BERLIN SYNDROME Trailer (2017) Teresa Palmer Thriller

BERLIN SYNDROME Trailer (2017) Teresa Palmer Thriller

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How did you choose me Andi Clare Nice to meet you Why did you come to Berlin You know those life experiences that people talk about Came here People who travel alone are usually in the search of something What makes you think I’m alone I see nobody So quiet Berlin is full of these empty places I wish I could stay I didn’t think I’d be able to get back in and then I realized I couldn’t even leave Did you leave me a key Yes…sure But next time…I’ll tie you to the bed No one will hear you You said you want to stay Open the door I texted your mother for you You told her you were okay But I’m not okay You could do so many things I just want to do this You’re abnormal What would be the worst thing I could ever detain Don’t worry I would never do it How do you think this is going From one to ten Uh…maybe… seven huh


  1. who is this person i thought was my wife! i married an ax murder! Good thing you guys were on my facebook and instafuck to give us the hints we needed! W for life! hheeeee! i dont even feel sorry for the Kunt! got everything she got!!! big “L” repo the car end of month! and accounts wi be locked up and prison for life! For all that dont know…..ya right all you fuckers know and your a bunch of over age losers! lol….
    O baby youuuuuu got what i neeeeeed and you say your just friend you say your just a friend…… O baby youuuuuu got what i dont neeeed!

  2. I just finished Sense8 and wanted to see more of Max Riemelt’s face… Was not expecting this though

  3. And this is why I think everyone is a snake and I’m antisocial and don’t give any fucks omg. And this isn’t just a story this happens constantly where u have people really tricking you and then just do the worst to you. Can’t trust anyoneeeee

  4. I don't know why didn't she just burn the door ? or leak the gas and bomb the whole apartment on his arrival? did she run out of ideas or never seen prison break?

  5. Hmmmmm…..

    Looks like many doors, in public places, from which, you walk through, on a daily basis. The locking mechanism is – built in – though. #JADEhelM #thestruggleISREAL #HUDabeauty #theLOftMOvie

    #ice #cia #97B20TRANSition #97B20

    👉🏽💖🌈👈🏽 💍💍PS


  6. I mean, who even let a stranger take you to some fooking dark place in a car they purposely locked in front of your eyes 🙃 ? This is fcking serious, "Don't follow stranger who gives you candies" isn't just for kids, it applies to anyone, any age, any gender and apparently more girls. Stop being "Oh I'm gonna party all night travel alone and met some nice unknown people but who caaaares none's gonna do me a thing !"

    Makes me sick :c

  7. they're so good together in this movie. its no lie. I watched this 2 yes ago n still can't get it out ma head

  8. Watching this movie for the first time in 2019.
    I don’t know why but I always say to myself that if something like this happens to me I’ll go crazy making diabolical sounds 😂😂
    Hey , probably he freaked out and let me go 😈

  9. The message is really good, specially for us as women. Please girls, be careful and be smart. Don't fall for a cute stranger guy.

  10. What you all seem to have missed here is that she went looking for him🤷🏼‍♀️he dropped her off and that would’ve been the end of it, but obviously, it wouldn’t have been the same film then😂

  11. Why the fuck she's sleeping with stranger, plus in foreign country plus in Germany ⁉️⁉️(lol the part about Germany is a joke ❗) the movie is strange and scary but I wanna watch it , anyway.

  12. Enough with the Kristen Stewart comments! I watched this entire movie without once thinking of Kristen Stewart.

  13. Watched this on a flight, woman next to me thought I was a psycho. Didn't help that I kept giggling all the way through it…

  14. Got this movie from the Dollar Tree! That man is CRAZY!!!! Locked her in his house and took the Sim chip from her phone! A Tinder date horror story! She's bony! Like an oversized 9 year old! Her breasts in the sex scene has to be fake!

  15. always that one eye symbol , always fear everyone , all to create social anxiety . fuck you and you're stupid ass movies hollyweird .how about some funny movies instead for fuck sake

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