Assassin’s Creed Odyssey DLC – Legacy of the First Blade: Hunted Review

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey DLC – Legacy of the First Blade: Hunted Review

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(footsteps crunching gravel) (bow stretches) (arrow whooshing) (man gasps in pain) – [Brandin] As the first
part of the first batch of post-launch content for
Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, Legacy of the First Blade Hunted is a short, straightforward dose of just some of what
makes Odyssey so good. Though it doesn’t do
anything particularly new, Hunted does double down
on the behind-the-scenes shadow syndicate structure, that made picking of the Cult of Cosmos across the Ancient Greek world so enjoyable, (battle cries) and introduces a great new villain. (sword clanging) (rocks crumbling) (groaning) (gravel crunching) – Who are you? – [Narrator] Hunted is
a good starting point for a much larger plot
that was just eluded to in the base game. While the lack of an
Assassin’s Brotherhood sub-plot in Odyssey never really bothered me, this introduction of a
well-known Persian figure from that lore, and his
back story, is interesting enough to make me want to
continue filling in those gaps after Hunted’s three to
five hour runtime is over. With new allies comes new antagonists. Returning from its introduction
in Assassin’s Creed Origins is the Order of the Ancient, which, if you’re keeping score at home, eventually evolves into the Templar Order. It operates similarly
to the Cult of Cosmos, with its own web of web of masked figures that must be investigated, uncovered, and eliminated one by one. As this is only the first third of the full downloadable content, those efforts are focused solely on just one branch of the tree, which offers a scant seven targets. However, Hunted does
introduce one of the more intriguing and memorable
villians in Odyssey. And that’s because he poses as much of a psychological
threat as a physical one to Alexios or Cassandra. Listening to his ghostly,
disembodied voice taught me about all the people I’ve killed in a bid to be a hero, has me excited to see what new characters Ubisoft has in store down the line. – [Villain] Look at them. Do you remember their screams? Does it weigh on you, all
of the misery you’ve caused? – [Narrator] The entirety of this episode takes place in the georgeous, fiery, red-orange forests of
the Macedonia region. Though it’s a large chunk of land, aside from one mission where you briefly take to the sea, you’ll never leave it. Which might be a tad disappointing if you’ve already scoured it like I have. Beyond the story and characters, Hunted does add some new
weapons and armor to collect, but not much that changes the gameplay to any interesting degree. The exception to that being a new skill in the Stealth Tree called Death Veil, which makes bodies of enemies you’ve assassinated disappear. It’s a useful trick that
improves quality of life, so you’re not micro-managing
corpse disposal during several of Hunted’s missions that strongly encourage
a stealthy approach, which should make fans of
older Assassin’s Creeds happy. – [Hooded Character] I could
hear you all the way from here, – [Main Character] Then why ask? – Integrity is important. – [Narrator] For more on
Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, check out the opening minutes of Legacy of the First
Blade Hunted gameplay. You can see my original Odyssey review, and a montage of every
Assassin’s Creed review score IGN has ever given, and
for everything else, you are already in the right place right here on IGN. (painful moaning)


  1. Soldier: Stop Running….
    Videogamedunkey: hehe
    Soldier: I'll Crush you…
    Videogamedunkey: haha he did Alright
    Soldier: VICTORY!

  2. I feel like The Huntsman would be more impressive if that one sequence was not so still. I get that the whole camera angles switching from character to character is more rpg-like, but the fact that the camera moved during cinematics in older AC's gave a certain effect to characters

  3. i like that the first Episode focus on one Region… i think some of odyssey regions wasnt focus enough in the main game so its really cool to see that they try to do it now with the dlc

  4. I wonder if this rpg element of assassins creed will lead to an mmorpg game slapped with assassins creed name on it….again

  5. Noticed the missions were set at Lvl 50. Is this because he was level 50 or is the DLC recommended you play at Lvl 50? Because if so, does the DLC have an item that gets you to Lvl 50 immediately or maybe a way to just play that DLC?

    I’m Lvl like 26, maybe 27 and I’m super close to finishing the game knowing all too well I’m not making it to Lvl 50. I’ve heard so many mixed opinions on the level of difficulty it is to get from Lvl 1-50 and ultimately the slow progression of earning XP is what’s put me off the game currently

  6. When what is supposed to be the core of the game in a sense is received as a DLC….regardless still not an Assassin's Creed game.

  7. Can anyone tell me how this game can be compared to the Witcher 3? And which is better?
    Btw i was asking this because i just recently started playing TW3 and it was my first time. It's one of my fav games of all time already 😍

  8. correct me if i'm wrong AC is just a demo of whatever simulation of any period that introduced to gamer under AC. if any project made it to the top. then it become a unique separate franchise. this happened to black flag. and with the acquisition of an online servers company. Ubi might release extra titles. perhaps it might merge two combat mechanic systems of two titles' odyssey and for honour.

  9. I've seen this happen time and time again with everything from games to even music bands. They have a period of prosperity then their games get boring by following the same formulas. So the developer tries to change the game but people complain about it not being said game and a fair bit of the time it's a change for the better

  10. too high a price for what it offers. and as for corpse management.. i LIKE doing that. lame skill. guess i should be glad.. since i dont want the dlc now. =)

  11. I finally finished the base game after 110 hours. Great game. I may have to pick this DLC up after all of the episodes are out.

  12. This DLC Retcon Origins. Why people hate it is not because of the gameplay, but the lore. This game ditched Origins lore, it's just doesn't make sense

  13. Honestly I feel the best gameplay change is that the hunting mechanic was taken out, I hated having to stop everything to go hunt 20 deer to make my health bar bigger. It was just so obnoxious imo

  14. It's too expensive for something which is just 3 hours long and only one third of a larger package still being made. It's not right, I already bought the game.

  15. Hmm..I remember…when Aya gives bayek the hidden blade saying it was forged and weilded by our ancestors….so it has some connection with origins..!!!

  16. Smh this entire series is the same and over the course of 11 years has had no major change to any of its aspects. If you want proof compare the first one and the most recent title.

  17. They had a Greek section in Origins so this cannot help but feel like a reskin to me. Probably a great game but right after finishing origins, I wouldn't feel like I'm playing a new game. Ile get it when it's $15

  18. I really interested in this assassin creeds game but I would rather wait until Black Friday or cyber Monday to pick it up.

  19. I find it insulting that this was a DLC and not the main game. I'm looking at a man who wielded the FIRST HIDDEN BLADE and I can't play as him. Or actually get to experience his story. We could've seen the ACTUAL start for the Order of Ancients and have so many questions answered. Where did they come from? Who made the first blade? How did Darius get it? Who trained him? Why did he kill his king? And what do we get? Two small cutscenes that explain NONE OF THAT

  20. Origins had a much better DLC. Much better campaign.

    Origins and Odyssey are so similar I kept finding myself saying the whole game “Origins did ____ better”. After I finish the episodes, game is getting taken back, since Origins… better.


  21. I liked the main game and have finished most of the main quests (can't beat Medusa). That said, really regret buying this DLC. $XX for two hours game play that really does not offer anything new at all. Avoid.

  22. Odyseey is one of the best assassins creed games I have played (black flag my favourite though)… I like Diablo, Path of Exile also, so changing this game in more RPG-ish, its very cool. Too bad that naval combat its lame ( not too challenging).

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