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– Hi, I’m Shelby Dash.
– And I’m Ted Evans. – And consider yourselves
frightfully warned. – We’re about to spoil
50 more horror movies in time for Halloween. – Not including any of the ones
that were previously spoiled, which you can watch by clicking below. – We’re doing this all in one take.
– In under four minutes. – Starting now. – Alex is surrounded by creepy
demon-looking people. And then (gasp) cut to black! – Emily gets killed by Toby. – Hector sees Katie kill
Micah from the first movie, is killed by Jesse, and
we are all left wondering, after six of these movies, how the hell they get their cameras
to stay on for so long. – Lucille kills Thomas, Edith kills Lucille with
the help of Thomas’s ghost, and Edith leaves with Alan. – Turns out they were
all being killed as a ritual to appeal to a cult’s gods.
But Marty and Dana survive, so the gods literally smack
humanity out of existence. – The blind man tries to impregnate Rocky. She knocks him out, thinking he’s dead. But he’s shown alive on a news report. – Evelyn sacrifices herself,
which brings back Leah. But Annabelle is bought at a store! Find out what happens next in Annabelle 2. – Chucky is back, delivered to Andy, the now-grownup kid
from the first three movies, who shoots Chucky with a shotgun. Find out what happens next
in Child’s Play 7! Yes, that’s apparently happening. – The Warrens exorcise the demons,
and the family is saved! -The Warrens exorcise the demons,
and the family is saved! – Max sacrifices himself,
and the family is saved! Well, if saving is what you call being stuck inside Krampus’s snow globe. – Diana lives inside Sophie’s mind
and attacks Diana’s kids. So Diana kills herself,
making Sophie go away forever. – Martin’s centipede gets ripped in half, he kills pretty much everyone in it, and we all prayed they
wouldn’t make another one. – Our prayers were ignored, and Bill rejoices over
a successful punishment of a prison human centipede
and the new human caterpillar. It’s the same as a human centipede, except the arms are–
you know what? It doesn’t matter. – Ben and Michael struggle
with a possessed Isabella in a car. And the car flips over,
leaving their fates unknown. – Kate survives, and Lars and Matias
go after the Thing dog, leading to the events of the first movie. – The ghost of Elise visits a girl
in a coma and hears a noise signaling the return of the red-faced
demon from the first movie. – Elise goes in the demonology
business with Specs and Tucker and gets spooked by the red-faced
demon from the first movie. – There’s lots of mini-movies,
but the main story line ends with the guys watching
the tapes, getting killed, and/or eaten by the old guy. – There are lots of mini-movies,
but the main story line ends with Ayesha dying
after watching the tapes. The missing college student
is actually dead. He and Ayesha are reanimated,
and they kill Larry. This is why I don’t watch
VHS tapes anymore. – (cheery) Everyone gets killed! – (cheery) Everyone gets killed
by social media ghost Laura! – (cheery) Everyone gets killed! Except for Erin, who’s bleeding out. So yeah, she’ll probably die too. – The two boys from the beginning find Kristi and James bleeding out. So yeah, they’ll probably die too. – Tim gets tricked to kill Kaylie by the evilest mirror since
Snow White and gets arrested. – Daniel Radcliffe kills
Merrin’s murderer, dies, and reunites with Merrin in the afterlife. – Daniel Radcliffe and his son
are killed by the Woman in Black, and they reunite with
Daniel’s wife in the afterlife. Jesus, Daniel Radcliffe! Why are your horror movies so depressing? – Justine is the only one to make it home, denies seeing cannibalism, and Alejandro’s fate
in the village is left unknown. – She kills the shark LIKE A BADASS. – She kills the killer LIKE A BADASS. – Ellison’s daughter kills him,
her mother, and brother before joining the rest
of Bughuul’s children (spookily) awaiting the next
family that will move in. – The possessed Dylan
murders his dad, gets killed, and Bughuul appears
(spookily) in the deputy’s hotel room. – Elias was hallucinating Lukas,
who was actually dead, and lights his mom on fire, killing her! Note to self: do not trust
any children in horror films. – Asami gets killed by Shigeharu’s son. – Arash and the girl
leave the bad city together. – Stu gets turned into a werewolf, the vampires and werewolves
become friends, and Viago turns his
long-lost love into a vampire. – The goat turns out to be Satan. Thomasin promises Satan her soul, and she joins a coven of witches. – He gets turned into a walrus. – The zombies turn back into humans, and everyone lives happily ever after! Man, we haven’t said that in a while. – Clara gets infected, bites her husband, and they’re both shot to death. – Ángela and Nick survive,
but so does the parasite. – Bill and Starla murder the monster,
killing all the infected. – The infected flee to Paris! – Abby flees and assumes a new identity. – The Babadook stays in the basement, and Amelia feeds it worms. – In this sequel to the original, Leatherface is Heather’s cousin. And even though he killed
a lot of her friends, she stays to take care of him.
Well, nobody’s perfect. – Erin escapes, leaving
behind an angry Leatherface. Why the hell are there remakes?! – The family saves
their daughter and leaves. The possessed house implodes
into another dimension, just like in the original.
Why the hell are there remakes? – They leave together with
Oskar as Eli’s new companion. – They leave together with
Owen as Abby’s new companion, just like in the original. Here we go again.
Why the hell are there remakes?! I mean, actually,
this one was pretty good. Wait. We’ve already done
two horror spoilers before. Does that mean this is a remake? – Oh my god. You’re right. – (both) Noooo!!! – Hey, guys. Thanks for watching. – We hope you enjoyed our
horror movie spoilers episode. It’s so crazy, but the last
one on this channel was five years ago. It’s just awesome to be hosting
such a long-running series. – We’ve got some more
cool spoilers coming up soon. But if you guys have other ideas
for things that we should recap, just let us know in the comments below. – And thanks for helping us…
– (both) Spoil the planet! – And here are all the times we messed up. (tone) – Hi, I’m Shelby Dash.
– And I’m Ted Evans. – And…
– We are… okay. (laughing) (tone) There are lots of movies with mini-movies, but the– shit. Okay. (tone) – Hector sees Katie kill Maki– Mi– (sighs, pats legs) No!
– Oh! (tone) – Wait.
– Wait. – (cracking up)
– So we’ve done– – I’m sorry.
– (laughing) (tone) – (spooky voice) Frightfully warned.
– (FBE) Here we go. Ready. (tone) – The goat turns out to be Satan. Thomasin promises Satan her soul. And she– (cracking up)
– Yep. (tone) (both muttering like zombies) (laughter)


  1. Somehow I can get through the Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Insidious easily, but The Babadook scared the shit out of me.

  2. For Lights Out they switched around the name of the ghost and the name of the mom. The mom's name was Sophie and the ghost's name was Diana

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