Armada in 90 Seconds: Ark Royal | World of Warships

Armada in 90 Seconds: Ark Royal | World of Warships

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British aircraft carriers Hermes,
Furious, and Implacable are well known to all fans of history. Each of them made their own battle
contribution to winning both World Wars. But the list wouldn’t be full
in World of Warships without Ark Royal. The carrier took part in the famous hunt
for German battleship Bismarck, and now fits confidently
at Tier VI in our game. Don’t get fooled
by those famous “Stringbags”— the Fairey Swordfish biplanes which were responsible for delivering
bombs and torpedoes from Ark Royal. Although they were inferior
in terms of their characteristics to the airplanes of other carriers,
they had decent firepower. It’s all about the numbers! Each squadron of the British carrier
comprises nine airplanes, but unlike the majority
of their counterparts, it’s not two, but three planes
that go on a target run. Two national features also highlight
the offensive power of Ark Royal: carpet bombing and a narrowing
cone for torpedo spread. Fast aircraft restoration also adds
a key advantage to Ark Royal’s aviation. While upgrading the carrier, we recommend improving
the duration of Engine Boost, the speed of her airplanes,
and keeping focus on the survivability and attack efficiency
of her squadrons. Ark Royal is the first
Tier VI Premium carrier— a ship for those
who like to stay on top!


  1. You can get Ark Royal here!

  2. Man I’m so glad they added this carrier. Now I don’t have to listen to to people complaining it’s not in the game because it’s the only British carrier they know.

  3. The ship is dog shit don’t buy her. This is coming from a super Unicum CV player. Furious is better in practically every way.

  4. Of course you use a cruiser for showing the "advantages" of the Ark Royal planes, because, when these things get in AA-Range of the Bismarck ingame they will get shredded into pieces in seconds.

  5. Reality : Helped slowing down bismarck.
    In game : Do no shit in battle and can't even lay a finger on bismarck…

    Luckily I got this thing for free, or else I would be really pissed off. In fact, getting a lousy ship for free is a big deal.

  6. I love this ship! Three-plane attack flights with a narrowing cone mean 3 torp strikes per salvo! And she's the prettiest carrier in the game! And aircraft regeneration speeds mean I am almost never short of Stringbag torpedo bombers!
    I really like how WoWS implemented Ark Royal. I'm Captain Bigglesworth, and this is my favourite carrier on the Citadel!

  7. Yes and how long 2 legendary USN CV will return? Yorktown and Essex Class, their contribution to WW2 were far better than those Royal tea bag CV and those Ranger, Midway in current beta

  8. British cv line in my mind if not rework
    Hermes iv
    Eagle v
    Furious vi
    Ark royal vii
    Ilustrious or imdomitable viii
    Implacable ix
    Audacious x

  9. When Britain need to training lot of crew about ark royal very quick.
    Or US training 100000 dump soilder in year.
    Fast like The video lol.

  10. Anyone miss the the 5-7 min long armadas? Like with Hood, Sharnhorst, Arizona etc. these 90 sec armadas don’t give that much information. I like the old one better


  12. I came back to the game to try out some new aircraft carriers but the controls are now baby mode were you fly cute airplanes around instead of the strategy and skill I remember so fondly. If Wargaming want this to be a simple kids game now thats fine they have that right but I don't want to waste any more of my money on this game.

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