Asuravadham 2019 New Released Full Hindi Dubbed Movie | M.Sasikumar,Nandita Swetha

Asuravadham 2019 New Released Full Hindi Dubbed Movie | M.Sasikumar,Nandita Swetha

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(Birds chirping) She is suspicious all the time! She suspects me over trivial things. What did you say? Does my daughter suspect you for no reason? Do you think she is mad? Your daughter listens to
hearsay and suspects me. I gave you lots of things
along with my daughter. I know everything about you. Don’t get too smart! Sir!
– Ah… Please hold on for a while. Take the keys. Give her the phone once. No. She doesn’t want to talk to you. I am sending her after two days. Take proper care of her. Do you get it? I wish she were dead. I will at least have some peace. (Phone rings) Hmph… (Phone rings) People who give missed calls
should be jailed for six months. Only then will they learn. Hmm…so who could this be trying
to irritate me early morning? (Call disconnects) Who is it? (Panting) What, Samaya? Are you tensed? Wear your shirt properly first. You are already scared! Everything will be fine for a week. After that you will not be alive. (Women talking softly) (Kids shouting) (Ominous music) What is this brother? You wore the shirt well. But
your buttons are one up. Hasn’t sister come with you? Oho! Your sister keeps saying
her mother’s sick or her… brother’s sick or her dad
is sick and stays away. (News on TV) “The man was taken to the
hospital for immediate attention. Stay tuned with us for further information.” – What, Samaya? Are you tensed? Everything will be fine for a week. After I will kill you. Whose dosa is this? It’s his. Take it. Give me a bathing soap
and a washing one, son. Ok. It’s twenty rupees. Chotu! Did you see any
stranger at the house? No, brother. Here. Take it. Brother! Hmm? My mother is very ill. I must take her to the hospital. Can you help with two hundred rupees? Even I have no rotation these days. Do one thing. Take your mother to the government hospital. You get a better treatment
than a private hospital. Er…give me one beauty cream.
– Ok. Hmm… Shh… The boy’s here. Why are you making signs? You owe me seventy rupees earlier.
Now it’s thirty rupees. Give me a hundred and go. What?! I was late last time and you
already deducted money for that. Now the account is settled. Kripal! Yes, tell me, brother. No…no… The other day I was drunk and
spoke bad about your wife. Please forgive me. Don’t take it to heart. Of course not. I know you too well. I spoke bad about your wife too. You don’t take it to heart too. Hello! Kumar! It’s me. The other day I misbehaved with your sister. Hey! Argh!!!! (Panting and footsteps) Where is it? It’s inside. Where is it? Hey! Focus the torch here. Yes, I am doing it. Hey, show it here. Ah! Hey!
Here…here! Hey, if it’s a python,
it wouldn’t go so far. I am sure you were drunk and
took a small snake for a python. As far as my knowledge goes,
you are the biggest snake. Oh, shut up! That python must have seen
an anaconda and ran away. Hey! Lock all the doors
and windows and sleep. Let’s go. Hey! Let’s go. All of you….move! Hey! Where are you looking?
– Did you find anything? You won’t find anything here. Come on!
– Move! Fast! Fast! Fast! Come on! Give me a RIN Soap. Greetings, brother! You keep entrusting your
shop to him and going. One day, he will make it his own. “The number you are trying to
reach is currently switched off. Please try after some time. Thank you.” “The number you have called
is currently switched off. Please try after some time. The
number you have called…” Hey!
– Ah! Give me a cup of tea.
– Yes, sir. Here! Hey! What’s wrong? He is trying to kill me. But there is no one! Look there! There is no one. Get up! What happened to you? I don’t know who he is. I don’t even remember seeing him anywhere. I feel he knows everything about you. He is here…he is here…he is here!
– What happened? Brother! Why are you so scared?
– He is right here! Hey! What nonsense are you talking?
Look there! Lights are on there. But there is no power here. Didn’t I tell you he is here? I told you he is here.
– Hey, don’t be frightened. He is here.
– I am with you. I will take care of everything.
– He is here. He is here. Someone meddled with the main switch. Didn’t I tell you he is here? Hey! Stay calm! Hold this and stay put. I will go check inside. He must be inside. Listen to me. Kill him right there.
– Don’t worry. Hey! Where did you keep the torch? Near the TV… Hey!! Why did you come here? I was scared. Come! Bangali! Hmm… I hope he didn’t run away seeing you. You are… He was chasing you with a
sword in broad day light. He wouldn’t have left.
He must be somewhere around. Bangali! Listen! Hey, come here. I am with you. Come on! Let’s smoke. Ok. (Screaming in pain) Hello! Whoa! No! No! Don’t kill me! Stay alert! Position! How is my shield of security? From today, people will be
scared to look at your shop. You didn’t know much
about my power till now. If I get my hands on that fellow… Cheers! Who is that? Who is calling you, man? Is it Fair and Lovely? Hello! Who is speaking? I am speaking.
– Who is ‘I’? The one who meets you often at the shop… Oh! It’s you! Tell me this. Why do you
keep troubling my friend? What shall I do then? If you want to trouble someone,
why don’t you trouble me? Do you know what happened that day?
– Ah… At night… Ha… When we were coming home…it was very dark. Really? It was about to rain. Oh! When I opened the door and stepped in…
– Hmm? But I couldn’t set my eyes on it. After that… What do I see when I come in… I find Samaya lying here among the sacks. Ok. He started screaming as soon as he saw me. Don’t kill me! Don’t kill me!
Don’t kill me! (Laughter) Such a scene it was! He is such a coward! But my friend has done something very wise. What is it? He called me yesterday. And? Or he wouldn’t be alive today. Ok.
– Am I right, brother? Whatever was yesterday’s story,
today’s story is totally different. Now, no one here can target this
bird…because you are now in my safe custody. Isn’t it correct?
– Yes! Fear no one from now. Hey! Is there anyone in this world who can lay
his hand on my brother while I am here? Hey! If he comes here tonight I will cut him
to pieces just the way I cut fish. Understand? I can sacrifice my life for brother. Come, come, brother! I
have been waiting for you. Listen, brother! We are all with you.
So don’t worry. I need to pee. Can you go with me? I think even I need to pee. Then why delay? Come along. Do any of you want to pee? No…no…no… You go ahead, brother. Hmm… No one knows who has to release when. Hey, come on.
– Yes, yes…I am here. (Dogs howling) Brother! Brother!
– Hey! I will get the saber and come. Bangali! Bangali! Hey! He is here. Get up! Get up! Hey! Wake up! Attack! Kill him! Kill him!
– Don’t spare him! Don’t let him get away! Kill him! Kill him! Move! Move! Come on! Hey, hey, hey! Oh, my! Oh, my! Tempted by drinks I put my life at stake. I will never drink in my life again. Oh, God! Run! Run! Fast! Hey, wait! I am coming along!
– Hey, get going! This side…this side… Make it fast! Make it fast! (Gun shots and screams) Hey, move…move!
Don’t stop! Will you listen to me? You went out of my shield of security
and that is your first mistake. Your second mistake is running
along with the others. Listen, brother! I was so angry
looking at him….my blood was boiling. Tell me, father-in-law. She is coming there today. Take care of her. Ask her to call me as soon as she reaches
the bus-stop. I will go and pick her up. Hey, man! Do you think my
father-in-law is behind this? Hey! Why would he send some guy to kill you? If he wants he will come
here straight and slap you. I will tell you something else.
Will you listen to me? What, Kattappa? You are still standing here with your baton. The rest of them are
going around with a gun. What did you say? Yes. You have no news
of the outside, do you? What can I do? I am just one person and have too
many people to take care of. Very bad! Up! Take that! How dare you!
So you want to do business in my area? Up…up…up! Whoever comes into his
hands…can be considered dead. Take him away. Put him in. I have a complaint. Last night my friend was…
(Mobile rings) Hello! Hello…aren’t you inspector Aasai Thambi? What? Who are you? Be quiet, Mr Zandu! Shame, kindness, sincerity, courage….do
you have at least one of these? Hey! Who are you? You are an inspector, right? I will give you one minute. Find out for yourself. Why are you looking around like an idiot? You are sporting such big moustache. Give the moustache some respect. If I lay my hands on you, you are dead! If you are a man, tell me who you are. I am right outside the police station. If you are a true man, come out now. I am coming out. I will come out and show you
who the real man is. – Hello! Come in front of me!
Then I will tell you who I am! Hello! What man? Do you think you will report to the
police and I will run out of the town? Look out of the window. If you report against me, then
she will report against you. Rape case….seven years’ imprisonment. Now file the report if you can. I don’t know who is messing with me. If he comes before me, I
will just destroy him. Who do you have to complain against? Ah? Look, Inspector…Aasai Thambi… To insult the person who has come to
lodge a complaint is the first crime. In addition to insult, you have pushed
aside a VIP and that is your second crime. It means two wrongs. Not two…three… Listen, brother! I will tell you something.
Will you heed? Get up and run for your life! Hey! Kasturi! Don’t get into his vehicle. Hey! Kasturi! Kasturi! Stop! Kasturi! Hey! Stop the vehicle! Hey! Stop the vehicle! Hey! Hey! Who are you? Stop the vehicle! Who are you? Didn’t I ask you to stop the vehicle? No, no! Don’t do that. No! Don’t do that. No, no! Listen to me!
No! No…no, no, no! Don’t do that! No…no! No! Don’t do that. Listen to me! Don’t do that!
No! No! Don’t do that! No! No! No! Don’t do that! No! No…no….no! Ahh! Hey! Stop! Kasturi! Kasturi! Hey! If you try to hurt her,
I am going to kill you. If you so much as touch
her, I will sever your arm. Hey! No! No! Don’t touch her.
Don’t touch her! Don’t touch her…remove your hand. Hey! Don’t touch! Remove your hand! Hey! I will not spare you! Remove your hand! Remove your hand! I warn you…remove your hand! Don’t touch her! Remove your hand! Remove your hand! I am going to cut it off. Remove it. Don’t touch her. I say remove your hand. Take off your hand…take
it off…leave her alone! Remove your hand! Leave her! I will sever your hand! Remove your hand! Hey, let her be! Don’t do that! I said leave her alone. Don’t touch her!
I tell you…don’t touch her! Don’t touch her…if you do,
I will sever your hand! Don’t touch her! Hey! Don’t touch! Hey! Leave her alone! Don’t touch! What happened?
– Untie me…untie me! I will kill him today. Untie me quickly. Untie my hands! I will show him right now. Untie fast! I will show him right now.
Untie me fast! Untie! He is here. Untie me quickly. Do it! Hey! Let go of her! Where are you taking her? Let go of me! Let go!
– Stop! Stop! Put her down! Put her down! Leave her alone! Leave me!
– Leave her! Stop! Leave her! Leave her! Stop! Hoy! Stop! Hey! Let go! Let go of me! Leave her! Leave her! Hey! Leave me! Leave me! Hey! Kasturi! Leave her alone! Leave her! Leave her! Hey! Stop it! Stop it! Leave me alone!
– Hey! Who are you? What are you up to? Why are you tormenting me? Leave her alone. Listen to me! (Loud Scream) Who are you? Why are you doing all this? Why are you torturing me? Who are you, man? Why are you doing this? What do you want? Ask your wife who I am. Hey! I am not going to spare you! Hey! Listen! Listen! Get up fast! Husband! Wake up fast! Hey! I am not going to leave you! Where are you going? He is not inside. Listen to me…let’s go. Let’s go from here. Please listen! Listen to me! Heed my word. Hey! We need to get back. Where are you going? Listen! I will show you my real face. Come on out! Hey! We need to leave from here. He is not here.
– Why don’t you come out? Husband! What are you doing? Husband! Hey! Come before me! Oh, no! Die! Die! Die! Die! He will come back. Let’s go. Die! Die! Hey! Where are you hiding? Step outside. Have you gone mad? Let’s go!
– Hey, wait! Let him come. I will show him. Come out! Are you scared…you coward? He is very dangerous. Let’s go from here.
– Hey, wait. Let him come. I won’t spare him. Ok, tell me something. I asked him who he was. He said ‘ask your wife’. So tell me. Who is he? How would I know who he is? Oh! You didn’t know him and
yet you sat in his vehicle. You didn’t know him and
yet you slept with him. Chee! What sort of a man are you? I know. I am not a good man and
that’s why you went with him. Is it because he is good looking? Stop it! I am not a whore to sleep with anybody.
Do you understand? Respectful woman? You go around as if you are so pure! Now look at your real face. Go and show your beauty to all around. I am not going to spare him! If ever I find him, I will mince
him and feed him to dogs. I will not leave him…I will not. I will kill him! Calm down!
Where will he go? We will find him some day. And that day, he will be pulp. I asked him who he was. He told me to ask my wife and
she would say who he was. She would say who he was! Hey, listen! Yes, Sir. Have you fed the hens? Yes, I did. Also check if they have water.
– I will do it, Sir. Greetings, brother-in-law!
– Greetings! Greetings, sir.
– Greetings. Is everything ok in the village?
– Everything is fine, brother-in-law. Good. Come…come inside. Brother-in-law! This is my friend, Samaya. I told you about him. Tell me. What is the problem? I will mince meat him and feed him to dogs. Brother-in-law! Right in
front of him someone… – Hey! Didn’t I tell you over the phone
that someone is troubling him? To teach him a lesson… No…no…not a lesson. First of all I need to know who he is. I want to know. Or I will be tormented. First find out that. After that, I will tear his body
apart and drink all his blood. I won’t spare him. Did you see him somewhere earlier? No. Think well and tell me. Sir! For five days, I keep
thinking every moment about him. Still I don’t remember if
I had seen him earlier. Brother-in-law! He doesn’t know who he is. But his wife knows.
That’s what that guy told him. Tell me if you suspect anyone. I don’t suspect anyone. Hmm…but you must have done something. Otherwise why would anyone
torture you for no reason? Huh? Look! If you speak the truth,
it becomes easier to trace him. Leave all that, Sir and take this. And find a way to catch him. Now, there is nothing to worry. I accept this as advance payment. Sir! You can go in. There is no way to go ahead in life. I put one step forward, and
take two steps backward. There is no way to go ahead in life. I put one step forward, and
take two steps backward. There is no way to go ahead in life. I put one step forward, and
take two steps backward. You can go in. If my husband comes and asks
me what will I tell him? Don’t stress her much. If he wished, he would have killed you
the first day that he phoned you. But he wants to see you suffer. That’s why he left you alive. It is possible that he is somewhere
around right now watching you. Hey, I am just making a statement. Don’t be afraid. We will catch him in the next two days. He watched you 24×7. That is the reason you are
not able to do anything. If we plan to catch him, the first thing
to do is get you out of his sight. And to get him into our sight. Brother-in-law! Greetings, Sir. Greetings! You will catch him, right? Yes…yes…we will. Come on. These are all my boys. If I bring them along, he will become alert. That’s why I called them here. Greetings, brother! Look! Whatever we have planned is
costing more than three lakhs. Three lakhs? You shouldn’t think much
at times like these. Hey, why did you stop? Come on. This is the room. This is the special room allotted to me. Whenever I feel like, this is where I come. Come on…come on. Come in. Sit down. All these boys will stay
with you from now, ok? Ok, Sir. Hey, listen. Hmm… Go and get drinks. Ok, Sir. Quickly… Look! Only you two have seen him. Sit in this lodge and
watch whoever comes here. As soon as you spot him,
call me immediately. Ok, brother-in-law.
– I will take care of everything. Don’t overdo your part and alert him. And don’t call any of them in. How many of them are here
should remain a secret. – Hmm… Be smart….you know what to do… I will take care, brother-in-law. He must be coming. Our plan is perfect. Have a drink and go to sleep. I will go sit at the reception downstairs. Sir!
– Hmm? Why don’t you stay here? What do you think of the guys with you? These boys killed four or five each. Even if he comes inside, they
will break his hands and legs. There is no need to be afraid. Look! I have designed this trap. People can get inside. But they cannot get out. He will come here, right? Hello! Is the manager speaking? Greetings, sir. Greetings. This is Sendil, Sir. Tell me, Sir. My younger brother is getting married
in the PSN Hall the coming 20th. Is a room available? One moment. I will check and tell you. Hey, get me one quarter. Er…room is available, Sir. Please send me the advance and I
will book the room in your name. Ok. I will pay it in a while.
– Ok, sir. Keep dancing. I will show you how to dance after dirnking. Take two full. One for you. Is the other for you, brother? No. It’s again for you. My God! I will do anything for you
because you are my God. Just tell me, brother. Should I kill him? Hey! Hut! Don’t you understand? Just tell me. Shall I kill him? Tell me quickly. I will just kill him…because you are my God. Brother! Brother! Where are you going? Brother! Brother! Brother! Hey!
– Huh? Come over. I was begging for a quarter. But you got me two full bottles
and made me happy, brother. That’s why form today, you are my God. Er…sorry…is this disturbing you? Hey, God wants to speak. Drive
the rickshaw without noise. Ah…where are you? Hi! Hi! Brother! I want to do something for you. Shall I kill the driver? Just say it. Why did you come here? Didn’t you tell me to come and trouble you? That’s why I am here to trouble you. Look! Don’t simply lie. I am not lying! Come with me. Look! This is for us…special room. I spoke to you about a room for a wedding. Yes, Sir. Have you brought the advance? Sir, please write your address
and phone number in this. Who is this? Why are they staring? I need two rooms. Ok, Sir. Hey! Why are you staring, man? Boss! Please don’t shout. Hey, you just do your job. I will kill you. Avert your eyes. God! Will you allow me to attack them?
Please! Ok. Go ahead. I shall… Hey, hey! Sorry, Sir. He is too drunk. Hey! Move. That’s enough. Who is this? Why are you staring? Show them the rooms. You have given me liquor to
drink and now a room to stay. I think you are really God. Before eating or drinking, we offer
to the Almighty. This is our culture. If God is hungry, he will come down
and teach us a lesson. That’s why. Ok. Make it fast. I will be back. Bye, bye. What shall we mix to pollute the drink?
Water or soda? Stop! Who are you? I am Samaya’s friend. He told me he is not happy with
your company and so he called me. We don’t know you. So just scoot from here. He himself called me. The police officer sitting
downstairs also knows me and so he sent me. If you have a doubt, call him and find out. Why don’t you call him? Ok. I will go meet him myself.
– Hey, stay here. Call, brother. There is petrol in this. You know what to do, right?
– Yes, brother. He is the guy. Come out! Where is he? Where did he go? Open the door! Open the door! Brother! Brother! Why don’t you dance?
– Ok, I will dance. Hey, open the door. Open the door! Catch him! (Sounds of rage, blows
and swishing of sword) Hey! Don’t leave him!
Don’t leave him! Hold him! Pin him down! Hey, don’t let go of him. Hold him tight. Don’t let him get away. Pin him down. Hey! (Glass breaking) Tell me. Who are you? Who are you? Speak up! Why don’t you speak? Tell me! Who are you? Tell me! Speak! Speak! Speak! Speak! Speak! Speak! Who the hell are you? Tell me! Speak up! Who are you? Speak up! Who are you? Tell me…tell me…who are you? If I tell you, you will be more angry. Speak! Ask your wife who I am. She will tell you. What the… I am going to kill him!
– No, no…you will not kill him. He is making me mad!
– Calm down! I will not leave him. If we kill him here, we will land in soup. You want to kill him. Is that all? Do one thing. Bring your wife here.
Ask her to file a rape case against him. We will imprison him. We will electrocute him or
slit his throat with a blade. We will picture it as suicide. Then there will be no problem. He is too smart, Sir. Don’t be tensed. I got my daughter married
to this lazy wastrel. I shouldn’t have.
– Nothing to lose. Go and get her married a second time. Hey! Speak with respect or
I will break your limbs. Hey! This is how I talk! Hey! This is a police
station not a fish market. Hey! Keep quiet and sit down! If you guys want to
fight, go home and do it. Didn’t I ask you to sit down? Look! Lodge complaint of rape
against the man who abducted you. I will take care of the rest. Sir! He did nothing of that sort. Oho! Look! Don’t be afraid of
this news going public. No one will know about this. Just lodge a complaint. Sir! Why don’t you trust me?
He did nothing to me. Hey! Why are you trying to convince me? Just lodge a complaint of rape. Keep quiet! You will never be happy anyway. You are shameless man!
H-ey! Are you a chaste woman? I have seen you with my own eyes.
What curse should befall you then? You bloody! Hey! No one can save you now! Bloody! Keep quiet!
– I will cut you to pieces! Hey, keep quiet.
– Hey, get lost! I said keep quiet. Are you going to lodge a
complaint against him or not? Tsk! Sir! If he misbehaved,
I would write it myself. When he did no such thing,
what would I write? Did you witness what
actually happened there? Brother! Please don’t come near me. Please leave me, brother… No! No…no…no! I tell you once again…I
don’t know who he is. But he is a gentleman. If there is a bad man here, it is you. Dad! Let’s go from here. Shoot him! Give me the weapon. You are about to die. Tell me at least now. Who are you? Dad! Look there. Hey! Dad! As soon as a flower
blooms, she snips it. That’s why I sleep after she goes to sleep every
night….just in case she tried to pluck the flowers. I wake up before she does
to check on the flowers. When I see the flowers, I breathe free. Oh! So much happened? You should have told me as soon as I came! Ok, fine. Let’s go and ask her directly. Listen! Please wait! Listen! She is just a kid. Why are you taking her words so seriously? I cannot hear anything! Gift her a sapling and she
will grow her own flowers. I am not going to share
my plant with anyone. Then she will resort to stealing. It’s wrong to steal, isn’t it dad? It is. Didn’t you tell me when someone is
in the wrong we should point it out? Oh! So I told you that! Dad! When you were here the
last time, you told me! Did you forget? I was just joking, kiddo. Come on. Let’s go and ask her. Oh, no! Please come. So what’s wrong this time? Ask her. I have climbed so high. Let
me catch my breath, dear. Ask them! I will. Er…er…can I get a cup of tea? Wife! Get a cup of tea. I am going to Qatar today. It makes me sad to leave you all. Pavitra! Pavitra! Pavitra! Dad is as much hurt as we
are by this separation. Tsk…unless dad works, how
will we be comfortable? Just for a few days, dear. Then, dad will stay with us permanently. We have grandparents with us. But dad is alone there. Why is he going through so much trouble? Isn’t it for our joy? My sweet heart! No more crying…get it? Don’t worry. I will take care of everything. I got into work as soon as I came here. How is my princess? She wouldn’t stop crying. When I see her crying, I
feel like crying too. She has a holiday today. So I came to see mom. Look! If she finds you crying,
she will become more sad. Do you want soap? Do you have henna? I will give you. I am packing groceries. Come inside and pick up.
– Ok. Where is it? Over there! I won’t be able to reach it. I will lift you up and you can take it. Ok. Brother! Pack me half kg of
lentils…five eggs and four bananas. Please make it fast. Pavitra! Pavitra! What is it, mom?
– Dad has called. You came home for twenty days
but left five days early. You fooled me, dad. Oho…my kid!
– Didn’t you ask for henna powder? Hold on a minute.
– Your dad will soon…. Yes. Powder is not effective. I have a cone. It works great. Go in and take it. Henna comes on beautifully.
Go…go…go and take it. Go. Pavi! Pavi! Pavi! Hey! Hey! Leave her alone! Leave her alone! Hey! Pavi! Leave her! Hey! Hey! Pavi, run away! Pavi, run away. Hey, hey! She is just a kid. Let her be. Leave her alone. She is only kid. Leave her! Hey, hey, hey! Leave…leave…leave her! My child! Leave her! My child…my child…my child…hey! (Thud falling) My daughter was here for henna, right? Yes. She took it and left. She left? Where would she go at this hour? Sister! Was Pavitra here? – No. Hey! Get up! Why don’t you get up? Hoy! Pavitra! (Gasping for air) What will I tell my husband? My child! What will I tell my husband? What will I tell my husband? See the courage of this dog! I have been asking for hours
but he wouldn’t reply. Tell me who you are! Hey! Move from there…move. What are you looking at?
Look for him! Look everywhere. He shouldn’t get away alive. Just kill him! He must be somewhere here. Hey! He is over there! Hey! Hoy! Where are you? Hey! Get back. Get back! Move! (Sounds of fight and sword swishing) Sir! He is over there. Brother-in-law! Brother-in-law! Huh! (Sobbing) Hey! Hey! Come here.
Come and kill him! Come here and kill him! Kill him! (Vehicle overturning with a screech) Hey, let me go. Hey! Leave me! Leave me, man! Leave me! No…no…no…no…no…no! Who are you? Are you Gayatri’s husband? Are you Pavitra’s dad? Who are you, man? Malini…or Radhika…or Mehendi or… Narsi..Rani…Pratibha…or Moni… Whose husband are you man? (Sounds of stabbing) Leave me. Who are you man? I am going to die. Tell me at least now. Who are you?


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