Armed and Dangerous: Time and Heroes of Bret Harte (1977) movie

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Central Studio of Children and
Youth Films named after M. GORKY THlRD CREATlVE UNlON M. GORKY Film Studio thanks the “BARRANDOV” (CSSR) and
“BUCURESTl” (SRR) film studios for their assistance
in making this film. Wanted to throw us behind bars?
Now die yourself, like a dirty dog. Mister Fleming?! They killed me,
Conroy. Yes, they did. Gabriel, here are my notes. This map is a real fortune. A very big fortune. Go seek it. You have to do it now. For 10 years l’ve been… One day people… will remem… people will… remember. Bastards! Bastards! Wait! And what if he hasn’t died yet? ARMED AND VERY DANGEROUS Based on Francis Bret Harte’s
novel “The Time and lts Heroes” Starring: Gabriel Conroy DONATAS BANlONlS Jack Hamlin MlRCEA VEROlU Julie Prudomme LUDMlLA SENCHlNA Dolores Damphy MARlA PLOAE Peter Damphy LEONlD BRONEVOY Lucky Charlie LEV DUROV Henry York VSEVOLOD ABDULOV Shot Harry FERENC BENCZE Julian Barreto JAN SCHANlLEC Lawyer Starbottle ALGlS MASULlS Seller of mysteries GRlGORY LYAMPE Mister Trott SERGEY MARTlNSON Judge Fleming OLEG ZHAKOV lndian Joe TALGAT NlGMATULlN Groom Bill DMlTRY KRlCHUN Written by V. VLADlMlROVA, P. FlNN Directed by V. VAlNSHTOK Director of Photography K. RYZHOV Production Designer K. ZAGORSKY Music by G. FlRTlCH Sound by N. OZORNOV The State Symphony Orchestra of
the USSR Committee on Cinematography Conducted by M. ERMLER Lyrics by V. VYSOTSKY You’re snoring like hell! Next time l
won’t let you here on the coach-seat. Hi, Bill! Happy to see you. Thanks, Mister Harry. Likewise. How are things? What’s
the news in the politics? Basically, nothing’s new. However, there’s word the US
President has been very pissed off since you refused to
become his cabinet member. A good gag, dude! Only love letters. And we need cash! Shot Harry. l would have
rather called you “Thug Harry”. Word’s out, 7 years back
you with some other thugs mercilessly killed Judge Fleming. Say, who were your
accomplices? Did you get me? He’ll kill him. Look, Bill, l got no
time. So hurry up, too. The nearest mental institution
will be soon closed, you need to rush there
and turn in this guy. – Better answer me.
– l didn’t want to kill him. Mister Harry! Wow! Such a handsome guy! And,
probably, from a rich family. Where are your millions, sugar? ln the bank. And here’s my checkbook. What about a quick game of cards? Great! What’s your bet? Okay! Come on! – A ten.
– Hands up! Don’t shoot! Put down the guns! Go! Well done! Did you get me? No big deal. lt’s you
who really did well. First time in my life l fought for
money some other place than at the table. Right. You know, miss, you’re the bravest, and the best woman l’ve ever seen. Probably, you just haven’t
met many women in your life. Frankly, you’re right. We call upon our newspaper readers to share our grief with us. lt’s very touching to see here,
by my father-in-law’s casket, the outstanding citizen of our town, the king of mining and
the banker Peter Damphy. “No,”
– we exclaim. “He’ll take care that this noted
family won’t lose its glamour, when he becomes the
husband of the gorgeous Dolores de Salvatiero.” Aren’t you ashamed
to write this crap? You’re an impudent boy, Henry York. Remember – in our business even
minor things come in handy, to say nothing of the gossip column. You’re desperate to get hot
news, and what if there’s none? You need to dig something up.
There’re loads of uncovered crimes, mysterious disappearances,
secrets, tragedies around us. Shakespeare’s characters have
just changed their professions: Lady Macbeth serves
beer and gin in a saloon, and Yago is an ice-cream retailer
opposite the Central Park. June 12th, Bears Canyon. The armed assault of Shot
Harry’s gang on a mail-coach. 7 passengers, 4 bags full of mail and 17,000 dollars in cash
– Mining Bank’s property. Go ahead. – What does it mean?
– 10 bucks. The assault was rebuffed. The
participants of this fight – the prospector Conroy and the gambler
Hamlin can give you bigger details. – They are not far away now.
– Do you know where exactly? – How much?
– A double price. These days basically everything
can be put up for sale, even humans. As for me, l sell news, tips, secrets.
And they all come with a full warranty. lf you need me, you’ll find me any time after
sunset in the “Chikotes” bar. They’re staying at the “Miner” Hotel. Sir, why did you come to me?
We haven’t met before, have we? l heard you say Shakespeare’s
characters live among us. Mister Hamlin! Mister Hamlin! – l want you to meet this writer.
– Just a newspaper reporter. – Henry York from the “Golden Age”.
– Glad to meet you. He’s here to ask us about
our encounter with Thug Harry. But that’s not the point. You know,
l subscribe to this “Golden Age”. And then paper the
walls with its copies. lt makes the room kind of warmer, and
some of the pictures are very cute. About 5 days ago l
saw a classified there. Here. Read it. Those who have any information
on the late judge Henry Fleming, killed under mysterious
circumstances in the winter of 1852, are requested to contact Mister York
at the newspaper editorial office. Okay, let’s restore the truth and
justice, and punish the villains. – Absolutely.
– And why? You didn’t know Fleming.
He was a real scholar. A very sensitive and kind
man, a true American citizen. He was killed to hush-hush a
crime, very serious for our society. We are obliged to find his killers. – But why?
– l don’t get you. Fleming is dead. Let either the earth
or God take care of him. You choose. There isn’t, wasn’t and won’t
be any justice in this world. And what about the murderers? l’m sure they’re very old now and
their wives are cheating on them. Their kids are losers,
they got debts and gout. What’s the big deal how
these bastards will die: in their beds or on the gallows. Don’t say this. You’re
not sincere, saying so. No, l’m an ordinary guy and
l don’t wish evil to anyone, but if there’s no
justice in the world, why live then? Did you get me? The judge was tracking this gang, and, probably, he was aware, that
sooner or later they’d cap him. Before he died, he gave me his
notebook and a deed for a lot of land. l’m living on this
land now, you know. – And what can you say about Damphy?
– Damphy? He surtaced like a bubble from the rotten
bog mud, like many other rich men did. He’s very efficient,
energetic and lucky. He buys lots, houses, pedigree horses.
His most recent purchase was a wife. Her parents were totally ruined. Mister Conroy, l can’t figure
out many of these notes, but l need to track them down.
And l’m gonna search for them. And you’ll end up finding nothing. l know these local murders
– commonly no leads, no traces. The sun is setting. We’ll find the guy who can
help us in the Spanish Quarter. Let’s go. Bye, Mister Hamlin. Why are you getting by? Where are you hurrying? Come with me, sugar. Hey, wait. Here they are! l know them! They cut out my buddy’s
heart! Fried it and ate it up. – Pancho, shoot them!
– Scram! They’ve come to me. l’ve been waiting for
you. This way, please. l got very little
information on Judge Fleming. Does he know the
reason why we are here? l know a lot. That’s
true, Mister Conroy, but not all. Sit down, please. You’ve come here to
uncover the truth, but l don’t know if
it’ll do you good or bad. Let’s go, Mister Hamlin. l remember his eyes
when he was dying. l put his head in my
lap, and he whispered: Geib, go seek it.
lt’s a real fortune. And after his words l’ve been
digging on my lot for 7 years already. For 7 years l’ve been
seeking this gold vein. All guys are laughing at me. Keep on seeking, Conroy. Judge
Fleming knew what he was talking about. Then he handed me a
notebook and a map. A map? You didn’t
mention a map to me. lt was a map, l guess. A
kind of piece of parchment. But l lost it. Probably,
there, in the forest. You mean the map is lost? – But it might’ve been found.
– By whom? By the one who used to be
poor, but who’s very rich now. The day after tomorrow l’ll tell you
everything in the old Spanish cemetery at 6 in the evening. All l’ll come to know. And how much will it cost? One grand. l got about 600 dollars
worth of gold sand on me. You still have time. Turn
for help to your buddies. We don’t have such buddies. And what about Hamlin? Young man, at times we don’t
know who’s our true friend and who’s our foe till
the very last moment. But this is another secret.
Too bad, it’s not for sale. Hi, sheriff. Who are you? – Your conscience.
– What do you want? Peter Damphy, l’ve come to remind you that although Judge Fleming’s
bones turned into ashes ages ago, his soul keeps roaming the world
and it won’t be let go in peace. Oh, Peter, you’ve become so edgy. You’ve always dug theatrical
cheap stuff, Lucky Charlie, but, honestly, today that was close. Hi. Help yourself. Don’t laugh at my boots. They got the dust and mud of all the
roads of our great America on them. And of all jails, too. The jail, like a
grave, is open for all. – But not for me.
– Get a load of these millionaires! Why this masquerade?
Are you blackmailing me? May l die from hunger or eat
from the same bowl with the blacks if l dare blackmail my old buddy. l place business above
all. What do you want? Peter, l place kindness above all.
l’ve thought about help on my way here. That’s different, then. You didn’t get it. l
don’t ask you for help. lt’s you who asks me not to blab
around how we took out Fleming. A murder is no big deal here. Do you want me to blab around
how you got back to the woods? Do you remember it? And picked up Fleming’s map? You couldn’t see it. Just couldn’t. Right. l didn’t see it. l heard it 30 minutes ago. What else did you hear? The old man charged one grand, but
they gotjust 600 dollars on them. – They count on their buddy.
– What’s his name? Hamlin. Mrs. Damphy, l’ve come to congratulate
you on your happy marriage. Madam, l dared to bring him here.
l thought you’ll be glad to see him. Make sure no one comes in here. Jack! Darling. Peter Damphy is a criminal. This Fleming knew it all: where this gold is,
where silver is hidden. But he couldn’t
predict one minor thing: that l, who he treated like a dirty
dog, would inherit all his riches. lt would’ve come as
a big surprise to him. Say, aren’t you scared? God backs up the rich and the strong,
or there’ll be no poor and weak ones. l can’t believe it. lf l had
gotten back to the woods then, l’d be in your place now. And l’d be rich and
handsome, like a circus owner. No, Charlie, you
belong where you are, and l belong where l’m. Here’s your book. l would’ve returned it earlier,
but you didn’t want to see me. This is a lie. l wanted to see you, but my dad
was ruined. He begged me and cried. Only Damphy could save him. lt’s not my fault. No one is ever guilty. No one is ever guilty of anything. You don’t love me anymore, right? l’m sorry, Mrs. Damphy,
but this is unfair. Let’s get out of here, Dolores. You
can’t stay in this bastard’s house. l can’t. l don’t want to throw my mom
and my brothers into poverty again. Swear that you will
seal up your lips. Come on, you didn’t
say anything to me. You’ve just had a dream. You’ve
just read too many Dumas’ books. No, they even mentioned the murdered
guy’s name. A certain judge Fleming. Judge Fleming? Did you know him? You asked me to seal up my
lips, so l won’t say a word. Barreto, this is my old buddy, Mister Charlie. Tell him the names
of our new friends. Conroy and Henry York
from the “Golden Age”. – Will you remember, Julian?
– Sure, senor. Bill, my little one. Give me your head, cutie. You heard it all. l hope
you won’t tell anyone, right? My sweetie, my babe… And now l’d like to know what trumps those buddies of the untimely
deceased judge Fleming got. That’s her! That very Julie. She’s such a good shot! You would’ve fallen
for her right away. All are free! l want you to meet my friend.
-Henry. -Julie. l’ve always firmly believed that
life brings all good people together. This is not the best
place for such meetings. No. Today l’m gonna take away
a couple of millions from them. Wish me good luck,
Julie. Did you get me? Don’t play cards with them.
These rascals will rip you off. – Who stakes?
– Me. Rookies strike it lucky. “Lighten up. Leave all your
sad feelings behind the door. “Pay me, and l promise
to entertain you. “Wait. l’ll leave
you for a brief while, “l’ll just sing my song to
the end and be right back. “Plunge into reverie and try
not to think about bad things. “Leave all those malicious faces
round the corner to your right. “Leave all your pains and
concerns to your bitter enemy, “And l’m ready to help you do this. “When you’re too conceited,
we get bored to death. “Tired men are fun assassins. “They’ll never have an extra
drink, and they lack spirit in them, “Until l say some
magic words to them. “Oh, it’s so hot! “lt’s so unbearably hot in here! “This is just a game, like our
whole life is just a game, too. “But at times while
gambling we strike it lucky “and there are lucky numbers, too. “There’s no gold valley,
butjust losses and ashes. “And a guy wins if he
got certain numbers. “Go gamble, butjust for
fun, and never for money, “And you’ll strike it lucky
– the lucky number will be yours. ” Yours! “We got no pelerine on, we fly
about like buttertlies in the pollen. “And men, staring at
us, change in the faces. “Come on, fly with us and be
carefree, like you’re in a meadow. “And l’m ready to help you do this. “Come on, fly with us and be
carefree, like you’re in a meadow. “And l’m ready to help you do this.” Are they increasing stakes?! Lucky they are. So you came here, huh? After you refused to help us out, we had no other choice. And this is not so bad, you know. He stakes his last money! Your card is beaten. Maybe, now you’ll let me try? Here’s gold sand worth 300 bucks. As my master says “l’m
a businesslike man.” Right. 300 bucks. – Who’s his master?
– Damphy, a banker. – How much did you lose?
– All he had. 600 bucks. All our money. lt’s better this way, you know. l used to know a guy, and
he ended up very badly: he hid marked cards
in the same sling. l can’t deal with my arm in a sling,
however l can shoot with my left hand. l stake 600 bucks. That’s exactly how much
l need to buy a new buggy. You’ll have to walk now. Here, Gabriel, and
never ever gamble again. You’ll need them, if you
want to continue the game. So this is true that Damphy
pays his lackeys very good money. Who?! Who says it?! A buddy of mine. He got a wooden leg, one eye, and two fingers are
missing on his right hand. To make it still worse, he
suffers from consumption. He himself can’t prove that he’s
telling the truth as he’s too weak, so he asked me to speak in his name. Okay, deal now. And you’ll get
it or l’m not Julian Barreto. The old man won’t sell
the secret for 600 dollars. l can’t help you. Friends don’t act this
way. Neither do gentlemen. Come on, you’re rich. Why
don’t you want to help us? Look, you can’t ask a gentleman
about it, however l’ll answer. l don’t want you to be in
the Spanish cemetery tonight. Julie! l guess l saw you in the
same state 3 years ago, in New Orleans, when you
met the magician Twing. He was a real bastard.
Don’t bring it back. You’re in love. This is so dreadful, Jack. On the contrary, it’s fabulous! Today l won about 5 grand, grab them and run
away from these scum. l can’t. l belong here. And what about him? He’s too good for me,
and… l’m too bad for him. lt won’t work. – Gabriel Conroy?
– Yes. Why didn’t you forbid him to gamble?
He’s so naive, like born yesterday. lt cost me much effort to
make him take 400 dollars. You gave him money! – What’s wrong, Jack?
– Why did you give him money?! Hands behind your back! Now! Your work? – l didn’t kill him.
– Then it’s them, right? They came after me. This is true. l followed them. You won’t be wrong if you hold
him liable for this murder. He’s a gambler and a card sharp. Shortly before, in the saloon
he threatened me with a gun. l sent a boy to warn you, and ran after him. But,
l’m sorry, l’m late. ln the name of the United
States you’re arrested. Jack! Why don’t you say anything?! Go back to Saint-Joe, Conroy.
And you, too, Henry York. One death is enough for us. What are your names?
We might need you. – l guess it’s not necessary.
– Yes, Mister Damphy. Thank you, mister… Any time. l’m always happy to help a guy from
the glorious Saint-Joe settlement. l’m from those parts, too. Sorry, l can’t remember you. And l remember you very
well, and your buddy Fleming. Did you know the Judge? And who doesn’t? My wife and
l will be very glad to see you. Drop by. We’ll talk about
Fleming. He was a good guy, right? An excellent one. Alright, Mister Damphy. l’m
leaving the Judge’s notes with you. Show them to scholars.
Did you get me? Of course, l can do this. Who knows,
maybe you’ll become a millionaire. l’d sooner become a Russian
tsar than find my gold vein. Take care of yourself. l’ll finally
get back to my home in Saint -Joe. Mister Damphy, could you do me
a favor? Help out Hamlin, please. l can’t believe that
he killed the old man. l believe in American justice.
Don’t worry. Everything will be okay. – Charlie, walk him out.
– Thank you for all. Let the servants go. Peter, you know that Hamlin
hasn’t killed anyone. Excuse me? – l love him.
– What? l love him! l appreciate that you’re honest
with me, but he’s gonna rot in jail. No way, you’ll help
him escape from it. Oh no! l marry a poor girl,
pay her father’s debts, support all her family,
satisfy all her whims, she cheats on me with her lover, and
l’m supposed to arrange his escape?! You’re just a whore,
madam! A cocotte! And as long as Hamlin is safe, l won’t tell anyone
that the banker Damphy killed Judge Fleming and that
he’s stolen all his riches. Julian! Take Mrs. Damphy to the ranch, and you’re to watch her every
step and control her every move! Yes, senor. Charlie. Here’re 500 bucks for the sheriff.
Make sure he sets Hamlin free. Tell him to get out of here! And don’t say anything to me! l’m happy that l met you, Gabriel. Why don’t you go with me?
We’ll be seeking gold together. Life is more serene there
than here, in the city. No, l’ll stay here. You’re looking for riches, and
l’m going to look forjustice. Yes, l will, no matter
what Hamlin says. Poor Jack. What have
they done to him? He broke out ofjail at sunrise. Thank God! Geib, my horses won’t
wait even for a president. Coming! lf you remember, l once said that
you’re the best woman in the world. Julie, l live in Saint-Joe
settlement. Did you get it? Go! Come on! Go! “Remember it! “Superstitions are just
crap, shoot at the black cat, “But never forget to
spit out three times! “And don’t fear anything! “lf you believe in God and pray,
you might dodge the doom’s day, “However you’ll never
dodge a bullet, gentlemen! “Who’s going stealthily by the
wall? Always hiding in the shadow. “His steps are so soft. “Watch your back! “He lied that the truth is in
wine, but those who trusted him, got all stabbed dead. “Watch your back! “You can’t recognize the face behind a
mask, and his eyes are 9 grams of lead. “He got a precise
and clear-cut plan! “He’ll never stick his neck
out, he’s heavily armed. “And he’s very, “Very dangerous! Peter! “Don’t confide “Neither your secrets nor
dreams to him. Don’t blab to him. “And don’t stick your necks out!” l’ve arrived in this new Babylon of
yours from my out-of-the-way place. Julie! l’d like to try myself in the
line of American democracy. l’m running for Congress! – How much does it cost?
– Who? Your democracy. Do the math, wrap it up and mail to
me. l’ll pay and you’ll be elected. l’ll dedicate my first speech to
you. And l promise it’ll be brilliant. “His pupils are black and
empty, like a gun’s barrel. ” You can’t recognize the face behind a
mask, and his eyes are 9 grams of lead. “He got a precise
and clear-cut plan. “He won’t stick out his
neck, and he’s heavily armed! “And he’s very, “very dangerous! “Dangerous. “Dangerous. “Dangerous.” Sit down! When will you leave me alone? This stupid Conroy has
fallen for you, right? Sit! They are all bastards. l
mean Conroy, Hamlin. Go! Go! This is my wife’s bedroom. You see where l receive
you? You, a whore. However, my wife is a whore, too. You’re all cheaters and bitches. And l’m so lonesome. l’m so awfully lonesome. No one loves me. And could you love me? Everyone got his bit of love
– beggars, vagabonds. l’m sure. And l, Peter Damphy, am so lonely. Master! What do you want? l rode all the way here. Today in the morning, on
Conroy’s lot of land… lncredible! This is worth millions
of dollars! This is oil! And it is mine! And, Julie,
you’re gonna help me with it. Take the best horses, Julian. You’ll take the would-be Mrs.
Conroy to Saint-Joe settlement. Now you’ll be singing
for me every day. No way, Gabriel. You don’t like this thing? l asked
Damphy to get the most costly one. l like all you do, but,
please, don’t ask me to sing. l’m trying to erase
the past from my memory. Okay, Julie. As you wish. But this is the hell
of crap. Did you get me? Mrs. and Mr. Conroy. Mr. and Mrs. Conroy. And if you hate this
piano, l’ll throw it away. Forget it, it costs a real fortune! Damphy says that we
make 20 dollars a minute. And that’s just the beginning! l’ll go check how they’re pumping
our millions out of the earth. Hey, pal, do you know
where Mr. Conroy is? Mr. Conroy? No, l never heard of him. But if you need your friend Gabriel
Conroy, you’re looking at him. What’s wrong? You got ruined while l
was getting here from the settlement? Today l’m way richer
than l was yesterday. And tomorrow, l’ll be
way richer than today. Let’s go. Don’t tell Julie
that you saw me here. What have you been doing all this
time? -Looking for the murderers. Sure. Don’t think l’ve
forgotten about it, Henry. Yeah… You look
handsome in this jacket. l don’t care if all my
riches burn down to ashes. My top priority is Julie’s happiness. Happiness can’t be measured
by the amount of dollars. Sorry for bothering you, master. Have you all gone nuts? When we were caught in a blizzard and
l carried you, as your legs were frozen, you didn’t call me “master”, right? Okay, chill it. Basically,
that’s not the point. There’s word there’ll be new
oil wells on our lots, okay? What?! Yeah. And we were ordered
to get out of here. And you didn’t shoot the bastard
who came up with this idea? No, we didn’t. l don’t recognize you. But why?! For the sole reason that this bastard happens to be you, Gabriel.
That’s what they told us. lf you can think back to a single
incident when l acted like a bastard or a betrayer, you
may blow out my brains. So?! Go look for your gold.
No one will hurt you. Did you get me? So you kept on searching
for Fleming’s killers? Right, and l think l’ve
tracked down one of them. So? Who is he? Peter Damphy. Never drink before lunch, pal. Drink as much as you wish while you eat,
but never drink on an empty stomach… l didn’t drink. This is
all very serious. Watch out. Peter Damphy is an honest American and
my friend. More than a friend, l’d say. You’ll see it today. l, Joshua Starbottle,
a lawyer and a notary, validate that as of today Mr. Gabriel Conroy and Mr. Peter Damphy enter into
an agreement, declaring them legal partners and co-owners of the Saint-Joe oil field. Did you get me? Mister Damphy will be held
liable for oil extraction, refining, transportation and product
sales, covering all these expenses, while Mister Conroy is obliged
to allow him to carry out oil search and new wells
drilling on his lots of land. Wait! On all the lots apart from those
where my guys are prospecting for gold. l talked to the prospectors.
They gave their consent. And l object to it! Add
this point to the agreement. ln big letters and put
the exclamatory mark! Mister Damphy will be upset. No way. Peter will understand me. Go on, lawyer. What else is there? ln case of unstipulated
circumstances, like someone’s sudden death, all the rights
are handed over to the immediate heirs of the partners and co-owners,
namely to their wives: Mrs. Conroy and Mrs. Damphy. Sign up here, please. Congratulations, Mr. Conroy. l’ve always said that rich
people must stick together. So? Are you happy? When l die, you won’t fall. Cut it out. Don’t die, please. Okay. l’ll try. So, Henry, what will you say? Ah? Wake me up. What have you done?! This is what Julie
wanted. And she is right. Business is not in my line. Damphy is
an expert. So let him deal with oil. As for Julie and me, we’ll just
live quietly and happily from now on. Can l speak at least to God
without you sticking around? No, you can’t, senora. Neither to God, nor to the devil. l got orders not to leave
you alone with any men. ln this case l will
pray to Holy Maria, so that she will help
me to run away from you. She won’t help you. l wouldn’t think so. l’ll ask her
to turn you into a rock, bastard, to make you blind and deaf-mute! Move it! Go! Go! Go! Get a load of it! This is Charlie! And l took you for a ghost. l could’ve easily become one. Forgive them, they’re like kids
and are just happy to have any fun. l can offer your kids
something way more exciting. That’s why l’ve come here. – l won’t let you in!
– But l must see him! Why is this woman here? She
caused you enough pain as it is. Leave us alone, mother. Why did you come? We are not to
meet anymore, Dolores. Sit down. l found out that you’re hiding
at your wet-nurse’s house. So what? Joe told me that your
friends are in big danger. l’m sorry, but l quitted this game. Though l’m with Damphy, l
want to stop him making evil. Get back home. You taught me that we can always
achieve justice in this life. Right, if life is
long enough for that. – And if we are together?
– Cut it out, Dolores. l don’t want it. Okay, l’ll get back home. But if you love me,
you’ll come after me. l’m totally fine now. No, you’re not fine.
You feel as bad as l do. l told Peter everything,
you know! Everything! Jack, we’re destined to be together. l can’t stay with him
any longer, l love you. We’ll drive these dirty prospectors
out of these lots right away. No, don’t touch Conroy so
far. This is Damphy’s order. He can’t order me. Never. He
can only ask me. Remember it. What do you have against Peter? My master proposed to him to team-up.
But he turned this offer down. And my master is
very touchy, you know. And who’s your master? Doesn’t matter, but he’s worth
5 million more than Damphy. Wow! And maybe he’d like to adopt
me, huh? l’m an obedient kid. Didn’t you strike it rich, after
Damphy conned Conroy into it? l’m as poor as Jove from the Bible. Hypocrisy, my son, is
the worst of the sins. He pays me the manager’s
salary, and not a penny more. Too bad! And he himself has this
oil pumped directly to the bank. Look, talk to your master. l’m
sick and tired of being penniless. And l got some information on Damphy. lf someone shows you the other
half, do as this guy commands. And he won’t hurt you.
This is for certain. – Where’s Conroy?
– He’s sleeping. Does he know what’s about to happen?
– Sure. Ask him to close his eyes
to what Harry is gonna do. We must have these
lots. There’s oil there. That’s none of my business. Did you forget who
saved you from jail? -No. Why don’t you want to help then? l don’t want him to dump me. Julie, for me business comes
first. l made you Conroy’s wife, but any minute you
may end up his widow. Sleep on it. ls it time? How very amazing! l’ve never had dreams before, and today
l had a dream, and it was like in reality. Like l’m a kid, and my late
father and l are going up the hill. l’m going first, and
he’s following me. Then l turned round,
and my dad is gone. And l’m standing atop
the hill by myself. Totally alone. And at that moment you
roused me from sleep. Gabriel, do you love me? -l love
you very much. And you know it. – And what could you do for me?
– Anything. – Julie, l don’t understand it.
– Tell your men not to resist. Go to bed, Julie. – l’m serious.
– Even for you l won’t do this! Really? -l don’t want
any blood spilt tomorrow. Why don’t you say anything?
Come on. Say something. Alright. Maybe sometime he’ll redeem his sin. Freeze! Stay where you are! Freeze! Freeze! What, Conroy? Go away, guys! Please. There’ll be too much blood. – But you promised to us!
– How come, Gabriel! Why are you going
back on your word now?! You betrayed us! God is yourjudge. Oh, Christ! He’ll never forgive me! Your newspaper spread a rumor that
we’ve extracted almost all our oil. But l don’t care. Those who’re trading “Saint-Joe” shares
so cheap now, we’ll lose in the end. Say to your paper that we
start drilling in a new place. The best place for your house is the woods
or the hills, where there’s no gold and oil. Peter, you saw l entered one
stipulation in our agreement: the lots, which l handed over to my
buddies-prospectors, remain untouched. – Right, l saw it.
– And you violated it? Why me? This is Shot Harry. He
got his own scores to settle. The thug drives people away from
the land, and after that we come, and search for oil
to get our millions. So what? Don’t you understand? We’re no
better than him. Just the same thugs. Did you get me? No, l didn’t. The late Judge Fleming
used to say to me: if a shark once tries human
flesh, it’ll take no other bait. What are Conroy and Damphy
going to do tomorrow? Peter! l think he’s sick. No, he’s getting over it. Look, l wanted to
ask you for something. l hate it how you call
me Peter in public. “Master” or “Mister
Damphy” will be fine. Okay? As you wish. Hey, you! Time to get
roused, start your junk! So cute. Good horses.
Very expensive, l guess? – Okay, what’s next?
– Move it, sonny. Let me pass. They don’t serve there. No big deal. l got something on me. Buy the “Saint-Joe”
shares. And promptly. Try to hold on for the next few days. We’re expecting to
find oil any minute. Mister Trott? Hi, sonny. l’ve come to talk to you. Alright, alright. Aren’t
you afraid to lose, sonny? The land in the settlement oozes oil. l heard it, and l’m
very happy for you. You know, it’s me who ordered
Shot Harry to bring his guys there. Thanks. Don’t thank me. l did it
for myself, not for you. l don’t get you. “Trott & Damphy Petroleum.” The
estimated turnover capital 20 million. Export to Europe. No way. Okay, fine. – A good fabric.
– From Paris. – Expensive?
– About 100 bucks. 100 bucks? These
outfits will ruin you! So the answer is “no”? You got a good master. – The riches spoiled him.
– Absolutely. He got too much money.
Why don’t you drop by? Yes, sir. Each gets 50 bucks! Congratulations! Looks like it’s in blood. Excuse me? Maybe, it’s Judge Fleming’s
blood? Did you get me? We’re all mortal, anyway. And not a single baby, who lay in a
cradle, could avoid a casket in the future. What do you mean? -Conroy once
lay in a cradle, too, right? He’s gone. Barreto guards the madam. Dolores! Jack! Sorry. l’ve come without any warning. Why are you so quiet all the
time? Say something, please. l love you so much. l’ve never loved
anyone like this in my damned life. l’ve never seen such
pure guys in my life. You didn’t feel ashamed of my past, but
my background was not a secret to you. And l’ve done it solely
out of love for you. Gabriel, do you remember
how l used to sing? Yes, l do, Julie. l do remember this. l want you to remember it very
clearly, how l sang back then. “Lighten up. Leave all your
sad feelings behind the door. “Pay me, and l promise
to entertain you. “Wait. l’ll leave
you for a brief while, ”l’ll just sing my song to
the end and be right back. “Plunge into reverie, and try
not to think about bad things. “Leave all these malicious faces
round the corner to your right. “Leave all your pains and
concerns to your bitter enemy, “And l’m ready to help you do this. “When you’re too conceited,
we get bored to death. “Tired men are fun assassins. “They’ll never have an extra
drink, and they lack spirit in them, “Until l say some
magic words to them. “There’s no gold valley,
butjust losses and ashes. “And a guy wins if he
got certain numbers. “Go gamble butjust for
fun, and never for money, “And the lucky number will be yours!” – Calm down, you shouldn’t worry.
– l can do everything. Forgive me, Gabriel. “Lighten up. Leave all your
sad feelings behind the door. “Pay me, and l promise
to entertain you. “Wait, l’ll leave
you for a brief while. “l’ll just sing my song to
the end and be right back.” Gentlemen! As long as gold and oil, cotton and sugar belong to us, America will continue being a
powertul and prosperous nation. And it’s as true as the fact
that the sun will rise tomorrow. Why are you so worried? Have fun! The shareholders of Damphy’s
Banking House can afford it. l got very strange
news from San Antonio. The stock exchange is seized by panic.
Strange and unpleasant rumors go around. What kind of rumors? About you, Peter. Don’t believe them, general. Today l’m
so strong that l can wring anyone’s neck. – So?
– lt’s okay, master. ls he dead? He couldn’t be more dead. Mister Charlie asked
you to come over to him. Me? Has he gone nuts? He asked you very much. He said
he’s sick and can’t walk at all. What’s wrong?! You’re done, Peter. You think you can scare me?! lt’s very sad, but today the court received some
evidence related to your past. Yes. l’ll buy and sell your fucking
court with all its fucking judges. You got no money for it,
sonny. l warned you, didn’t l? You’re rolling in luxury. lt’s a no go. l never bought expensive
fabrics for myself, however l saved up
a pretty sum of money and bought all your shares. So no hard feelings, sonny. Today go party for the last time, and
then you’ll be Charlie’s assistant. lf he takes you. l’ll hire you. Come tomorrow. No… No! l’m still alive! No. Okay, l gotta go. l’ll catch up with my guys. There’s
word they set out for Pine-Tree Hill. They’ll forgive me. However, l’ve done
away with all this shit! Did you get me? THE END

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