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There is no more fun in this game, let us play something else. Let us play bomb the head, long time, we did not practice the target. Ok, start now one by one. Bombs away! Run Patlu, all these naughty crows have started their favorite game again. We have to take some action against them, they have made us difficult to get out of the house. Enough or else you will have tough time. Bombs away!! Friend, look at this, let us have tandoori pigeon today. I am so hungry, Oh. The crows have poked it so much, Patlu, let us take the pigeon home and put some medicine on it. Hey, have samosas at least. No brother, let me first apply some medicine on it, Patlu, call Dr. Jhatka at home. You know to talk human language, you talk to them. We have hunted it, it is our food, give it to us. The person who saves has more right than the person who wants to hit. We won’t give it. Let me see how you reach home? We will poke you and make you head red in color. Patlu, my brain doesn’t work while I am hungry, you do something quickly. Idea. Dr. Jhatka, please come to our house, there is a pigeon injured here. Aapla khoop aabhari, that means, thank you for saving me. Oh, you speak Marathi well, you don’t have to worry, they will not do anything to you. Dr. Jhatka will be coming any moment, you will be fine. Motu Patlu’s friend Dr. Jhatka, he must have come to treat the pigeon, attack!! Motu, my brother, my friend what happened? Look at it how badly he is hurt, he is scared of the crows and so he is shivering. Soon you will be fine. This is a gadget, which will recover your injury, its rays will pass in his body and he will be fine. Come Ghasitaram, let us go home. Oh my lord! I don’t want to leave this place in this day light, those naughty crows had poked us so badly. Dr. Jhatka, after few hours it will be dark, all the crows will go to sleep, that time you can leave. What is that sound? These crows are in a party mood. Mala bhiti watt tey, that means I am afraid. Te mala khayanchi tayaari kartat, that means, they are getting ready to eat me up. Don’t worry, nothing will happen to you till you are there with us. Oh my lord! May all medicines goes in your mouth. Dr. Jhatka this is the effect of your gadget, look at his size. Let us take out the gadget, he will become normal. Let it be the same size, the crows will run away after they look at it. Yes dear friend, you don’t have to worry, you go out of the room. And see how the crows will fly away when they see your size. Go at least. Ok, if you are insisting, I will go. Hey, such a huge pigeon, we can have a big party, call all our friend and relatives. Motu help! Patlu help! Oh my god! What was it? Who was it? I could not understand. Oh my god! What is all this happening here? Why are you not flying? Why do you have to run like a hen? Mala Bhiti watey, it means I afraid, I was so afraid that I forgot to fly. You are so huge and you are scared, come, we will help you to reach your house. Hey my friend, come on, fly, let me see how these crow can trouble you. Friend don’t let our food escape, attack!! They are again following me, mala bhiti watey, that means. That means you are afraid, we understood. Oh my god! How did my bike become a pigeon? Mummy! Oh, what was this? How did this happen? Bike become pigeon, and pigeon becomes bike. I think I am sick, I have to see a doctor. I am fed of your ‘mala bhiti watey’, empty stomach my brain doesn’t work, you think quickly, what can we do ? Idea, If he gets irritated then he will poke all the crows and shoo them off. Hey, there is a rd button on the gadget, press that and he will get irritated. Now you go out and when the crow harasses you, you will get angry and then teach all a lesson. No, I am scared. Are you scared? Please go out. His anger is increasing, push him, push him harder. No! Leave me! Come on friends; let us teach a lesson to Motu Patlu, after this he will never try to take away our food. Help!! You are harassing my friends, it is all because of me that they are being poked, hey stop! Atha maajhi satakli, that mean now I am out of control. Majha chonch bhari, majha punja bhari, majha sagllay bhari, that means my claws and everything is sharp. My everything is strong now. I am out of control! Run! He is actually out of control. Hey I am happy to see that you are no more afraid. It is very difficult to get friends like you people, I was out of control when I saw you guys were beaten. I am very grateful to you all. Thank you! Hey, all is well now, let me remove my gadget. Once again, thank you very much, I wish everybody get friends like Motu Paltu, bye.


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