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– (kid) You’ll float too!
– Stop it! Oh my gosh. – I am so scared
and excited to see this movie. ♪ (industrial music) ♪ ♪ (haunting piano notes) ♪ – (Billy) She’s already captain.
– (boy) Thanks, Billy. – Oh, It! ♪ (eerie music) ♪ – Wait, this looks like a scary movie. – (gasping) This is It.
Holy mother of sweet God pearl. I cannot wait to see this movie. – [Bleep] you guys. (laughing) I hate you. Uggggggh!!! I hate It so much! – Don’t tell me he’s going to go after it. ♪ (music intensifying) ♪ – Oh no. Please don’t go in the sewer. – (boy) No!!
– It’s a paper boat. You can make another one. – Okay, something scary is going to pop up. ♪ (scary note) ♪ – (gasping) Aah, I’m scared! ♪ (scary note) ♪
– Oh shit. ♪ (scary note) ♪ – It still gets me.
I’ve seen the trailer before too. – Oh no, not Stephen King’s terrifying novel. – Is this that clown movie? Is this It? I remember this! – (boy) There is not, like, any time
I’ve ever been there before. People die or disappear
six times the national average. – “Missing.” Every parent’s nightmare. – (boy) And not just grown-ups. Kids are worse. – (haunting voice) We all float down here. – (creepily) “We all float down here.” – (haunting voice) We all float down here. – Mm-hmm, “We all float down here.” There’s there little nostalgia points
from the mini-series. – My gosh! I have the chills. – That house looks inviting. – Oh [bleep] that house. No. ♪ (eerie music) ♪ – (Billy) It’s all connected by the sewers. It’s where It lives. – I swear to God, I’m sweating. – Stephen King movies freak me out. (slides click rhythmically)
– (Billy) What happened? ♪ (scary music) ♪ – (laughing anxiously) – What’s going on? Oh, it’s in the frame. Okay, run. ♪ (music intensifying) ♪ – Oh my god. That’s so creepy. – Oh no! – Stop. – It’s pretty intense. ♪ (frightening music) ♪ What? – Oh my gosh. This is being creepy. – It’s going to give me nightmares. – Oh damn. Oh, this is crazy. (music stops abruptly)
– This movie. That’s what I’m afraid of. – (little boy) Bill, if you’ll come
with me, you’ll float too. – Oh, that kid’s freaking me out. – (little boy) You’ll float too. (giggling) You’ll float too!
– Stop it! Oh my gosh. – (boy giggling) You’ll float too! You’ll float too! (screaming) You’ll float too!!! – Ay yi yi. Aaaah. (It screaming)
– Aah! – Damn! – Dargh! Why are clowns so creepy? (slide clicking)
– I’m so in. – That was pretty disturbing,
but I want to see it. – AAAH! (laughing) You’ll have me thinking
about that all day now. – I am so scared and excited
to see this movie. I love my son so very much, but if he said, “You’ll float too!” I’d be like, “Well, I don’t have
children anymore.” – (FBE) We’re going to show
you another trailer in just a second, but that was the trailer
for the horror movie It. – Yes. If you’re afraid of clowns,
like, you’re doomed. – (FBE) Well, as you know, the movie
is based from the Stephen King novel and is a remake from the ’90s.
– Yes, that’s what I remember watching. – I saw It when I was really young. I remember so vividly. When the balloon goes through and pops
and there’s blood everywhere, ugh! – (FBE) So we’re now going to show
you the trailer for the ’90s mini-series, that’s listed on its IMDb page
and has the most views on YouTube. – Oh, okay. I bet it’s not as scary. – It’s going to bring
back memories… PTSD. ♪ (whimsical music) ♪ – Aww, he looks kind of nice in this one. – That terrified me as a kid. – She doesn’t know enough
to be terrified of clowns yet. This is her first problem. ♪ (haunting music) ♪ – There’s the sail boat. – Okay… very similar. – Oh, there you go. There’s the boat going down the sewer. ♪ (tense piano notes) ♪ – Hello, Pennywise. – He looked friendly. – They definitely give
more clown action in this one. – Those teeth though. – Is that Tim Curry? – Tim Curry’s a natural treasure. – (queasily) Oh my gosh. – Oh gross! – Oh, I remember that part. That terrified me. I was like, “Oh my god.
That kid just died.” – Oh no. – If you’re scared of clowns,
this is going to trip you out. ♪ (rousing music) ♪ – “It.” – Yeah, okay, that didn’t
even really scare me. The new one’s way better. – It was great.
I mean, it’s very ’90s. – Two different decades,
two different– (laughing) I mean, oh, that’s just crazy. The first one, much, much better. – (FBE) Okay, so we’ve got
something else to show you now. There’s a big debate online
regarding which clown is creepier. – What? It’s for sure the new one. – (FBE) So which one do you think
is the creepier clown? – Dang! I wouldn’t want to see
either of these guys on the street. – The bottom one. Way creepier. – The new clown,
it’s like hit you over the head that he’s scary, but the ’90s clown
is a little more insidious. There’s a moment in that trailer
where the little girl is like, “Oh, he’s fun and nice,”
and then it’s like, no, he’s evil and terrifying. – Bottom Pennywise is way more creepier
than Tim Curry Pennywise. He looks more like a villain. – I’d be more scared
to see the bottom one because he looks like
he’s out to kill or something. – The top one is scarier
because it’s a straight clown mould. This dude has crazy makeup on his face. The teeth, like, it just looks
scary as hell. – (FBE) How did
the original It trailer look compared to the new version. – It looked like complete garbage. Oh my gosh. I feel like such a wuss
now that I’m grown up and it just doesn’t hold up. – A way different take. Like, it didn’t feel
remotely as terrifying. – It was too cutesy, I thought. There was nothing in there
that made you go, “Holy shit. My colon just went to a semi-colon
because I got scared.” – It looked cheesy
but probably, back then, it looked– “Oh wow,
this is state-of-the-art.” This is really going to scare me. – It was simple and with the sheets
blowing like that or whatever, that– to me, that’s always really scary. When you have sheets blowing,
you can see something, then you can’t see it. I do kind of like the original a bit more. – (FBE) So the newest trailer
for the It movie has been getting a ton of hype online. In fact, it’s been the most requested thing
for you guys to react to since the trailer released.
– Sweet. – I hate all of you! Not even your fault. It’s them. – (FBE) Why do you think
this horror movie remake has gotten so much hype on social media? – Because everyone loves
when people remake old movies. Like Beauty and the Beast, hello! – It’s stirring up all
these generations of fans and now they’re making new fans
out of this new remake. – Clowns are creepy,
especially with the new hype of scary clowns all
over America and all that. I think that feeds into it. – It has a lot to do
with people remembering It from when they were young, like me, having that still connection with It. And then it’s just like
a really awesome trailer. – (FBE) Finally, some have said
they were afraid of the original because it was one
of the first pieces of horror they were ever exposed to as a kid. – Yeah, it was one
of the first ones I watched. I remember I wasn’t supposed to watch it. I wasn’t allowed and me
and my friend snuck out. I slept over at her house
and we went into the living room, where we watched it,
and we were so scared. – (FBE) And even further,
some people even say that the film contributed
to the lifelong fear of clowns. – (laughing) I can see that. – People are really
just terrified of clowns. – (FBE) So do you think the new It movie
will be as impactful, or do you think the original
will forever be the scariest clown film? – I think the new one
can live up to the hype. The preview freaked me out already. – This one might do it. I think it’s going to trump the first one. – The new one’s going to be much scarier. – I definitely believe in the second movie to, you know, kill it, but then again, there’s always, you know,
the original’s always usually the best. – The new one would probably reach
the larger audience and probably be able
to draw more people in. – The new It movie actually looks
really terrifying and well done, at least from the trailer,
so it could go right up there in the pantheon. – The movie in itself will probably live up
to the expectation, but it will probably fall a little short just because of the way
how movies are made today. – It has everything going for it. It has the right beats. Hopefully, it’s a good story,
and if the story’s good, that will make Pennywise scarier. – I hope the new It
can relinquish the old It, just so I can get it out of my mind
to get a new clown in there so I can, uh, keep being scared
for another ten years. – Thanks for watching
this episode of Adults React. – We release new episodes
four times a week, so subscribe to see more. – See you next time.
Quit clownin’ around. – Hey, everybody,
it’s Dallen here from FBE. Thank you so much for watching
this episode of Adults React. How excited are you for the It movie? Let us know down
in the comments. Bye guys!

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