7 Horror Movies That Audiences Walked Out Of

7 Horror Movies That Audiences Walked Out Of

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Even the most ardent of horror enthusiasts
sometimes have to draw the line. In an age in which advancing effects technology
has made it possible to depict incredibly realistic gross-outs, there’s still a limit
to the amount of guts and gore audiences will watch before they throw in the popcorn and
give up. Here are some horror movies that audiences
walked out of. The Devil’s Rejects Rob Zombie’s sophomore fright feature, a sequel
to 2003’s The House of 1000 Corpses, relied on the same dark imagery and violence that
made its predecessor so utterly disturbing. By turning the notch down just a touch on
the slash-and-shock factor in favor of some more emotionally upsetting moments with The
Devil’s Rejects, Zombie earned praise from a greater number of critics—but still had
some moviegoers hitting the door long before the credits rolled. “I’m gonna have to be taking your car today. See I have some top secret clown business
that supersedes any plans that you might have for this here vehicle.” Evil Dead The 1981 version of The Evil Dead was troubling
enough, but the 2013 remake of the creepy cult favorite showed off some true next-level
savagery, including a moment of possessed self-mutilation of a girl’s face and a lot
of vomit spewing, among other debauchery. “Never underestimate the power of puke.” Early viewers at the year’s South-by-Southwest
Festival in Austin, Texas got an unexpected live soundtrack addition: the sounds of many
feet carrying their owners away from the ultra-graphic brutality. According to Bruce Campbell, who starred in
the original series and served as producer on the remake, all the walkouts were considered
a win for the team. He told Hollywood.com: “That’s the sign of
a good horror movie.” “Groovy.” The Witch Critics might have been crazy about this slow-building
period pic about a 17th Century family tormented by evil, but some audiences didn’t quite appreciate
the drawn-out nature of the narrative, which depended less on jump scares than creepy atmosphere
and a more traditional—and, for some, flat-out dull—slow-building story. Instead of being sent running by the gore,
this time it was the bore factor that drove audiences to the exits. “So what you’re telling me is to be bored,
and then bored, and finally bored again but this time for the rest of my life.” The Witch’s greatest magic trick? The incredible disappearing audience. Raw Some Cannes filmgoers got much more than their
eyes — or stomachs — could handle in 2016, when Julia Ducournau’s Raw presented them
with the story of a young vegetarian woman who was hazed into eating raw meat during
school—an act of bullying that awakened a dormant flesh fetish that was sickening
enough to send audiences rushing for the exit signs. Whether Raw fits within the usual buffet of
slashers or not, it certainly left a taste in everyone’s mouth afterward. The Texas Chain Saw Massacre When the world first met Leatherface in Tobe
Hooper’s 1974 slaughterfest, the brazen butchery was too gruesome for some audience members
to take. The film, in which the power tool-wielding
weirdo trapped and decimated an entire group of young friends in ghastly ways, was even
banned in several countries and was originally rated X for its grisly violence. One of the scenes that got to audiences most
frequently was the moment when a girl named Pam was strung up on a meathook and made to
watch as her friend was sliced and diced by Leatherface’s trusty title weapon. You’ll never look at meat the same way again. “Mmm… this is a tasty burger!” Ôdishon (Audition) When this 1999 Japanese torture thriller debuted
at the Rotterdam Film Festival, it won director Takashi Miike some of the festival’s most
prestigious prizes and impressed and inspired fellow horror auteurs like Eli Roth, John
Landis, and Rob Zombie. The movie’s hyper-realistic violence was too
difficult to endure for some audience members, though, and one woman was even quoted to scream
at the director, “You’re evil!” during the screening. It wasn’t just the eye-gouging and piano wire
foot amputations that made the pic such a squirmy event—it was also the fact that
the tone took such a drastic turn for the worse in its third act, after the main character
discovered that the woman he auditioned—hence, the title—to be his new wife had a twisted
history of inflicting pain on people, up to and including making a prisoner eat her own
barf. Thanks, Japan! “No god! No god please no! Please no!” The Human Centipede There was enough of an audience interest in
the sick experimentation on display in Tom Six’s The Human Centipede to justify two sequels,
an episode of South Park, and a Key and Peele sketch, in which former members of a human
centipede all run into each other at a restaurant. “Hey! Back-man, back-man!” “Don’t call me that!” But some who braved the theaters to witness
what happens when a surgeon stitches together three living humans’ digestive systems together
couldn’t bear to stick around and see what came out at the end. The so-called “First Sequence” was largely
inspired by the notoriously diabolical work of Josef Mengele at the Auschwitz concentration
camp during World War II, but the director also said he came up with his sinister plot
after watching the news. “It was a really nasty-looking child molester. And suddenly I made this joke. I said they should stitch his mouth to the
ass of a very fat truck driver as a punishment. And everybody says, ‘aww that’s such a horrible
idea.'” No offense, Tom, but next time listen to your
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  1. Evil dead was ok to me….chick was cutting her tongue and I was like yawn, love the original, evil dead is indeed very uncomfortable fortahle, I enjoyed them getting there asses kicked at the end, the witch was shit. Never saw raw. Texas chainsaw massacre was ok, I liked other franchises better. Don’t think I’ve seen audition. Human centipede….I’d never watch that garbage.

  2. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre did not have grizzly violence. It did not show gore. It let the audience`s mind s imagine the horrendous events of the film. Do the people making the video watch the films they are discussing?

  3. Ppl who thought the witch was too boring are the kinds of Ppl that big Hollywood blockbusters are made for. A few explosions, not too much violence, The Rock & nothing thought provoking.

  4. I thought The Devils Rejects is one of the worst movies I've ever seen.The original Chainsaw is a close second.Human Centipede is just sick

  5. I don't even remember that scene from The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, I was too busy being bored. You know what the scariest part was? When you're about to watch it on DVD and it's just sitting at the main menu in utter silence and then out of nowhere the chainsaw starts up. Scared the shit out of me!

  6. Ok people that found these movies scary disturbing or whatever are pathetic and btw why going out if u went to see a horror movie that made you scared????is like goin ti see a romantic movie the movie gives you the romance u asked for but instead you leave….bruh…

  7. I don't understand why people don't like The Witch movie I mean it was well shot, well produced and well acted. I loved it I saw it twice in theaters. I'm guessing people would rather see remakes and reboots to complain on why Hollywood mostly does remakes.

  8. Lol people walked out of the Audition because it is boring as hell  not because the movie goes too far. There is like 10 minutes of intense terror and we have to suffer a 90 minutes of the most meaningless plot. The worst film made by a genius calle Takashi Miike.

  9. Saw a few of these,the witch and raw I never heard of,human centigrade was disgusting but I watched it while everyone else fell asleep half way through.

  10. i was watching that office meme when i was like wait.. human centipede or nah? and IT SHOWS UP A SECOND LATER

  11. I watched saw 3 at the cinema, a woman vomited and a few others left…. when I chowed down on a hotdog while my gf pointed and laughed at the gore 😂

  12. It's kinda funny that people walked out on "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre." If you watch it closely, you will see there is very little blood in the movie despite the title! Tobe Hooper was a master at making you believe you saw things you actually didn't, e.g. the girl being impaled on the meat hook. The original of this movie is still in my top 3 horror movies of all time!

  13. , the only movie in this list that is good enough to deserve a walk out is evil dead, it was a masterpiece all the other movies had walkouts because they were fucking terrible.. evil dead is in my opinion one of the best horror movies made to this date.. sam reimi did an amazing job.

  14. I have no idea where "The Looper" gets their information. All of these movies were extremely popular in my large Metropolitan town and NOBODY walked out on any of these, in fact during "The Devil's Rejects" we had several instances of people trying to stay over for a second showing, happened during "Evil Dead" too. The people who were researched by "The Looper" must have been huge pussies.

  15. @ the comment section… anyone have movie recommendations im in a rut and cant find anything. i like weird, obscure, indie films.

  16. I think you missed “a Serbian film”. It’s generally known as worse than human centipede. Apparently the person who was there to bring it to an American audience couldn’t handle the subject matter and fainted on his way out.

  17. I'm just gonna preface this by saying I love gore in movies, can't get enough of it. Saw the original "The thing" when I was a kid and the practical effects had me hooked. BUT, the only time where I felt like it was too much for me was when Charlie day vomited blood on this girl for like 5 minutes in always sunny in Philadelphia. Only time blood ever made me want to stop watching. It was funny at first but then it was just like Jesus Murphy! I'm trying to eat my taco Bell here, man. 😂

  18. Have good storylines and directing in horror films all but dried up? They now forgo horror for the “disturb factor”. I think the last series of horror movies I saw, that I thought were cleverly written, were the ‘Saw’ series and horror/mystery movies by M. Night Shamalan. Movies like ‘Hostel’, ‘The Human Centipede’ and others just aim for the most disturbing and disgusting movie making possible. SMH

  19. People who go to these movies and walk out should stick to Disney movies. I have seen them all and their just movies and we are all adults which means we should know they aren't real…

    I keep hoping and praying one day I will see a movie that truly disturbs me but I doubt that will ever happen at this rate.

  20. I don't understand the showing of multiple clips from other movies during your description of the current one.

  21. Only movie I've walked out of was Hills Have Eyes. No babies, no animals those are my rules. Anyone who doesn't love Devils Rejects is an idiot. The soundtrack alone…fools. The Witch was fucking stupid. Raw was nothing. Ok TCM the original is really fucked. Most of these aren't bad

  22. I didn't walk out on the Devils Rejects, I saw it again. The same goes for the Lords of Salem and I can't wait for 3 From Hell. William Forsythe should have gotten an award as Sheriff Wydell. Audition is a mind screw. but good.

  23. You're telling me that people thought "The Devil's Rejects" was more fucked up than "House of a Thousand Corpses." Devil's was more action packed where Thousand was twisted and disturbing.

    If you want a really, truly inner disturbing movie to watch like "The Witch," watch "Possum.!

  24. Actually, given the context, I would say stitching the mouth of a cho-mo to the ass of a big, fat truck driver (preferably with serious digestive issues) is not a bad idea at all….

  25. You missed the biggest one ever. The exorcist. They had ambulances, priests, people walked out, people fainted, vomited, etc.

  26. Some horror film fans are gutless cowards. try watching the uncensored originals of any olaf ittenbach horror films like the burning moon, beyond the limits, black past, esp. Legend of hell.
    I seriously doubt most horror film fans can handle them like i can.

    Some people cannot separate horror from reality/personal morality. horror films are live action violent cartoons, lest you count vincent price horror which are more philosophical than colorful blood movies.

  27. Some people see that just because u can don’t mean u should. And the part when the guy forces girl to preform oral in him was just too long and not necessary

  28. People enjoy these movies and laugh and have fun not realizing torture is actually pretty much happening at an all time time high now by groups of people near almost every neighborhood in America and in the world. And they are so oblivious to it!

  29. eat her own barf

    Nopenopenopenope. That is thousands of nopes right there. Just nah. Nope. Forget about it.

  30. Me and my family walked out of Spider-man 3 cause my little 8 yr old self was scared of venom for some reason

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