5 Haunted Dolls Caught On Camera

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5 Haunted Dolls Caught On Camera Hi guys! We all used to play with our toys
when we were little. Boys like playing soldiers, girls like playing with Barbie dolls. And
some of my friends still play with their toys not because they are retards, they just like
to play with their toys, that’s all. Anyway, toys are the most harmless things you can
possibly think of, right? Actually no, because today you guys are gonna see 5 creepy haunted
dolls caught on camera! 1. Here s a some four-eyed guy. Looks like
he s playing a game, streaming or well just trying to explain something to somebody. It
seems natural that he s staring at the monitor and doesn’t look around much. But he actually
definitely should have. Because check out what s happening at the back. Wow. Is that
normal? Did you see how that doll just moved? I mean I don’t understand what a doll is
doing in a guys bedroom. And you can actually barely see it happen but hell I know what
I just saw! Its still possible that somebody was pulling some threads back there but I
guess we will never know for sure… 2. Now here s a footage of a girl playing
with her doll. Looks like she and the girls are making a sketch or something. But look
at that Barbie doll! It just turned its head scaring the hell out of that little miss!
Looks like a classic case of a possessed toy doesn’t it? Pretty scary! Especially when
you can actually tell that it s a good quality original footage and there are no signs of
montage. Could it be that the damn doll was really haunted or is it just a nifty trick?
Well, I don’t think there’s a way of finding out the truth. Let s just make up our minds
and get on with it. 3. Now check this out! This is probably the
weirdest case in today’s compilation guys! Look what happen when a group of friends were
filming how they re playing with polystyrene cups. The girl at the back is showing some
tricks. She throws and tosses those cups like a pro. Looks a lot like magic doesn’t it?
Oh no! The real weird stuff is happening at the back. Just on that rack up here. You can
clearly see how the doll slowly arises and then falls back again. It doesn’t seem like
there s enough space back there to fit someone who could fool around and move that doll on
purpose… Anyway it all seems super weird and suspicious. I don’t know what to make
of it, can you guys help me sort it out? 4. This girl you see was just standing in
front of a camera, she was probably telling a story about her favorite doll. Check out
the size of that doll guys, it’s almost the size of the girl. Ok so nothing extraordinary.
But then we see the doll slowly turning it s head and staring at the girl. Wow, if I
was that girl I would probably shit a brick. It doesn’t seems like she s faking it. She
looks genuinely terrified. Did you see that girl`s face when she saw the doll move. Well,
I don’t know what a hell happened there. What do you guys think? Is she making it up?
Or do you think this doll is possessed? 5. Okay so this last video is pretty scary.
Now you ll understand why. You see, there s a little girl siting on the floor playing
with her dolls. Her parents set the camera there so that they could keep an eye on their
kid. But while the girl was just playing there, something really weird started happening.
Oh boi, it couldn’t get any weirder than that! You guys see that doll in the corner?
That big-headed dolly in the back. Look it`s big head made a nod. To me it seemed like
a warning guys, it s like the doll knows the camera s on and it s like she s warning you
to switch it off. You maybe thinking that it s actually no big deal but it really looks
like that doll was actually nodding. I guess there s just no way of knowing for sure.
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Tell me about it. That s all for now, we ll see you next time

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