Best Intro Ever – The Office US

Best Intro Ever – The Office US

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No no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no nobody can do the shigaling like I do nobody can do the skates like I do nobody can do the boogaloo like I do nobody can do the philly like I do well don’t you know im gonna skate right through ain’t nobody do it but me nobody but me (nobody but me) your falling behind i m gonna spin, I do
Ain’t nobody do it but me, babe
(Nobody but me)
Well, let me tell you nobody
Nobody but me —Instrumental Interlude—


  1. TV Show work places where we all WISH we were employed:

    Dunder Mifflin


    The Shady Rest Hotel

    Anyone care to add anything?

  2. I want them to make another office but it would never be the same at least another episode on their lives now

  3. Question: what kind of office intro is best?
    That's a ridiculous question. Dundee Mifflin lip sync.
    False. Jim impersonates Dwight.

  4. Seriously?? Are their really losers on here that create profiles as the characters from the show? God damn. Get a life. Probably all the same loser.

  5. Michael absolutely should have been fired. The effort he put into this as the company was in trouble…….hes so happy though??

  6. Honestly I need to know, did anyone else start to progressively start to dislike Pam more and more? She just becomes such a nitpicking bitch.

  7. I love how Andy was so into the music that he didn’t care that Dwight had a knife to his throat ?? He just kept dancing lmfaooo

  8. I actually loved Michael’s-tricks especially the last one! He’s so seriously enjoying himself!!!!

    The cast was great!!!!

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