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5ive Must Die | Horror Movie | Scary | Full Length | Free Movie On Youtube

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(ominous electronic music) (evil man laughing) (retro fanfare music) – [Radio Announcer] Thanks for tuning in to WJTV, Harper’s Grove
number one all news station. Well take one look out your windows and you’ll see that the snow has begun. We already have three
to four inches of snow in most places and more is on the way. The National Weather Service says it’s going to be snowing
all night and all morning well into Wednesday,
compounding this is the record cold temperatures that
we’re likely to see tonight. It’s going to get down
to a chilly -10 degrees, so if you have pets
please bring them inside. (radio interference buzzes) (“It’s a Long Way to
Tipperary” by John McCormick) (ominous electronic music) (wind blowing)
(ominous electronic music) (footsteps rustling)
(ominous electronic music) (ominous electronic music) (people talking)
(ominous electronic music) (elevator tone rings) (ominous electronic music) (elevator slams)
(dramatic horn music) (ominous electronic music) – Nice of you to join us. – Hey Jen.
– Hey. – Does anyone know if
Smith’s showing up tonight? – [Man] He’s sick and he’s
probably going to be sick, so. – Not as sick as I was
reading these reports, but Jennifer you got an A. – Thanks Professor.
– Lincoln, you got a C. Tim, D+.
– A B+, D+. – Michael, you got a D.
– A D, you gave me a D. – The assignment was to
recapitulate cross cultural superstition motifs of ritual, not exactly what I asked for. – Well I gave you what you
asked for and I got a C. – I did ask for 12
pages, you gave me eight. – Eight pages of near
perfection, verbal economy, why use extra words when
you don’t need them? – Right, well speaking of wasting words, I’ll get right to the point,
glad you guys showed up. Have you guys given any consideration to my little adventure? – What do you call it
urban exploration right? I don’t know I mean you
exploring the steam tunnels under the university and us breaking into a condemned building that
used to be a sanitarium, I mean they are two very different things. Is it the sanitarium or sanitorium? – Asylum, with the
benefits of the sanitarium. – “Team CHUD”, right? – Exactly, it can be dangerous, but nobody’s going to get hurt. – Dangerous, how so? – Bonked heads, skinned knees,
ratted from the campus cops, nothing too scary.
– Yeah, well count me in. – Figures, not like you need to worry about academic suspension. – Yeah, well color me lucky. – Color me fuck you. – So if everyone’s in, we’ll
meet in Conference Room B tomorrow at 6:00 p.m. and
we’ll gear up, sound good. – Sounds good to me.
– Great. – Yeah.
– Yeah. – And guys think of it as an adventure. (ominous electronic music) (people laughing) – [Michael-Paul] I will
whack him right the fuck up. – Bam!
– Aren’t you gonna do this– – Bam!
– Why the– – We’re recording everything right, I mean it is for the vlog. – Of course this is not gonna do any good if we don’t let other people see how fucked up things really are. – This is gonna fall off a track light. – I think he didn’t finish. – Oh, oh, oh yeah oh. – Like I said around this space, there’s two more memory cards right in this pocket right here. – [Jen] You’re gonna have really weird footage on your camera,
just so you know Lincoln. – Oh I figured. – But did you guys hear this
place was haunted right? – You fucker.
– No, I did my research online and everything, yeah the professor did not tell us that.
– Uh huh. – [Tim] All right, let’s
do a game together. – Do we really need all of this stuff? It’s not like we’re
going into Mordor Frodo. – Better to have it and not need it than the other way around. I’ve actually done this before remember? – What is all that stuff anyway? – Climbing harnesses, rope,
chalk bag, flashlights. – Awesome.
– All right. – Thanks thanks thanks. But I’m being serious, we should totally try and talk to him.
– Like a seance? – Yeah, there’s some logic right there. You want to see something
that we can really use? – What’s that? What the fuck?
– What? – Check it out. Yeah? – Hey guys, we’re all set,
the bog’s up and running and we can upload any time. You guys set? – Yeah, yeah, yeah, totally ready, yeah. – All right, let’s go. (ominous music) (ominous music)
(wind blowing) (people talking quietly in the loud wind) – A little bit.
– Listen, listen, Miller’s Crossing is best, hands down. – That is bull shit, have
you not even seen Evil Dead? – They didn’t even make that plausible. You’ve got a fucking Raimi fixation– – I think Michael might be
planning some sort of bullshit. He’s saying how this place is hunted. What a load of crap. – Let’s go with something
that you know, No Country. – You’re hopeless
– Shit. – It doesn’t matter.
– What? – I’ll give you something
that you do know though. No Country. – You’re fucking hopeless.
– You’re full of shit. – Jennifer, what do you think, Jennifer? – What, I heard you, I don’t
really like either of them. – Fucking them, yeah. – With no experience, on top of that there’s a huge storm rolling
in, if anything goes wrong down there no one’s gonna
be able to get to us. We could all die. Anyway, like I was saying… (ominous electronic music) – Great fucking zero taste. (door creaks) (footsteps echoing) – What in the hell, this place is this is gonna be fucked. – [Tim] Must have been
different back in the day. (door clangs) (door creaks) – [Michael-Paul] Is there
any power down here? – [Professor] I don’t know
that might be old temporary. You all have flashlights right? – Yeah.
– All right, let’s get in here before
the power goes out. (door clangs) (machinery humming)
(ominous music) – Oh, this is ominous. – What do you know about
this shit motherfucker? Creepy man. – I’m not going up there. – Oh shit.
– Watch out. (voices muffled by machinery
humming and ominous music) – [Professor] We’ve got to
get through this hallway and disperse, find some of these rooms. I don’t know, I’m not gonna look back. (people talking quietly)
(ominous music) (ominous music blares) (tense electronic music) – Hello? (laughs) Dick. God. – Oh man, you were scared. (laughs) (ominous music) – I’ve never seen this. Yeah, this one is mine dude. – Nice. Not as nice as mine. – Why the hell do you
guys have weapons anyway? I mean Michael-Paul even has a gun. – So Harper’s Grove doesn’t
have the distinction of being the murder capital of the nation for nothing you know. – Yeah, just like
highest per capita murder in the entire world. This year ain’t looking much better. – It’s like you guys
are expecting trouble. – Not at all, be prepared. I mean Lincoln was right about that, or would you rather face a
whacked out drug gang unarmed? – Whatever. – Let’s go.
– Let’s go. – Don’t doddle. (metal scraps) (tense string music) (ominous music) – What’d you find? – It’s an old patient directory. Look, some of these names,
they just end in 1920. – So they were released, so what? – No, not in a place like this. Usually, once you’re admitted,
you’re in there for life. Besides, these other names,
they just go on and on, page after page, it’s
these names in question, they just stop, a few months
apart, but all are 1920. – So you’re saying they died, right? 1920, that was pretty
close to the Spanish flu. – That was 1918. It could have been an outbreak, but institutionally speaking– – That’s a lot of death. – I’m thinking that’s a lot of death. Listen do me a favor, let’s just keep this between us right now.
– Whatever you think, sure. – So what did you guys find? – Oh just some inventory
logs, nothing special. Let’s keep checking this place out. (ominous orchestral music) (water dripping) – Ah. (heavy object clanks) – Did you hear that?
– I fucking knew it man. I fucking knew it. – Yeah. I told you, I told you,
I told you, I knew it, I fucking knew it. – Come on, come on. (ominous music) – Hey listen I was
thinking about that book, the one you found in the other room with all the deaths so close together, it seems to me shouldn’t
the state have had some level of oversight
over places like this? – Yeah, it’s possible. – With that being the case, shouldn’t there have been
some massive investigation or some level of public outcry over this? – I don’t think so, Lincoln,
you’ve got to remember it was a different time back then. Asylums were considered cutting edge. I don’t think the government put too many priorities in oversight for facilities like this. – But there must have been something. – Lincoln, think about it. The country’s just getting
out of The Great War, right into the Prohibition Era. They just had different priorities. – So what do you think happened here? – Whatever it was, it was horrible. (ominous music) – What you looking at horndog? – What you think jackass? – Some old picture of some faded ass tail. – You should have been a blowjob. – Gob goblin.
– Fuck you. You know what you can do? – Eat a bullet, dicko. – Very mature boys, very mature. – [Tim] All right, let’s go. (ominous music) – You know it’s interesting,
a lot of these old buildings they have hidden rooms,
stairways to nowhere. – I thought that was only in mansions. – Well maybe, but a lot
of newer architecture borrows pretty heavily from the old. – I mean it’s possible. Do you know much about architecture? – No. (laughs) (ominous music)
(machinery humming) (door creaks) – The stairway to hell, going down. (ominous music) – Professor? – No, this is perfect. (ominous music) (dark music blares) (ominous music) (door creaks) (ominous music) (Jim and Michael-Paul meowing) – Is that some sort of pussy joke? Fucking… (ominous music) (door creaks) (screams) (ominous music) – That’s fucking disgusting. – He’s dead right? He smells dead. – I don’t know how dead smells. – I mean look at him. – Yeah, his face is all fucked up like that bath salts video guy. – Well he’s all messed up.
– He’s gone all right. – Obviously, we have to turn back. I’m calling the cops. – No no, we film and document. This, this is a powerful message. (ring tone beeps) – I-I can’t get through,
there’s no service. – This place is like a big Faraday cage. No calls in or out. Haven’t you noticed? – Jennifer, it’s not like we killed him. He was already dead. – Yeah, they’re right, we should just leave him here and keep going. – It’s fucked up, but I say okay. – Jen, look at this way,
if anyone does happen by, they’ll assume the obvious, he’s been dead down here for a long time. Meanwhile we’ll be halfway
across the building. Besides, no one’s going to step more than 10 feet inside this place. – Let’s go, come on.
– Yeah. (ominous music) (dark music blares)
(muffled radio rattles) – [Radio Announcer]
North Dakota all the way through each US city,
several western cities have already posted snow emergencies, which means if you live in a city that has a snow emergency, you
have to move your car or to await for example… (radio noise buzzes) (ominous music) – Oh, here we go, bathroom,
I have to take this. – I’m with you man, let’s go. – Shit.
– Let’s go. (ominous music) – Well I guess while we’re all waiting, I do have a confession to make. I did know something about
this place beforehand. My grandfather was institutionalized here. That’s the reason why my
family moved into the area sometime after World War I. – I’m so sorry professor, what happened? – Shell shock, today they call it PTSD. – Yeah, my uncle had that after Vietnam, well that and lung
cancer from Agent Orange. – No, not like this, we’re
talking trench warfare, men killing man with their bare hands, no room to run, hide,
move, explosions everywhere and just it’s just a dirty, bloody job. – So he was a hero then? – Was he? Was he? – Oh shit, awesome story doc, but how many kills did he rack up? – Let’s just keep going. We’ve barely pricked the
surface of this place. – Let’s do it. – Prick us, do we not bleed? – What did you say? – Shakespeare. – Professor, I’m gonna go with you. I don’t feel comfortable being
here without supervision. – No, that’s not a good idea. Besides, you’re pretty essential to the emotional security of this group. – I’ll take the compliment,
but this place– – Listen don’t worry,
these guys are harmless, besides if they lay a hand
on you, I’ll fail them. – It’s not so much them, it’s– – What, I’ll be right back okay? – Professor, you’re going to fail. – Excuse me. – You’re going to fail just
like your father failed and I’m counting on you,
I’m counting, I’m counting. – [Mysterious Voice] Counting,
I’m counting, I’m counting, I’m counting, I’m counting, I’m counting. (ominous music) – Holy fuck. Oh fuck. Holy fuck. (breathes heavily) (cap rattles) Ugh. Okay, okay. (cap rattles) Right, okay. – What’s that?
– I just wrote, I think it was actually
Anthony that had it on his Facebook, why did
the chicken cross the road? – Why?
– To get to the gay man’s house.
– Ugh. – Knock knock.
– Who’s there? – The chicken.
– Oh ho ho. (Michael-Paul beatboxing) – Hey, has anybody seen
a pile of broken toilets. Oh, huh. (Michael-Paul beatboxing) Come on Lincoln.
– I can’t believe it. (ominous music) – This place is like a goddamn maze. – This is all turn of
the century construction. Most of the walls are covered up, but why did we stop? – I just need to take a break. (sighs) Frodo, did you prepare for this? – Nothing really unexpected so far, except for the dead body. – It’s like we really
did go down to Mordor. – Anybody else want a drink? – Yeah, give me that. – Tim, let me ask you something. You seem a little hesitant. Now how many chances does
one get outside the classroom to explore such a treasure? What an adventure right. – Come on, Tim, let’s get going. (ominous music) – This fucking… (ominous music) – Boo!
(Jen screams) – Just look at that.
– What the hell? – I was thinking we should
check out that camera that you picked up off of that dead guy. – Oh, yeah, it’s in the backpack. (ominous music) – All right, it’s still got some juice. Play. Oh, oh my. – Oh oh.
– Is that auto asphyxia erotica? Oh fuck, yeah, let’s close that up. – Yeah. (ominous music) – Somebody burned the word
fuck in the ceiling here. – (laughs) They misspelled it. True genius. Like your face. (ominous music)
(whistling) Cool, it’s patient’s artwork. – Yeah, creeptastic for sure. – Well, it’s perfect
for the project though, very meta, we’re now
documenting decay art. – It’s kind of creepy. (ominous music) – They were insane all right. – Hey guys, hey gather around. I know I’ve been hard on
you throughout the semester, but hey let’s have a shot
of a little adventure huh? – Yeah.
– Sure. – Let’s do it.
– All right. (cap rattles) All right guys, be careful. This is strong. – Yeah, yeah, give me that. (laughs) – Ah. – Here goes nothing. Ugh. (ominous distorted music) (ominous music) – The fuck?
– Wake up. Wake up. – What, what time is it? – Jennifer, Jen wake up.
– Yeah. What, what is this? – All right, don’t freak out, just try to get your hands free. – I can’t, I can’t, they’re
Lincoln, they’re tired, I can’t fucking.
– Okay, okay, just stay calm. – Straight from the bottle.
– Wake up man, wake up. – I’m up.
– Wake up. – I’m up, I’m up. What the fuck is going on? This is not fucking funny. – [Lincoln] Can anybody move their hands? – [Michael-Paul] I can’t move shit man. – [Tim] Look, Lincoln, Lincoln where’s that World War II bayonet you’ve got? – [Lincoln] That’d be a great idea. I’ve still got to get my gear, douche cow. – Settle down, Frodo. – Fuck.
– Does your ass ever get jealous of the shit
that comes out of your mouth? – [Jen] It’s not the time
for this fucking shit. Where are we? – You guys okay over there? You guys, you guys? – [Jen] Professor, are
you all right, professor? – I’ll be fine, soon enough. (ominous music blares) – [Michael-Paul] The fuck? – You guys okay? – [Michael-Paul] Are
you fucking kidding me? – [Jen] What the fuck? – What do you mean it’ll
be fine soon enough. – What are you trying to say Tim? – I’m saying why weren’t you
tied up like the rest of us? – I was out cold right here. Maybe he fucking ran out of rope. – He, he who? – He, they, them, I
don’t fucking know Tim. You know I didn’t have
anything to do with this. – I don’t think anything
of the fucking kind. All I know is we drank your whisky and now it’s all fucking Cask
of Amontillado time in here. – As I remember the story, he didn’t wall himself up
with the fucking victim! – All right, no one’s blaming you, professor, right Tim, right? – Fine, whatever, what the fuck ever. – Let’s just go. – All right, fine, fine,
let’s just do this. We’ll fucking figure it out. – Where’s my fucking shit? – Whoa da da da, just hang on. Look, if we’re gonna get out of this, we gotta stay calm. There’s power in here,
it’s the only way out. It’s pitch black, power for these lights has got to be coming from somewhere. Let’s grab some candles.
– All right. – Maybe we could follow it out. – Okay, okay, you me and him will do that, you guys stay here,
fucking do this, we got it. Okay, fine, perfect, perfect, you got it? Get your shit. Fucking shit. – [Lincoln] Grab a candle
let’s go, it’s gonna be okay. – Seems to be some sort of… Seems to be some sort of sub-basement. – Yeah, well whatever it is, it’s cold. – That’s not gonna work down here. – I have to try. – Okay, you try. (ominous music) – [Tim] Oh fuck. – Looks like this is as far as we can go. – Yeah, no shit Frodo,
we’re fucked down here. We’re stuck. – [Lincoln] Look man I’m
just trying to point out– – What, the fucking obvious, you dipshit. We’re fucked down here. – I’m just trying to be helpful, if you just let me–
– Look, I can take care of my fucking self, all right? Just get the fuck away from me, all right. – We’re in no man’s land my boys. Frunchline is what we use
to call fellows like you, war pigs ready for the killing floor. – You all right there man? – You know we got to check
out that last room okay. All right, let’s just go do it, come on. (grunts) – [Lincoln] Look out. – Yeah, it’s that room
I was telling you about. – Yeah, creepy.
– What is that? Is it a trap door, I can’t really see. – Yeah, it looks like a trap door to me. – Is there another level to this place or something, what the fuck? – I don’t want to fucking know. – Well, it is the only way in or out that we found so far. – What should we do?
– I think we should go back and tell the others and figure
what to do from there, okay? – All right, let’s go. (ominous music) – Hey. (laughs) – We found the stuff.
– Good, good, good. – Lincoln, glasses.
– Oh geez, thanks. – Come here Tim.
– Hey. – Well, looks like we found
this building’s oubliette. – [Jen] Who would do
something like this to us? What did we do? – Hey, good news, Jen found our stuff. – Just happened to find it, did you? I don’t suppose you have
anymore of that whisky, do you? – I might. – It seems that everything is
here, besides a jacket mine. – Okay, well let’s just gear
up, get some clothes on, I’m fucking freezing all right. Let’s do it. – Hey, that hurt. (grunts) – Where are you going? – Yeah, I don’t know about you guys, but I really have to take a
massive dump right now, so. – Well be sure to let
us when it comes out. – Yeah, I will douche canoe. Douche canoe. (ominous music) (grunts) – Lincoln, oh, it’s almost
as big as you Frodo. – Man, I really hate that guy. – [Michael-Paul] Oh, it smells. – Well, whoever brought us down here doesn’t seem to mind we still have the ability to defend ourselves. – Why do you think someone
would do this professor? – Well we know what Tim thinks. – He’s just freaked out
like the rest of us, I mean I don’t blame him. I don’t blame you either, but… (ominous music) – Lincoln, oh it smells like you Frodo. Hey Lincoln. Lincoln. (ominous music) Lincoln, hey Lincoln. (ominous music) – I appreciate that Lincoln.
– Hey, I’m just as scared as you guys. (ominous music) (blood splatters) (body scrapes) – Michael-Paul? Michael-Paul? (tense music) (ominous music) – That’s his blood. – We’ve got to find him. – I’ll go with you. – No, Tim, let’s go. – Well, what do you think happened to him? – I don’t know. This isn’t good though. We need to get the hell out of here. – [Radio Announcer] The
storm we first reported two hours ago has grown
to epic proportions and has stalled out over
Michigan and parts of Ohio and it just keeps coming on. As a result the Michigan State Police are asking people to stay
at home if at all possible. These roads are becoming impassable. Indeed many side roads are being reported as absolute light out conditions continue to knock out side roads, but we’ve heard reports that I94 and US23 as well as The Lodge are
becoming shut down as well. This is despite this all
started this morning, running in shifts and our
older listeners might remember the blizzard of 1978 and
this storm is quickly closing in… (ominous music) – We found this. (ominous music) – I don’t see that we have any choice. (ominous music) – It’s quite a ways away, so we better take everything we need. (ominous music) – How do we know this isn’t some sick joke Michael-Paul is playing? (ominous music) – Like you say, we have no choice. (ominous music) – Well, if this is how
they’re getting in and out, Michael-Paul’s down there. We need to get down there too. – Yep, I agree. – [Lincoln] All right. – It’s very cramped and tight. (grunts) (trap door creaks) (ominous music) We’re gonna have to repel down there. You okay with that? – Yeah, let’s break out the climbing gear. – Okay. – [Radio Announcer]
From the major highways, I94 and US23 are shut
down for large sections and all major side streets
are also shut down. If you live in rural
areas, it is highly likely that the roads there
will also be impassable. Therefore, the authorities
are asking everyone to stick and stay where they are unless it is a serious medical condition. (gear rustles) – I’ll never doubt you again, Frodo. – I hope you know what you’re doing. (ominous music) (glow stick clanks) (bag clanks) (chains rattle)
(gear clanks) (pipes jangle)
(water drips) – What do you see? – If his back pack’s down
there, he has to be down there. – Maybe it wasn’t his blood. – He probably just heard
a sound or something. – [Professor] I hope he
can take care of himself. – He had a huge machete sir. He had a… – He had a what? – He had a gun, he showed
it to us right before– – He had a fucking gun? (laughs) That’s just fucking
intelligent isn’t it? What was he expecting? – All right, I’m gonna
send this harness up. Jennifer, you come down next. Lincoln, you’re last. All right. All right. All right. All right. All right, Lincoln I’m sending this up. Professor comes down next. (grunts) Throw down your bag. All right come on down. Okay, everybody, split up,
look for a way out of here. – Where is this place? – It’s like some sort of
steam pipe distribution venue. – Is that secure? – Yeah, it’s good. – All right, we don’t want to
burn our bridges down here. (pipe water trickling) (ominous music)
(steam hisses) (ominous music) (pipes clanking)
(ominous music) (ominous gasping) None of this tells us
anything about Michael-Paul. – There’s something else about this place. (pipes clanking)
(ominous music) – Lincoln, come here, let
me talk to you for a second. – What’s up? – That was at least a 60 foot dead fall. There is no way Michael-Paul
made it down here on his own. – Yeah, not without some help I agree. – I’m just concerned if Jennifer thinks that he’s dead, she’s
gonna fucking lose it. – I mean there could still be a chance. I mean if the professor
thinks that Michael-Paul is– – I don’t a trust a man
with kind of difficulties. He’s a fucking sociopath. I don’t think Jen trusts him either. – Well, let’s try to find a way out here. I mean we’re all scared. – I’m not fucking scared. I’m concerned. There’s a difference. – Easy, stay calm, keep our heads and we’re gonna get through this. – Gentleman, let’s put those efforts to trying to get out of here. (pipes clanking)
(ominous music) Battle diary of Sergeant Brian Cuttle, the devil’s own regiment. – What’s all this? – [Professor] Most of it
is early war propaganda, but the rest… – Well, this one’s obvious,
but some of the others. Wait a minute. – No he’s right. I’ve heard most of these phrases before. This one was on posters all over. This was popular war propaganda and this one we still use. – I’ve heard of this place before. They called it The Red Room. I read it about in the
history of Hodac Asylum. – Well none of this tells us
anything about Michael-Paul. I mean this could have been the ravings of a culture a hundred years ago. – The stories about things
that happened in this room, things that happened to the inmates. Jennifer, you all right? Jennifer? – What’s with the walls,
they’re all written on. – [Tim] It was the batshit insane inmates. That’s what it always is, right? – No sleep now for two days straight. Jerry is giving us all
heat all morning and night. How many cold meat
tickets have I collected since I joined the fighting, a thousand? Uh uh, 10,000? This is not fit duty for a man. One in the pocket, one between the teeth. Everyone is gap-toothed
when I’m through with them. It is a long way to Tipperary… – This is fucked up. – August 9th, 1916–
– Something else about this room? – [Lincoln] Jennifer, did
you guys find anything? – No, it’s all covered over. – If there’s a way out
of here, I can’t find it. I was never good at these riddles anyway. – It’s just me now. – Finding secret doors.
– It’s just me. – [Jennifer] It was my major… – I don’t wash the blood off my hands. (phone rings)
I live in no man’s land. – Shh shh shh.
– My phone. Sent me a text.
– This is where I live and breathe. I am safe here. – One of you ready to go last?
– You are not. – Calling out.
– I will get you. – More wartime slang, like–
– What, it wasn’t me. – [Tim] Like the west was the
land of the dead, to go west– (ominous music) (phone beeps) – [Jen] Hey, it’s Jen. I can’t come to phone right now, leave your message after the beep. (phone beeps) – [Jen’s Mother] Hey honey, it’s mom. I really hope that you did
not take your friends up to the cabin, the weather is just awful and it’s getting worst and I also hope that you’re bringing me
Michael over for Christmas. He’s such a nice boy. Can’t wait to talk to you more about him. Anyway, I hope that you’re having fun that you didn’t go out into the weather. I love you sweetheart, call
me when you get it, bye. (phone beeps) (ominous music) – It’s like my mind can’t even figure out
we’re so far from home. Far from home. ♪ It’s a long way to Tipperary ♪ ♪ It’s a long way ♪ Hell is home. Kill or be killed. Fear your enemy, just try this mad brute. You’re dead already, I’m
counting, I’m counting. (ominous music) You’re all gone, destroy this man, for hell is here, you’re in no man’s land. I’m counting. Taken two already, taken two already, soon I’ll have three. I’m counting, I’m counting. I’m counting, I’m counting. I’m counting, I’m counting. (ominous music) (gear clanks) (ominous music) (screams) (ominous music) (grunts) (ominous music) (punches)
(grunts) (grunts)
(blood splatters) (ominous music)
(blood splatters) (ominous music) (footsteps thundering) (screams)
(light bulb blares) (screams) (body rustling) – No.
(coughs) Fuck. This fucking thing just killed Tim, probably killed Michael-Paul and we are then he’ll be we are fucked, fucked. – What the hell was that? – We have to find a way out. Find a way out. – Professor, why didn’t you help? Professor!
– What goddamn it, what? – Why didn’t you help Tim? – I was scared shitless,
you saw me standing there. – What I saw–
– Creepiest– – Was you holding that damn–
– Place, I swear to God– – Watching Tim–
– If one more thing– – As he was pleading, no no–
(Lincoln mumbles) He was pleading for you
to fucking give it to him, but you stood there holding it. – Why didn’t you do anything,
you were standing right there? – That thing was two
fucking inches from my face. – In case you guys didn’t fucking notice, there’s a seven-foot-tall
murder beast down here who’s gonna kill all of
us, let’s get the fuck out. – Find us a fucking way out. – What’s going on down here, professor? – Lincoln, you remember
those old history books I was showing you, the patient directory. – Yeah, I remember. – What the fuck is he talking about? – It was in the early 20s,
there were some patients that just vanished right
after the first World War. – Yeah, how my grandfather
survived that war, how we survived this asylum. – Are you saying your grandfather knew something about our experiences? – No, I’m saying he
knew enough to survive. He knew enough to survive the war. – What else is in the book, professor? – How he survived this
asylum, that’s most important. – Give me the fucking book, professor. – You don’t want to do that. (ominous music)
(screams) (ominous music) (knife scrapes) (ominous music) – Where is it? (ominous music) Where is it? (ominous music) What’s in the book professor? (ominous music) – Don’t worry about that.
– Whatever’s going on back here, it’s in that fucking book. (breathes heavily)
(ominous music) (ominous music) (bones crunching)
(Lincoln choking) (ominous music) (screams) (ominous music) (professor whispers)
(ominous music) – Let’s go to a fucking insane asylum. – Caught in no man’s land as the bombs dropped on our heads like
freshly popped daises, but it was beautiful, got
me a head and hand today, hit me right in the chest. Laughed all the way back to the trenches. Still in hospital like a base rat as the new tanks rolled in. Tommy and Jerry are dead now anyway. (ominous music)
(pipes clanking) Gentsy was a master
stroke, yet the bastards took away my stick, served us
mustard gas for our troubles. – Professor. Give me the give me the records. You can keep the book,
just give me the records. – Funny jokes and more dead blokes. Today I take Gentsy, God
help the French line. – [Jen] Professor. – Yes Jennifer? – I just want those records. Give me the records. – [Professor] I’m off tomorrow
for a home, for a home. I’ll get my stick back
though, before this is done. – This year, one month–
– I’ll send my brother to hell.
– Then the same month the next year. There’s gotta be an explanation. (ominous music) That book, I need that book, that’ll give me the explanation. – What did you say? – Get the fuck back. – Find your grandfather?
– No. – Professor, you don’t want to do this. (breathes heavily) If you kill me, your grandfather won’t have his vengeance. There won’t be five to kill. (breathes heavily) (steam hisses) (ominous music) (breathes heavily)
(ominous music) (metal whines) (breathes heavily)
(ominous music) (metal whines) (breathes heavily)
(ominous music) (ominous music) (breathes heavily)
(ominous music) (screams)
(ominous music) (breathes heavily)
(ominous droning music) (screams) (breathes heavily)
(screams) (hisses) (breathes heavily)
(ominous music) – It’s gotta work. It’s gotta work. It’s gotta work. – What the hell was that? – God damn it, Jen, get over yourself. You’re not the first group
of kids I brought down here. Just read that. You’re the third. I’ll admit, I made a
mistake with the numbers on the first two groups,
I brought too few. – You’re nothing but a murderer. – God, you’re immature. – There are dozens of
dead bodies back there and judging from what they’re wearing, this has been going on for decades. (voice echoes) You’re not freeing him,
you’re feeding him. You’re feeding him innocent lives. He is never going to stop. He’s just gonna want more. He is never going to stop. He is never going to stop, professor. (screams) – Jen, run! (breathes heavily)
(ominous music) (screams) (ominous music) (leaves rustling)
(ominous music) (“It’s a Long Way to
Tipperary” by John McCormick) (footsteps echoing) – I surrender. (growls) I surrender. I surrender. I surrender. I surrender. (screams) (screams) (“It’s a Long Way to
Tipperary” by John McCormick) (ominous music) (people talking) – [Man] Which one, there were seven? – [Woman] Well I only did three of them. – That’s why you need extra credit. – [Woman] I didn’t need extra credit. Oh my God. You’re just– – Guys think of it as an adventure. (ominous music) – Big farming community,
you’ve got grandkids who are selling off property you know. (laughs) – I’m coming to drag the past. – [Man] I predict people are watching want to start this analysis. – Right, everybody’s like–
– One slap. – Got a time for it.
– Two slaps. Three slaps for you, ha ha ha. I’m laugh directing, ha ha.


  1. Exellent movie. Well worth a watch. But why did da girl not remove er blindfold instead of lookin like a bad axel rose ! ๐Ÿ˜†

  2. Yes that guy had to say F you you see dead FU is just a replacement words OK this is it I am an English major..

  3. come across your channel forgot I was subscribed to this channel has some good movie s on it and I like horror movies but movie or not there's no way I would go anywhere with a bunch of guys with no other woman aswell and I'd differently never go to a old creepy haunted Asylum but good movie thanks for uploading it

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