Bill Skarsgard Hints At Exciting Story For It: Chapter 3 Movie

Bill Skarsgard Hints At Exciting Story For It: Chapter 3 Movie

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It: Chapter One scared the pants off of audiences
when it debuted in 2017, becoming the highest-grossing horror movie of all time and leaving fans
hungry for more. And It: Chapter Two is certainly keeping pace
with its predecessor at the box office. According to the Los Angeles Times, “[The film] scored $91 million in its first
weekend, making it the second-biggest horror movie opening of all time, behind its 2017
predecessor.” “…Hello.” Together, the two films are likely to rake
in a worldwide box office take somewhere in the neighborhood of $1.5 billion dollars. And this begs the question: Will there be
an It: Chapter Three? Please note: We’ll be discussing a few plot
points from King’s novel and the two films, so some spoilers are coming right at you! While both It movies were reasonably faithful
to the source material, Stephen King’s epic 1986 novel of the same name, they weren’t
completely so. Several set pieces solely appear in the films…like
Stan’s run-in with the creepy lady from the painting in the first film…and Bill’s hall-of-mirrors
nightmare in the second. One of the most notable changes is the fact
that It: Chapter Two doesn’t end with the same city-destroying storm that concludes
the book. This difference could be telling. Following the success of It: Chapter One,
studio execs may have advised director Andy Muschietti to leave the door open for a third
installment. But if that’s the case, he certainly isn’t
admitting it. In 2017, he did discuss the possibility of
splitting Chapter Two into seperate films, telling Variety: “It would make sense because it would give
me more turf to develop the characters and more of a canvas to develop the journey, but
to be honest, there wasn’t a conversation about that and now we are designing the story
as one single film.” Of course, nothing motivates studio executives
like big bucks…and if New Line ultimately decides to greenlight a third chapter, there’s
a number of tracks the film could take. In fact, Pennywise actor Bill Skarsgård has
mentioned that he and Muschietti have kicked around an idea for a third It movie. In a recent sitdown with JoBlo, the actor
opened up about those talks, saying that “Andy and I have discussed ideas for what
a third movie would look like. I don’t think it’s quite what people expect. It’s something different. The first two stories are the book, and the
second film is the end of that story. So we would do something quite literally off
book.” Skarsgård goes on to reveal that “There are a few ideas floating around. I feel like I’ve done what I can with the
incarnation of Pennywise as we know of him, so I think it would be a cool idea to change
up a few things. So, without going into too much detail, there
is a story that we’re kind of excited about, but it’s way too early to say. But we’ll see, we’ll see.” The idea of a new “incarnation” of Pennywise
is certainly an intriguing one, although it’s safe to say there are about a million ways
to get that concept wrong. Obviously, any additions to King’s masterpiece
would require a deft touch, but at least Muschietti has already demonstrated his considerable
talent just by bringing It successfully to the big screen. Of course, even if It: Chapter 3 never comes
to fruition, Pennywise could always return to theaters in a supercut of the first two
films. And guess what? Muschietti has definitely considered the idea,
as he recently told CinemaBlend: “I am thinking of a supercut. Which is basically the two movies told one
after the other, adding everything that was lifted from them for length purposes. Great scenes that are more character moments,
or things that we had to lift for other reasons. I’m also very excited about shooting extra
material.” Well, that news should certainly put a smile
on your face. Of course, if that plan comes to fruition,
we hope we’re given an intermission or two…because watching an It supercut would certainly gobble
up a gargantuan amount of time. Considering that Muschietti has already put
this idea out in the public sphere, we’re thinking a supercut could actually happen. As to whether we’ll ever really see an It:
Chapter Three, we suspect that the likelihood is pretty slim. And all things considered, that’s probably
for the best. The novel spins an epic and phenomenally terrifying
yarn…but expanding the story would almost certainly do the book a disservice. Check out one of our newest videos right here! Plus, even more Looper videos about your favorite
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  1. Nothing. It would ruin the story to elongate it. Now if Stephen King writes how Pennywise came about would be cool. Kinda like a prequel to the movie. But dont add to the story that Stephen King didn't write, that's how you ruin a story.

  2. The original IT was my favorite, wish they stop making reboots of classic movies. Take Chucky 2019 that totally was disappointing my opinion ofc

  3. If they do a 3rd film, it needs to be a prequel. It should expand on the lore outside our reality, and more on the Macroverse where IT and Maturin came from. Then cover IT's arrival on Earth. Then go all the way through to the first Ritual of Chüd performed that failed because the Tribe performing it didnt believe it would work.

  4. IT chapter one scared the pants off its audiences…….lets be honest non of these are scary everyone was laughing their ass off.

    We all just love IT so we see them lol.

  5. They should make another horror franchise but not make more parts of IT. It might destroy the epicness of the previous two films

  6. I sure hope they don't make a chapter three. It wouldn't make sense for the story. The first two films didn't really capture the type of horror the book goes for. Then they just used the same jumpscare like ten times.

  7. I get hes good and all but striving away from the main story like 13 reasons why will definitely ruin the feel if they bring in the big ass turtle

  8. No. God pls no. I can’t. I watch IT on dvd and I watched the movie in theatres. The sequel said ITS THE END. Do me a favor and don’t pull a stunt and JUST FREAKING STAY DEAD!!!

  9. The film needed more of Pennywise the actual clown that's what made it 1 great the 2nd one wasnt as good for me because it went to far with animation and more of the clown

  10. Don't tell me what scared the pants off me, I found these movies hysterically funny . The only thing that scares me is between me and the endless void of darkness that gently rocks me to sleep at night

  11. If anything, make a direct to video collection of stories the first two neglected from the novel – like Eddie and Dorsey Corcoran, the "Black Spot" nightclub story, etc. Making a Chapter 3 twenty-seven years after Chapter 2 is going to make the original story a MFing joke. We only needed ONE 'Final Destination', but the 4 or so sequels after made the original concept into something lame. Hipsters need to move along and reboot something else.

  12. Wow… well, now we get more of this overrated "horror" character. I wonder how Penny will fit into the Comic Book World timeline… I mean, isn't that the next thing for him? Or, how about a whole part of an amusement park dedicated to Penny? If you look at the list of top-grossing "horror" films… you will quickly realize the masses will watch pretty much any shit film. On top of that, films like JAWS, from long ago, didn't have the mass amount of screens, to be seen on, that we have today.

  13. Lmao the biggest difference from the the book and movie is the where the boys run a train on Bev, gang banging her to get their “powers back.”

  14. No chapter 3 the story is over all they are gonna do is rehash old plots and situation just doesn't make sense a part 3 is definitely a cash grab

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