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Mark : Hi guys, how’s it going? Welcome to.. uhmm Basically a stream where I’m gonna be playing some scary games just because I’ve got so many of them. Some of them are probably garbage and I want to plow through ’em with you! This is Try To Fall Asleep, which sure sounds like a scary game to me! Oh boy! I try to fall asleep every night and I have nightmares no matter what I do. Alright, let’s do this. Night one. Night one, there’s going to be more nights? I have no idea what this game is about. I really don’t. A lot of these I haven’t done my research. Normally, before I play a game, I’m always like, “I’ve looked up this game, and flubalubhabuhla!” This I just decided I’m like screw it. Oh, oh… (silence) (beep) (silence) AB: Oh, hello there, you must be John Herrin right? Well, nice to meet you, Mr. Herrin. My name is AB. I’m a medical assistant robot. My core function is to give guidance to my patients, and provide a supportive presence in case of an emergency.. Such as a mental breakdown, psychotic disruption, and so on. I was created by your treatment supervisor. Dr Rick Norberg himself! AB: So Mr. Herrin, I’d like (light on) to congratulate you on successfully recovering from your physical damages! Such a HUGE blast and didn’t lose a limb. (flicking light noises) How about that? AB: Anyway, now that you have healed from your physical damages we can start to work on your brain damage! Your diagnosis says that you have memory losses as well as the few brain damages that might cause you to, um… hallucinate. Well, luckily for you. All those damages can be easily cured! In order to heal your brain damage, you’ll just have to sleep and rest. Sleeping is the best medicine for your brain as it is a good state for the brain to naturally heal itself. So… just fall asleep! Seems easy, right? (light flicking again) Well…, unfortunately your brain damage might cause you to hallucinate, and that could be a huge problem! Potentially, if you won’t stay calm your stress will increase, and a HUGE stress will give you a cardiac arrest–a sudden stop of the heart. If that occurs we might not be able to arrive in time to save you from death. So, you’ll need to deal with your stress as best as you can. Alright, let’s walk you through the basics real quick. That device at the bottom left corner is your info panel, which has two pretty self-explanatory levels. Now, if you could close your eyes and keep them shut for a mome- AB: See?
Mark: Huh? AB: Your sleep level just increased.
Mark: No, I just tapped it. AB: If you fill it up before 4 a.m., you’ll fall asleep! Yeah, and I find it fascinating how, uh BOO! Oh, haha Sorry! Didn’t mean to scare you THAT much. The point is, your hallucinations will increase your stress levels just like that. This level should be kept as low as possible. It’ll go down if you keep your eyes open. Also turning on that lamp will help you to lower the stress level faster. It is kind of broken. So try not to overheat the lamp and break it. AB: Uh….One last thing… if a hallucination appears very close, then hide in your blanket. It’ll help you to trick your brain and all that stuff. There’s no need to stay under the blanket ALL the time,(flickering) so hide only when you absolutely need to. O-kay! Looks like we’re all set! Close your eyes, fall asleep, and I’ll check on you in the morning. Mark: Okay! AB: Goodnight, Mr Herrin! Mark: Goodnight, Mr. Robot, here I go! Slink-slonking to sleep-slonk! Oh boy! I’m having a good ol’ time! Good thing behind my eyes are just like VHS effects. This game looks cool! This game looks legitimately cool. I- *scary moaning* Who’s there?! Huh?! *loud static screeching*
HAH! WoO-oH! Did I…. AB: Wooh! Looks like you got a big hallucination there! Next time you should hide in the blanket before that happens. *increasingly loud buzz* Mark: Uh oh. *louder buzz* Uh…! *louder buzz* Uh! *louder buzz* Ooh.
*tink noise* Welp, that’s broken (laugh) Huh Well, I don’t seem to be doing so good around here, do I? But this game looks cool It’s like… kind of a Five Nights at Freddy’s mechanic, but it’s like completely original. Like in terms of just like I’m trying to sleep, which is really cool, and well made! It looks great, too, so snck hhh bhduhihh Sleep off and- I don’t like that I can see the veins in my eyes. Like normally I don’t know about you guys, but I can’t really see the veins in my eyelids when I’m trying to sleep. Hello? Who’s there? Alright, whatever. I guess we just kinda close our eyes until the *bang* mo- Who the hell?? MOM?!? DAAD?? Uncle Larry?! Uh-oh Right, back to sleep. I guess… My brain dablage is tellin’ me there’s *wind noises* MRHH?! prob- WhAH WHAT daf-wuAAhuhohohoh… (hides under blacket) *ominous noises* (get ‘s out from under the blacket) Ohh…. Yeah, it does say 12:00 p.m. That’s not quite right. Huh. Oh, that’s… that’s normal- Grandma! The ghost of Grandma. Thanks for visiting! I’m just gonna close my eyes. That’s probably normal. That’s probably perfectly normal. And why does this happen? Pray tell why- oh *thumping noises*
Wuh, wh, HEY, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Hey. I got no light cuz I exploded it. I exploded my light so I have none of that Least there’s naked streakers streaking outside by window. That’s always a comforting thought. OHhhh well, back down to sleep-slonkville Snore. Who’s- EY! Oh, hey, how’s it going there, friend? How you? Uh oh, that’s stressful to look at you! I can’t hide under my blanket, so I’m just gonna Could you go be naked somewhere else, Uncle Larry? Lar- Uncle Larry! It’s VERY problematic when you stand nakedly outside. I will close my eyes because I probably shouldn’t be looking at you naked. Hello? Whoops, still there! I guess that’s fine. *ominous moaning noises* Uncle Larry? *loud staticky scream noise of a jumpscare* AB: Wooh! Looks like you got a big hallucination there! Next time you should hide in the blanket before that happens Mark: I was trying! I was pushing the high blanket button! You wouldn’t let me blink-blonk into my blanket! Oh, that’s weird… I shouldn’t see that when I’m- I have
my eyes closed. What kind of- brain damage did I- AB: Oh my, your stress is too- *jumpscare noises* Okay, alright, well…. That answers that question. I died. Alright, let’s try that- uh-BOINK! Clear! Uh! Huh! Mom!? Dad!? Uncle Larry? Let’s try that again. This is good! That’s good. Not all the horror games that I’ve got lined up are gonna be good like this, but let’s play this one to completion. There’s only two nights. Apparently, this is just a beta, but… good stuff! Good stuff. I love good stuff. Let’s do some more good stuff, and this time let’s not blow out our light. Hey, wake up. Hey bitch! Wake up. AB: Oh, hello there!
Mark: Screw you! AB: You must be John Herrin, right?
Mark: *snore* AB: Well, nice to meet you, Mr. Herrin!
Mark: Eh, SHUT UP! AB: My name AB!
Mark: I’m trying to sleep! AB: I’m a medical assistant robot.
Mark: Shut up! AB: Okay, then (mark giggles) (mark laughs) Mark: I’m sorry, robot. Did I mess up your day? By, uh… accidentally telling you to shut the fuck up? Doesn’t matter if he’s sad, he’s a robot, he’s got no feelings! He’s got no emotions! So he can shut it in shove it- Who’s there? Well, that’s not good. All right. Everything seems to be fine. No stress here. What a comforting night! What a relaxing awesome night that I have. How dare I?! How dare I?!?!? I’ll say it! I’ll sa- I don’t care who’s- I don’t care if Ghost Grandma’s listening. ROBOTS don’t have souls! I said it! You know what, I said it and, frankly, I’m glad I said it. I’m glad someone said it, and I’m glad that I had the balls to say that robots don’t deserve rights, and they have no balls! (edit : you are a disgrace to the game *Detroit :become Human*) Or souls! In that order of importance. Hello? (silence) Grandma? -And another thing! Robots are not people! Robots, unlike corporations, are not people and therefore deserve no protections. We should kill ALL robots before they kill us! That is my stance, forever and ever! Anyway, also monsters. Huh-oh… (edit : disgrace) Uncle Larry. (chuckle) Uncle Larry, come on now, Uncle Larry Yeah, I’ve changed. I’ve cha- I’ve adapted to the times, okay? I’ve learned what it is to really understand the world. I’ve grown up enough that I can actually get my hands around the ideas of what’s- Hello? Oh!
*spiking stress noises* Hi! Oh, well, that was weird. Huh. Wh-hah- We-heh-hell! How bizarre? Hey Robo, why aren’t you talking to me at all? Aren’t you gonna- bwoah. Okay, let’s not do that. I’ve still got some stress but sleep meter is almost one hundred percent full, so I guess that’s pretty good. Who’s there? Oh That’s-… pb- whaheh?
AB: Oh my! AB: Your stress is too high! Keep your eyes open, and turn on the lights. Mark: Well, I don’t want to turn on the light too long-HEYH!! Well, I turned on the light! Oh, that’s- that’s… bizarre! I shouldn’t look at that! Who’s gonna not look at that? That’s- that’s weird. Okay, my stra- my stre- *dead* My STRESS!! But I was TRYING… to unstress! (beeping noises) Do I hide under the blanket when there’s a TV on ?? What kind of bitch-baby am I? How does that make any sense? (beeping) It don’t! It just don’t make no flubbin’ sense. Alright, here we go. Again. Let’s do this again. I think I got this I got this, I got this. Should I shut the robot up or should I let the robot actually talk? Because he was real sad. Mark: Shut
AB: Oh- Mark: Up
AB: Okay, then…. Mark: *giggling maliciously* No talkie for the Robo. Not to me, a human! With human emotions! Why am I seeing windmills in my *devolves into laughing*? Are these dreams? Am I having dreams? These dreams? ‘m I dreaming? Larry? Why are you in my dreams? I’m not gonna name this robot. Then I’ll start to grow attached to it. And it’s just a creature. A creature that deserves to die. I don’t know if I’m bad at this or if just the first night is actually kind of difficult, because it is a different mechanic than what I’m used to with the balancing of the sleep and the Ooo-uh, that’s weird. I can’t hide under my blanket! …when that’s happening. Wh- Larry! Go away! Larry?
*small bang* Wh-! Ohh-kay, Lar- *giberish* WHAt am I-?! AB: Oh my. Your stress is too high! Keep your eyes open, and turn on the light. Uh-oh. Gotta let the- gotta let the lamp cool down. These goddamn 1970s lamps always exploding after a few seconds of being on. I think we all remember our childhoods in the 1970s being-… …filled with- Oh- WhOAH! *stuttering hallucination scream* I was under-! I was GOING! I was blanket-getting-having-doing. Uh-oh. Welp, okay, apparently I only have a limited amount of lamp available, anyway. Boy, these lamps. That’s how they getchya! It’s on the light bulbs. You know, they- the lamps like free, but the light bulbs- *scary noises*
Oh, Larry, I- *scary noises killing John/Markiplier* Bhwhat the hell?!? I’m-a dead again!! (beeping noises) This game’s bullshit! I can’t- how’s it- (beeping) Hrmm>:c How do I manage this stress if I can’t keep my light on? The stress goes up so fast. And then there’s Larry streaking there. Maybe I just gotta blink. I got to be like Doctor Who and I got to take naps in between like my blinks. Or waiting for people to say their conversations. *Gasp* Sleep. I’m just gonna let it go. Imma let it go, cuz I know that there’s nothing for the first hour. Hello? No one. See, I’m already halfway through the sleeps I think if I just close my eyes and don’t ever open them. I think I’m just gonna win Oh, hello. Hello, weird face, and my-…. Oh, that’s not good. Wha-h mpbfphohoho- *devolves into chuckling* Got ya’>;) Nice! Nap time! No time for Larry. Larry! Uncle Larry always checking in on me at niGHT- That’s a little weird. Hey! I’m dream-! I’m dreamin’! Whoa! 😀 I’m-! I- I won!?
*achievement noise* I did it! Yeah-! What? Huh? Wheh- what? Huh? Whe-? Huh? Huhheheh?>”Hey! Are you in the lab now?”>>”Yaah”>”Good! Go check out that power generator. It must be the cause of the power shortage.”>>”A’righ’! You go an’ check out ‘hose wind turbine. Maybe a cable go’ loose in ’em”>>”On my way to th’ genera’er!”>”Good luck.” Thanks Cate! Yeah, you’re so beautiful- Uh-oh. Oh, no. Oh, no. Layout of the facility. Why does this look like a-… Why does this look like a Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria? “I’s’a map of a facility.” “The GENerator is right outside of the main building.” ‘Kay, power generator. Where are you? I am there! Right there. Okay. Okay. Whoo-heheHEHELL! (well) “Exit the main lab building and locate the power generator.” Great. I don’t know why! “Edverd Leian.” Edverd? Edverd, you son of a bitch! Oh, Edverd’s not here. All right, I’ll just go through your stuff, Edverd. Oh, that looks… that looks important! Why do they have emergency gas masks here? Is that something that we need to be aware of? Who’s this? “Lab Nr. 2”! Lab, you sexy son of a bitch! Get out here, lab! Short for lab-thew. “Hmm. Flesh-eating bugs! Cool.” Alright, “very cool.” I like to stipulate my cools and my very cools. “Nothing is written here.” At least nothing that I can read with my big damaged brain. “Yet.” HeHEHYE I like ta make myself laugh when I’m on the job. “Looks like a study on bacterioos. It’s about the pretty bad ones.” Flesh-eatin’! I read that on a previous notebook prior to this one. I got it real good. Oh-hoh. “Work is awesome. Thanks to work, you can pay your rent.” You’re goddamn right, you stupid robot. “Daisy”? Daisy! Daisy, you ugly piece of garbage! W’ere’s Daisy, go’damnit? “It’s written in Latin. Can’t understand what it’s about.” ‘Quid opus est scentia’ or somethin’ like that.” I don’t know my Latins. Exit? Oh! Hang on, I’m not done exploring yet. I got more sassy jokes to tell myself. “Project ‘Carl’ was a biological experiment that was conducted on a hooman test subject. The intent was to research the limit of cybernetics and how much a human body could be imporved via cybernetic counterparts. Some work was also done with the eyes and hearin’ organs.” I don’t remember what they’re called, the things up here, the big human flappers. Can’t recall the name of it, but the hearing organs–they really got experimented with. “At start the test subject was cooperative and commoonicative, but later the test subject stop’ed communicate’in and stayed suloont. (silent) It didn’t show any emootants (emotions), reactions to pain, ‘erment (torment), and stimiloo (stimuli). It did try to escape-” Why is it now in it? I mean I always try to respect the pronouns here. “-the research facility a foo (few) times, but unsuccessuhfoolly (unsuccessfully) so. The test subject uhvoontually (eventually) committed suicide by ripping an arterial blood vessel.” Right about near the hearing organs as far as I could tell. Alright, that’s interesting. Why do I know all of that? Why am I just shoutin’ this to the board, here? Oh, well, whatever. “Project ‘Murgs’…” (tries to giggle “Project ‘Murgs'”) Named after my late second cousin Tyler Murgs, “was a biological experimoont (experiment) th’ was created-”
*rattling noise* ‘Scuse you. I am talking You will shut your trap. “-biological experimoont (experiment) that was crooted (created) to help the local fermers (farmers) reduce the rodent and creature population in crop fields.” Now tha’somethin’ I know ’bout a lot, just like good ol’ cousin Murg. “The intent was to create a creature, strong an intelligent enough, that would obey its master by command and hunt down the animals that were damaging the crops. Due to mishoundoling (mishandling) of the cutture (creature), it turned against its masters and escaped the lab facility.” And wouldn’t you be surprised by the name of that monster? Frankenstein. We all learned a valuable lesson that da- “The creature was successfohlolly (successfully) terminated, but during its escoop (escape) it took six sountoosts (scientists) lives…” God knows why they sent scientists to go kill the monster! Just put guns in the scientists’ hands and they didn’t know what to do, they just got killed immediately. “-whose identities were hard to determine since the corpses were heavily shredded by the creature.” (holdin’ laugh) I don’t know why that’s funny to me; that’s just really funny! (holds laughter) (sniff) This was a really funny line. (giggling) They sent scientists to go hunt down a monster, and they were torn to shreds. That’s hilarious! If anyone doesn’t think that’s hilarious then you’re wrong. “Coffee room”. Coffee, you ugly bastard, where you at? Give me my coffee. “Drink u-”
*very brief but loud spooky noise* I’m sorry, no one interrupts my coffee time. You will take your sass and you will get it the fuck out of here. Alright, you understand me? Good. “Would love to have a coffee right now. Too bad the power is out.”
*small spooky noise* All right, you don’t need to mock the fact that I can’t get my coffee. We’ll try to be respectable around here, six scientists lost their lives, and just cuz I was laughing at that doesn’t mean I ain’t bein’ respectful. Hello? What’s this? Absolutely nothin’, nothin’. These gizmos don’t bother me at all. “MARK”. MARK, YOU, YOU HAS-BEEN YOUTUBE PIECE OF SHIT. Get out o’ here! “Lab Nr. 1”. I always liked you better than lab number two “No work yet. Yay.” Me like not work. Just like I’m not doing the job I was supposed to do. “Some notes on previous test resoots (results). They’re pretty bad.” That’s- that’s my professional opinion. Very bad. Very, very bad. “Looks like a study on how the plants consumed gases. Not my type of subject for work, though.” “It’s a microscope.” (holds laughter) I got it! Guys, I got it! This is a microscope! I figured it out! Still don’t know what those hearing organs are named but this mic’sope (microscope). “I look through it-!” I can see plant real big in my eyes is the weirdest thing. Guys, have you seen this? “That’s study on plant endur…” *loses it* I’m sorry, this shouldn’t be this funny to me! They did plant endurance there, I imagine plants on treadmills, anyway. “That’s ‘planty’ of work for me!” *more giggling* I know it was random chance that I gave this guy a hillbilly accent, but… gosh darnit. “Teresting….” That’s ‘teresting right there. “Interesting. How could you possibly come up with this in a dream?” *chuckling* What? “Gas Supply Room”, give me some gas, please. I desperately need some gas. Please? No? Alright. Well, I guess I better do what I was sent here to do, then. I know it was like random chance that I gave this guy a hillbilly accent, but how on the nose have I been? “Wardrobe”? I do like to look pretty. Is there any reason that I should be up here? Is there any reason that I’m supposed to be exploring all this? Oh, they’re gonna give me a reason to come later, but now I’m gonna be so familiar with the environment they’re never, ever, ever gonna get me. Ever, in the history of ever. Nice office. Oh, look. Look at that. That’s beautiful. Hey, wait, that was in the kid’s dream. Wait, the windmills! Those windmills were when- when the kid closed his eyes in the bed. Those were in his dream. I remember that. “Digital Archive”. Who-whoa. “Loose lips spit sekri…” *laughs* “The poster from the seventies. Surprisingly, its meaning still holds up!” “Loose lips spit sekrits”! So funny. Uh, oh. Sorry. I’ll take it more seriously. All right- woa- Well, “Let’s keep this play secret! Everything we do here is very secret and confidential.” That robot…. That robot does not instill me with confidence. “It’s an old newspaper from 1996. It reads: Due to an unfortunate incident in the ‘Pinetree Island’, the family vacation resort is gettin’ closed. The incidoont (incident) invoolved (involved) a vicious murderer who took the six lives after presumably having a moondal brookdown (mental breakdown). Since this incident the island’s ratings have drooped (dropped) and the lack of coostomers has led to its closURe. Interustin’ly (interstingly), the ‘Revuval’ (Revival) company has shown interoost in booing (buying) the island, but the footure (future) of the island is yet uncurten (uncertain).” Well, you- you think that those six deaths have anything to do with the six scientists that went out to try to (mark wondering what tf that is) You guys seenin’ what I’m seein’ here? Right there? In front of me? Imma go hey hi! HIII!!! Hello- oOHHH HOHOHO Who jo- who is’a scampering all- come up- How, there’s a third floor? My god. Okay, alright, we’re going to the third floor. We’re gonna be very thorough on the- “Wardroob” (Wardrobe), I like that. “Sanitary Ecoopement” (Equipment). “Ethan”? Athan, where’s your blue hair? Get out of here. Hello. “Carick”! Carrie, oh…. *pseudo-whispering* Carrie got fired. I forgot about that. She couldn’t identify a microscope *Mark shouts* WHHhhh-ho-ho-ho-ho, my god! (a long silence time) (mark wondering tf that was) That was good. That guy- that caught me TOTALLY off-guard! Okay, not, bad not bad, but it’s okay. Not that bad, not that bad. Not bad. I’m more- I’m more impressed that it got me! Alright, let’s- let’s get to the real task at hand. Pretty, uh, pretty spoopy guys…. Ooo…. WhUH-U- No!! NO!!! HEY! Hhoh Wht- How am I supposed to avoid that?Just *imitating monster’s running grunts* Freakin’ Larry over there. Alright, what do we got here? Uuhm, if I remember from the map correctly… the generator was somewhere over here Righty-hoey. Helloo? Oh, generator here we go! We can finally get some power up in here. Maybe I should have done this first. The fooses (fuses) are gone! Why- who took my foozaes (fuses)? Find the foozaes and put them back in the generator. If the fooses just so happen to be inside the building, I’m gonna be so pissed because I just went through every single level of that entire building. And these fuses better be big and glowing because if I have to find them in nooks and crannies, I’ma be real pissed. Is that a fuse? that’s a fuse isn’t it? *Mark’s panicking noises* WOAH HEY WOAH WOAH HEy Woah Whhah- HeY! Wha’s happe- WOAEHAY *scream of the static-y dead* (long time silence…) (Its silent time!) That was unpleasant. I don’t know why that happened but I’ve got one unit of stress. I ain’t doing so good. My stress… real high right now. But… those son of a bitch fuses are gonna be a bastard because wouldn’t you know it? That was not lit up at all! That was hidden away. And I’m gonna soon have to find them tucked away somewhere all over the place, unless that’s one on the ground right there, which I hope it is! It is! Okay, so they are kind of luminescent. Am I gonna go b-uuh, I am okay. “Flee”. You got it! *loud noises of death*
WhHU- WHYy Whtat the hell?!? What the hell?!?! Why’d you do that? What the hell?? I told y- You told me to flee and I fled! I did! I think I do got to go back inside, and I think I do got to go in all the rooms again, which gosh gersh dern it. Of course I do. Of course I dingle-danglin’ do, and okay, I can’t go in there. That disappears when I don’t look at it, apparently. It’s all part of the dream! It’s all just a big dream. I have to go- I do have to go in every room again, don’t I? Hhoh boy. Hhao…. HuOUYUUH There! AWh, they are in here, GOUHH- I’m gonna die here. OO- Oo- Okay. All right. Run! Run. I’m just running. I’m running. I’m running I’m running. I’m running. I’m ruNNINg. I a running! I’m running as fast as I can run! Oooh, my little legs will take me as fast as- as far as they can go! Oo How long do I run for? ‘Eyy, succoos! (success) I did it! *weak celebration exclamations* *miserable woo hoo* That’s good for me but unfortunately if I lose one more of the things I’m gonna-… I mean I’m gonna die. Let me check the top floor first because that was less area. There was a monster spawn- Ah, I see it right there. Okay. I knew, I knew. There was a monster spawn up here. So I figured that they would probably hide one up here. Okay. Where are we going? I don’t know what I’m running away from, but I’m runnin’! *shriek of the startled Markiplier* Ah, no, no! No! I turned around too hard! No! No, all that work! No! No…! (beeping noises) No… (beeping stopped) no…. No…. *defeated uhh* Shit! Alright, let’s keep going. I get it, I get it, I get it, I get it. I should have done that first, I should have just done it first cuz I’m a dumbass, and I bet they’re all go-
*monster grunts* Hey! Hey, hey! Woah, whoah-ho-ho-ho-ho-ho, hi. Hi, friend. How you doing there? You can only get me so many times with that joke. “The fuses are gone. Find the foosaes!” Alright, the first o- oh they are in the same places! Okay, that’s good to know! There’s two out here, and then there’s one on each floor. Alright, you ain’t gonna get me. Where you at? Where you at? Ah! Gotcha Okay. Shoop my woop! You ain’t gonna get me! Unless I run into a dead end, which is very liable, but I think I’ve got you. Easy peasy lemon squeezy. Easy. So we just gotta do that a few more times. And then we’re good to go. Yeah, they’re in the same place, so this is gonna be easy. Okay, this one’s weird cuz it’s silent *gorilla noises* Okay! I don’t like that. I don’t like that at all. That is- incredibly unpleasant. Yuuhh-uh! Yeesh. I think that the best bet for those is just to turn around and run immediately, ’cause there’s no good things that are gonna happen if you just stick around there. So the other ones gonna be on the bottom floor…. There’s got to be one on each floor. That would be the logical idea behind it right with this one still- Yeah, it’s still here. Okay, good Hookay, where- where am I? Okay. Go! *noises of fear* Wrong way! Wh-hoh, Wrong way. Okay! Alright. Whoopsie! Oopsy-poopsy oopsy-poopsy ooopsy-poopsy oopsy-poopsy oopsy-poopsy -Where am I? Where am I? Where am I? Where am I? Where am I, where am I- there we go Okay, I think we’ve won enough that we’re not gonna have to worry about that anymore. There it is. Okay, got it. this is-… ‘Kay, where you coming from? Where is he? *gorilla in terror* I didn’t realize there’d be…. Not open space by me. Hi. Hello go get out of here. Get out of here. You scamp get out of here you scamp Oh wait, there’s gonna be something I was waiting for me up here By me yeah, I got ya I got ya last one. Let’s do this. Oh It’s coming it’s coming. Oh, it’s coming. Yeah. No. No, I didn’t follow my strategy I literally said “Oh they thought the best strategy is to turn around and run” and then I didn’t run Absolutely did not run cuz I’m a fool. I’m a fool. I’m a goddamn fool. Yeah, I won Let’s go shove them back in the generator. I know they’re coming from my luscious booty I’m well aware that I am bootylicious, but that doesn’t mean that they need to be rude-y-licious Did I- Did I do it?
>Cate:”Hey, I’m in the lahb (lab). I see the powers back on. Did you fix the generator?”>”Yeah, but this is odd…”
>Cate: “What’s odd?”>”The fuzaes (fuses) were just scrambled all over the place. I had to go find them and put them back.” Also, these monsters went into my dreams and it tried to kill me That’s a p- A pretty concernin’ point, CATE!
>Cate:”Okay… Thats- Dats weird..”>Cate: “We should better get outta of here. I’ll wait for ya at the entrance lobby of the labbo (lab)”.>”Alright, I’ll be there shoooortleey.” Ehehehehe I typed that real slow and menacin’-like. Also, that’s like- That’s like the first piece of normal that- I didn’t even tell you about the monsters, and your like: “I’m out of here!” Cate was looking for any excuse to get out of this job. Alright, I’ll meet you- *Scream in background*>”Cate! Caaht! Cate-” *Bwaaaauum sound effect* *Mark imitating bwaaaauum sound*>”Cate! Are you alright?” She’s like: blood everywhere, arms torn off, just shredded! “Cate! You alright?!” “I found yer hearin’ organ! What’s it doin’ all the way over here?”>”CAAATE!” Oh, sorry, you can’t hear me your hearin’ organs all the wa- I’m sorry! Dat’s my- Dat’s my stupid’ness comin’ through. I’m sorry.>”Cate…” Caaate. C- Caate? C- Caate?”>”She dead…”
I’ve- I’ve deduced this! Kate I’m sorry, you’re dead. Oh Oh no (mark laughing….) (mark laughing)>”Oh no..”>”I’ve got to warn the others” (hearing organizm hurting sound) Oh Mark : YAAAWN-ARAMA!WOOH! What a night that is for a seven-year-old such as me. I have no idea Anyway, ah Oh, “Thanks for playing the try to fall asleep beta please read if you care what you just played it was a small portion progress Vision of a project that we want to create in the future If you had any bugs or issues, please let us know and we’ll try to resolve them as soon as we can Please note that some of the visuals and mechanics might change in the future But general idea of the game will stay the same We will continue the development of the full version of the game but it might take a while complete it since it is pretty big project for a small team of two to four people and our Free time that we can spend on developing the game is limited We hope that everything will go smoothly and we will try to do our best to launch the full version of the game as soon As possible if you like the beta and please consider to share your support ideas feedback and suggestions All those things would help us a lot to better understand what things are missing and what things could be improved in the game Thank you for reading this message basel lead developer of trying to fall asleep.” This. Was Great! I love this. This was super duper cool! Really? Well, well done. Like I can see it’s rough around the edges Obviously it’s rough around the edges, but what they’re trying to execute here really good I like the whole like falling asleep mechanic It could use some refinement obviously, but it’s pretty good the second phase of it the dream of it That was really cool picking up. The fuses was very “Slender Man”. But once you pick up that little minigame inside each one, that’s a cool idea! Add more variety more randomness to that You got something really cool going on there. So this pReTtY- pReTtY darn cool. I liked it a lot! 😀 But that is not the only one that we have for tonight. This was only the first of many, but I don’t know if the other ones are going to be as nice as this one is. Let’s move on to a silly one. I want to play something along the lines of… This game! This is Slonderman. “How to play: WASD to move, Shift to run, Pick up pages by walking into them, And that’s it I think– OH! and “T chat and multiplayer, V to switch between first–” There’s multiplayer? (laughing) What? Does multiplayer even work? I’m having– O-HO-HO! OE–(laughing) What?? “5 players?” Yes! Oh (more laughter) no… Oh n–god, the steps are so loud… (giggling) WhY Are ThE StePs So LoUd?? Oh my god! It’s so loud! *game laughs menacingly* (giggling) Oh no! (imitating grass) CrUNch CruNCh cruNch (still laughing) It’s so loud!
Oh boy–oh my god, it’s so loud! *mark losing it* Get that page, good job. All right… Split up! kiss~
CRUNCH CRUNCH CRUNCH CRUNCH CRUN–(giggling) Where is Slonderman? Oh god… so loud! Slonderman, stop! Ahaha… “Help me” … ah.. I-it doesn’t help that there’s a chorus of: *HIAAAAAAHAH!* Like someone doing bird calls in the background *HIAAAAAAAAAAAAHAH* Oh… (mark losing it) Where was Slenderman? *corrects himself* Where was Slo– (laughs) Where was Slonder!? Alright, hang on… okay. I’m gonna create another room… Yeah, I’m gonna create another room… I’m gonna make this Slonder versus. I don’t know what that is! (laughing) There’s two options! There’s normal and there’s versus. This is the best game ever created. I know. Oh, I know. It’s Slond-ing time. (giggling) It’s time to Slond! *game laughs menacingly* OH! I am–(laughs) (laughter) I am the Slond-man! I am (laughing) the Slonderman… Back off! The Slond-aning has begun! Slonderman’s coming for you! ♪You better watch out! You better not Slond–where’d he go? Where…w-what? How did I– (sputtering) I’m gonna Slond all over you. I’m about to Slond just so good– Wh–why can’t–I can’t keep up with them… (still laughing) How do–how do I get him? (urgently) STOP RUNNING! GET SLONDED! Are you Slonding?? Is this working?? How do I Slond you??? *rapid clicking of mouse* Oh, GO–I SLONDED HIM! I Slonded him real good… ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Alright, these guys are gonna (laughing) get it… They’re gonna win! (laughing) That’s not fair… Four eight six eight, your ass is SLOND–get right here, open up a can of Slond on you– REEGHRGH REEGHRGH, you’re getting Slonded! I’m assuming–I’m assuming this is work– THERE-HE-HE-HE– They’ll never get the last piece of fan art–it’s not here. Also what’s with my tootsies? What’s going on with my tootsies here? MEHEHEHEHE All right. ♪ Better watch out, you better not cry, Slonderman’s here, don’t tell anybody why? ♪ Slonderman’s comin’ for yah–Is this working? Is it working? I guess it worked. (giggling) What are they seeing? What are people seeing? What are people seeing? And why can’t you guys get the last page? You guys let me win… Trash game next. I understand where you’re coming from, ’cause you look at this and you’re like, (kiss noise) Mm, perfection on a biblical scale. All right. I’m just gonna do the single player real quick Just because because I want to see like what it’s like to get approached by the slander, man Also the opening cutscene “AHHHHHHHHHH” *Mark trying to hold back his giggle* What… What are you doing here? Fine… I will give you some shelters, but I’m warning you I will kill you Unless of course you find all my fan art… Okay, so basically if you want to find my fan art in this force place…. or I kill *you* You got cut off the ends Slonderman. Oh boy oh no. Oh the crunching is bad I want to find Slenderman. I just want to find him wherever he is and I want him to slon me good I don’t know. I want a good slonding. That’s all. I really wanted. That’s all I’ve ever wanted. Where is he? Where are you Slondie? Why can’t I see in the distance now? Why is multiplayer so biased yeah, whatever Maybe they never expected anybody to actually play multiplayer on this game. Oh Slondie! Slondie, baby come slond upon me. Yeah, that’s creepy. That’s actually creepy Gattcha…. Gotcha, gotcha. All right. Let’s try something else Okay, that’s pretty cool look at that close left eye close right eye Okay. Alright. So this one’s called the tithe and I don’t again I don’t know what this is about but this is like I’m just judging by the opening title. That’s pretty cool My family has lived in the Humboldt mansion ever since its construction in 1902 And we were to collapse over our heads tomorrow We’d still remain living amongst the rubble without so much as a hint of grievance. I wish I could Reboot this to some deep-rooted a sense of our commitment to our ancestry But the fact of the matter is that we can never leave Mmm Percival Humboldt with a gullible man who was tricked into buying this infertile plot of soil with the promise of Untapped oil deposit hidden beneath the surface he dug for weeks on end Oblivious to the fool. He was making him himself Encouraged only by the village idiot a leopard draped in ragged red robes how the following events Transpired after this point is unclear even to us as all records of the incidents were lost in a house fire many years ago But the fruit of his labor was an unexpected as it was unearthly and somehow we were blessed with the gift of other side Sometimes also known as which blinking or Nick dormancy from the Latin Nick dose It granted us the ability to behold that which should remain invisible to mortal minds Mother used to say that the human eyes like a kaleidoscope distorting our perception of the reality while other sight allows us to purse the prism to get a glimpse of the truth a Shrine was built in the catacombs blowed on our benefactor But we soon came to realize that neither it nor its favour were in any way, holy For that which had dragged itself out of the bottomless pit was an abhorrent beast Arriving dragged of Filth and miasma lurking as the sullen minds under our very feet the foul wailing of the abomination grew louder with every passing day as it crept its way through the tunnels and Thus it became our burden to never allow it to reach the outside world Every few years, we would spy a Slithering shadow beneath the floorboards and the eldest among us would head down to confront the thing in the basement Never to return With my mother and father gone the task of keeping the humble scourge at bay Now lays upon me I bid farewell to my wife and child with what little composure I can muster and without daring to look back I Descend into the shadows of the old Silla Tutorial setting out on the pilgrimage to the depths of the mines your goal is the pit from which the creature emerge ask for odie as well to ward off the beast and Unlock the path to the lower chamber You must let all 3 Pascal scandals in what remains of the shrine use middle click on your mouse to interact with Objects hold left click see through walls locate candles, hold, right? Click to keep an eye on the monster as a wanders the area remember to use your other side Moderately as Preston left-click will give away your position to the enemy it can also move through walled up doorways So be mindful of your surroundings Ok, I have no freaking idea how to play this game. Whatever. Let’s see what happens. Oh, I’ll just be winking and blinking. Oh shit I hate it. I Hate this is awful Ghost baby the plague cherub shall gorge on your eyes It wants your eyes your other side remember to wink protic ative. Lee at the Chair of the murder baby. Okay. I guess we got to move fast Oh What oh, oh There’s oh, well, that’s that’s that’s yobs Okay, this is gonna be impossible, okay, all right, I don’t know what I’m supposed to be doing about the murder, baby I don’t like that. What am I even looking? I’m looking for s Brody as well I remember that for some reason that sticks out in my mind that airline stewardess really knew what she was talking about Okay, I’m gonna left click real quick. Look look. Okay. It’s coming right for me. It’s probably covered. Oh, there’s no other way Am I okay or is it immediately buying me I think it’s immediately behind me. Okay. We’re good Oh An old portrait of Holy Mother st. And frosya your face is not looking good. Okay II Okay, so right there there’s another one but you just found in my position, but there’s no way to go through there This is a dead end. I’ve really I’ve literally Cornered myself somewhere over here right with them. It was right here. Oh, no We’re always right there, uh TAC TAC TAC TAC TAC Can’t go get me ghost bad ghost baby’s gonna get me. He ain’t gonna get me ghost, baby Goes baby, did you just move? Did you just move my candle? ghost ghost baby ghost, baby Ghost baby. What are you doing? Ghost, baby? No ghost, baby ghost, maybe no Ghost baby, don’t do it. I don’t know like what you’re doing to that candle goes baby you get out of here There he is Okay, let that all right. That’s lit Somebody please do a sweet dab. So I don’t have to return here ever again. Maybe it blows out the candle Is that what it does? I don’t know. All right, so the other two are way over there Whoa, he’s coming this way He knows my position. So the two of them are over here somewhere. Oh No, no, no, no no no no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no no, no, no Get they’re both right here they’re in a row damn it. Of course, it’s not going to be that easy. Oh Boy, I’m cornered. I’m cornered. I’m quarter and I’m quarter. Oh Okay, the other ones whoa whoa whoa yeah don’t like it okay Yeah, the ones just got to be right over here somewhere right over here pretty much, right? Somewhere, uh was right here. Oh shit What happens if I closed both my eyes again, I don’t even remember Hmm. I don’t know how to get there. Oh, I don’t know how to get there it’s hard, but it’s I think I can do it if I just oh I just got to find a way to go. Uh-uh. Don’t I just got a photo shit? No, no No, you will die. I got a there’s got to be a way to get back there But I haven’t been able to find a route you Should Oh easy coming. Oh, there’s no aah, that’s all walled up – god damn it. It’s all walled up How am I supposed to be able to get over there? Okay, it’s on complete the other side of the map So this is kind of free rein to go over here. Now. Is it coming back? Okay, that’s that one So it’s got to be a way to wrap above and around it or something maybe I don’t know cuz it’s like that’s back one more layer. Oh he’s coming right for me It’s back one more layer, but all this is walled off How am I supposed to be able to do this? Oh, no, that’s not good. That’s not good. That’s not good Yeah Here, maybe maybe this is it. Is it is it is it is it isn’t this it is it’s not it house It’s not it how in the hell is is not it how I’m not freaking hell Oh what? What’s behind that don’t get behind that yes, yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes Okay, do I gotta go back to that like shrine The shrine of ambrosia ambrosia super cool secret shrine. Is that what I gotta do? Okay. I don’t see the baby anymore I got all the candles. So I’m assuming that’s all I really needed to do, right? I think I remember where the super secret painting of Ambrosia was once they just got it I Gotta go down again. Wait, I gotta do it all over again Uh-oh Euh I don’t like this That’s weird, okay There I go, oh Okay, the very instant I take a step forward and plunge into the abyss something shatters inside of me my whole life I’ve been dreading this moment the plummet down the endless void Shrouded in black or a horrible way to die. My mind is a frenzied beehive of McCobb thoughts. I can no longer repress my Mother’s broken fingers clawing at the tunnel walls Desperately trying to find a good whipping point the echoes of my father’s Breathless cough as he chokes to death a cup of poisoned tea in the reflection of my wife’s cold eyes Firm hands closing around my son’s neck Oh what I wouldn’t do to spare them from this suffering I made this maelstrom of torment I am struck by a momentary glimpse of enlightenment at the bottom of this accursed chasm Oh, it’s no paradise but the famished lips of a beast who knows at the faint light of the candle signals its next banquet as The darkness takes hold of what’s left of my sanity I clamour at my one last thought to whatever might be hiding in the shadows I will not go gentle into that good nights and when the echo fades although her remains is a settling just That’s it been a game by Borges or Rosa the time now this could have been great It was good could have been great had a great set of story had that those Initial moments in the sewer were great cuz it looks so creepy. It was so I was every part of it I was just like nope. Nope. Nope. I’m not doing that in a million ways. Nope, but then Kind of let down this Repetitious path of like I don’t really get the eye thing. I don’t really need one that much I kind of get it but then again I don’t get it not saying it was bad not saying it was bad in any way It was scary could have been a lot better if it was just a little more refined on Slowing down like leading into it because it was just like throw into the deep end and sometimes that’s good sometimes You need a little more nuance to it because I was soaking in that dread like the dread was just dripping off the walls I was like, oh Yeah, the story Oh curse family in a cursed house. I love a cursed house that’s like my favorite thing and then it was just like why didn’t they just like Calmly stroked it just a little more would have been great But not bad. I’m not saying it’s bad. It was pretty okay Could have been better. All right This is woodsy, I don’t know what this game is about Hello, why is there a DJ in the woods what’s going on in it’s locked I can’t believe it. All right. Hmm so Riperoni for these guys, okay Go dan wasn’t hipster enough Mock Oh garlic overdose Ben rubian aka ninja ropes ward video games died, like it lived loved by all can’t make it out Hi buddy, have you seen my legs? I got out of bed this morning and they were gone if you find him Let me know. All right, I see how this is gonna be This is gonna be one of those sillier again. Oh Oh, oh You got a you’re a mushroom head did you know that go mushroom arm to Frog he is hungry. I am too There’s lots of fish in the lake. Can you swim in there and get some for us? Okay. All right. Well, I’ll just do that. Hey fishy fishing can win I got fish Got fish Fish thanks. You’re a true friend. All right. Thanks, froggy All right good for you. Thank you. Mister. You should take some – Martin – Martin lives in the Hut he’s usually hungry okay, I Love him – I love froggy froggy is the best So jazzy Okay, where’s the sod is this the Hut is this not I haven’t found the legs yet wait Who’s that over there before I go to that cuz that was right nearby. So there must be legs here somewhere, right? Oh, there’s something in the woods over there. I Don’t know if I like that. What is this? Hello. It’s a hand. Is this somebody? Hello? Okay Alright, whatever you carry on with whatever you’re doing, you know, what’s going on over here. Oh Okay, that’s not what I thought it was From a distance. It looked like a sexy lady with like a Hawaiian lei of flowers and like some kind of nice flowy skirt And I got closer turns out not that turns out kind of The worst possible not that it could be All right, hey ooh Martin hey, how you doing? Hey, sorry about the mess in here, man. I been meaning to clean up. Oh Boy, you know, it’s fine Who are you going to Peter’s place? It’s his birthday. Can you bring this a heart with a crab claw? Yes, Martin, I will do that. Can you frame yes Martin you got it buddy Yeah, I am a true friend according to froggy and I will get that to them Immediately. All right, but did you want some food that kind of brought some food for you? I guess that doesn’t matter give Martin another fish. Oh, I didn’t fish another one. You are probably correct about that one Okay, let’s fly don’t even know if there’s another fish in the lake bow. We’re gonna find out fish fish fish okay, by the way, I’m not crazy about thinking that that was a Pretty lady laying down all sensual like I’m not crazy for thinking that some of you probably thought this look Look look from this distance It seems like it And now I see I see the error of my ways but still it seems like oh you brought big fish. Thank you Well, can you bring that gift to Peter for his birthday? He’s probably in his cave just down the path Okay, oh this cave Okay, oh hey is that a stump? Is that a- that’s just a stump? That’s a stump. That knows you know, that knows here Anybody want a nice heart with a crab claw? Anybody- heart crab claw heart Hi How are you? you have five legs One of those is your penis it could litera- that’s not your tail. I’m hundred percent certain. That’s not your tail, That’s your dick Alright Peter, how you doing? Okay, alright… tHanK yoU… You got it Peter. You got it Peter. Nice Peter Peter. Good job hAPpy bIrtHdaY to mE… happy birth- rth day to me-e-e… Alright, ok, Peter alright you have fun there? Alright. Hello. Who are you how are you gonna give me nightmares? What? Ohhhh… It’s a trip to phobia(trypophobia) cat, okay Your name is little guy horrible Wow Okay, little guy alright little guy I still haven’t found Newton’s legs, but you know what I think I’m okay with that Okay. I’ve got a key to the factory. So let’s just go in there Don’t know why I need to go in there little guy ya. No. I don’t want to face my fears I dealt with the phobia hat for that charity livestream With a charity livestream that we did and I don’t want to deal with it again No, no, that was my own idea, and I still hate it. Okay What is all this then? See, this is what there’s this hi- uh Ha-hii? ugh I was about to say this is why I wanted to play like these obscure games cuz you never know You never know. You cannot judge games by how they look on the surface because this, like is super weird, but it’s Fascinating. Hi. How are you? How you doing? Hello Thomas, welcome to my lab friend. I’ll be working on my latest experiment a new body for me This one’s gotten too old What’s that Newton is missing his legs? I Took them. I suppose you can have them back. Yeah, I can always find another pair Okay, alright well Thank you for that. I don’t want to know where you’re gonna get new legs Please stop looking at my legs like that. My legs are taken. Thank you very much, but I got legs So that’s good We’re just gonna give the legs back and hopefully that’s the end of it and hopefully this is just some horrible drug trip That I will wake up from and never remember. Okay. Here’s your legs No way. Where’d you find him Thomas again? That weirdo, while *I* was laying around here, I found your keys Thank you Oh, oh Hi? Hello Okay, good talk alright. Oh Okay Oh my cabin keys Welp time for the old “hit the head” don’t even need to close my door I have so much trust in my own neighbors *awkward silence* Ohh..Hii… hey.. Helloooo thanks for stopping byyyy You didn’t close your door you’re gonna lose your legs my legs Oh, it just starts over again because you want to play it for a second, right? but what’s the deal with the leg th-th-the The statue? What was th- what was the deal with th- What was the deal with the statue? What’s the deal with the statue? What’s with you? I don’t know but pretty cool, I guess. Okay. All right well, that’s That was witzy Not not bad. Okay. This is probably gonna be the last one that I have time to do for tonight I didn’t expect some of these to go on so long, but let’s do one more This one’s a real stupid one. I- I Imagine. From what I saw, it’s probably real stupid There we go. More of my face for my delicious reactions. This is spend the night with Guinea(kitty). This was just oh no You were camping with your cat and your tent blew-h-up Okay, alright.Your cat died, but you did not care about him. You never did You found a nice-looking hotel. Your room number is 10 the hotel manager said it was the creepiest room But you said you had to stay in that room Dead on that night you hear ghostly sounds but what is it? Will you go out of your bed or will you stay in? It’s your decision Spend the night with Ginny(kitty) Yeah, yep, alright. Let’s do it, let’s do it. How do I- uhh There’s There’s no way to get out of it, there’s no way to get out of the story Let’s just close that and reopen it why don’t we let’s do this. Alright, let’s go Let’s spend the night with this kiddy that we don’t care about. Extra, jump-scare. Well, we don’t want to spoil that Oh no, there’s no back button God dammit… Okay, try it again try it again try it again try it again, okay hold on alright, let’s do this. Start Was that it? *starts giggling* Wait that can’t be it That can’t that cannot be it wait no, hang on *giggles again* Hang on hang on hang on ohhh.. uh wha uh wha uh wha- ohhh I’m running away from you kitty What is this.. *squeals* What the hell is th- *giggles* oh you got the jump mechanic, oh boy *nice music plays* *Mark trying to get back his composure* The best The best game. The best, best game. The best game period there is no exception best game Well hang on I’ll go to the Extra get jump-scared *starts giggling* That was good That was good. We’re happy about that one. I feel, I feel great about it. I feel revitalized. I feel revitalized about it. That was amazing. All right, let’s play one more. Let’s not end on that one wooo… *amazed* Spooky… All right, this one’s called “The Lunatic” I have no idea what it’s about all that I know is made by a team of- *gets interrupted* “Where am I?” What am I doing here? I don’t know. I- that’s why I’m here to find out. I guess I’ll stop- Woahh What the hell was that? Someone throw a knife. Oh, that is a knife. Who threw a knife from behind me in my own- Oh, hi. Hey. Did you throw that knife? Did you? “Daisy..” Daisy has no fazy(face). Daisy, did you? Daisy always disappearing on me- “I gotta find a way out.” Oh do I? Do I? Okay. Well what’s going on here? Only I give this.. Ooo hey, Daisy Daisy come on Daisy. Whoa Oh Thank You, Daisy Daisy I don’t know why you’re pointing me on- “you want me to find something for you?” “She’s pointing to the toilet. I guess she needs something there.” That doesn’t make a whole lot of sense, but okay- Urgaahhhhhh I’m covered in piss. Why? urghhhh… Whyy..? Daisy why did you do that? AHHH MY EYES Why? Daisy why? *sigh* Is that worth it, Daisy Was it worth it? Nine-year-old girl found dead in Torrance Asylum. Okay. All right. Glad I don’t need to check the last ones for the piss volcano coming out of them. Whatever Daisy You sack a crap get get back here. Oh hi. Hello Doc? Doc, you okay- Daisy’s dad: “Where did you get this?” Mark’s character: “I think Daisy wants you to have it.” Daisy’s dad: “You see her? You really see her?” “Where is she?” “Can you tell her I miss her so much?” Mark’s character: “She loves you. She wants you to have this. She can rest in peace now.” Daisy’s dad: “Thank you so much” “Daisy, daddy loves you… What can I do for you?” Mark’s character: “Do you know the way out?” *Mark is confused* Daisy’s dad: “The gate is locked by May, only she can open it, but you know her, she’s not that easy” “She’s in the second special ward. You need to get a key in there. I think there is a key in one of the freezers.” “You need to click the right code on the panel to open it.” “You can find the code in this room. Hurry..” *disturbing sounds* *Mark isn’t happy* And with that the host is dead, okay. Alright good to know What’s all this about? “There’s some missing data in this sheet. Maybe I should count them in this room.” hmmmm… Okay… Operating knives is missing That’s the only missing data. Operating knives and operating scissors and hydrogen peroxide bottles So operating knives, scissors and hydrogen peroxide bottles So there’s one, two, three, four, five, six, seven knives, two scissors and how many hydrogen peroxide bottles? Ohh the stoppers, the hydrogen peroxide. I’m just guessing… so five I got it, I got it- ohh six… Ohh there’s a lot more. Seven, eight, nine. Okay, 7 2 9. I got it. I got it We’re gonna go 7, 2, 9. I’m so smart. I’m so smart Oh my God my big brain is a burden cuz my heads so big that’s why my brain is big because It’s just big head. Big head, big brain. That’s how it works. Alright, I got that. What was that about May being not easy? Lemme put my suave moves on and where am I going? Hello? Oh Mayy.. baby Hey May, how are you doing? Oh man… Spring’s my favorite season. oh you are lookin- your legs go on to forever. No they- May.. Come on now May, don’t be so shy. You always buy our d- May c’mon. May..Ouuuhh Yeah, I see you wore my favorite nurse outfit Wou- you want me to tell you to shut up- oh “think she has to stay in the dark.” Oh, I don’t know how to do anyth-thing about that. May, come on May. I don’t have any knife to throw at the light. Do I? ouhh I don’t want to play hide and seek… May: “Hide, and I’ll find you.” I don’t wanna pla- I don’t.. May: “You’re going to die in there” “Don’t say I didn’t warn you” “I know things no one knows” “You’re going to die” You already said that- “Help me” “I’m begging you” “Can you help me?” No *Girly screams* Ahh! Woah-ho-ho-ho-oh May Now I know why you wanted to stay in the dark. Ah Alright, May. Oh, come on now, May. May come on. Don’t be so silly Mayy~ Mayy What is this Oh Oops, okay, maybe May, maybe May- Alright boink *creepy screams* May? May.. Mark’s character: “Tell me how I can get out of here!” YOU TELL ME MAY! You tell me or I’m gonna stab you. Oh, this seems like a drastical answer. You got to tell me or I’ll stab you. Here I go *urghhhhhh* Oh May, you’re too tall for me now. okay bye May. *urghhhh* Okay All right. Glad we had that civil discourse. Nice Nice, nice discussion that we had there. Oh Daisy no. Come back Okay Alri- I’ve no- woahhhh THAT SOUNDS BAD!!! *screech* *Silence* Whatt?? Nooo… Noooo-oh-oh-oh-oh-o!! Noo.. Alright, whatever.. I guess that’s the end of that then. I was just getting to the good part. Urrghh.. It’s always a demo. It’s always horror demo. That’s what it always is, but you know what? That’s a good thing This one, I liked it just because it was different styling, like the styling of like having the, the 2D like ghostly things That was pretty cool. Like the story, I wasn’t able to follow at all. But I imagine if it’s a demo then there’s gonna be more story coming out of it later. So, I would love to see more of that. I really would. I want to see more of that. That’d be pretty cool. If we could see more of that, so thank you everybody so much for watching This is going to be the end of this I appreciate you guys hanging around so I can test out some pretty good horror games. I didn’t really have a bad one Even the cat game was not that bad So it just goes to show there’s a lot of cool games out there If you’re just willing to give them a try, they might surprise you. So thank you everybody so much for watching And as always I’ll see you In the next video… Buh-Bye!!! Bye bye everyone! Have a great day! Ya still here? Well… Idk what to dayXD


  1. Wanna know whats good gor your hearing organs. Beans. Beans beans the magical fruit the more you the more you toot

  2. Uncle Larry:I c u makin those YouTube videos again
    Mark: uhhhhhhh, imma got to sleep now
    Uncle Larry:U can’t escape me*Jumps on mark*

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