Average Andy, Chrissy Teigen and Her Mom Go Through a Haunted House

Average Andy, Chrissy Teigen and Her Mom Go Through a Haunted House

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So Mom, Andy– for our
second haunted house– The agreement every
year with this show, because of how much I
dislike this feeling– We– –was I would only do one. But what you do is you guilt
me into saying that your mother wants to do one, and– How do you say no to my mom? That’s what I’m saying. She loves this show! I’m not going to say no– I grew up on this stuff. –but there’s going to be issues
back at the office over this. OK. [LAUGHING] I’m cool. Momma–Momma protects us. OK, let’s go. Ready? All right? Yeah. [SCREAMING] What the [BLEEP]? Come on, Momma. It’s OK, Momma. I got you. I got you. Chrissy, you take your
mother on one side. Yeah, I got it. I’ll protect her from here. Some of ’em– some of
’em are more scary than– [SCREECHING, SCREAMING] Oh, God. What have you done? Are you OK? [LAUGHING] This might not be a good
idea with the– (SCREAMING) oh, stop! She’s– She’s an elderly woman! You have to lead
the way, Mother. [SCREAMING] [LAUGHING] We’re good. Stay low! Momma, stay low. Stay low. [SCREAMING] What is he doing? What is he doing? Please, stop that! [SCREECH] Don’t look. How sick are you that you
put your mother through this? I got you ladies a discount. [YELLING] No! I should have saw you. [ANDY YELLING] I got you, ladies. Thank you. [LAUGHING] I got you. We’re good. Come on, Mother. Come on, to your feet! To your– we got to get
your mother to her feet, and keep moving. [SPOOKY MUSIC PLAYING] It’s no one. We’re good. [GROWLING] [SCREAMING] Why did I go ahead? [BLEEP] Watch over there! Watch over there to the right! Watch the right. Just go. Come on, Momma! We’re good. OK, they want you to pay
attention to the video. Is that Kendall Jenner? [SCREAMING] You can’t come out
of a TV screen! [LAUGHING] [YELLING] One time! Honestly, you have to tell
them it’s once per round. Why would you do this to her? I don’t know, honestly. [SCREAMING] [LAUGHING] What is funny about it? No! Put it back! Slow and deliberate
does not scare me. Ah! The light, the light! The light! We’re almost done. We’re almost done. [SCREECHING] My mother– this is my mother. [LAUGHING] [SCREAMING] Are you so glad it’s over? Are you mad at her? Are you mad at her? Are you happy it’s over? I’m happy it’s over. I don’t like her. Cause we’re going
to do one more. OK, we’re not doing one more. Enough.


  1. That was really funny
    But i burst into laughter when andy is with Jaquilyn ,his assistant.

  2. I love how Andy keeps shouting out the rules XD
    " You can't come out of a TV screen!"
    "You can do it only once per round!"

  3. When entering to the haunted house Andy always say "I'll protect you." after a while he say " you go first I'll follow you.."..😂

  4. The next haunted house you send Andy to with someone you should have them lock the exit to the end so he can’t get out.

  5. I love it how says I'll protect you girls when he is actually hiding behind them and his criticism of the house this is an elderly lady here

  6. The mom was just laughing the whole time 😂 “ you can’t come out of a tv screen” says the one hiding behind them

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