BEST HUNTED GLITCHES BO3 – 9 Glitch Spots Working on Hunted (Black Ops 3/BO3 Glitches)

BEST HUNTED GLITCHES BO3 – 9 Glitch Spots Working on Hunted (Black Ops 3/BO3 Glitches)

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what’s going on everyone at eXo here
today we’re going to check out all the best working glitch spots on the map
hunted these are all working on ps4 xbox one and pc i’m going to do my best to
give you a tutorial to get through all of them i’m also going to be giving away
to $15 gift cards to steam ps4 and xbox one to two people that comment and like
this video I didn’t have a winner on the last redemption so I hope you guys enjoyed this video
let’s start it off with getting under the map this is actually a spot under
the bridge is a small ledge it’s pretty tough to do but you can get
the hang of it you’ll be able to do it no problem you need a wall run on this
wall drop down and then boost up to your left you do this correctly you should
climb onto an invisible ledge in the corner under the bridge so let’s take
another view here it’s really tough to get that run and drop down because you
really don’t have much boost once you get under the bridge so you don’t need
to use any boost at all once you fall you actually just use circle and then
once you’re able to get under the bridge you move to the right and then boost
right up as I said this is that the sum of these are pretty hard but I’m gonna
have some easy ones in here as well now the next we’re going to be checking
out as a backwards mantle to get in between this fence as well as the
mountain here you see the backwards mantle over this ledge move your left as
you’re doing it if you do it correctly you should go in between that rock and
the fence once you’re in there you can move
side-to-side this is a pretty good hiding spot although it isn’t one of the
easiest backwards mantels to do i would say this one’s difficult only because
it’s an awkward height you need to make sure that you get down far enough to
where you kind of reach through the pole as well as going into the mountainside now the next clue i featured in one of
my previous videos that get you onto a massive barrier in the center of the map you don’t need overdrive but it is
suggested you just want to come up on this poll get a running start and then
take your boost around that Cliff there and if you do it correctly and get high
as you can you should climb onto an invisible barrier now the good thing
about this one is you do climb onto it that’s the only way to get onto this
without overdrive because you really can’t get high enough and far enough out
so you see where the barriers at it’s kind of far out from where you’re
starting from so overdrive really is suggested but it’s not needed as you saw
here along with the two giveaways i’m doing right now i also have a massive
giveaway for ten copies of battlefield one and infinite warfare that’s going to
be going on until they release date so make sure to check that out in the
description as well now we’re going to be moving to the end of the map for
these next 2 glitches and this one we’re going to be using this gate backwards
mantle into the side of this pillar you just do it as i do it if you do it
correctly backwards mantle into this pillar the hard part about this one is
you have to start off kind of in the center of the gate because you can’t
jump over the fence at the end so you get a running start jumping over the
center and then move to your left as i do do it correctly you go right in the
pillar you can’t move here at all but if you’re in the right spot you can’t be
seen so this is a pretty decent spot and you
can kill people out of it now let’s stick to this part of the map we’re
going to be using the other pillar you see the jump over the gate and then jump
up where I do and there’s an invisible barrier right to the left of the center
of the hunt this one is a little bit difficult to
get to because the tree obstructs you a little bit but if you do it correctly
jump up there you’ll find the ledge then keep jumping if you don’t stick
eventually you’ll get it and this is another great spot they can’t see you
for out here and unlike that last one you get a good vantage point now too
easy glitches before we finish it off this one is a little ledge on this part
of the tree it’s on the opposite side of the map just going to come up on the tree and if
you move over to the right slowly there’s an invisible ledge that you can
go around this one is not very hard to do it all as you see it’s a small glitch
and there’s really not much to do from here but if you have a sniper you can
come out from behind the branch and then sneak back behind it now the next glitch is a small ledge on
the corner of the hunting lodge just come to this area where I do next to the
bridge jump up at this part and if you do it correctly to land right on the
visible ledge at the corner and that takes us to our final two glitches which
are kind of the same to backwards mantels this one is one of the most
original ones in the books was found by defining glitching a long time ago you
backwards mantle over this gate move forward as your falling down and if you
do it correctly should fall inside of the building here now this clip
completely destroys this map honestly you can go into this little room here
once you go through that door the door doesn’t have any physics none of those
doors really do you can go right through if you want to check out a better
tutorial I left it in the description below I had a full-on video showing you how to
get to the waterfall this switch also allows you to get to the top of the
waterfall which is patched a long time ago so i’m going to be showing you that
right here so it’s kind of a long method and if you follow me i’m not going to be
explaining it as I said you can check out that video but it’s a little bit
difficult you have quite a few jumps the part where you swim under the map and
also apart where you have to use overdrive and that overdrive part isn’t
easy as well so let you guys watch as i get to the waterfall and then i’m going
to show you the final glitch which also is a similar one it gets you into the
same spot here you can actually use that to get to the waterfall as well so let’s
check it out yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah now I know I’m quick with this one but
this is another backwards mantle gets you into that room there in the last
glitch where you saw it had the yellow curtains or backwards mantle off this
window ledge and if you do it correctly you should land either inside the room
or here where I do you can either keep jumping up and pressing pause to click
through the walls or you keep mailing your friends if you do this correctly
you should get halfway underground inside of this room and then once you’re
here you just need to move forward and if you do that correctly you should fall
right down inside of that room you just need to jump over into the door or
that’s right where you’re at where you can drop down and then swim to the rocks
to get on top of the waterfall as i said we were already in this room so i hope
you guys enjoyed this video as i said to $15 giveaways going on so just leave a
comment tell me which glad you guys think is the best this is another pretty
long video so thanks for those of you that stuck through the entire thing hope
you guys enjoyed once again and i’ll see you in my next video


  1. Sick Comp On Hunted Bro I Enjoyed The Whole Thing And As Always Smacked A Well Deserved Like!! Keep Up The Good Work I Returned The Sub As Well <33

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