80s Horror Movies – 8 Must Watch Horror Movies

80s Horror Movies – 8 Must Watch Horror Movies

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Weird leach like beings from outer space
changing people into zombies, a badass George Costanza with hair, naked punker
zombie chicks and more 80s classics coming up welcome to horror 66’s horror
recommendations for Halloween or any time really
this is our list of eight 80s movies to watch this Halloween if you’re a horror
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I’m Zane and I just want to say that there are so many great 80s horror
movies out there this is in no way the definitive list or a best of list it’s
just a list of eight movies to watch this Halloween or anytime now let’s get
to it first up at number eight we have the 1988 zombie movie flesh-eater
directed by s William heintzman he actually acts in it too now the name
William Heintzman may not be too familiar to you but he actually has a
prominent role in zombie movie history he was the very first Zombie you see in
Night of the Living Dead the original one he’s the zombie that chases Barbara
into the house. flesh-eater is not on the same level as Night of the
Living Dead but it is a fun and entertaining movie to watch here’s a
brief synopsis: college students on an overnight hayride discover a group of
man-eating zombies they must fight for their lives while trying to escape and
alert the authorities. this is a fun movie to watch you get some gore a great
story some cheesy 80s acting and if that sounds like a good time to you be sure
to check out flesh-eater you’ll thank me for it later next up at number seven we have the
summer camp teen slasher film called the burning released in 1981 and featuring a
young Jason Alexander who you may know better as George Costanza from Seinfeld
the lore in the burning is fairly typical for an 80’s horror film but it
is interesting the acting is decent for a teen slasher film and the kill scene
effects are the good stuff from the 80s if you enjoy slasher films the burning
shouldn’t disappoint you here’s a brief synopsis from IMDB a former summer camp
caretaker burned horribly from a prank gone wrong lurks around an upstate New
York camp bent on killing the teenagers responsible for his disfigurement if
you’re looking for a fun teen slasher film give the burning a watch you won’t
be disappointed at number six we have the classic dark
comedy horror anthology Creepshow from 1982 it’s written by
Stephen King and directed by George a Romero so you know it’s gonna be a good
time the slogan for creep show is the most fun you’ll have being scared now
I’m not sure if it was the most fun but it definitely was entertaining Creepshow features five short stories Father’s Day the lonesome death of Jordy
Verrill something to tide you over the crate and they’re creeping up on you
creep show takes its influences from the horror comics of the 50s with special
effects being done by the legendary Tom Savini to give you that comic-book style
Creepshow is a fun movie to watch with friends or on your own give it a watch
this Halloween. Creepshow will grab you grow on you and give you the creeps at
number 5 we have tobe Hooper’s 1982 classic supernatural film poltergeist
the story is about the Freeling family evil spirits invade their suburban home
and get stronger as the film progresses eventually taking their five-year-old
daughter and bringing her to another dimension the family hire a couple of
parapsychologists and a spiritual medium to try to get their daughter back. there
is a reason why poltergeist is one of the classics if you haven’t watched it
yet definitely do so this Halloween yeah next up at number four we have Sam
Raimi’s horror comedy classic Evil Dead 2 now this is more of a bigger budget
remake of the original than it is a sequel Bruce Campbell’s acting is
top-notch the blood is plenty and Greg Nicotero’s special effects are awesome
this is one of the movies that I typically watch every year on Halloween
the mix of humor and horror is well-balanced in my opinion the brief
IMDB synopsis says the lone survivor of an onslaught of flesh possessing spirits
holds up in a cabin with a group of strangers while the demons continue
their attack if you haven’t seen the Evil Dead 2 yet or maybe you haven’t
watched it in a while give it a go this Halloween it will definitely get you in
the spirit of the season now on to number three we have one of my
absolute favorite movies from 1986 night of the creeps I used to watch this movie
on late-night TV every year around Halloween when I was younger I loved the
characters the setting the effects and the story which involves alien parasites
that look like leeches they enter people’s bodies and turn them into
zombies a couple of college freshmen discover this and try to stop them from
killing everyone there are so many great scenes in this movie if you can only
watch two or three movies from this list this Halloween make sure this is one of
them “its head explode and slugs spill down” “oh my god” now on to number two in this
spot we have the 1985 vampire classic Fright Night I watched this movie over and
over when I was younger directed by Tom Holland the story is
about a teen that loves horror and he’s convinced that his neighbor is a vampire
he tries to convince everyone around him and the cops but of course no one
believes him so he decides to take matters into his own hands the acting is
great the story is fantastic and it surely inspired other movies and saying
this Fright Night is truly a classic if you have a limited time to watch horror
movies this Halloween make sure Fright Night is on your short list “but if you
do anything to protect its secret” now on to the number one spot we have one
of my favorite movies of all time 1985’s Return of the Living Dead I can still
remember the first time I stayed up late at night one Halloween and watched
Return of the Living Dead I was still in grade school and I remember going to
school the next day and telling all my friends about it. it probably traumatized
me and entertained me at the same time I really enjoyed it
this zombie horror comedy is about two Medical Supply Warehouse employees who
accidentally release a gas into the air that causes the dead to come back to
life a group of punk rockers nearby get
caught up in the scene and try to help fight off the dead this movie has gore
comedy a naked punker zombie chick and more if you have not seen Return of the
Living Dead yet and you’re a fan of zombie movies you really need to check
it out be sure to let me know in the comments what you thought about it that’s it for our 8 80s movies to watch
this Halloween please remember this was not a best of list it was just a list of
eight movies that I thought you might want to check out this Halloween if you
want you can let me know your 80s picks for Halloween in the comments below to
recap we add flesh eater the burning creepshow poltergeist Evil Dead 2 night
of the creeps Fright Night and Return of the Living
Dead if you’ve watched any of these or if you plan on watching any of these let
me know which of these picks are your favorite did you watch any of them after
seeing this list be sure to tell me in the comments below if you would like to
see more of our lists and reviews be sure to subscribe to the channel we have
a lot more horror videos coming soon for horror 66 I’m Zane and we’ll talk soon

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