Bin Laden Hunted By Construction Worker w/ Sword

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Gary books faulkner the that don’t want from the united states
of America and he decided that %uh he’s he’s a twenty
two-year-old that process or beltway and he decided that he’s going on what is it you want go to Pakistan the little rule areas where he thinks bill
on might be hiding and kill it but you got to give ever ball that they of these elephant common sense but so it was over Pakistan and we go to those remote areas and paxon
than a lot hikers you is that I wrote the mountain climbers but you get have police escort is it a way to get hurt and
when he kidnapped a set-up that come to find out that he has admitted is a
police escort and he’s out on a limb to the fact that if
a recent guys have to find him the fight in the woods the military was gone up a month but it was it was a measurement of them on
that point it out go back about cook on a it and that for President he standing the but
they forget that the terms that he’s got that this though the forty or so ordered and I love the fortieth floor forget this like that right but he’s is what is it like I’m not but that that after are what I love the geysers by do and it is that you know what the a look at a lot
of ways on a lot of sided with the government didn’t get the job done how many troops there was that Afghanistan what is that even then try to that is the
right country is in fact is that nineties that religion but on just guessing
based on that that you know the reports that I’ve read it but things like that I’ve got to go get this
of a little bit but the the bottom fell to give it a shot yeah I like your enthusiasm %uh but probably not how it’s going to work
out and in fact cities that have arrested that
became and the policy that would strip about here you know American ingenuity you never know
maybe a little more but this the long shot well I guess somebody strong the so all right is there but fought for you

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