Black Spring TRAILER (2014) Finnish indie horror

Black Spring TRAILER (2014) Finnish indie horror

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What time do you leave tomorrow?
– My train leaves in the afternoon. Are you coming to our place?
– No, I promised to see some of my friends Ronja has been in a car accident. Why is this happening to me? Life is so unfair sometimes That guy is either a troll
or some loonatics. You can’t take her talk seriously. If there were even a smallest
chance to have an explanation to all this wouldn’t you wanna know? You will loose everything
if you don’t fight back! I’m scared, Aino. I fear that there’s some
supernatural forces in the world which I can’t fight against


  1. Tästä tuli mieleen ne teidän vanhat elokuvat joitaen oo kattonu hetkee nyt tuli tekemistä ja hienoa että teette vielä pieniäkin videoita ja hyvin ootte jaksanu ja jaksakaa tehä jänniä elokuvia jatkossa kiitos että sain tutustuu teihin

  2. great trailer! this looks interesting, I hope you guys get a good outcome from this! Good luck here from America 😛

  3. Too much blood on the body — from being hit by a car? The scariest element to a horror film is making it connect to what's real. To me this movie just said "Teens getting away with stuff coz their parents will pay for it". I dunno why. People from different walks will see it in a different way. I'm not one of those that dishes empty praise. I'm an artist myself and prefer to give constructive criticism. The trailer suggests that this is more of a drama film but there wasn't much in terms of emotion from what I saw. You had a few minutes to introduce your main character and make the audience feel/connect with that character and it didn't happen. 

    Regarding the trailer, you should have included more clips from the movie with voice-overs/dialogue transcending these clips. This would have given more depth to the content of the movie. You recycled the shot of the dead girl twice — that was  a no-no: it sends a signal that there really isn't much in the movie. For the cast of characters, never center the names like that for a horror-movie. Only porn movies do that. it should have had the same type treatment as the other titles in the movie. 

    Bottom-line is that a bad trailer can ruin a good movie. I'm sure you put a lot of work and effort into this, I just can't bear to see a good movie ruined by a quickly-hashed-together trailer.

  4. im not gonna say this trailer is the best ive seen but id rather there be a bad trailer for a good film than a good trailer for a bad film 🙂

  5. May look into watching this movie although to be honest the trailer looks quite disappointing in the aspect of horror.

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