a huge chunk of its runtime on flashbacks. As a result, a whole lot of footage from the
first movie is reused. By the time the film gets around to new material,
you’re bored enough to turn it off. You may as well stick with the original. Or press pause on the horror movies, and go
spend time with your family. “Why would I want to do that?” If you’re looking for the creepiest film about
a killer Santa, then seek out Christmas Evil. It’s the story of a man whose perception of
Saint Nick was forever warped by a childhood incident. leaving him feeling responsible for keeping
the spirit of Christmas alive himself. That warped vision ultimately makes him want
to be Santa, keeping tabs on local children – which, despite Santa’s example, is an insanely
scary thing to do. It all leads up to a murder spree that plays
out in a way that’s much less campy than you might expect. Forget the reason for the season – this is
just a bona fide horror film, with a desire to truly scare that makes it an underseen
gem. “Your name goes in the bad boys and girls
book. And i’ll bring you something… horrible.” Jack Frost is not, by traditional standards,
a good movie. It’s the story of a serial killer whose DNA
merges with snow after the truck taking him to be executed crashes into some toxic goo. He then takes the form of a sentient, shapeshifting
snowman, who terrorizes a small town with his crappy visual effects. Despite failing with both critics and audiences,
Jack Frost has stuck around since its 1997 release, seeming blissfully unaware of just
how bad it is. Do you want a holiday movie with a bit of
spooky flair that won’t scar the kids for life? Then watch Gremlins. Joe Dante’s classic about a boy and his strange
pet Christmas present has been a source of imaginative fun for thirty years. Every ’80s kid knows you can’t feed a mogwai
after midnight – even if Gremlins 2 admits that rule doesn’t really make sense. “Well wait a minute, what about this? What if they’re eating in an airplane, and
they cross a time zone? I mean, it’s always midnight somewhere.” Santa’s Slay might be a bad movie, but it’s
hard to watch without having a good time. Famously starring professional wrestler Bill
Goldberg, the film goes all-in on its premise of a murderous Santa. And this is no mere imitator – this is the
real deal Kris Kringle, coming straight out of the depths of Hell. Santa’s sleigh is pulled by demonic reindeer,
and he keeps things brutally on-brand, taking out all of his victims in a seasonally appropriate
way. This villainous Saint Nicholas isn’t just
a Santa gone mad – he’s a Santa born bad. It’s so stupid that it’s awesome – but it’s
still really, really stupid. The internet’s favorite Christmas monster
has a movie well worth watching. Krampus starts as the story of a dysfunctional
family coming together for a tense holiday reunion, with one side being uptight, and
the other being a little gun-crazy. When one of the kids loses the Christmas spirit
and shreds his letter to Santa, things quickly take a chilling turn. A blizzard sets in and the power goes out,
leaving the family waiting for a visit not from Santa, but rather his dark shadow. Well made and delightfully feisty, Krampus
is a creature feature for all seasons, a work of horror comedy that just works on every
level. Enough murderous Santas – how about a killer
elf? Most of this horror unfolds at a department
store, where a group of teenagers and an ex-cop Santa impersonator are spending the night. It turns out they aren’t alone, because a
strange elf creature is also roaming around, raising hell. “They have magical powers, they can’t be
hurt or killed. They eat anything. They’re a perfect soldier.” That sounds like an okay premise, but Elves
gets so much stranger. The Dan Haggerty-starring movie is so bad,
with a story so bonkers, that it’s actually kind of good. What do Santa’s little helpers have in common
with a secret Nazi plot? It’s way more than you’d expect. You’ll have to see it to believe it – but
you just might wish you hadn’t.


  1. I'm in the minority that absolutely loved the Black Christmas remake. It's depraved and cheesy and violent as hell. I watch it every year.

  2. Now hold on, Jack Frost was absolutely hilarious. So damn cheesy and stupid, it was good. Jack Frost 2 on the other hand – UGH!!!

  3. I knew I would disagree with this list. Santa’s Slay is great. I watch it all the time. Emile de Ravin is gorgeous and more than makes up for the “bad” parts of the movie.

  4. Watched Rare Exports last night. It was awful. Just slow moving and not scary at all. Felt like a ten minute idea stretched out over an hour

  5. Silent Night Deadly Night 2 is the furthest thing from boring. If you want boring try Silent Night Deadly Night 3 and 4. Eric Freeman is a lot of things but boring isn’t one of them. GARBAGE DAY! ??

  6. I cannot believe it took me this long to realize that the heroine in the first Black Christmas was Juliet in the Franco Z's version! And I had watched the second had the villain was killed by Black Canary! LOL! I just watch Rare Exports, it was pretty good.

  7. Like FUN Gremlins doesn't scar you! Did you forget the story about the dad and the chimney? That scarred me for YEARS! Still creeps me out, especially knowing that people have died that way! (No, really!)

  8. I actually enjoy "Santa's Slay". Yes it's a stupid movie, but it's so over the top, and crazy I love it. I'd say it's a guilty pleasure Christmas movie I watch every year.

  9. Loved Rare Exports! Now if I could just recall the title of a Dutch movie where Santa and elves terrorized a town. Made around the same time as Rare Exports.

  10. I loved both jack frost and santa's slay. they were just so delightfully campy, falling into the "so bad it's good" category. and I thought the story behind santa's slay was pretty creative and unique.

  11. My partner and I ADORE darker Christmas films.

    The original Black Christmas has sooooo much atmosphere. HOWEVER the remake is ridiculously camp and outrageous whilst being very festive. Both are a must

    Krampus was great on first viewing but the family is so off putting it’s becomes extremely less entertaining on repeat viewing. It’s a shame

    A Christmas Horror Story is one of the best as well

    However my all time favourite Christmas film is Batman Returns

  12. I prefer the UK version of the Black Xmas remake where Katie Cassidy fights Agnes. The US ending and the original 1970's ending was misandristic as fuck. They should've continued a bit longer to see Olivia Hussey get killed by Billy as justice for Peter's death.

  13. The Gingerdead man should have been on the list of the worst. It's a very stupid idea, but it is strangely enjoyable to see a killer gingerbread man played by Gary Busey. It's a bad guilty pleasure Christmas horror movie.

  14. I can’t trust this list since they didn’t put Black Christmas 2006 in the best. That movie was fucking awesome and deserved more attention.

  15. It's a shame with Santa's Slay because it really had great potential for a horror comedy, but they made all the characters too exhaggerated and awkward. If the opening scene had shown a perfectly normal family being attacked by Santa it would have been a lot funnier.

  16. I actually like Silent Night Deadly Night Part 2, Black Christmas (2006), Santa’s Slay, and Elves more than Rare Exports and the original Silent Night Deadly Night. I actually didn’t care much either way for Rare Exports… I think I had my expectations set too high. It wasn’t bad, I just don’t care if I ever watch it again. Anyway, the only movie on this list I haven’t seen is Jack Frost… and I pretty much love the rest of the list.

  17. Christmas Evil is way over-rated and not that good at all. The idea is there, but the execution falls way short. Its slow and meandering, makes no sense during a lot of the time, and the guy doesn't even get the bad kids. I used to dis Silent NIght Deadly Night, but this makes that one look like Citizen Kane by comparison. Don't sleep on Tales from the Crypt (1973), it features what may be the first onscreen Killer Santa in a segment called "And All Through the House". They also did a version of this on the cable series as well.

  18. I think my favourite christmas slasher of all time is definitly the original black christmas

    Its tense

    The atmosphere is really brilliant for its time

    Just dont watch the remake

    They really did mess it up and i hope they can remake it and do it justice

    It needs to have a darker tone

    Slower but darker

    More menacing then just killers who rip eyes out

  19. Worst
    5. Silent night deadly night 2
    4. Black x más 2006
    3. A Christmas horror story
    2. Eleves
    Honrable meantion
    Santa’s sleigh
    1. Silent night deadly night 3

    5. Jack Frost
    4. Silent night deadly night reboot

    3. Black chistmas
    2. Silent night deadly night
    1. Krampus

  20. My family, every year during Christmas, watch Christmas Vacation, and Krampus. Always a fun time spending it with the family!

  21. I watched Krampus at the age of 8 . Still my favioroute christmas film. Up there with natinol lampoons christmas vacation.?

  22. I actually loved the Black Christmas remake. It was so over the top in the best way possible and the cast list was so cool, had so many up and coming actresses, most of which were in some awesome horror movies beforehand. It was just some good fun, not the type of movie to be taken seriously.

  23. American Pie and YDKJ'S version of Indiana Jones movies will reference Gremlins because specifically imagine Indiana Jon me s having a fear of Steven Spielberg's Gremlins instead of Snakes and in YDKJ amd American Pie's version of ndiana Jones and the Temple of American Pie Doom instead of eating Monkey Brains for dessert people will eat Gremlin brains.

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