ANTLERS Official Trailer (2019) Guillermo Del Toro, Horror Movie HD

ANTLERS Official Trailer (2019) Guillermo Del Toro, Horror Movie HD

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Once there are three bears That lived in a dark and what cave Up above a small town Every day little bear I went to school in that night. He would come home And eat dinner The one day a little bear came home And Big Bear and baby were different Big beard out sick and his insides turn black Fake bear has become a war anger And meaner Because they had no food no need But they had each other


  1. Don't get me wrong, I'm super excited for this, but I really hope this isn't one of those "never actually show the monster" movies.

  2. I think a plague hit his isolated family and they got sick which turned them delirious, cannibalistic causing them to murder and devour nearby townspeople…….

  3. Anyone interested in this trailer should look up the short story it's based on: "The Quiet Boy" by Nick Antosca! It's available online, and it's terrific. I can't wait to see the monsters!

  4. I wish they showed more of the monster but, I also appreciate the opportunity to not show us the entirety of the film .

  5. Whoever hasn’t read the short story “The Quiet Boy” that this is based on – really has to!! Most suspenseful thing I’ve ever read

  6. I original story was great, although the creatures didn't seem to fit completely into the wendigo lore, no cannibalism, instead feeding from an emotional and physical sadism inflicted on it's victims. The trailer though seems to lean more to the idea of wendigos instead, still looks like it'll be awesome, either way.

  7. This looks amazing. If it's got Del Toro involved, you know it has potential. And I was just looking for stuff with Wendigos in them.

  8. I was really excited to see Guillermo's newest movie, Scary stories to tell in the dark and was pretty disappointing.. it was like watching an episode of Goosebumps or Are you afraid of the dark. Not going to the cinema for this one but will watch it on the android!

  9. Ravenous is the best wendigo movie but still don't even know if this is about wendigo lol people try to predict everything then get disappointed or just follow suit with what others say. With Toro it could literally be a bear demon who the fuck knows lol

  10. Just a guess… his family ate some weird diseased deer and at some point near or at the end of the film it is revealed that the boy is also infected/contagious.

  11. But like, traditional descriptions of wendigo's dont have antlers. It might be a skinwalker that takes the form of a deer. What most people imagine a Wendigo to be would be more like a skinwalker in deer form thats standing on its hindlegs like a man. Wendigo are emancipated and more resemble an exhumed skeleton with skin over the bones and bloody lips from eating them off.

  12. My first thought when I saw the title was "Thank God, we finally get to know the story behind Sugar We're Going Down"

    I am disappointed

  13. Don't even need to see the trailer – If it Guillermo del Toro I'm invested!
    Seeing his exhibition in Toronto a few years ago made a very happy human lol

  14. This has to have something to do with the wendigos. The kids poem is pretty much a retelling of the folklore but with bears

  15. You people are all sheople zombies. If you read the rapid credit at the end, which they don't want you to actually see, Del Toro is NOT directing it. He's one of three producers. Ridiculous to think he has anything to do with the creative aspect of the film itself. He merely puts up money and signs on to get other people to put up money.

  16. Now THIS! is how you do trailers!!!!! 🥰🥰🥰.
    Guillermo Del Toro should have his own cinematic universe. THIS IS INSANE. CANT WAIT TO EXPERIENCE IT.

  17. When is this coming out?! I'm starved for a good horror movie. I have not seen IT chapter 2 yet. Hopefully IT2 can satiate my appetite for horror

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