Belts Made Of Nipples? || Teach Me || Horror Movies feat. Ryan Henson

Belts Made Of Nipples? || Teach Me || Horror Movies feat. Ryan Henson

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Hey, I’m SquishTheNinja and
I hope you’re having a great day
(Upbeat music plays) So, today
I am going to be doing a ‘Teach Me’ video
I’m going to be teaching Ryan here about Horror Movies
Something I have no clue whatsoever about
What’s your biggest fear? This is going to sound
really cringe but losing the people closest to me
Aww thats thats cute
thats not cringey And that includes this one
Aww Lovely
Don’t even know what my biggest fear is Probably getting old
Uh I dunno
I just wanna be young forever Thats what I wanna be
I just wanna live Forever
So, onto Horror Movies So, do you have a favourite horror move?
Not really because I don’t watch them But,
technically I do class The Nightmare Before Christmas
as a horror because its scary to me Yeah, ok, its horror themed,
I’ll give you that I think my favourite horror movie is
The Evil Dead The original, not the remake
The original Evil Dead is all all the visual effects are hand made and
it had a really low budget and I think what they did with the budget and
what they did with the hand made crafts looked really cool
While the remake looks more like a more modern traditional horror film
(Bark) There’s a dog
(Bark) That’s my doggo
Oh yeah I didn’t get to meet your dog yet
Shall I go meet the doggo? Yeah, lets go meet the doggo
I’m gonna meet the doggo I’m gonna meet the doggo
(Awww sound effect) Do you remember the first horror movie you
ever watched? Erm, One Missed Call I think it was called
Oh yes, I’ve seen that one Was it the Hollywood one or was it the Japanese
one? Definitely wasn’t the Japanese one
Oh ok I’ll be honest
it wasn’t like especially scary but I loved it
How old were you when you watched it? Nineteen
Awww you were nineteen when you watched your first horror
Were you too scared of horror movies? I was scared of Scooby f***ing Doo
Oh ok, yeah That would explain
So my first horror movie was The Sixth Sense I think I was about eleven or twelve when
I saw that I didn’t watch that many horror movies as
a teenager The one I remember, like, the most is
House of Wax Have you seen that?
Er, no I’ve only seen one what you’d class as
a horror and that would be One Missed Call
Ok, we need to watch some horror movies So I have some trivia here which you’re
not allowed to look at because I’m gonna give you a test at the end
So, when do you think the first horror movie was ever released?
Hmm, movie, hmm Or first horror film
Maybe, like, 1920 / 1930 Ok, so it was definitely earlier than that
Really? Yes
So the first horror movie was released in 1898
But there is debate about which movie was the first horror movie because there is
I am not going to pronounce this right It is French
Le (laughs) La Caverne Maudite And that was hailed as the first ever horror
movie but there were actually two horror movies released
in Japan in that year as well
Bake Jizo which is, in English,
Jizo The Spook There is also Shinin no Sosei
which is Resurrection of a Corpse They were both released in 1898
1898 was like THE year for horror movies So the earliest horror movie that I’ve seen
or a movie with horror elements in is
a movie called Un Chien Andalou and the whole thing is on youtube
its only ten minutes long It is famous for one particular scene which
tends to gross people out Where an eye gets a cut
(Ryan groans in disgust) The way that they made that is really interesting
They got a cows eye, like had a shot of the person
had a shot of the cut going towards the eye and
then a close up to the cow’s eye and the cut
You can see if you like pause it or slow it down
that its not a human eye Its still an eye getting cut open I don’t
want to see that So the highest grossing film, er, horror movie
of all time is IT the remake
Yeah I heard that took quite a lot in its first weekend
Yeah in its first weekend it took just over $123 million, dollars
Wow In its first weekend
The gross on the remake must have been some bloody money
But overall its grossed Just in America as well
I don’t know how much its grossed worldwide But just in America it grossed $266,096,375
That surpassed a film that had been the top grossing horror film of all time for quite
a while The Exorcist
The Exorcist was also the first horror film to ever be nominated for an Oscar
Really? Yep It won Best Picture
It stayed the top grossing horror film since it came out in the 70s
Isn’t that insane? So for the fact that it stayed the top grossing
horror film from the 1970s right up to 2017
Yeah, thats insane Thats longer than I’ve been alive
Yes And then IT was like
Nope, I’m gonna make more money than you It was released on the 16th March 1974
Well over 40 years Yeah
Wow That is insane
And its still a good movie today Like if you watch it today
you can tell its not like a modern movie but its still really good
Its still like a quality movie Ayy
Other little facts and stuffs Frankenstein is obviously a thing that you
have heard of Everyone has heard of Frankenstein, it was
originally a book I dressed up as him for three halloweens in
a row when I was a kid I mean, the internet is all going to correct
you there Do you want to correct yourself first?
What do you mean, correct myself first? I knew I did, er, Frankenstein for three years
Dunno if it was three years in a row but Did you actu-
I know it was twice I know it was at least twice
The internet is going to get annoyed at you Did you dress up as Frankenstein or did you
dress up as Frankenstein’s monster? Frankenstein’s monster
There you go (Laughing)
Frankenstein is the evil scientist who creates Frankenstein’s monster
The first Frankenstein movie got released in 1910
Wow Yeah, there has been a lot of Frankenstein
movies over the years Umm
The first one was 100 years ago, 108 years ago
108 years ago yeah Its just crazy, its just crazy how like old
film is but also it doesn’t feel that old Exactly
Also the first vampire movie was a German movie called Nosferatu
That was released in 1922 So Nosferatu was based on Bram Stoker’s
Dracula The sort of fears at the time when Nosferatu
came out were all about like kinda similar to a lot of the fears in the
world at the moment, which I would I am gonna point out,
I am not scared of but lots of people are scared of like
Immigration, and people from different countries coming in and
taking their country and stuff and that is what was the fear at the time
Nosferatu is based in Transylvania Part of the horror is being like
someone who is very different to the people who you’re used to and the like
people you’re not normally around Yeah
Thats what horror films play on a lot is like fears of the society in general
Jumping very far forward in time to sort of modern day
We have a lot more horror movies that include like sci-fi elements
Robots, technology, how fast technology is developing and social
media and what effect that type of stuff has on our
lives Thats like a societal worry at the moment
so thats being included in a lot of horror movies right now
Like Friend Request Yes
Thats one of them Onto another bit, bam bam bam
So just a few other main horror movies through the years
This is not a very deep It would take us a long time to go into a
lot of detail about like all of horror in general
Even though I would love to do that but The Blair Witch Project is one you have probably
heard of, maybe? Er, no actually
You haven’t? Ok, so The Blair Witch Project started a whole
new genre of er, horror movies It was made in the 90s
It used found footage So thats like handheld cameras and stuff and
that created a whole new genre and thats held as a classic
even though audience opinions tend to be quite mixed about it
Yeah Because some people don’t like how low budget
it is and how, erm, shakey the cameras and stuff are
because they are just handheld Have you heard of the films Psycho, The Silence
of the Lambs and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre? Texas Chainsaw Massacre, yes
Psycho no and Return of the Lambs -Silence of the Lambs
Silence of the Lambs, no Have you heard of Hannibal Lector?
That I have heard of yeah Ok so Hannibal Lector is the serial killer
from Silence of the Lambs They’re all made by different people those
movies but they have a thing in common, which is
that they were all based off one real life serial killer
Really? Yes
Um, so the serial killer is Must have been some brutal stuff done if you
could make more than one film off of it Yeah yeah
I mean, they were inspired by this serial killer so its not,
they’re not all like accurate stor- like stories
Yeah not all of them are but there must be enough
be enough inspiration for multiple films Yes yeah
So his name was Ed Gein The police and detectives and stuff found
This is in his home at Plainfield, Wisconsin in America
Erm, there were four noses Just noses on their own
Four noses, nine masks made out of human skin Numerous decapitated heads
Lampshades and bowls made out of skin Lips being used as a pull on a windowshade
Oh wow And a belt made from nipples
(Gags) Are you ok?
Just give me a minute I might have killed him, I’m sorry
I just don’t like the thought of my lips being used as a pull on a window
In the 80s there was a really big thing called Body Horror
Which you should look up at some point I feel like if I show you now you might be
sick but er I’m already feeling queasy as it is
Better not show me it now Yeah I won’t
David Cronenberg is a horror director and he is very famous for body horror and
its mostly like visual FX which are made like by hand
Fake blood and er lots of fake prosthetics and stuff like that
That sort of genre peaked really in the 80s Nowadays everything is mostly is done by like
CGI and er, special effects and stuff like that
Some movies do try and mix and match having Some hand made visual effects and some like
CGI and stuff Its very difficult to try and like fit
lots of information about horror into a short video when
there is so much to talk about Its been a great learning experience
Maybe wanna avoid some of the films you have mentioned
Ok before we finish though I wanna see if you have learnt things
Oh god I’m gonna give you a trivia test on things
that I have told you about What is the highest grossing horror movie
of all time? At the moment its IT
Yes What year was the first horror movie?
They debate it as 1898 Yes that is so well remembered
Thats really good Which movies were based or inspired by Ed
Gein the real life serial killer? Texas Chainsaw Massacre
Yes No idea for the second one
I just focused on being able to give you at least one answer
Ok well you did ok So er Silence of the Lambs was another one
and also Psycho There you go thats the end of the questions
You got two out of three so thats pretty good I’d say you’ve learnt some stuffs
Do you think you’ll watch any more horror movies now that you know a little bit more
about them or not really? Maybe if I’ve got the right person by my
side So thats it for this video
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Ok thats it for this video Bye -byeee
Hey (Laughing)


  1. This was great, so proud of you. So happy that you are getting back into what you love doing, love you bestie xxxxxx ๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜

  2. I love the Original Evil dead, the remake or evil dead 2 was more comedic to me than scary. The first horror movie I watched was the exorcist when I was 4…. yeah I have issues xb. I love house of wax, but the Vincent price one. I actually watched la caverne maudite and have a t shirt of it somewhere. The eye cutting is so legendary. It's Frankenstein's monster damn it xb. Yeag Ed gein had influence on these movies and more now.

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