Angry Hippo Crushes Antelope

Angry Hippo Crushes Antelope

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COMM: Game ranger Pieter Van Wyk has been tracking a pack of African wild dogs and they’ve
cornered a female bushbuck. COMM: As more dogs arrive, things are not looking good for the antelope. Man: Mother, if you start crying… COMM: Initially rescued by the hippo’s unlikely intervention, now the antelope is stuck in
the mud and the dogs return. COMM: The large male hippo has killed the antelope and thrown it clear off the mud,
leaving it as easy prey for the dogs. COMM: Hippos are among the most aggressive animals on the planet. And experienced ranger
Pieter thinks that after initially saving the antelope, the hippo simply became fed-up
with the invasion of his space.


  1. That antelope was no way going to survive. The hippo gave it a quick death instead of being eaten alive by the wild dogs

  2. all it takes is our tech gone 1 day and we will all have to worry about the harsh truth weve been trying to hide from , nature.

  3. Hippos might be round and dumb looking, but they are assholes of the animal kingdom

    1:36 Still alive but crippled you can see it’s legs kicking

  4. 🦛: this is my territory b** wild 🐕: we just want our meal back. 🦛: geeez, i m a veggie, here u go !

  5. Should on you when the animals do fights/dangerous attack, stops and separated them rather than photographed them when they do it. Also when you come to their places to photographed them or go safaris to take pictures, bring the food and throw it around animals. Let have some mercy!!

  6. Antelope:YAY Thanks for saving meh Mr.Hippo
    Hippo:No problem!
    Antelope:*Gets stuck* ._.
    Hippo: ._.
    Hippo:*Crushes antelope*

  7. I’ll be honest and this may sound weird. I’m scared of hippos. Just imagine it crushing your body with those teeth of theirs

  8. The persistence of those dogs just annoyed me, yet it's that same persistence that landed them a meal. Bravo dogs, bravo.

  9. It was still clinging on to life after getting crusher,you can see it’s leg moveing.poor thing went through tremendous pain

  10. Well Im not good at english but You know what the hippo knows that the dogs will never leave while the dear is stuck in the mud and the hippo realizes that the poor dear will not survive it and the hippo throws the dear to the dogs so it will become an easy food for them

  11. Hippo kills more africans end lions ! So why dont they kills hippoes with som of all the cuns they have ? Give hippoes a chance to fear humans ! Like som elefant has learn by watching there familey being kild off !

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