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Oh shit we found a broken window Just jump down because you’re scaring us Jump down alex Why would you trust this fucking idiot with the light Oh shit the teddy bear has an eye missing theres blood on that thing, theres blood on that thing look at it Oh shit oh my god! Fuck that! Loud screams* Alright todays the day for haunted house part 2 About to go in For all the non believers That didn’t believe what happened last time that was 100% real So yeah, lets see how it goes Peace! Whats up Be careful you don’t want to fall and crack an egg See you got banter mate Never seen a 7 year old with such banter Alright we are here This guy Pretty happy to get stabbed Yo slow down slow down Oh shit theres a guy right there! There was no one there though Look at the Vagina squad First in line to run I don’t know what this guy is doing Theres no escape he’s going to get bummed And thats it Alright let me come through let these guys do all the hard work See that? Up and over in 2 seconds Oh theres a medical kit right here At least we know if someone gets stabbed Where to go If you get stabbed just come here and aid yourself, and yeah Copying all of your jokes Stop copying all of my jokes and my lines! This guy says everything i say right now so if you remember the last time we came This is where i fell And that guy was right there and i ran through here I was locked in by myself this is where that hand came out from as you can see everyone is scared of it This is where we had to escape from I jumped over here and there was nothing there And i smacked both of my knees right here And the guy tried to pull me back and i held on to this The guy was right here pulling me But yeah, that was scary I beg you don’t panic and start screaming, running and stuff Because someone is going to fall over and get raped Someone could jump out from there, i don’t trust that I don’t trust that No one is looking to get stabbed up the staircase Syringe there Syringe there Obviously there’s a couple of doctors in here No crackheads This guy is, i don’t know what man This guy is a daredevil I thought i was brave No stairs! Going to have to create our own Second floor I remember seeing footage of beds and knives being here It’s in the top floor Yo what the hell They have knives Yo We’re going! Ain’t nobody got time for that You kick that and i kick this yeah 1 2 3 Holy Fuck Why the Fuck would you do that If someone is there, that’s how you get stabbed Watch out They have a hamster Where’s the hamster? They have chewing gum! I need some chewing gum Don’t mess about or he will come down and kill us Is someone in there? Come this way GO! GO! Shit! They threw a bottle at me They threw glass at me I swear on my mothers life We’re not talking about regular people they will stab you for 10p These guys are crackheads they don’t care There are two heads there I don’t know if you can see the top off his head He is in the top left window Should i? Harris don’t die Harris please don’t die You good yeah faisal Yo boss sorry, sorry Don’t run Don’t run you fucking idiot He is going to get a knife or something Boss you alright? we brought food Boss we got food Do you actually have food? No Then why are you saying it To calm him the fuck down We are doing a documentary We are making a film about haunted houses Nice house! What sorry? I don’t live in here sorry Oh you don’t live in here? No no Can you introduce us to them No way no thank you Can we just say hi? You say hi! I don’t live in here Sorry boss we brought stuff for you We are filming a documentary I’m not going down that way I asked you nicely! Yeah!? Alright sorry we are going You are going to die! We’re going Okay sorry we are going, BYE! GO GO ALEX! You fucking retard! GOOOOOOO! I’m going to punch you in the face Alex i’m actually going to fuck you up! go! This cunt decides to troll us in a moment we could probably die Sorry sorry sorry Sorry sorry You can go from the stairs Can you take us ? Yeah i can show the way We are scared that’s why No no no, Don’t go! Are you sure? No we like danger, its alright We’re going to home now so don’t worry okay Its not normal Yeah yeah we are kind of scared It’s all because of alex I was just scared I didn’t believe her you know why? what if she tricked us and took us Alright, that was haunted house part 2 Hope you enjoyed it Everything went according to plan No one got stabbed Please leave a like, comment, Share and Subscribe! And make sure you check these guys, out links in the description Peace!


  1. 7:48 that kid is beyond dumb. I'd beat the fuck out of him for trolling me or any of my friends during a very real and potentially life threatening situation

  2. I can't. Dumb as Britain teens afraid of 2 crack heads. Wtf they gonna do. 10 of yours asses. Like 2 against 10 um who wins. Pussies. Stay in school. Do something else. Waste of my time

  3. I cracked the hell up at 7:56 he was so pissed he paused the video so his friend can have his 15 seconds of shame LOLOLOLOLOL ????

  4. You guys better start doing some heavy lifting and some defense classes if you guys are gonna keep exploring to places with dangerous people like that.

  5. bros,always b careful when u confront illegal aliens,always keep ur wits about ya specialy when it comes to foreign squatters cus who knows after their bad deed and u will found and helped after ur ordeal god forbid they might not because they might not be in the uk register ,PEACE WE OUT

  6. me and my 2 friends explored an abandoned golf course and were confronted a scary crackhead black hobo who just stared at us from a doorway until we noticed and ran and he didn't say a word. then he chased us to McDonald's i swear to god.

  7. yo this place is in stratford, fuck man i got goosebumps from this place, heard so many rumours about this place, guess its true

  8. So this is the first time I see this video but the painting in minute 2:45 remainded me of another video where some other guys explored a building exactly like this one with the same painting in the walls but the thing is that those guys found a dead body hanging from the ceiling, the this video is recorded before that one so maybe that body is one of the crack heads that lived there. If you search on YT "exploring haunted house dead body found hanging" you might find the video with the same paintings on the walls and same structure but I don't know if that video of fake so don't hate on me pls(sorry the bad English, not my first language)

  9. you guys are very loud when exploring places. no wonder you get people chasing you. But I really love your videos.

  10. you should put in an "adrenaline level" to give us a feeling of what you felt like!!!!! that would be cool!!!

  11. man that guy is a total knob just standing there not moving so others can get to safety #fuckingdick

  12. ????kinda bothers me cause there's like 8 of them and they could like swarm those people if they tried something but they run ????

  13. no offence but I would have pushed your friend out of the way and not cared when he birches about almost falling, he 100% could have gotten you killed .. shitty friend 10/10

  14. I don't give a fuck man u start trying to be a troll I a life death situation then I will definitely beat your ass

  15. Stuff the crackies, call the cops on them. Useless wastes of space. Chick looked like she was probably banging those guys for drugs no doubt. Scum of the earth, don't let them intimidate you. They have no right to be there.

  16. It's got to be a set up, People trying to scare the crap out of you or it's homeless/People messed up in the head.

  17. Es un escondite de delincuentes asesinos, es más que obvio. Seguro ahí es donde se juntan y hacen sus acuerdos Psicópatas Dinero Droga, y Asesinatos deberían llamar a la policía, o al menos ir más prevenidos y mejor equipados un arma blanca, una navaja no se lo que sea útil para cuando estén en situaciones de vida o muerte

  18. People don’t be a stupid idiot like me and watch these things at night when it’s dark! I’m watching these at night,in a simi dark room! There’s like two dim lights on!

  19. I actually think if you went with that lady to the "stairs" there would've been a group of crackheads going to stab you.

  20. today i went to that house, now they barricaded it off, but theres a gaping hole where me and my friend went through, and also the place is trashed so we can't really walk through there, and we saw a light and a body.

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