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Bath Bomb | Scary Short Film | Crypt TV

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(eerie music) (echoing operatic music) (eerie music) (bubbles bubbling) (unnerving music) (gasping) (yelling) (gasping)
(unnerving music) – [Man On Radio] It is seven o’clock and this is the KTLP news. The Harmony Company has
issued a nation wide warning and a recent recall for their
holiday bath bombs product after dozens of consumers reported severe skin irritations
and chemical burns. Symptoms include rash, redness, itching and raised red sores. (unnerving music) The safety and wellbeing of
our consumers is paramount. We have ceased all production
associated with our bath bombs until this issue has been resolved. – [Announcer] Watch new
scary vids every Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.


  1. I love my bath bombs too much to watch this video in fact Ima take a bath right now

    Drops a stick of dynamite in my bath tub and I step in it to lay down

  2. 1:04
    Oh yes I must take a good long look at this round object of death before I place it in my large bucket of cleanliness.

  3. not much scares me anymore, and I love Crypt TV don't get me wrong… But this one freaked me out, to say the least! Now I'm afraid to take a bath cuz I don't have a shower and I wish I did

  4. The scary thing about this is that I was looking for bath bomb videos so I bought a bath bomb that said sit back and relax and I didn't like "smell nice" ones so I got "change water color" ones that was RED! Anyway, I used it and after I was done I realized that my skin was dry and red afterwards, then I saw this video…I don't think I will be using bath bombs for a while now, would you?

  5. And I thought the cheap Christmas bath bomb that was recalled for dying peoples skin blue, pink or green was bad.

  6. IDK about this one. If it's from hell..than like the twist is it dissolves you like the bath bomb dissolved into the bath.

  7. HAPPY HOLIDAYS— Scream Queen Here, and I've found The Perfect Xmas Gift! BATH BOMBS! I fucking HATE Cheerleaders, and they're dumb enough 2 think this was a nice gift…Holiday Bath Bombs! Oh yeah! Not Only would I give THESE away, I'd make sure my teenage Daughters did 2, Huh guess I forgot 2 mention them before, the 3 of us…R more vicious then Carrie! Now I wonder what we can do about those bitches who have 2 diet(Atkins kiss my ass!) Every New Year.

  8. i never used bath bombs and now i never will. Thanks SOOOO much crypt. ??
    lmao on the other hand,i love your videos

  9. 2:13 reminds me of the episode 'Peripheral' she must be conmecter to the ghost/monster in that episode or am I just assuming?

  10. Who lights the candles before they’ve even run the water, I mean, come on! Try to be realistic!

  11. But seriously, Every time someone in a horror film tries to take a bath or shower bad things happen. Usually there's morals in horror to and what I take from this one is to stay stinky

  12. I love bath bombs, especially those plain ones that turn out to be a frickin rainbow inside. But I don’t like this bath bomb

  13. That's some Final Destination sh** there, I mean death tried to get her not once but thrice… burning, suffocation by a shower curtain and drowning all terrible ways to go poor lady.

  14. Man. Thought I had it figured out. I was expecting some kind of monster to hatch from the bomb.
    You got me.

  15. Scream Queen; So I made this lil movie called Valentine—-And this is 1 of my favorite deaths (Thanks Crypt Tv!) You won't know who The Killer Is (I'm Not gonna let THAT Slide (Only hint—It's Not Angel) Harmony (Kendall) Is the 1 this happens 2—–The Valentine is (Beauty is only skin deep) Huh? Must be some Holiday Premotional thing—–Oh well—And just like in Crypt TV—-All is well until……NO—NO—-Somebody help! Somebody—-"Guys where's Harmony?" Denise asked….What I don't know? She didn't get any weird Valentines did she? (The Clue is Denise Already knows what's gonna happen cause Harmony got The lethal chocolates earlier) I don't know….Wait she did get some Valentine Bed Bath and Beyond Thing…..Oh my God—-HE–LL…..Harmony!" Denise yelled—Upstairs is where she finds her—That and The Warning that Holiday Bath Bombs have been discontinued—Such a great death—and SUCH an awesome way 2 kill Cheerleaders on Valentines Day—We can dream!

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