Annoying Orange – TV of TERROR!

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Don’t look now, guys, but I think we’re all set… for a scary-movie sleepover! -(Marshmallow & Midget Apple)
Yay! -Well, technically,
it’s not a sleepover, since we pretty much
sleep here every night– -Hey! Down in front!
I’m trying to watch this. [warping noise] -Hey, that’s not scary,
it’s swirly. [laughs] -Hey, how come you guys
are using the old haunted TV? -Uh… did he just say…
HAUNTED? -[growls lowly] [all screaming] -No fair! We’re already on TV! Captioned by What’s the matter, Midget Apple? You seem a “little” scared.
[laughs] -[shudders]
-Whoa. I just called you a midget
and you didn’t even correct me. Something must be wrong. -Orange, I… I… I see bread people! -Huh? [both scream] Well, it looks like you
Hallo-win again. [laughs] What? You want a
good “knife” kiss? [laughs] [thunder crashes]
Wait, before I die, I’ve got to know. -Mm-mm.
-Oh, come on, just a peek. Just a peek. [gasps]
Oh, no! -Stab-edelic, baby, yeah! -[screams] -Ah, no, please!
Spare me! Spare me! -Aw, don’t be scared.
I just want a “little” snack. -[screams]
-Orangeferatu, your reign of terror is over. -Grandpa Van Helsing! -Oh, thank goodness! -Stand away, Little Apple, while I drive this steak
through his heart. -Whoa,
that was not part of the deal. -Hey! Hey, T-Bone!
-What? -Fangs!
-[screams in agony] -Ouch, well,
I guess he likes it rare. -[snoring] [Orange’s laugh echoes] [startled]:
W-what? What– what was that? [Orange’s laugh echoes] What are you doing? -I saw a ghost.
-No, you didn’t. -Yeah, I did. He’s right there. -What’s up, dude?
-[screams] Uh, guys?
Are sure this is a good idea? I mean,
what if there’s a mummy inside? -Yay! My mummy is a unicorn! -[moans] -Okay, it’s definitely time
to go! [Marshmallow screams] -You heard Pear. It’s a “wrap.”
[laughs] [others scream] -(Midget Apple)
Oh no! It’s chasing us! [Pear screams] [all scream, mummy moans] [all pant] -Whoa! Talk about a paper trail.
[laughs uneasily] -Did… did we lose him? [mummy groans]
-Aah! -Oh no, I’m naked.
-Whoa! That’s one bad mummy.
[laughs] [snores] [startled]:
Wha– huh? Oh… Hey. Hey, prune-face! Hey, prune-face, hey! -What? What do you want? -No, not you. Prune face. -Huh? Aah!
-Whuh! -Looks like
he needed a lesson in… “claws” and effect.
[chuckles with Orange] -Yeah, and he “gloved”
every minute of it. [laughs] -Oh, my. I get the feeling you might be
a “cut” above the rest. -Wuh-oh. I bet this is gonna
turn into a “flame” war. [both laugh]
-You’re on, but first, let’s shake on it.
[chuckles evilly] -I don’t know, Freddy. I think I might be
“sweater” off dead. [laughs] -[laughs]
Oh, that is so good. I’d write it down but–
-You need a hand? [both laugh] -Oh, man! Are you into Mad Libs? -[chuckles evilly]
-Lame! What else you got? -I don’t know. You just
wanna watch The Shining? -Yeah. We might as well–
[static] -Hey! Hey, Haunted TV! -What? How did you escape? -Hey, Haunted TV, hey! -I see you, okay?
Now, what do you want? -I was just gonna say… knife! -Huh?
-Judo chop! -[screams, short-circuits] [Orange screams, explosion] -Brrrrrrrroccoli Obama! -[chuckles]
Just call me Brocc. -And his opponent,
former governor Pit Romney! -Good evening, hello, hi. -All right, first question…

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