5 Most Haunted Places in California

5 Most Haunted Places in California

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Beaches, sunshine, celebrities: California’s
known for many things, so why not ghosts? Let’s take a look at five of the most haunted
places in California. The Queen Mary The RMS Queen Mary first set sail in 1936
from Scotland. During her first life, the ship made more
than 1,000 transatlantic crossings as both luxury liner and troop transport during World
War II. In 1967, the Queen Mary made her final voyage
to Long Beach, California where she would be permanently docked and become a luxury
hotel. With such a deep history, it’s no surprise
that the Queen Mary is home to more than one ghost story. In her time, the ship has been the site of
nearly 50 deaths, some of them unexplained to this day. Two of the more horrific occurrences aboard
the Queen Mary center around the infamous Door 13. This massive door killed two men, crushing
them both. To this day, a phantom dressed in overalls
is seen near the door. He fades away to nothing near the spot where
he lost his life. Elsewhere, in the Queen’s Salon, the famous
Lady in White can sometimes be seen. She wears an elegant white gown and dances
alone. Her identity and story are a mystery. James Dean Death Car This one is not so much of a haunting as a
curse. James Dean is known for his career as a remarkable
young actor and for his death in a horrible car accident along State Route 46. In 1955, Dean and a passenger were breaking
in Dean’s Porsche before a race as they flew down the highway. No one’s exactly sure what happened near
the junction with Route 41, whether Dean lost control or he tried a racing turn, what is
known is that he hit another vehicle head on, flipped and ended up in a ditch. Dean died at the hospital from traumatic injuries. After his death, what was left of his car
went on display in a traveling show. The show was plagued with problems. One night, the car caught fire for no apparent
reason. Tragically, a truck driver who hauled the
car was killed. And it seemed the curse followed the car,
even when it was in pieces. In the years following his death, parts of
Dean’s car found their way into the hands of collectors. The engine and drivetrain were purchased by
two racing enthusiasts. In the first race with the Dean engine and
drivetrain, the driver of the car with the engine was killed in a fiery crash, while
the drivetrain car also crashed, seriously injuring its driver. Bad luck or something more? Colorado Street Bridge The Colorado Street Bridge, known ominously
Suicide Bridge, is the site of at least 100 suicides. Over 50 died during the Great Depression alone. Why so many have chosen this place to end
their lives is a mystery, but a legend stemming back to the bridge’s construction might
hold the answer. As the bridge came together in 1912, a worker
fell, landing in the still wet cement of one of the supports. For whatever reason, the man’s fellow workers
couldn’t reach him and he died, suffocating as he sank. The living who cross the bridge report seeing
figures walking along before vanishing. Some of the apparitions even reenact their
final moments, plunging over the side of the bridge, but disappear before reaching the
bottom. Alcatraz Alcatraz is perhaps the most famous prison
in the world, and it also might be the most haunted. The island, sitting alone in the unsettled
waters of the San Francisco Bay, was the subject of one of our earlier videos, but no list
of haunted places in California would be complete without it. Before it became a prison, Alcatraz was known
and feared by the Native American tribes of the area. As punishment, tribal members were banished
to the island to be tormented by the evil spirits said to inhabit the barren terrain. During its life as a prison, the place the
inmates feared the most was called The Hole. A dark and freezing cell, being placed in
The Hole was reserved for the worst of the worst. Stories of The Hole being haunted by some
monster were well known among the prisoners. One story tells of an unfortunate resident
of The Hole who screamed for hours that something was in the cell with him. The man was found dead the next day. Allegedly, the inmate had been strangled by
a guard who tired of the screaming. At roll call the morning after the man’s
death, there was one extra prisoner in the line. The guards and inmates were terrified when
they recognized the strangled inmate standing there. In the next moment, he was gone. The ghost stories on the Rock would fill volumes. You will just have to visit on your own and
see for yourself. The Whaley House In San Diego stands the Whaley House. Called by some the most haunted house in America,
the Whaley House was built by Thomas Whaley in the mid-1800s. Even before the house was built though, the
land was the site of the hanging of Yankee Jim Robinson. Yankee Jim had been convicted of grand larceny
and found himself standing on the back of a wagon with a rope around his neck. Spectators at the execution, including Thomas
Whaley himself, watched as poor Jim was shoved off the back of the wagon and swung for quite
some time before he died. Undeterred by the end of Yankee Jim, Thomas
purchased the land and built the home for him and his family. Almost immediately, the sound of heavy footsteps
would echo through the hallways. Family members were convinced it was Yankee
Jim, still hanging around (sorry). Another apparition, this one of a little girl,
has also been seen around the house. Legend has it that the girl was a playmate
of the Whaley children. One day, the girl didn’t see a low hanging
clothesline as she was playing. The line caught the little girl around the
throat, snapping her neck. Peer into the backyard of the Whaley House
at night, and you just might see her.


  1. There is no doubt about the Whaley House. That whole square mile around Whaley is Paranormal central way too much activity in one spot. Playground for Investigators who are on vacation. Alcatraz is overrated and not as nearly as haunted as Hollydale Asylum in Downey,Ca Queen Mary probably was until they rigged things up and brought in some fake so called psychic. Now they charge a couple hundred bucks to unsuspecting teams with little or no experience and exploit them for every penny possible. It too bad because new and excited fans of the paranormal will eventually find out and become resentful . There are two California locations that have more ghost per square foot than any other. I will give you one and keep the other but Disneyland is very haunted with at least 9 different ghosts in the same amount of places within the park . One at the Disneyland Hotel who lept to her death, Your narration is good and will only get better if you keep making more and more videos Good Luck to you .

  2. The Whaley House is haunted; but you missed listing, the most haunted of all! About 20 years ago, me and two of my friends Levia and Marilyn, went to a Halloween Party at Del Coronado, on Coronado Island, in San Diego, Ca. We all were walking up the walk way to enter the party and 2 Pirates, walked toward us and walked right through us! The chill that came through our bodies; as they did that was unforgettable! Haven't been back since and I will never forget it! 👀

  3. The haunted prison I went there before I felt a ghost I in the lock down room where they take prisoner when they where really bad I felt how scared he was really scared to be in that room dark energy there

  4. I have been to the waylay house at night and during the day just to see just how haunted it is took the tour a few times and I saw absolutely nothing heard absolutely nothing.

  5. I live near Paso Robles and the highway 46 is just due west of there, there is a tale that you can see a car zoom down the highway. I haven’t seen him but the 46 is extremely well known for head on collisions.

  6. USS Hornet been there , worth the visit especially the bridge where weird things happened when the tour guide mentioned the captains name

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