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Hello… Welcome to the Merchants house. Lets.. Lets check out the back. Wow… This is what the tenement houses use to look like… “If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.” “Oh thank you so much! It’s a great tour!” “Omg, They use to make pizza back then!” “Look!!!” “Thats for bread…” “Oh My Gosh…” “Thats probably for bread..” “Isn’t it crazy that like this is all in New York City?” “Imagine this place in New York City for
18 grand. Four floors.” Four floor building. You’re never gonna find that anymore. nope. NEVERR!! “Oh my god! I want to play that piano! ” “so this whole area is a historical
district.” “It is…” “Yea..” “and then what else did we learn..” “that there was a 14 servants here..?” “no not 14…” “Oh.. 4 SERVANTS!” “17 PEOPLE.” “This place was suppose to be haunted!!!” “they told us 2 ghost stories.” A little boy came here on a field trip.. “and talked to the ghost/ merchant.” “The girl that was giving us the tour…” “she freaked me out, after like I got like
this vibe off of her.” “I literally thought she was a ghost.” “She knew a lot of history” “She was passing by me like this…. I had to like.. literally leave.” “Bewen.. you are dead ass a clown.” Oh My God, a Corgi!!! “And there’s a Corgi” “Hello Corgi” “Hi dog” “This is the dog I want in the future.” “She’s a sweetheart” “You just have to be
careful” “They are so low to the ground.” “Look at
the booty” “They attack everything..” Not all of them..” “but she does.” “Squirrels and stuff..?” “No… I mean garbage…… trash..” ” I call her a garbage head” “Look at the penis hanging there…!” “what..” “Right there” L O L “So over here but this is the
Williamsburg Bridge. and then over here we have Delancy Street.” “So like Delancey Street is like a big party street.. A lot of like bars and night life, a lot of restaurants open till It 4:00 in the morning” “Should we go? “So thats like the bridge. And thats like all the cars coming..” “Haha, we about a die..”

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