Are identity politics dangerous? | The Economist

Are identity politics dangerous? | The Economist

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Trump, gay marriage, women on
boards, Black Lives Matter. What do they have in common? They’ve all been used as examples of so called identity politics. It’s the idea that groups are
calling for special treatment based on race, religion, sex,
or other characteristics. And some fear that a politics based on protecting narrow group interest rather than broader political
movements can be dangerous. Identity politics emerged because groups that have been historically ignored or harmed demanded their
rights be protected. From civil rights or women’s
rights, to gay rights. The idea was that
safeguarding these rights makes society fairer, more
tolerant, and more equal. But some now think that these
protections have gone too far by focusing so much on their
own rights and interests, they threaten the rights of others. If you oppose affirmative action you may be labeled a racist. If you comment on a woman’s appearance you might be called a
misogynist or a sex pest. The belief that political
correctness has gone too far, fueled the rise of Trump, who’s
campaign was nakedly un-PC. And it isn’t just a
western phenomenon either, nor is it new. India’s ruling party
espouses Hindu nationalism, sometimes at the expense of
the country’s muslim minority. So identity is part of politics everywhere and probably always will be,
but there is a way forward and it starts with
resisting the temptation to see politics as a zero sum game. If the LGBT community gets
more rights or protections, heterosexuals don’t
automatically get fewer. Supporting women’s interests doesn’t simultaneously
undermine the interests of men. So the question is not whether identity politics
should exist, but in what form. Knee jerk actions or quick fixes like quotas aren’t the best way to go but there is a role for better information such as improving public data on diversity and companies or universities. The challenge is to make
identity politics constructive and inclusive, rather than
destructive and divisive. Open, not closed.


  1. Mr. Trump actually has hardly touch all the things talking here but the last leader of USA was all about and so USA now is in the weaker position to communist china where it should never happen. Stop this crazy ideas I am so bored with all these topics of yours.

  2. All of these spinning and popping animations synced and timed to certain words and sound effects are meant to to entrance and brainwash you as you listen to the narrator. Their only useful purpose is to hypnotize, distract and seduce you like pretty fireworks, effectively lowering your guard and your ability to analyze these concepts for yourself as they slip them into your unprotected subconscious mind.

  3. Identity politics are useful in screening society for normal people. Those who focus on identity politics lack the intelligence to be taken seriously as human beings. This rule-of-thumb test is very convenient and saves loads of time.

  4. Report diversity? Who should decide on the number of categories the companies use when "disclosing their diversity"? What of people born of multiple backgrounds?

  5. Whenever I talk about the 4 times higher suicide and homelessness rates in men, those who love identity politics shoot me down. They say that men are a privileged group. Identity politics are therefore dangerous because they stop vulnerable men getting support. E.g. 40% of domestic abuse victims are male yet there are almost no refuges for men. Groups should be scrapped when thinking about equality, just try to help ALL vulnerable individuals.

  6. Identity politics is what people who have nothing to show for themselves, people that have nothing beneficial to offer anyone save themselves. It's a circle jerk of mediocre animals in human costume.

  7. Are Muslim rights activists also going to passionatly defend the rights of Christians in their native nations? No
    Are Blacklivesmatthers activists also going to passionatly defend the rights of the poor white people, at the bottom of the social ladder in South Afrika? No
    These activists are morally no better than a nihilist, these activists are only looking out for their own people in the West.
    We had a National Identity in every European country, but now it is disappearing rapidly. The rise of right wing and conservative is a consequence of the left
    that is selling out their own culture, to be replaced with multi culturalism. This is a mistake in my opinion, just take a look at how fucked up the situation of the world is today.
    The left is destroying itself.

  8. Identity politics that force false identities on an individual, are dangerous only to the scores of ppl being thrown under the bus because of the intent to shackle the target as a means of control.

  9. Good luck with making "identity politics" more inclusive. Those ideas are designed to divide and segregate. I'm glad people have woken up to this now: good riddance to dangerous rubbish.

  10. Wrong. I know you idiots like to include Trump in everything bad and I know you see him as the root of all evil but he does NOT play identity politics…

  11. Don't worry, while Americans are busy screaming about their identity politics, the Chinese are busy innovating for the next century.

  12. Identity politics is just pure political propaganda to get people to elect you because they now believe you are taking their side.

  13. Identity politics is key for divide & conquer, which is why the Jewish banks keep Mexico poor, and then demand we let them live in USA.

  14. I think this video makes a fair point. There's no harm in making sure groups aren't be discriminated against but the answer should never be to discriminate against other groups to even it out. Really though if everyone learns to treat each other as an individual there'll be no need for that in the first place.

  15. Individuals have no political power. This is why they push individualism.
    Diversity replaces affirmative action as whites become a minority. Diversity initiatives reward groups that are politically organised by races, religions against an unorganized white minority. White women and gays are starting to realize they are now in the same boat as white men.

  16. Hindu is a geographic term for people from all denominations who belong to the land of Indian Subcontinent. And Hindu Nationalism is equal to Indian Nationalism in that sense. Islamists are a threat to world, not Islam and the party which you defamed negatively here has many Muslims as active members of it and it has been opposing Islamism and Evangelism of all sort, conspired to destroy everything perceived by the Semitics as Pagan and Heretics! "The Economist", moronic research doesn't suit you brand.

  17. TRUMP is a bad example thats why I down voted; I think It was popular choice to dis on TRUMP so The Economist just went with it, thats why it was the first name mentioned too. 
    I believe he has the skills to run the country and don't care about disagreements, because I have not heard one yet that would convince me otherwise; yet people are to afraid to admit Obama was a shit president; that'd be a better example.. A president that has actually run his course and has evidence based results. 
    Another good example would be that Cortez woman, she's fucking INSANE.

  18. To make identity politics constructive and open is the biggest challenge. So many people are turning the fight to equal rights into hate for the "normies" or the majority. We have to be very careful about how we go forward because everyone's way of life is under threat.

  19. Don't compare India with west ideology. We are far better then u ppl.we don't colonies other nations & loot them.u ppl still do this.🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓

  20. Oh, Lord Rothschild, isn't the win-win openness argument Xi Jinping's too? I'm sick of identity politics and think it's win-lose.

  21. You made a mistake. You said supporting female interests may not undermine the interests of men. This is false. See any divorce lawyer.

  22. The right and the left went in bad directions during the cold war and the modern politics of the time are a product of this.

    The right fumbled by showing a greater value for social cohesion than protecting a a person's individual rights. The left fumbled by pushing for group rights instead of individual rights, and now we all suffer.

  23. My problem isn't that it's a "Zero Sum", but rather in the political process, people are poisoning the discussion with identity, generalizing and reducing it to how it affects a group than how it affects the population.

    MLK had a dream once, that his kids will be judged not by the color of their skins, but the content of their characters. What Identity Politics do is exactly is by the color of their skins, as opposed of the content of their characters.

  24. Identity politics is racist, sexist, and preferential to whatever group you are excluding or including. Identity politics is the most regressive piece of shit thinking in the western world.

  25. This video is horribly wrong, policy should not be designed around sex or ethnicity. Rights should protect individuals and when they dont push back, but trying to make equal outcomes is socialist in nature and evil

  26. Identity Politics allow for a preprogrammed checkoff list of talking points against each group.
    No longer do we hear individuals and their arguments. Instead, we immediately label; Then according to the label, start traversing the corresponding checklist. Both participants ignoring one another, both not reaching any substantial understanding of the other. After which, all that's left is undiluted toxicity.

  27. “The one absolutely certain way of bringing this nation to ruin, of preventing all possibility of its continuing to be a nation at all, would be to permit it to become a tangle of squabbling nationalities, an intricate knot of German-Americans, Irish-Americans, English- Americans, French-Americans, Scandinavian- Americans, or Italian-Americans, each preserving its separate nationality, each at heart feeling more sympathy with Europeans of that nationality than with the other citizens of the American Republic.” T Roosevelt

  28. Terrible definition that panders to the left. Watch fox news' description of Identity politics. I never thought I would say this, but fox has a less biased video than this garbage.

  29. So "supporting" one group´s rights does not "undermine" the other group´s rights, what the hell!! They even say there is no question about if this is fair or correct (or "should exist"), but about "in which form" it should exist, which means we have to accept it and watch whoever is going to dictate the rules of this game of supporting and not undermining this group or the other. The most hilarious thing is when they propose to go to the next step: So quotes are not good enough yet, we need to force public institutions and universities to make their "diversity" data public so they can push this nonsense much efficiently. They completely omitted a small detail that contradicts all this lie: our civilization has been built successfully on COMPETENCE. There is just one way to protect the future of our civilization and it is supporting equal opportunities for everyone and competence at all cost. If we play the animal farm, saying all animals are equal but some animals are more equal than others, we are doomed. It was written with blood during the 20th century, the most violent in history! This video is reprehensible, to say the least!!

  30. Quotas are brilliant. My friend says at his company they are obliged to interview every numpty who meets certain minimum right-on criteria. They're mostly useless.

  31. Newsflash, humans are not equal, we are all very different, any mechanism to try and force similarity and stifle natural differences will only damage societal structure.

  32. The worst identity politics in the uk is the muslim ghetto, where muslims band together in large numbers and enforce their beliefs on any westerners wandering through or passing by. The UK so called government denies the existence of muslim no go areas, but written evidence form reputable sources as well as existential evidence in massive abundance proves the government to be, yet again, disgusting liars. Google has removed all references to muslim no go areas.

    Pro feminine family laws have rendered 10 times post devorce suicides in men than women – a rate much higher than even rape victums clearly men getting raped by family laws….MEETOO has meant that avg TESTOSTERONE LEVELS IN MEN HAVE DROPPED BY 20 % Men r raped & stripped of their sexuality

  34. Quotas & affirmative action is clearly privileges for some ….Family laws meant for women only otherwise civil laws r already in place b/w humans.-.if family laws then y not parents laws, sibling laws etc too….rape is just a forced pleasure y strict penalties..way milder sentences for inflicting same damage by women over men….Own Childcare taken as sufficient activity for welfare but computer games not…female sexuality celebrated & male suppressed….Many countries force men to provide family but not women – extreme discrimination against men

  35. This video gets the definition of identity politics incorrect. Idpol is not simply vouching for policies to protect certain groups, rather it means policy that judges individuals based on their group identity. You can still have laws that vouch for equality without identity politics, simply by making sure those laws don't denigrate the individual in any way. Progressive are pushing this idea that Idpol is required to achieve equal rights, which is an extremely stupid and dangerous way of thinking.

  36. When will the left stop judging people on
    the content of their character and instead
    focus on what really matters: identity politics,
    skin color, and whether or not you got a ding dong?

  37. I'm not sure that this hits the nail squarely. The video repeatedly says that rights are the issue, and it brings in the concept of zero sum with regards to rights. I think the identity issues are largely outside of the legal structures where rights reside. This is about culture and what lies in the hearts of humans and the discourses of speech that believers say cause Injustice and harm. Rights are relatively easy to measure and rectify, and there is much more universal support for rights. But the identity movement focus on concepts that cannot be measured or reasoned on and takes as dogma that power and privilege is not unique to the individual's circumstances but can be divined by what relevant identity group the individual falls within as defined by the current progressive academics in the sociology and humanities departments. As such, progress on equality can never be made as inequality is nearly impossible to measure and the chosen identities and hierarchies are often based on historical injustices, not present ones. It is hard to view this as anything other than educated progressives finding power and influence, not through merit and constructive leadership and new ideas, but by becoming priests of a new religion.

  38. The right hates identity politics, unless it involves hateful ethno-cultural nationalism then they are all for it.

  39. Inner cities present most of the major problems we see in America and abroad. Not to put to firm of pressure on it but, it really boils down to immaturity that is fostered perhaps even all to often cultivated within inner cities cess pools that largely leave individuals anonymous in their actions and behaviors…they just label it Identity Politics to subdue the vileness of it.

  40. Just what I’d expect from a Rothschild co-owned media outfit. Not surprised that “divide and conquer” is being “doublespoke” into good thing.

  41. This video has it all wrong. Identity politics requires antagonizing another group people of society. Feminism, for example. Why do we need feminism? Because some men have a bias against women (even though the vast majority of men don’t have a bias). This is the problem with identity politics: it’s built on ideologies that antagonize groups rather unify them. There should only be one ideology: the equalist, which seeks to treat people as individuals rather than group them based on some objective marker (race, religion, sex, etc).

  42. You can’t “make identity politics constructive”. It’s inherently destructive. The whole point of identity politics is to claim victimhood and blame another group for your group’s hardships. How could that ever be constructive? I truly don’t understand

  43. Other mistreated peoples, chinese, farm workers, jpn americans interned, mentally ill, poor, disabled. Lets get real

  44. Yes, it is. They divide (that is what they are designed to do. It is never about being inclusive or solving issues, it's all about themselves and taking power. Even when people are proven wrong with facts or got all the rights, it still not enough as that isn't what identity politics is about) and make problem worse or just create problems. Anything that divide and destroy is dangerous. People now are divided by race, gender, sexuality, religion, class and what any of them actually done to help society today? Nothing. Slavery ended in the U.S. ended long ago and we already all have basic rights. They are not needed. If you want to fix actual problems such as the homeless crisis's, etc…we need to stand together and do something. Stopping illegal immigration and fixing the border crisis will help a lot.

    Also there needs to be a balance. When people shame or ignore one group (especially if that group happens to be the majority and they feel excluded), tensions start to rise. Look at what is going on today and why do you think Trump won?

  45. Im sick of so called minority's giving it the big one about "THEIR" community. The whole thing is super corrosive and very, very dangerous. The communist's use this to de-stabilise things. The Marxist's are coming to town.

  46. Dear Neoliberals of the Economist

    You are full of crap.

    Listen to some vintage Michael Parenti:

  47. IDENTITY POLITICS BASTARDS FORGET equality means equality of RESPONSIBILITIES, FREEDOMS, PUNISHMENTS & PRIVELEGES TOO ….women must produce equal revenue to deserve equal salary. work equal hours in office too as do men,they must be forced to produced equal sergeons consultant doctors, high impact research & men be hired for straight prostitution at same 200$/hr rate…equalno of women must be on death row & prison…men must be encouraged to flaunt boners in malls

  48. This article is so wrong. Equality demands equal rights for everyone. Instead of inclusion, say none excluded. Morons… furthermore, If a reporter on cnn goes on air and says the democratic party should not be white, that is equaly racist from a white saying it should not be a black person. Indeed, the white race is equal to any other, no more, no less. With this belief, im ready to go to war for. You shall not try to harm another, or get any advantages based on skin colour, period. White man is equal, no more no less than a woman of colour. Dont believe me? Then Lets go to war. You shall not genocide jews like Hitler just like you wont demonise whites like CNN.

  49. In other words identity politics is great unless you’re a straight white male. There, I said what the video danced around for 2 and a half minutes in a single sentence.

  50. Democrats are so racist with there identity politics, saying that some people are better or worse then others…..I believe that all people are equal. Trump 2020

  51. As a proud gay trans muslim interracial white/Salvadoran anime fan, I agree identity politics is a load of horseshit.

  52. That's not the definition of identity politics.

    Identity politics is a way of dividing people NOT by their shared interest, but by demographics. So for example, a black man who earns $10,000 a year and a white woman who also earns $10,000 might both benefit from labor reform, a universal basic income, or a growing economy. But identity politics tells both individuals that everyone else is out to get them, and that they have nothing in common with people outside their demographic group.

    In that respect, identity politics is itself the peddling of a zero-sum game, and one organized around in-group/out-group politics instead of good idea/bad idea politics.

    That's why it's so cancerous. And should, indeed, be condemned.

  53. oh, so you know the condition better than anyone else on the ground? urge you to see beyond your political agenda. identity politics is no good for anyone .

  54. I remember, years ago, when the Economist was considered one of the go-to mags worldwide. I worked in Embassies for over 20 years during the 80's and 90s and during that time it (the Economist) was probably the most sought after mag when the diplomatic bag came in! That, dear friends, is no longer the case. Sad.
    Identity politics is, essentially, a form of intellectual and social apartheid. I am staggered that some have attempted to rebrand such a curse for such nefarious reasons.

  55. In Canada I’d like to see the NDP win so this blows up in their face. They based their whole campaign on IP and if they where to win it’d be interesting to see what happens when groups like the LGBTQ alliance, BLM, Muslim groups come to cash in.

    The all agree on stopping discrimination but each group wants to be dealt with first. To show results to their group. Being that the NDP candidate is a Sheik, if he helps the browns first instead of the blacks, the blacks will cry favouritism. If he helps the Blacks first the browns will call him a sell out. These groups don’t care about discrimination as a whole they only care about their group and if a sheik is PM they won’t have the White Boogey Man to use as a scapegoat.

  56. Identity politics is making polecies that favors certain identeties DIRECTLY over others in its cause and not effect. If were gonna descibe it in its UNDIRECT effect almost everything would be identity politics and the term looses its meaning.

  57. I think it would be better for identity to not be associated with things that shouldn't be important to other people because it's not their business because it's not causing harm. Associating such things with one's identity with regard to public policy is a sword poisoned on both sides. Get rid of it and quit fucking with people for no good reason. It's a bad solution to a fundamental problem in humans, which in the end only creates more problems. There is no use for identifying with irrelevant properties. Hope that makes sense.

  58. Identity politics is bad when we all already have the same rights.

    Women have some rights that men don't. Men don't have any rights that women don't. But men do have responsibilities that women don't. Like entering the draft.

    Can't say "my money my choice" when it comes to child support or alimony.

  59. Identity politics is not about reducing people to one characteristic, it a way of monitoring if society is open and equal. Same with measuring outcomes. It is a way of mobilising, if not. It is a way of ensuring that institutionally marginalised groups are protected and have recourse to legal protection. There are upsides and downsides to quotas. Identity politics should not be about silencing anyone, that would be divisive. Current politics arguably reject identity politics and are the most divisive we have seen in decades.

  60. Identity politics is wrong, it is completely wrong to discriminate against or demonize anyone based on their race or any factor beyond their choosing, be they black, white or any other race.

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