7 Most Haunted Places in the U.S.

7 Most Haunted Places in the U.S.

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From bone-chilling bloodstains to fear-inducing
phantom sightings, these are the seven most haunted places in the U.S. Number 7: The Bird Cage Theatre
From 1881 until 1889, the Bird Cage Theatre was used not only as a theatre, but also as
a brothel & gambling parlor in Tombstone, Arizona. This was a place where miners occupying
the town during the late 19th century’s silver boom could gamble, buy beer & sex, & watch
masquerade balls. The place had a legendary reputation for being a rowdy spot where fights
would often break out. Bullet holes lined the walls of the building & it’s believed
that at least 26 people lost their lives here. It’s also said to be haunted. To this day, the theatre operates as a tourist
attraction, where workers & visitors alike have reported paranormal activity. Some claim
to have seen the spirits of prostitutes & cowboys roaming the hallways while there are also
rumors that sounds of a 19th century-style saloon party can still be heard some nights. On one occasion, a tourist found a $100 poker
chip on one of the tables, something that had never been seen before. The manager then
locked it in a safe with the plan of eventually showing it to experts. But when he later reopened
the safe, however, the chip was gone. Another eerie instance involved Wyatt Earp,
the sheriff famous for the O.K. Corral shootout. Wyatt Earp’s statue once sat in the theatre
box that he preferred when the theatre was fully operational. But curiously, every single
morning for six months, his hat would be found in the middle of the floor. After consulting
a historian, the theatre was told that the statue was in the wrong box. It was mistakenly
placed in the box that the Clanton family frequented; the significance being that notorious
outlaw Billy Clanton was an enemy of Earp’s & was killed by the sheriff during the infamous
O.K. Corral shootout. Clanton’s ghost is said to be a visitor of the theatre & thus, was
the one responsible for moving the hat. Number 6: The Biltmore Hotel
Located in Greensboro, North Carolina, the Biltmore Hotel was erected in 1895 for textile
manufacturer, Cone Mills, but was later renovated into a hotel. It also served as a brothel
during the mid-20th century & still operates as a hotel to this day. But there have been
frequently-reported encounters with ghosts here. Room 32, for example, is haunted by Philip.
Philip worked as an accountant for Cone Mills back when the building served as the company’s
office. One day, his dead body was discovered in the alleyway surrounded by glass. People
initially assumed he commit suicide. But when investigators turned the body over, they found
that his throat had been slit. It was later uncovered that he had been embezzling money
from the company & that his murder might have been retribution. The case was never solved,
however, & his ghost is rumored to haunt room 32; the room that used to be his office & was
the room where he was thrown out of. Patrons of the room claim to see a man standing near
the window looking out. Some female guests have claimed the ghost has even hopped into
bed with them! Room 23 is also said to be haunted. During
its time as a brothel, a prostitute named Lydia worked at the Biltmore & always took
her clients to room 23. She died there after she was pushed down the hotel’s stairs. These
days, patrons who stay in room 23 claim to see a red-headed woman in the room. She’s
also been known to take a disliking towards drunks. Hotel guests who’ve had too much to
drink claim to have a tough time walking up the stairs, almost as if someone was pushing
them down the very same stairs on which Lydia was murdered. Number 5: The Old Idaho State Penitentiary
The Old Idaho State Penitentiary opened in 1872 & housed some of the worst criminals
in the region for just over a century. By the 1930s, the prison garnered a reputation
for being extremely violent. Famous criminals such as Lyda Southard & Harry Orchard were
imprisoned here. Over the years, many riots erupted over the poor living conditions at
the prison. In 1973, all the prisoners were moved to a newly built prison and “The Old
Pen,” as it was known, eventually became a tourist attraction. According to the website Roadtrippers, people
who visit The Old Pen experience odd, inexplicable phenomena. Some visitors, for example, claim
they’ve been touched by unseen forces. The museum’s employees say they hear wailing & screaming
sounds when no one else is around; perhaps those of the inmates’ ghosts. Number 4: The Villisca Axe Murder House
June 10th, 1912: the Moore family & two friends are found dead in their home in Villisca,
Iowa. Though the crime was never solved, it was determined they were bludgeoned to death. The killer apparently hid in the family’s
attic & waited for an opportunity to kill them. Josiah & Sarah Moore were hacked to
death along with their four children & two of the children’s friends. There were many
suspects to the crime, two of which were Andrew Sawyer & William Mansfield. But no one was
ever charged as Mansfield was able to produce an alibi & walk away freely while Andy Sawyer
was reported to behave strangely after the murders, but was still never convicted. The house where the murders took place is
now believed to be haunted. A family that later occupied the house claims to have seen
the shadow of an axe-wielding man. The same family also reported seeing blood-filled shoes
that mysteriously move & often came home to find their clothes thrown out of their drawers.
The father claimed to be sharpening a knife when suddenly, the knife seemed to take a
life of its own and stabbed him. Their children would often wake up in the middle of the night
to the sound of other children crying. When ghost hunters visited the house, they
claimed hearing a man say “I killed six kids,” through their EVP detector (or electronic
voice phenomenon detector). After asking who killed the kids, the same EVP replied with
“Andy.” As stated earlier, Andy Sawyer was one of the main suspects behind the murders. Number 3: Myrtles Plantation
American lawyer David Bradford was known mainly for his part in the Whiskey Rebellion of the
late 18th century. In 1796, he built a home in Louisiana that still remains a historic
landmark to this day. The house, which was built on Bradford’s
plantation, became known as Myrtles Plantation. The slaves who worked it were sold several
times over the years as the property changed hands. It’s reported that up to 10 murders
occurred on these grounds. Additionally, the site was built on a Tunica Indian burial ground.
Thus, the house has been declared one of America’s most haunted. One of the 12 ghosts who supposedly haunts
the grounds is William Winter, an attorney who lived on the plantation from 1865 till
1871. When he was attacked by a stranger for unknown reasons, he retreated inside to safety.
In an attempt to run upstairs, Winter died on the 17th step. Visitors say they can still
hear his dying footsteps. Additionally, a man named Clark Woodruff supposedly
kept a slave named Chloe. According to legend, she poisoned Woodruff’s wife & daughters
& was eventually hanged. When someone dies, it’s a custom for their mirrors to be covered.
The victims’ mirrors, however, were not & some say their spirits are still trapped inside. When Union Soldiers ransacked the house during
the Civil War, three of the soldiers were killed inside the house. A bloodstain the
size of a human body has never been able to be removed & according to reports, cleaners
have been unable to push a mop into the area to clean it. Number 2: The Amityville Horror House
The events that inspired the popular Amityville Horror series took place at a large house
on Long Island. Ronald Defeo shot & killed six of his family members inside the house
in the Amityville suburb. After killing his parents & four siblings, he confessed to the
crimes & was sentenced to six consecutive life sentences. Soon after the murders, George & Kathy Lutz
moved into the house with their children. But they stayed for less than a month after
claiming they were haunted by ghosts during their stay. Kathy claimed to levitate & said
that she would see red eyes watching her. She even had nightmares about the murders.
Strange smells, cold spots, & household objects moving on their own all suggested the family
had moved into a haunted house. When a priest tried blessing the house, he claimed a strange
voice ordered him to “get out.” Number 1: The Hammock House
Built in 18th century Beaufort, North Carolina, the Hammock House is a place of intrigue for
many ghost hunters since it was once occupied by Blackbeard. Many unusual events occurred
during this house’s long history, which may explain the amounts of paranormal activity
it experiences. Blackbeard once rented a room in the house
while it was still an inn. During his stay, he allegedly hung a young woman on the property
for reasons that are unclear. Some people claim that her cries can still be heard when
the moon is full. Another such incident was the case of the
unfaithful wife. A husband once came home to find his wife in the arms of another man.
In his fit of rage, he grabbed & threw her down the stairs to her death. Then in 1747,
another man named Richard Russell returned home from a sea voyage & took one of his slaves
to the third floor to punish him. But the slave fought back & pushed Russell down the
stairs. In similar fashion to the unfaithful wife, Russell fell to his death. Furthermore, three Union soldiers during the
Civil War took refuge at the house after the nearby Fort Macon was seized by the Confederates.
The three men mysteriously went missing & were never seen again. It wasn’t until the house
underwent renovations in 1915 that their bodies were discovered under the porch. They were
identified thanks to their belt buckles & patches, which were still intact. Given the long history of violence in the
Hammock House, many people believe the place to be haunted. According to ghost-mysteries.com,
the house is currently owned by the Giles Coulter family, who claims to oftentimes hear
& see strange noises, including the cries of a woman & odd bloodstains that cannot be
removed. If you enjoyed this video, click on the link
in the top right corner of your screen to view more scary, haunted photos like these
on theywillkillyou.com.


  1. That supposed ghost in the picture at Mytles has always been thought to be the slave, Chloe. Where does this guy get his stories?

  2. I dunno about anyone else but I've just been quietly laughing and smiling all day, despite seeing all these spoopy images and videos and such, dunno if I've finally lost it or I'm just in a good mood.

  3. I would see things too if i was fried out on high powerful drugs that probably was in that place in the 1881 it was probably legal back in those days to take alot of stuff.

  4. The amityville horror is all BS! I live a few towns away and the kid killed his family because he was on drugs… there have NEVER been any actual reports of any haunting there… the family that lives there now has been there for many years and it's a gorgeous house in a beautiful area.

  5. Well…

    I killed my dad in a con gone bad…
    Nearly drank myself to death!
    Oh, but when he died, he said Lou had the cake…
    So I caught a bus headed west;
    I saw numbers run…small café,
    And I knew I'd find my Uncle Lou…
    That's when Eddie stepped in, said 'Pick a Card…';
    Said Shape the Con 'fore it SHAPES YOU!!


  6. I went on a field trip to the Idaho state penitentiary. I want to say the 4th grade and all the kids felt uncomfortable like something was watching us then they told us there were ghost that haunted the penitentiary how a man was touched (raped) to death in the shower when he was by himself cell doors slammed closed by themselves I swore me and my friends swore we seen a boy little boy in a cell but he wasnt our class mate later the guide showed everyone a video of the youngest inmate that was in there for killing his mother I believe and it was the same boy from the cell mind you that he was exacuted in the 1980s I believe

  7. As someone who used to volunteer at the Old Idaho State Pen, I can confirm that that place is absolutely haunted. The second and third floors of cell block C are among the worst as I've personally heard screams and the sounds of cell doors sliding shut even though it has to be done by hand. That always scarred the shit out of me so by the time my summer service hours were done, I was out of there.

  8. done with your videos until you get rid of intro scream! killing my speakers and ears! HEART ATTACK!!!!!!!!!!!! I'M COMMIN ELIZABETH!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. I heard 2 little girls laughing in my room… nobody was there…………………. wait how does someone die by falling down the stairs?

  10. There is no such thing as ghosts. As proof that no one smart enugh to obtain a disposable income of any real significant amount beleves in ghosts im willing to spend a full 24 hrs in any haunted location of your choice for 50 thousand dollars.

  11. This guy so fucking stupid and dumb they fake dumb ass you don't know what you talking about stop making fucking story up your dumb ass

  12. You forgot one that I’m all too familiar with… The Sally House in Atchison, Kansas. Before going there I was an extreme skeptic…

    Since leaving, I had a series very serious events happen in my life including multiple deaths in my family and even nearly dying myself. Being followed home by a dark entity that I have even been able to capture in a photograph and immense suicidal thoughts. After speaking to the people who run the fb page of the house and showing them the photo of the entity, they have also stated that many others have also said that they too had been followed home by this entity.

  13. Being a sensitive, I went to check out the Bird Gage theater. Although I felt uneasy I never saw anything until I was in the gift shop at the exit talking with the owner. I turned to my left and saw a bearded man's head floating all by itself. I told the owner who was standing right there what I saw. He confirmed many have seen the floating head!
    The most haunted place I ever have been is Jerome Arizona. The entire town is inhabitated by ghosts!!!!

  14. Ah hem. The picture of the woman passing from house to house on the last section of the hammock house is actually a picture of chloe a slave ghost from the myrtles plantation. Totally different house and ghost!

  15. If they're any grown ass adult human beings here that are afraid of ghost… Just look back at your life and consider suicide for the moment… Delusional Cocksuckers!

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  18. I'm gonna watch this again in the future, when I will have become in someone more stupi and superstitious..!

  19. The EVP devices ghost hunters use, is it just a device that produces white noise? Who first developed them, and how'd they know that's how you can hear the voices of ghosts/spirits? I've just always been curious how one knows how to make something for something we can't see, hear, or touch?

  20. The correct information on the Myrtle plantation the man was shot and left to bleed out and crawled up the steps and died on the seventeen and his blood stains the doorway till this day, the man who died on the stairs was one of three men in the civil war killed by an unknown person the bloodstains are his

  21. I never believed in paranormal shit, but this video, to be honest, and I'll admit it's slightly believable to me

  22. Amityville is fake.
    His lawyer came over to the family who moved in and made the ghost stories over a bottle of wine so his client wouldn't get the death penalty.

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