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‘On 23rd October 2010 six friends..’ ‘..Siddharth,
Bhanu Jairaj, Harsh Lulla..’ ‘..Raja, Suhana and Priya went
to forest for trekking.’ ‘But unfortunately,
only Raja returned from there.’ ‘After nine days Siddharth’s camera..’ ‘..was recovered from forest.’ ‘Mars Inc Production
team interviewed Raja..’ ‘..the sole person
to return from the forest.’ Excuse me.
Is the camera ready? – Yes, sir. Mr. Raja. – Yes. Mr. Raja. – Yes, sir. Are you ready? – Yes, sir. Tell us something about
the friendship you guys shared. Perhaps I won’t be able to
tell you much about our friendship. But as I talk, you will
come to know about our friendship. BJ would say that in friendship
your friend is your God. But you realize the
value of friendship.. ..when you separate from your friend. Mr. Raja, all of you were
childhood friends, right? – Yes. You guys grew up in Srirangapatna. We were from the same city. But BJ was from Delhi. His granny’s house was near my house. He would come here often. Suhana was BJ’s girlfriend.
So we knew Suhana too. But we had never met Priya. We met Priya for the first
time when we were going for trekking. Okay. Whose idea was
it to go for trekking? BJ and Sid had made this plan. And.. BJ loved traveling. He was crazy. Sid was also crazy. But Sid was crazy about his work. He wanted to be a famous DOP. And he was working
with some DOP in Mumbai. He quit his job where
he was getting Rs.50000. When Sid found out that
we are going for trekking.. ..he was delighted. He wanted to make a
documentary film on trekking. And.. And..and.. And these tapes were
shot from Sid’s camera. He.. Mr. Raja, are you alright? Yes. Yes, sir. Sir, can I get some water? Please bring some water for him. Drink water. – Thanks. Are you alright? Yes. I..I am fine. Whenever I talk about the trek.. ..I get unnerved. We heard you had
to face many problems.. ..after you returned from the trek. Yes. Many strange things were happening. I couldn’t understand anything. Like my mobile shop ran into losses. Papa also fell ill suddenly. I couldn’t understand
why this is happening. All of a sudden? – Yes. What did you do? There is a learned
priest in our village. I sought his advice. He performed veneration in my house. And he gave me this talisman. After which my family’s
condition improved a bit. Whatever you told us today
and the tapes that we have.. ..we want to release it
as a film under Mars Inc banner. I hope you have no objection. I don’t have any objection. You can show it. I want people to see the truth. Thank you very much, Mr. Raja. Thanks. – Thank you. Yes. Six people came here
and were staying in this guest house. Girls were staying
in this room. – Okay. And boys were staying in this room. They ordered food at night. They ate, drank and had fun. Seeing their friendship I
felt they are very close friends. But it was long ago.
Why do you want to know all this? Actually,
there was a boy in that group. – Yes. He had brought a camera along. He shot everything that
happened in the forest. – Yes. Yes. I remembered. There was a boy in the group
who would always carry a camera. We have his video tapes. Our company is going to release.. ..the video tapes
in theatres as a film. Okay? Goodbye. – Goodbye. ‘An article was published on
30th October 2010 in some newspapers.’ ‘We thank late Mr. Siddharth’s family
and all the forest authorities.’ ‘With their permission
the video tape..’ ‘..is being released
in theatres as a film.’ ‘This video has been
shot from Siddharth’s camera.’ ‘It has been edited to present
the video aptly in theatres.’ Such lovely greenery! Boss. – Yes. Seems like the delivery
went to the wrong place. Whose? – Yours. Don’t you think you should
have been born in California.. ..to suit your style? Is that so? Don’t you think you should have
been born in Uganda to suit your face? Seems like aunt’s flight
had an emergency landing in India. Both of you have again started. Boss, tell me.
Which button to press for zoom? There is a button in the center. Press it. It’s like a switch. You have an amazing camera. The picture quality is amazing. Do you know?
It will come in handy for the trek. It’s an HD camera, bro. Powerful battery backup.
Amazing solar recharge. It’s like a real film camera, man. Your boss gave you
such an advanced camera? Of course, dude. My boss is an amazing guy. When he found out that I am
going for trekking with my friends.. ..he said, “Why still camera?” “Take this HD camera.” “Make a 3-hour documentary.” If it’s good,
then I will be the first.. ..assistant cameraman
in the next film. Boss. Boss.
Boss, you have hit a jackpot. It will be great fun.
It will be great fun. Do you know why I
chose south this time? Perhaps you thought
that Yashraj shot Punjab. Mr. Bhansali shot Gujarat. Pandey chose UP.
And Mr. Devgan chose Bihar. So we should at least see
Rajni’s South once. Isn’t it? Incredible! What a dialogue! Of course. Boss, I hope the camera is not on. The camera is on. Scoundrel! Morons! Why are you covering it? It’s not that you
have something special.. ..that we don’t have. All of us have it. Does it mean I should
roam around naked? Listen. Listen. Where has Raja gone? He must be shitting
under some tree. – What? He passes motion anywhere. – Yes. He feels like shitting
whenever he sees water. Raja. Quiet. Quiet. – Raja. Come on. Let’s shoot him naked. Yes. Come on. Let’s go. Listen. – Yes. Hide behind the tree. – Yes. Sit down. Sit down. – Hey! Fatso, he will spot you first. Now slowly. – Yes. Don’t make any noise. – Yes. One, two, three. Raja! – Raja! Morons! Morons! Scoundrel! You don’t even let me shit in peace! Hey Englishman! You have also started
speaking in English. Not shit. Say potty. Got that? – Yes. DOG! I will first teach
you a lesson once I come out. Firstly, I am not
interested in your lesson. Secondly, it’s not DOG but DOP. Director of photography. – Yes. What you are doing is
pornography and not photography. Wait. Take this. Carefully. It’s a camera. Why are you laughing? When did you come?
– I came just now from Mumbai. This is the first sight I saw. Listen. This will be
the first shot of my movie. Moron! Your movie! Meet me outside! Okay. Forget that. Tell me about your marriage.
When are you getting married? After three months.
But I won’t invite you. I won’t even invite both of you.
– After three months. By then my camera’s
guarantee will be over, man. To hell with your camera’s guarantee. Moron! – What are you doing? DOG! Why are you making a movie? I am not making a movie,
you silly man! I am making a documentary
film for Cannes. I have given a commitment to my boss. If I give a commitment,
the work is as good as done. You are making a
documentary film for Cannes. Will it be an audio movie? No video? Moron! Scoundrel!
Fatso! Don’t speak nonsense! Otherwise I will throw
a stone at your groin! When you have a vulnerable groin.. ..you shouldn’t eye other’s groin. Shut up! – You are a scoundrel. By the way, if he makes
a 3-hour movie on us.. – Yes. All of us will be in a mess.
Let me warn you. Why? – What is it that you have done? He had come to Goa with us.
– Is that so? You know what he did? – Yes. He left everything and
followed us with his camera. Laughing, crying, roaming around. He didn’t let us live in peace. Moron! You spoilt that trip. – How? Remember that performance
thing? – What? He said, “Man, we have come to Goa.
Get me a girl.” I gave him condom. He told, this is wrong flavour. Look, we are meeting tomorrow at 7:30. And we will leave
for trekking by 9:30. Any confusion?
– No. No confusion at all. So hear your duties. Okay, BJ. – Yes. Your duty is to get food. – Yes. Okay, Raja, Lulla. Your duty is to bring pillows,
blankets and mattresses. – Hey! Melodramatic! – What? I have packed solar batteries
to charge the camera. Technical is my department.
Okay? – Shall we go? It’s his usual drama. – Fine. Come on. Come on, boss. Sit behind. – Come on. Yes. Everything is done? Bro, I think we will have
to buy some stuff from Mysore too. How far is the forest from Mysore? Fatso, it will take us 3 to
3 hours to reach there. – Yes. Fine. Lulla, check whether
all your things are there. It’s enough for me.
You guys arrange for yourself. Moron, it’s for everyone. Raja. – Yes. Where is your bride from? – Rampur. Where is Rampur? – It’s nearby. Here. Come on.
Suhana and Priya are also here. Hi. Hey, baby. Hi, Priya. – Hi. When he sees girls,
why does he leave everything.. ..and runs to them? I think it’s the side effect of love. Suhana must be BJ’s girlfriend. No. She is Priya. Suhana’s friend. Childhood friend. Same school,
same college, same job, same PG. Same boy. Lulla is very lonely. At least
introduce me to the other girl. Priya, meet my friends. Hi. – Hi. Hi. Guys. – Hi, Sid. Priya. Priya.
– She is Priya, my friend. Hi, Priya. Raja, come on! Ma’am, are you coming?
– Yes. Of course. Do one thing, Lulla. You click it. Give me. I click nice pictures. Give it to Lulla.
Let’s see how he clicks. Click nice pictures, Lulla. Or
else next time I won’t give it to you. You again came in between?
– In between? Move aside. He is her boyfriend. – What do I do? Raja, look. See this. Show me. Show me. Show me. You click such pathetic pictures.
– What happened? Boss, he has clicked pictures.
– It’s not good? Show me. Do one thing, Sid. You only click it. He has clicked pathetic pictures. Stop it, man. Okay. Look.
– Let’s take a group picture. Yes. – Come on. Look. I am clicking
everybody’s picture. Did you pack everything?
– Yes. I have packed everything. Where did you keep it? Raja! Raja! Raja! – Yes. Your father Mr. Shukla is coming. Oh no! Look,
everybody look down and walk. – Yes. Nobody will talk to him. As soon as he comes near. – Yes. Everybody will let him pass. – Okay. Alright? Everybody walk by the side.
– Alright. Sid, you too.
– He is so afraid of his father. Don’t say a word. – Don’t worry. That’s how I run my household. Uncle. How are you?
Hello. – I will call you later. Yes. Bless you. Bless you. Hello, uncle. – Hello, uncle. Just now Raja was praising you. Is that so? – Yes. Forget him. Tell me.
At what time are you guys leaving? Around 11 o’clock. 11 o’clock. – Yes. 11 o’clock. Son, do me a favor. – Yes, uncle. Tell us. We will do it. Do you see this? – Yes. Moron. Useless fellow.
Good-for-nothing. Leave him somewhere in the forest.
I will be indebted to you. Uncle, why do you say that? Raja is a good boy. Is that so? – Yes. He is a good boy? – Yes. I have spent half my
life finding a bride for him. But he doesn’t like anyone. The amount of time I have
spent finding a bride for him.. ..if I had spent
that time in a temple.. ..God would have appeared before me. And blessed me. Look at him. Yes. Do you know how many
girls I saw for him? How many? – How many, uncle? Oh no! In front of everyone. Around 5-6. That’s it? – Yes. Why are you counting on your fingers? 45 girls. 45. – 45. 45. – This idiot rejected all of them. Why, Raja? Why did you reject them? What must have happened? What is this, Raja? Tell us.
– Why, Raja? Why did you do that? What do I do if I don’t
see my mother in anyone? Look at this. Idiot! Do you want a mother or a wife? I want a mother. – He wants a mother. Unlucky is that girl
who will marry him. He won’t do anything. – Yes. Son, you guys are getting late. – Yes. You guys go. – Yes. Go carefully.
Take care of yourself. – Yes. And tell this fool to take
care of himself in the forest. – Yes. Go carefully. – Okay. Bye, uncle. – Bye, uncle. Take care. Bye. I won’t spare this idiot! Stop, fatso! Stop! Stop! Where are you going? How far will you run? Stop! – Sid. I told you so many times.
Don’t do mischief with my father. Why? Why? The camera is on, isn’t it? She is good. Lulla. Lulla. Lulla. Lulla. Lulla. See what Raja is doing. He is removing his socks. Yuck! Socks. Oh my god. I am selling my socks. Do you want it? Run! Run! Run! – Moron! Lulla, stop. – Come on! Come on! Really nice, actually. – It’s nice. It’s nice. – Do one thing. It’s a nice place. – Open the door. It’s locked. Hi. My name is Harsh Lulla. You will see that six of
us have come for trekking. – Quiet. Infuse some zest and sensation. If you want to sleep peacefully,
wake up. I am pleased to tell you that
six of us have come for trekking. There are two beautiful girls too. Look. Camera, focus. I don’t understand. – Come on. Let’s hear their story. Come on. He has come. He is approaching me. He is approaching me. – Relax. Relax. Hello, Priya. How do you feel? It’s great fun.
All of you are very interesting. And I think I am going
to enjoy this trip a lot. Have you ever gone
for trekking before? Yes. I have. During my college days. This is my second trip. And yeah. I hope I have fun. I want to thank my friend Suhana.
– Please. Come on. For bringing me for this trek. Breaking news. The in-charge of the guest
house has brought the keys. Sir, every evening
a man goes to the city. If you want anything, you can tell me. As such, we have everything. But if we need anything,
we will tell you. Please order something. I am hungry. Will you have momos? – Okay. Send two plates momos. Anything else? Bring two plates momos for me too.
– Okay, sir. Yes! Raja! Come on! Come on! – Wait! Wait! It’s Raja’s turn. Let’s do one thing. Tell us. Truth or dare. Come on. – Man, I am not a brave guy. So I will speak the truth. Okay? Tell me something, Raja.
Are you a virgin? What a question! Come on! Come on! Come on! Come on! Man, if I say it on the camera,
my marriage will be called off. Turn the camera there.
– Nothing will happen. Okay. – Tell us. Are you a virgin? Tell us. – No. Amazing! – Stop it, man! When did that happen?
Tell me. – Yes, man. A year ago. Chikuwadi’s Sandhya. Come on. Next. Next. You didn’t tell me, did you? Shut up. Lulla! Lulla! – It’s his turn. Lulla! Lulla!
Lulla! – Now watch. Now watch. Yes! – Raja. Lulla! – His turn is over. Truth! Truth!
– Truth or dare! Got that? Or dare! Raja has inspired me. – Yes. Do one thing. Dare. – Wow! That’s like a man! Do one thing. – You say it. Propose Priya. My poor sister-in-law. I am fatso. And I want to have
small babies with you. Hey! – Hey you! Priya, I love you. I love you. Wait. Wait. Wait. Everybody has spun it.
Now let me do it. – Yes. Here. Spin it. Here. – What is this? Cheater. What is this? This is cheating. No. No. No. I have a point. – Very nice. I have a point. Okay. Okay.
Sister-in-law. – He is right. Sister-in-law, truth or dare?
– Of course. Dare. She is my friend.
I will give her the dare. Easy one. Easy one. Suhana, you will kiss BJ. BJ, you are a lucky chap.
– Do it. Do it. Kiss him. Do it. Do it. Keep quiet. What happened?
– Who switched off the light? The light went off at the right time. Raja, light a matchstick.
– Matchstick.. I gave it to you.
– Moron, I can’t see in the dark. But why are BJ and Suhana so quiet? Look, what had to happen,
has happened. Now switch on the lights. Suhana, are you okay? Suhana, you should be fine. It’s okay if we die. Yes. I am sorry. Are you okay? Boss, where is the camera light?
– I had removed it. Wait. Let me bring it. Yeah! Thank you so much. What is going on there? The in-charge is coming.
Come on. Fast. Come on. Come on. Fast. Come on, fatso. BJ. I am going out to take
some early morning shots. And I have to charge the
camera’s solar batteries too. By the time I come back
all of you should be ready. Okay? – Yes. BJ, I got such wonderful shots.
It was amazing. Honestly. If I shoot like that,
I will gain experience. And operating the camera
will become very easy. Carry on, boss.
We also want you to be a famous DOP. Cold water.
Cold water. – Raja, you have come. Water. – Lulla, wake up. Lulla. Hey! – What? Come on. Come on. What are you doing? What are you doing? Tell us. – Quiet. Oh man! Lulla. Lulla, wake up. Lulla, wake up. Lulla, wake up. Has everybody taken a bath?
I will wake up. Yes. Everybody has taken a bath.
The girls are already ready. If you don’t wake up,
you will be punished. Get up. Lulla, wake up. It’s getting late. Where is God’s photo?
– Lulla, look straight ahead. God is ahead. Glory to Lord! Let me behold you! Hey! – Lulla, did you behold God? Lulla. Lulla. Lulla, did you worship properly? Lulla. What did Lulla see? Moron. When I was sleeping yesterday.. ..you made me smell your dirty socks. Lulla, what did you see? I don’t want to come
after seeing his bum. It’s not easy to climb the mountain. It’s a kind of test. Of your patience and strength. Remember one thing. Wherever you find water, fill it. Otherwise you will face a problem. Fatso, pay attention. Yes. Don’t light a fire in the mountain.
Remember that. Go safely and come back safely. My man will leave you at
the starting point of the forest. Thank you, sir. God bless you. – Thank you, sir. Come on. – Okay. Bye, sir. – Bye, sir. Come sir. – Bye. Take care. Anand, drop them. – Okay. Come on. Wow! I am seeing it for
the first time. – Yes, sir. It’s very interesting. Shall we wait for them? Or move on? Before they come, I have to
shoot all the beautiful scenarios. Come on. Let’s go. – Okay, sir. Anand. – Yes. Such an old method is still
being used in the village. I mean, didn’t the government
build a bridge to go across? Yes, sir. Many times people do.. ..what the government also can’t do. What do you mean? I mean, a few years ago
a boy from this village.. ..fell in love with a girl
from the village across the river. Oh! – The boy would swim
everyday to meet the girl. Great! – One day the girl
accepted his marriage proposal. Their families also agreed. But the problem was how the
wedding procession will travel. So the boy made this plank. – Amazing! The wedding procession and the bride.. ..crossed the river using this plank. Since then both the villages
share a very cordial relation. Amazing! Amazing! That’s a true lover. Anand, they are here.
Bring them. – Okay, sir. Yeah! Man, give me your hand. What, boss? You came alone. You should have waited for us. Sorry. I couldn’t wait. Did you get your shots? – Superb. Your first movie is a hit, boss. Yes! BJ, thanks, man. Hi. – Hi, Suhana. Hi, Priya. Come, fatso. – Raja, Lulla, come on. Give me your hand. Come on. There is no network in the forest. Come on. Wait. Guys! Do you know what
professional trekkers.. ..who go to Himalayas do? As if you know everything. How many times have
you climbed the Himalayas? I haven’t climbed it. But I know. They hoist a flag to mark
the spot where they had been. Okay. – That is what I will also do. I understood that. But what are the fireworks for? Fireworks are for celebration. Flag is for indication. What is going on? – Who is that? He must have been
a dog in his past life. Good job. BJ! You moron! I won’t spare you! Soldiers! See that highest point! Talk properly. Soldiers! Very impressive. Moron. Do you see that highest point? – Okay. We have to reach there
by tomorrow morning. That’s our main mission. And we have to hoist the
flag on that peak. Is that clear? Yes, sir. – Yes, sir. Is it clear, Sid?
– Yes. This is our mission. Raja. – Yes. You too. – Give me the phone. Why do you need the phone? To tell them to dig graves for us. Why do you need graves? – Oh God! Once we come back from there,
we will lie down as dead bodies. Moron! Say good things. What is this?
– He is talking about dead bodies. What say good things? Where is that peak?
And where are we standing? We have to go so
far and come back too. I am in a bad shape.
– I am also in a bad shape. But did I complain? BJ. – Yes. Let’s do one thing. The beach isn’t that far from here. Let’s go there and chill. – Oh God! Come on. – Come on. It’s done for. Come on. – Come on, Priya. Listen to me. Sissy boy. You are such a coward. Imagine what Priya and
Suhana will think about you. This man doesn’t have any guts,
no nerves. He is useless. Why are you intimidating me?
Move on. – Meet me. Yes. I will meet you.
Come on. – Meet me. I will show you. What happened, Lulla? – I felt bad. Why? – How dare he call me sissy? He is a sissy.
Priya, is the camera on? – Yes. Priya, is the camera on?
– Lulla, it’s on. Now watch.
– Lulla, what are you doing? Watch where I throw Sid’s flag. Lulla, don’t throw it.
– Glory to Lord! Bye. Bye. Lulla, what have you done? Whenever he sees this spot,
he will burn with fury. “I am smoldering.” “In this forest.” Lulla. – He is finished! Forget it, Sid.
You won’t find that flag. No, Priya. I want that flag. Lulla threw it deep inside. How deep he must have thrown it? It must be stuck in trees. Okay. – Look. Did he throw it there? – Yes, look. Look there. No. It isn’t there. I can’t see it, Priya. I can’t see it anywhere. I explained to him.
I don’t think you will find it. Wow! – Wow! What a place! Boss. Come here please. – Look, Sid. What a place! – Superb! I haven’t seen such an amazing place! This is an amazing mountain, Lulla.
– I can see. This is rocking. Beautiful! – Wow! Honeybee. Honeybee. Listen! – What? What? I can hear an echo. Siddharth. Siddharth. Raja! Raja! Suhana. Suhana. Priya. Bhanu Jairaj! Bhanu Jairaj! Everybody scream Lulla’s name. Lulla! Lulla! Fatso, now be happy. Wow! – Wow! How interesting! Great! What a cave, man! I have never seen anything
like this before. – Seriously, man! It’s amazing! Beautiful! It’s so deep. – It’s nice. Wow! – Look up. What a place! Oh my God! – Amazing! Wow! Boss, I will recite
a verse on our friendship. Go on. – Go on. Go on. Go on. In friendship your friend is your God. Wow! In friendship your friend is your God.
– Amazing! But you realize the
value of friendship.. ..when you separate from your friend. Wow! Amazing! – Great! Thank you.
– Today he has touched my heart. A last salute for the mountain. One. Two. You also bend. Three. One for Lulla. Four. Fatso, be happy. Come on. Sid! Come on! Boss. Where are you, boss? – Coming. What is this? Where were you? Sorry. I was taking some
beautiful and interesting shots. Don’t you think you
can take beautiful.. ..and interesting shots from the peak? Okay. – I was sleeping peacefully. Why did you come so soon? – Come on. Man, in his past life
DOG must have died in a shoot. Shut up. Come on. It’s enough. Get up. Come on. Lulla. – What, Mr. DOG? I think the forest department’s
check post is nearby. – Yes. There is liquor in your bag. – Yes. Hide it in the girls’ bag.
– Is that so? They won’t check it. – Yes. If the liquor is found,
the guards won’t let you go. And they will keep the liquor too.
– Oh God! Seriously? Yes. Be serious, guys. We have to enter our
information in the registry. Does anyone have any address proof? Yes. I have my driving license.
– Come on. Fine. ‘This is the photocopy of
the forest department’s register..’ ‘..where they had
entered their details.’ Yes. This is the starting
point of our trek. Guys, get ready. Let’s go. – Yes. When I had gone to Kodaikanal.. ..I had camped at the peak. We will also camp at the peak. But speed up. Are we going to get a medal
if we reach the peak quickly? Raja and Lulla are finished. No smoking. No drinking. Raja. – Yes. Shall I suggest something?
– Yes. Tell me. You are getting married
after three months, aren’t you? Yes. So? Do one thing.
Tell Sid to shoot your wedding video. Yes. Cool. He will shoot the wedding later. First he will shoot our nuptial night. I know this cheap fellow. What are you saying? – Laugh. You are going to have
a nuptial night too? Why am I marrying? Oh my! – Look,
if Raja does something interesting.. Yes. – Our blue film
will be made for free. We will upload it
on the net and call it.. ..shedding clothes
under a hot blanket. It will be an online
tutor for virgins. And the new king of
the world of blue films.. ..will be Mr.
Shukla’s son Lover Boy Shukla. Shut up! You scoundrel! You will make a Hollywood movie? You scoundrel! – Leave me. All of you are cheap. You are making me
the hero of blue films. Are you going to get a hot heroine? You want something more? – Moron! Fatso! At least I got a wife! Moron! Raja, don’t worry. I will
shoot a nice video of your marriage. Yes. You make nice videos. I know. I don’t trust you at all. Look, listen to me carefully. This forest is a big maze. If we take the wrong path,
we will keep.. ..wandering here all our lives. So until we don’t
come down from the peak.. ..everybody will stick together. Alright? First tell this DOG. He barges anywhere with his camera. Hey! Why is it so quiet? Lulla. Raja. Why don’t you guys speak? You fool! We are dead tired. And you are talking about silence. Look, we discussed the first break.
Let’s have it here. I can’t walk anymore. Come on. We will take it
further ahead. Come on. – No. Come on. – What further ahead? I can’t walk. My back is paining. Look, I am also in a very bad shape. I can’t walk. Seriously. Lulla is right about you. You are a weakling. You don’t have any other bad habit. Except smoking. I know. But I swear on God. From today, right now, I quit smoking. Eating like a glutton.
– I am also hungry. I also want to smoke. Let’s share it. Light another one.
I won’t give you mine. Scoundrel. You swore on God.
And yet you are smoking. May God make you a weakling! You know the side effects of smoking,
don’t you? You will fail on your nuptial night. Even an overdose of
Viagra won’t be of any help. Got that, sonny? What’s the time? – It’s 2:30. Look, it is 2:30. We had to reach there by 1:30. If we walk so slowly, we won’t
be able to reach the peak today. That’s why I say don’t halt for rest. Keep walking. Keep walking. Guys, let us take rest for 10 minutes. You are saying 10 minutes.
But it will last for 30 minutes. No, Suhana. We can’t waste
time at all. Let’s move on. Right, BJ. Just a while longer.
Then lunch break. Okay? Move! Move! Move! What happened?
-What’s the matter, Sid? Move! I can hear the sound of waterfall.
– What happened? Where are you running? Oh God! Look at that! It’s a waterfall! “Water.” Nice. – It’s so beautiful. Really nice. Nice. Wow! What are you doing Lulla? Come on let’s go. – Yeah let’s go. I warn him three times,
but he didn’t listen. Raja. – Yes. My appetite is so full. I wish I could spread a
mat somewhere and go to sleep. I swear. I will sleep soundly. You are bound to feel
sleepy if you eat like a pig. Fatso. Boss, are we on the right path?
– Where have we come? Yes. Did you check the compass?
– I checked it just now. Don’t worry. Come on. Let’s go. Listen, fill your water bottles.
There is water here. Come on. We have found water. Friends, fill your water
bottles quickly. – Yes. Wonder whether we will
find water ahead. – Yes. We will have to manage
everything with this water. Washing, cooking and drinking.
Everything. Why? Won’t we find water ahead? The resort’s manager had said
to fill water wherever you find it. Sid, come on. Come on. Priya, give me your bottle. Guys, if you have filled water,
let’s move. Come on, guys. Hey! – Shut up. Come on. This is the great
adventure of our life. I am exhausted. I am in a bad shape. I can’t walk. You guys are very boring. Motivating you guys
is like demotivating myself. Come on. I am tired. Boss. Boss, let’s chuck it. Let’s camp here. We have to gather woods..cook dinner. If we need water,
there is water nearby. Let’s camp here, boss.
Let’s camp here. God! This is the best thing
I heard in the entire trip. Seriously. – Come, BJ. Let’s find a good place to camp. Come on. I am also coming. BJ, Raja and Lulla have
ruined the entire trek. What did I do? Both the girls are still
trekking without complaining. Yes. So? – They didn’t
utter a single word. Both of them are going
on talking nonsense. Wonder where they waste their energy.
– Shut up. Boss, is this place fine? We will cook here
and light the fire there. Is this okay? – Yes. It’s fine. Let’s bring everybody. No. You guys go. I will stay here. Okay, boss. We will bring everyone. Stay here. Don’t go anywhere. – Okay. Raja. – Yes. I think we are the first people
in history who are camping here. What do you say? – Yes. You are right. I am famished.
We will cook a nice dinner today. What is this? A skull. Human skulls all over the tree. Oh God! There is not a single leaf. Voodoo dolls. Oh God! What is this, man? Raja, where did you keep it? Suhana, give me that. – Ok. Take it. Where were you Sid? The forest is so beautiful.
Like a shooting. See what I have got. – What? Why did you keep
this human skull here? Where is the torch? – In the bag. Check. – You should have thrown it. No. I want it. I want it. What? You want this human skull? Why? – Yes. Come on. – We don’t have a flag. We will use this. When we reach the mountain tomorrow.. ..we will use this
instead of the flag. What an idea! You will go to the peak
and keep this skull over there. Are you mad? No. No. No.
I am not mad. Understand one thing. It’s a much better thing. I don’t understand.
– Look, I don’t have a flag. This is more mysterious,
more dangerous. Actually, think. When we
will reach the mountain tomorrow.. ..and keep it there, it will signify
that this is a dangerous mountain. People will also say. – Come. Sit. I think it’s fantastic. Please don’t touch it. – Anyway. Your wish. Come on. Come on, Raja. – Keep quiet. Just a little further. Don’t laugh. You will rot. Understand one thing.
No stone, no food. Just a little further.
The campsite is nearby. Shut up. Your papa will be happy.
Your would-be wife will be happy. Come on. Come on. Why did you leave it? What happened? Are you a human or a brute? Already my lungs have
got choked up due to smoking. You don’t help me. And you keep saying, “Come on.
Come on.” Keep the camera down. Lift the stone. Come on. Pick it up. Come on. I have told you countless
times not to smoke so much. This is what the Indian
government tells you.. ..at the beginning of every movie. You don’t understand. Come on. Come on. It’s just a little away. Come on. – From now on I
will heed the Indian government. I swear on you. I won’t smoke. Sid. If we had camped at the peak.. ..we would have had
to come down for water. It means we halted accidently
but at the right place. – Yes. Okay. I have heard
you are doing a new movie. Yes. I am doing a Hindi movie. The shooting will begin
from the 20th of the next month. Who is the hero? The producer’s son is again the hero. I see. I wanted to say something to you. Man.. Man..I want to be an actor. You are telling me now?
The auditions are over. I don’t want to be a hero.
I don’t mind if it’s a small role. I only want to see myself
on the silver screen once. That’s it.
– I can do that. Don’t worry. Sure? – It’s a promise. Promise. Let’s go. – Okay. Sid. Sid. Why did you turn back suddenly? No. Nothing.
I felt as if somebody is behind me. Was there anything?
– I don’t know. I can’t see anything. Did you see anything?
– I felt there is something. Don’t play a prank. Come on. I don’t know. There was something. Sid..I was thinking that
you should quit Bollywood. Look, so many marriages
take place in my village. Open a studio in my village.
You will earn a lot of money. Are you crazy? Marriage studio? In a village? – Yes. Don’t you know I want
to be a cameraman in movies? Look, you have been
saying that for four years. You haven’t been able to do anything. Open a studio.
It will be good for you. Look, I want to be a cameraman. And I will surely be one.
You just fill water. Look, I don’t know what
you will do in the future. Enough of your nonsense.
You just fill water. – Okay. Why did you switch off the light? I didn’t switch it off. What happened? Wait. I will check. It’s not working. – What? Raja, you have your torch, don’t you?
– Yes. Wait. Man, this is also not working. This is also not working. What do we do now?
– Wait. I will check. What noise was that? – I don’t know. Look, I am scared. So switch on the light. But what noise was that? Some stone must have slipped. I felt as if someone has
thrown a stone with all his might. Wait. Let me check. Where are you going?
– Raja, don’t be so scared. Cool down. In such isolated places
even a slight sound scares you. Lulla, what are you doing?
Make the fire more intense. Should I put both my feet inside? Yes. Go ahead.
Jump inside. I don’t care. Let’s do one thing.
Both of us will jump inside. The fire will become intense. Superb idea, Lulla.
Keep using your brains like that. Yes. Come. You also jump inside. First you jump inside. How much longer? The aroma is amazing. It’s almost done.
Priya, pass the plate. Priya, tell me. What’s cooking? Tell me. – What? Ask the lovebirds. BJ is cooking.
And Suhana is helping him. We are making instant noodles. – Wow! Food is ready.
First-come, first-served basis. If I come, how will I serve?
– Yes. Point. Lulla, taste it and tell me how it is. If it’s not good, will you
order food from a five-star hotel? I am hearing your nonsense
since a long time. – Thanks. We will have to eat, however it is. You are such a moron, Lulla. From where do you bring
such scientific nonsense? Do you take some tonic?
Or are you like that since birth? Any problem? – I don’t
want to argue with you. Leave it. Please. Please, guys. Chill. “O breeze, spread your fragrance.” “I will meet her.” “Let me meet her once.” “Somebody’s face is glowing again.” “Somebody who was
lost has been found.” Have both of them gone to sleep? Yes. As it is,
they had too many drinks. Okay. But Ms. Priya..you are
doing modeling, aren’t you? – Yes. When are you going to sign a movie? I will do it.
Only if it’s a big banner. That’s right. – Tell me something. You are also going to be a DOP.
When will you be a DOP? Pass me water. Well..I am thinking
of assisting a few DOPs first. Later I will see what’s in my destiny. Look, don’t worry.
It’s good when God.. What happened? – What was that? What the hell, dude? At the mention of God, the fire
became so intense. – Are you okay? So weird. Perhaps there was something
below the fire. – Careful. Please. Keep your face away. Anyway, it’s a good day today. So tomorrow is a new day. Guys, can you imagine? When we will reach the peak tomorrow.. ..what a scene it will be, man! I am just thrilled! Okay. Enough. I am sleepy. Okay? Goodnight. – Yes. Okay. Goodnight. – Today we are very tired. But listen, listen, listen. Just imagine. Imagine once. In this 8 km radius,
there are just six of us. I am switching off the bed light. Goodnight. – Okay. Yes, Priya.
Tomorrow we have to wake up early. Goodnight. – All of you goodnight. Goodnight. – Goodnight. BJ. We have to leave by 6:30. – Okay. Oh God! – Oh man! I forgot to switch off the camera. Boss. – Yes. I think the food must have
attracted some wild animal. Yes. Or one of them must
have some nonsence. Tell me. Shall I wake them up?
Or let them sleep? Let them sleep for a while.
Please. – Okay. This wasn’t here yesterday. Siddharth. Who is it? Come in front of me. Shukla, wake up. Shukla. Raja. Why are you trembling so much? He has fever. Raja. – What are you saying? He was fine last night.
He got fever all of a sudden. I think he had too
many drinks last night. No. Drinking doesn’t cause fever. Yes. It could be because
of exertion. – Okay. Let’s do one thing. Let him rest here.
– No. We can’t leave him alone. No. Let him rest.
Lulla, where is the medicine? I have it. I have it. – Yes. Give me. Listen. We are going
to the peak. Okay? Stay here till we don’t come back. Are you listening?
Stay here. Don’t go anywhere. We will be back by 10 o’clock.
Okay? – Fine. Come on. Take all the food items. We are forcing them to walk.
But we will have to do this. It’s going to be a tough climb.
Wonder how they will manage. We will manage. – And yes. Lulla is very angry with you. Priya, do one thing.
Take that as well. Yes. I have kept it. I have kept it. Boss, what are you shooting? BJ, it’s such a beautiful tree. Yes. It’s a beautiful tree. Listen. Let’s do one thing.
Let’s mark this tree. So that we remember this route. Alright? – Yes. Good. Make a mark. Come on. Sid. – Yes. You were a rapist in your past birth. You have again started your nonsense. Of course.
You have been forcing me for so long. What did I do? – I am so exhausted. I am telling you let’s go back. But you aren’t listening. Let’s go. Moron! It’s futile to talk to you. I am in a bad shape.
And you want to do trekking. Bro, do one thing.
Take a shower with that. You don’t know how
bad my condition is. You are talking as if
you are the only person.. ..who is in a bad shape. All of us are exhausted.
But we are walking. You know why? – To carry my dead body. Lulla, seriously.
You will always be an idiot. This body pain is temporarily. But the memories of
this trek will last forever. Wow! Well said! Say it once more. Let us hear it again. This body pain is temporarily. But the memories of
this trek will last forever. Damn! To hell with
you and your memories. It’s taking us an
hour to walk an inch. And you are talking about memories. Boss. It’s taking us an
hour to walk an inch. Lulla, we brought you along
because of your sense of humor. Take it. Come on. Today’s quota is over. Shall I carry it?
– You leave it. I will bring it. I should have been smart. Feigning fever I should
have slept with Raja. Look, he is talking about excuses. Lulla, we have to
climb only one mountain. I am hearing your
nonsense since yesterday. Like that you have made
us climb ten mountains. Seriously, Lulla.
Only one mountain is left. Lulla is an idiot. Guys, Lulla has lost weight. Come on. Damn! The camera fell down. Thank God.
Nothing is wrong with the lens. The rewind button isn’t working. Bro, why don’t you die? Lulla, I will die only
after killing you first. Stop your nonsense and stand up. Can’t you see?
It’s such a beautiful panorama. They have also gone ahead. Get up! For the first time
you spoke the truth. Instead of seeing your wretched
face it’s better I see the vista. Faster, Lulla. Faster. You will shed all
your weight in this trek. Walk. Oh yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes, BJ! We have reached the peak. Oh God! Amazing! Beautiful! Wow! Yes! We have done it! Yes! Hats off to you. – Yes. We made it. Lulla, how is the scenario? Nothing great. It’s okay. Idiot! That’s what you will
say no matter where I take you. Quiet. Whoever comes here.. – Yes. He will have to click
a photo with this skull. Awesome! We did it! – Yeah! Yes! – We did it! Sid! – Cheers to all! What have you brought
along with the food items? Oh God! – Lulla! Lulla, what difference does it make?
Why do you worry? It’s a nice thing. Come. Let’s click a photo. It was my wish to leave
a mark on the mountain. Did you see my water bottle? – Yes. It’s great fun. I don’t know. – Sid! Sid! Sid! Yes. What happened?
– Your skull fell down. What? – What are you saying? Sorry. My hand hit it accidently. Did you drop it purposely?
– I am speaking the truth. Where it must have fallen?
– Oh no, Lulla! How far down it must have gone? Oh God! – What is that blue thing? That was the only mark. Look at there. We can see the sea from here. Yes, we can see it from here. Hey! How did the bag catch fire?
– Oh no! Oh God! How did that happen? How can it catch fire on its own? I think the fireworks
and paper plates in the bag.. ..must have got burnt
due to the scorching heat. What are you saying?
– The food also got burnt. What will I eat now? BJ, I don’t feel
like leaving this place. Fine. Settle down here. We will live comfortably in the city. Let it be. Wonder whether
we will come here again or not. Let him enjoy. BJ, every year we will
go for trekking to a new place. What do you say? – Yes. I am not going to come. Priya. – Yes. We are going to rest
the whole day tomorrow. Then next day early morning
we have to catch the flight for Delhi. Okay? Yes. And please let’s
do some shopping. Yes. We will do shopping too. Mr. DOG. – Thank you. Are you satisfied with the trek? Oh man! The trek is still not over. Our trek is incomplete till we don’t
reach the starting point. Got that? We have reached the peak.
Now we have to only go back. The way we came here,
similarly we have to simply go down. Do one thing.
Keep your mouth shut and walk quietly. We miss Raja. – Yes. It would have been great
if he had also been here. He would have enjoyed with us. Sid is doing the recording. We will show Raja the video
and share our experience with him. He will also have fun.
– Yes, Priya. You are right. After the trek all of us
will watch the video together. You were behaving as
if we won’t have babies.. ..if we don’t reach the peak. I want to ask you.
What did you gain at the peak? Did you do anything great? Physically we didn’t gain anything. But emotionally we have gained a lot. Sense of achievement, happiness. But Lulla, you won’t understand. No. I can understand. My dear DOG,
I spoke nonsense with you. But after reaching the peak,
I was feeling very fresh. Isn’t it? – My darling. My DOP. I love you.
Sorry, my director of photography. Amazing, Lulla! Amazing! BJ, did you hear what Lulla said? Yes. I heard. It’s like Shahrukh is asking Salman,
“Are you on facebook?” Guys, on this note let’s have it.
Glory to Lulla! Glory to the fatso! And glory to the sissy boy! Scoundrel. You call me a sissy boy? Do you know who threw that skull? Yes. Your hand hit it accidently. I didn’t hit it accidently.
I threw it deliberately. – What? Did you understand?
Idiot- You hit it deliberately. First you threw the
flag and now the skull. Scoundrel!
Idiot! Rogue! What do I say? Lulla! Stop! Stop! Stop! Did you hear something? Yes. I heard something. Lulla! I think it is Raja’s voice. Yes. It was Raja’s voice. – Guys. The voice is coming from there.
Come on. Raja. Raja. – Raja. Raja. – Raja. Lulla! Raja, where are you? Raja. – Raja. Where are you? – Lulla, where are you? We are coming, Raja. Raja. – Raja. Raja. – Raja. Raja. – Come fast. Raja. – Raja.
Where are you? Raja. – Raja. Raja. – Raja. Raja. Raja. – Raja. Raja. Now we can’t even hear Raja’s voice. What is he doing?
I told him to stay here. No. Damn! – Guys, it wasn’t Raja’s voice. Have you not observed? Ever since we have come on this trek.. ..ever since we have come here.. ..weird things have been happening. At times a stone falls. The fire exploded. And the bag got burnt. And the water bottle. What about that? But Priya, it was just an accident. No. What about this sound? Was that too an accident? Hold on. What do you want to say? A ghost is doing all this? Oh God! I can’t believe her. I don’t know why, but whatever.. ..Priya is saying seems true. Damn! Okay. I want to test something. I want to test something.
Everybody sit down. So you think a ghost or a spirit or.. ..a supernatural power is doing this. Fine. If a supernatural
power is playing with us.. ..it will have to
drop this box like this. It’s very simple. If it can do this. BJ, it’s not so easy
to see these ghostly things. If it had been easy,
everybody would have seen it. Why? She can do it behind our backs.
But not in front of us? Is she afraid of us? Let her do it once.
Let’s do it. Let’s try. Yes. Of course. Let’s try. – Isn’t it? Do it. Just concentrate.
Ghost. The ghost will come and drop it. Concentrate. It’s nothing, boss. Oh God! Get up. Priya, get up. Please. Stop. Stop. Stop. Where are we going? I think we came from here. No. We have to go this way. Come on. Suhana, Priya. Come on. – Come on, guys. Come on. – Come on. I think we are going
in the wrong direction. If we had been going
in the right direction.. ..we would have reached by now. We missed the way. The compass is also not working. I am very thirsty. Come on. If we keep walking,
we will surely find some way. It’s almost 3 to 4. And we are going in circles. Raja is also alone.
He also must be worried. Forget about Raja. He has enough food. And he even knows the way back. But we are in a mess. We have neither food nor water. Damn! Come on. I woke up at around 10:00-10:30. I felt as if somebody
is pulling my blanket. I thought perhaps my friends are back. But when I opened my eyes,
there was nobody. I heard strange noises. Like someone talking
or someone walking. At around 3 o’clock
I decided to go back. And I went back to the forest guard. I told him everything honestly. The next morning they
started their search. Help! Help! Help! Help! – Help! Leaving civilization
we have come to this forest. Who will come to
help us in the forest? You are screaming for help. Your throat will get parched. And there is no water too. Keep quiet. That’s it. I am very tired. I can’t walk anymore. We have no idea where
we are and where we are going. And it’s going to get dark too. Damn! Damn! We are very tired. Let’s do one thing. We will start a fire and camp here. We are in deep trouble. And
you are talking about starting a fire. Are you gone mad? – Lulla, control. Calm down. – Keep quiet. Control him.
– It all happened because of him. Please, guys.
Please. – What happened because of me? I was telling him let’s go back. But nobody listened to me.
– Please keep quiet. Lulla, no. Everybody was obsessed
about climbing the peak. Rogue! Weren’t you? You were also delighted
on reaching the peak. – Please. You were saying all
your troubles have vanished. You flared up suddenly.
– You scoundrel! Hold him. Pull him back. Get lost! – Go back! Scoundrel! – Lulla! Go back! Hold the scoundrel! I will beat both of you!
I will beat both of you! Got that? He didn’t know
we will face all these problems. Don’t think about the problem, Lulla.
– Please. Think about the solution. Listen. – Calm down, Lulla. Everybody is with
you in your good times. But only friends come
in handy in bad times. Now your friendship
will come in handy, Lulla. Calm down.
Calm down. – Stop your nonsense. Hey! – Hunger had made my plight bad. Enough! – Yes. Did you hear? Nothing is going to affect him. Don’t. – This glutton
is only concerned about food. If you call me glutton once more,
I won’t spare you. – Go back, fatso! Go back! – Lulla, no. I will say again.
What will you do? – Stop him. Relax. – Please. Please. Lulla. Everybody supports you in good times. But a friend in need
is a friend indeed. And this is the time.
We should be together. Our wellbeing lies in that. Everybody. Everybody please be strong. Yes. – Please. Provided we are alive. You wanted to enjoy, didn’t you? You wanted to take interesting shots. I will go to the peak.
You wanted to go to the peak. Yes. Why does it bother you? You rogue. Don’t say
anything about my work. Okay? Our friendship is over. Is that so? Listen to me carefully. If anything happens to us,
then you and your camera.. Get lost! Go back! – Please. Remember that. – Please, guys. Please. Quiet. Stay within your limit.
– Relax. Please. Come on. It’s so strange. Till last night we were so happy. We were singing and dancing.
We were having fun. Today we are in a mess. That’s why they say joy
and sorrow come unannounced. What happened, Lulla? I think I heard something. What? Suhana, Priya, go and stand there. What? Why? Don’t ask questions. Just do as I say. Now just go. Please. Okay. Both of you go together. Please go. Lulla, why are you peeing here?
Pee at a distance. I have heard if we pee all
around and sit in the center.. ..then ghosts don’t come near us. How will I pee when
I have not had water? I don’t have a choice.
Now I will have to listen to anybody. Oh God! What are you guys doing? Siddharth. Siddharth. BJ, Priya, Suhana, Lulla. Yes? – What happened? My name. Suhana. Sid. Sid, switch off the camera light. Sid. Please switch off the light. Sid. There is somebody behind me. Priya, somebody is standing behind me. Sid. Sid, please. – Keep quiet. Please. Switch on the light. Suhana. Suhana, keep quiet. Please. Please, Sid. Help! Suhana. Help! BJ. BJ. Suhana. What happened?
What happened? – What happened? Back? – What happened?
– Remove the jacket. Carefully. Carefully. Oh God! No. Nothing. What happened? – Nothing. It has turned slightly red. Slowly. – Yes. Carefully. Relax. What is this? What is this? When people die and they are buried.. ..then headstones are
placed on their grave. For identification. Exactly like this. Okay. The sun is in this direction.
It means that is east. It means this is west. If we walk in this direction,
we might find a way. But on what basis can you say that? On the peak we saw that
the sea is towards the west. Oh! I guess. – Yes. Yes. You mean to say if we keep
walking in this direction.. ..we will directly jump into the sea. Lulla, do you have a better idea? No. So keep your mouth shut. Priya, are you sure? No. No. I am not sure. I am just..I am just guessing. Priya, are you okay?
– It’s nothing. I just felt dizzy. Do you want to sit down? – No. We were sitting for so long. Now I am okay. Let’s go. Careful. Careful. Priya! – Priya! Priya! Bhanu! Lulla! – Priya! What happened to Priya? Guys, look. – Priya! What has happened to her? Water. I think water. Both of you stay here.
We will see if we can find water. Quick. – Come on, Lulla. Where will we find
water in the forest? We will find it somewhere. Carefully. – Guys, keep calling out. Yes. Priya! Priya! I am really tense. Please. Oh God! Priya! Priya! Oh my God! I asked her. I am going for trekking.. ..with my boyfriend and his friends. Will you come?
She immediately said yes. Poor girl was very
upset after her breakup. That’s why I brought her here.
But what did I know? What do you think, Sid? Will we get out of the forest alive? Yes. Everything will be fine. Okay? Sid. Suhana. BJ! BJ, where are you? Wait. We are coming. Priya! Priya! Priya! Priya! Priya! Priya! Priya! – Priya! Are you okay? Priya! Priya. Easy. Oh God! For how long was I unconscious?
– Around half an hour. Half an hour. – Are you fine now? Please, do something. We have to get out of
the forest before it is dark. Yes, Priya. You are right. Everybody listen to me. Come with me. It means since yesterday
we were going in circles.. ..and we have come
back to the same place. Oh God! Will we always
wander in this forest? We will die of hunger and thirst. Please, Lulla. Don’t scare us more. Who is scaring you?
I am speaking the truth. Lulla, keep your mouth shut. BJ, tell me. What should we do? Come on. Take any path you want. Help! – Help! Help! – Help! Help! – Help! Help! – Help! Help! – Help! Lulla, what are you doing? Can you see anything?
– Yes. I can see. What do you see? Our death ceremony function
is going on in our respective homes. What is he doing?
– What do I tell him now? Tell him to look around carefully. Lulla, look around carefully. Do you see water,
smoke or anything else? I can only see forest all around. Climb higher and see. Do you see the way from where we came? Yes. I am looking. Fine. Come down, Lulla. Priya, don’t cry. Come on. Hurry up. This is the way out. Man, doesn’t anyone want to go home? BJ, I have found the way. Seriously? You found the way? Yes. I even saw the cave mountain. Where our voices had echoed. Lulla, please.
Don’t joke. Speak the truth. I swear on my father. I saw the way. Bro, did you see carefully? I think he is right.
– Can anyone joke at this hour? But you could have said
that from above too. – Yes. Yes. – Is that so? If I had told you from above,
wouldn’t you guys.. ..have left me alone and run away? Come on now. Come on. – Come. Come. Lulla. – Yes. Tell me the truth. – Yes. You saw the route and
the echo mountain, right? Yes. I saw it.
Initially, it was very faint. When I observed closely,
I could see it clearly. Yes. He is right. He is not so clever
to speak such a big lie. We have found the way. – Yeah! We got it. Yes! Yes! Yes! We got it. Yes! Let’s go. Yes! We got it! We have found the way. Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Amazing! Lulla, you are our hero! You have solved all our problems. Once we reach there,
you can ask anything from me. I will give it to you. Buy me a branded liquor bottle. I will drink so much. – Done. That I will forget I
ever came for 2010’s trek. Okay, Lulla. Okay. Lulla, turn around. Look here. I see. You don’t
understand polite language. Sissy boy. You had said you will
never speak to me again. What happened? Okay. Fine. It was my fault. Okay? I was wrong. You were right.
Come on. Let’s shake hands. What do you say?
Friends? Okay, look. Look. Look. Smack this. Yes. Smack this. Melodramatic!
You are such a dramatic fellow! Moron! You did the
same thing yesterday. Tell me.
Was it your fault or my fault? Tell me. Tell me. Forget it as a nightmare. Please. What? Forget it as a nightmare? Am I dramatic or are you dramatic? I am really furious with you. Say it. It was your fault. Admit it. It’s my fault. Okay? Fine? Fatso. I know you since childhood. You make a mistake and then
put the blame on someone else. I don’t understand how you do that. Okay. Lulla’s face is glowing. Just like sunflower. Okay, listen. Forget all this. Tell me. How did you get
the idea of climbing the tree? Because as far as I know, the tree.. Hold on, Lulla. A thorn is piercing
my foot since a long time. Let me remove it. Let me check the other foot too. Okay, Lulla. Tell me something. If somebody asks you about
the most difficult time.. ..in your life, what will you say? I know you will say 2010’s trek.
Isn’t it? Yes. Come on.
There is nothing on this foot. Come on, Lulla.
Let’s go. Everybody must be waiting. Lulla. Lulla. Lulla, why are you standing like that? Lulla. Lulla. Lulla. Lulla. What happened
to your face, Lulla? You have teased me a lot. Now I will show you. What has happened?
I don’t understand anything, Lulla. What are you saying, Lulla?
What happened? Lulla. Lulla, listen to me. Lulla, listen to me. Where are you going, Lulla? Lulla. Lulla. Lulla, stop. Lulla, I don’t understand.
Lulla, tell me. What happened? Lulla. Lulla. Lulla, where are you going? Lulla. Lulla. Lulla. BJ! Suhana! Priya! Look, where Lulla has gone? Lulla. Lulla.
Where are you? BJ, Lulla. Yes. Yes. Coming. What happened, Sid? What happened? BJ. – Yes. What happened? BJ, I came running here. I don’t know where Lulla has gone. Lulla. – Lulla. Lulla. Lulla. – Lulla. Lulla. Lulla. Lulla. Lulla. – Lulla. Lulla. Lulla. Lulla. Lulla. – Lulla. His face had got disfigured. – Lulla. I don’t know what happened. Lulla. Lulla. Bhanu! Priya. Bhanu. Suhana. – Suhana. Suhana. Suhana. Suhana. – Suhana. Suhana. – Suhana. Suhana. Suhana. BJ. Priya. Look. Suhana. Suhana. Suhana. – Suhana. Suhana. Suhana. – Oh God! Suhana. – Suhana. Oh God! We can’t stay here after all this. Please. Let’s go. Please. Let’s go. Priya, okay. – Suhana. But Priya, how will we go at night? Let’s wait for dawn to break.
– Suhana. Will we be alive by then? – Oh God! We will go in this direction.
We will surely find some way. Please. – Just walk like that? And Lulla.
What will we say to Lulla’s mother? We will say something
provided we reach there. I am sorry to say. But if we don’t take
this difficult decision now.. ..I don’t know what will happen to us. Let’s go from here. Come on. Let’s go. Please.
– Let’s go now. Let come any difficulties
we have to go. – Lift her. Priya, are you okay? – What happened? Oh God! Let’s go. Let’s not waste time. I think..I think we are
going in the right direction. Priya, carefully. Yes. Boss. – Sid. Boss, what happened?
– Sid, what happened? Switch on the light anyhow, Sid. Sid. – Yes. Please switch on the light. Please switch on the light. I am trying. One second. One second. The battery is loose. – Switch
on the light anyhow. Sid, please. I am trying. I am trying. I am trying. Hold on. Please switch on the light. The battery was loose. Wait, BJ.
Look. You had marked this tree. Look. This side. – Yes.
We have to walk in this direction. Come on. Come on. Priya, remove the first aid box. Okay. Come on. Let’s go. Please listen to me. It’s 2 o’clock. If we wait till 5:30,
there will be some light. We will leave then. No. Right now. We have to leave right now. Priya, please understand. What if we lose the way in the dark? Or what if there is another problem? It’s a great thing that
we have reached till here. Let’s wait for some light. Perhaps Suhana will
also regain consciousness. Siddharth.
Siddharth. Do you want water? Hold on. Let me see. I will wake up BJ. Hold on. No. Let him sleep. Okay. Let’s go to the stream. Come on. Come on.
Carefully, Siddharth. Carefully. Easy, Siddharth. Easy. Slowly. Suhana! Suhana.. BJ. BJ. BJ, Priya. BJ. BJ. Oh God! Oh no! Siddharth. ‘On 28th October 2010 Bhanu Jairaj
and Suhana’s bodies were found.’ ‘Despite a lot of search..’ ‘..Harsh Lulla and Siddharth’s
bodies were never found.’ ‘And Priya was declared missing.’ ‘After this incident trekking
in forest was totally banned.’

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