BITE, LICK OR NOTHING FOOD CHALLENGE || Halloween ‘Trick or Treat’ Taste Test by 123 GO! CHALLENGE

BITE, LICK OR NOTHING FOOD CHALLENGE || Halloween ‘Trick or Treat’ Taste Test by 123 GO! CHALLENGE

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When it comes to your favourite treats, would you rather bite them, lick them, or do nothing? Let’s put your decision making skills to the test with this super fun 123GO Challenge!! Bite, Lick or Nothing! Hey! Check out this killer party! Nice costumes, guys! But everyone knows the best part of a party is the snack table. Hey Jess, I’m starving, mind if I get a quick bite outta that thing? Oh gross, this thing is covered in slobber! Thanks, friend. Hey, maybe that Harry Potter look-alike will be willing to share her apple with you, Jess! You wouldn’t mind if I snagged a small piece of your fruit, would you? Yeah, if you don’t mind that I licked it first! Man, who knew I’d be faced with so many difficult decisions at this costume party. Ooh! That looks so good, mind if I get a little lick or two in there? Mmm, chocolate chip cookie dough! My fave. Oh gosh, I’m sorry, I got a little carried away didn’t I? Woah! Check out this slice of blueberry perfection! I’d better put this down or I’ll eat the whole thing in one big bite! Oh, hey, girl! Glad you could make it to the party! Hey! What the heck happened to my dessert? Kevin! Did you do this?! Oh no, I uh, I hate dessert food. That’s it, this party’s seen the last of Mrs. Nice Spice. I’m hangry and I’m not afraid to show it! Hey, where the heck are we? What happened to the party? Oh, hey guys. Wondering what’s going on? I figured since you loved eating and licking stuff so
much, you’d enjoy a good old fashioned food challenge. For each item you see, you’ll decide who bites it, who licks it and who leaves it alone. Got it? Alright guys, you’d better get those appetites ready! And here comes your first challenge! Well, what are you guys waiting for? Open that sucker up! Chicken feet! Man I hope they get off that plate and walk far away from us! Oh no, you’re not really gonna bite that thing, are you? Want a taste? Ooh, that looks uh, chewy….? Quick! Grab me a pail! Alright Sophia, you’re up to bat! No! I don’t think I can do it! How am I supposed to put my tongue on this thing?! If only you had a magic spell to make that foot disappear. Alright! I did it! Now leave me alone, okay? Man, Kevin, you sure got outta that one, didn’t you? Okay, can someone please take these away now? Let’s get the ball rolling, shall we? Hey! We recognize those! They’re lemons! Looks like Vicki’s gonna give those bad boys a lick or two! Aw, poor Kevin’s gonna get blisters in his mouth after this one! I’ll give it a lick, no big deal. Ooh! That’s sour, alright. Woah, calm down Vicki! Kevin still needs a piece! Whoah! You know you aren’t supposed to eat the skin, right? Ooh! That’s a pucker face if I ever saw one! Ready for the next dish? Wet, slimy dog food! Man, it smells like, well, wet dog food! Without further ado, it’s time to deal those cards! YES! This is the luckiest day of my life! Oh man! I have to touch my tongue on this stuff? I feel nauseous already. How is this my life right now?! Okay, Sophia, you can do this, you can do this! Uh, do we have to watch this? Quick! She’s gonna blow! Oh man, why am I the one who has to hold the pail?! Ugh, you’ve got dog breath! Alright, I may as well get this over with. Ew, why does that kind of taste like old beans? Meh, it coulda been worse, gotta say… Ew, what’s wrong with you, Kevin? Ready for the next round? Green Slime!! Yikes! Is that stuff glowing? Sweet! I just get to sit back and watch! Aw man, I got lick! You know what that means, Vicki. You’re biting slime today, girl. Most of us spent our childhoods being told not to put this stuff near their mouths. But today, that’s all changing, isn’t it? Whew! That did not look like it tasted good! Alright, it’s all yours, Vick! Oh man, this stuff is really disgusting! It’s like a big, giant booger or something! Alright, here goes nothing! Ew that tasted terrible! Is that just me or does that slime look like real snot? Gross. What? I just want a little to play with! ACHOO! Aw man, seriously? So nasty! Ready for what’s on the plate, this time? No way! Is that thing even dead yet? Man, that’s a lot of tentacles. Woah! Okay, is it just me or did that thing just move a little? Gah! Kevin! What are you waiting for Sophia? Let’s get those cards out! Oh my lucky stars! I got nothing! Yes! No way! I seriously have to bite this creature? Well Sophia, that leaves you with the not-so-lucky-lick card. Alright you slimy arms and countless tentacles, I’m going to lick you now. Oh man, I don’t think I’ve ever done anything this gross in my life! I bet that thing tastes as bad as it smells! Hey! Watch the head, man! NOOO!! I’m gonna see if this guy needs some water! Go for it, Sophia! A cactus? Is that even food? Mix those cards up good, Vicki! Take your pick, guys! Ooh! You have to bite the cactus, Vicki? Good luck. Sophia sure lucked out on this one. And Kevin’s about to seriously damage that tongue of his. I have an idea. Kevin, NO! What are you waiting for, Vicki! Take a bite! Vicki, don’t! You’re ruin your entire mouth! I was only kidding, see? You stay under there Kevin, we can’t look at you right now. That dessert looks BERRY good, if I do say so! Alright gang, reveal your cards! I can’t wait to take a bite outta that delicious confection! Aw man, I don’t even get to taste it! I’d rather get a bite, but I’ll lick that thing any day! Man, this thing smells divine! Huh? Why does this thing taste so bitter? Ugh, get this thing away from me! Well, it smells okay. This isn’t dessert! It’s a bar of soap! Haha! I sure feel lucky now! Ready for this one, guys? It’s a hot pepper! Alacazam, alacazoo, make this pepper turn to chocolate, that’s what we really want from you! Looks like you’ve gotta work on your magic skills, there, Sophia. Don’t freak out yet guys, let’s hand out the cards. Thank goodness! I hate spicy food. No! I don’t wanna take lick that thing! Aw, man. Alright Kevin, I hope you have some cold water handy! If just the skin gives your mouth that fiery reaction, you know that’s one hot pepper! But it looks like Sophia is immune to this pepper’s hot power! Okay, I can do this, right? It’s not really that bad, actually. ON SECOND THOUGHT!!! Someone call the fire department! I need a hose!! Woah, woah! Vicki! Put that thing down! Yes! Milk! That’s exactly what you need, Kevin! Woah, save some for the fish! Let’s see what these guys will be chomping on next! Wow! That’s one delicious-looking cake! Strawberry? Raspberry? Cherry? Who knows wha flavor it is! Hey! You didn’t even look at your card yet! Ladies and gentlemen, reveal your cards! Yay! I get to taste that pink frosting! It must be my birthday cuz I’m taking a big bite outta that cake! And unfortunately, that means Kevin gets nothing. Sorry, man. Excuse me, I’m just gonna bring this thing closer to my end of the table. Hey! I think you’re only supposed to have one lick, Vicki! Let’s see, which side has more frosting…? Woah, you really dove into that thing, didn’t you, Sophia? Hey, can I please take a bite? Pretty please? Sure, Kev… It’s all yours, buddy. BOOM, Baby! Aw, Kevin, did you really not see that coming? Hey! Nobody laughs at Superman! Well, you kind of deserved that, Sophia. Hey can someone clean my glasses? I can’t see a thing! Did you love this spooky Bite, Lick or Nothing Challenge? Check out these behind-the-scenes
moments for a real scare, and a few laughs. Be sure to share this video with your friends and don’t forget to subscribe to 123GO The Challenge YouTube page for more awesome videos like
this one! Catch ya later, friends!


  1. You're just getting lucky when I was 4 I swallowed slime and was off school for one whole day hey I mean if it gets me a day off school I'll do anything

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  3. 10:08 if u lick the outside of the hot pepper, it won’t do anything. If u bite it, the seeds will get in ur mouth, and they are spicy. But it isn’t even that hot

  4. 123 Go!:Woah,calm down Vicky Kevin still needs a piece
    Me:What =_=,”Kevin” already. Has a piece in his hand,like WHAT DO YOU MEAN!?!

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