Blox Watch  – A Roblox Horror Movie

Blox Watch – A Roblox Horror Movie

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Teacher: I’m surprised you would get yourself into trouble like this Robbie. It’s not like you. Robbie: I’m sorry, miss. Teacher: Okay, get yourself off home. Robbie: Huh? Robbie: Hello? (Footsteps) Robbie: No, no, y-you can’t be here y-you’re not real! Robbie: Dang it! Come on! Open! Robbie: No, no, no, no! Robbie: No! No! [screaming] Mom: Charlotte, guess who’s home! The Last Guest: I’ve missed you so much! The Last Guest: Look what I found on my last deployment! Charlotte: What is it? The Last Guest: It’s the shiniest crystal I’ve ever seen! The Last Guest: Thought you would like it. [Present Day] [Alarm Clock Rings] [Hit] [oof] *You have 1 new message* Mom: Hey Charlie, terrible traffic here. Just dropping your dad off at the army base for his new deployment. Mom: You know how busy he is saving the world as always. I hope you have a great first day in your new school. Mom: Love you lots! (Bell Rings) Charlotte: Oh! I’m so sorry. I wasn’t looking where I was going. ???: Nah, it’s okay! You…new here? Charlotte: Yeah..My dad’s in the army, so we’re always moving around a lot. Charlie: I’m Charlie Leo: I’m Leo. Nice to meet you! Charlie: The legend of Guest666! Loved reading that book when I was younger. Leo: Yeah…I’m a bit of a nerd about it. I even got the t-shirt! Charlotte: I used to have nightmares about Guest666 for ages afterwards. Charlotte: Do you really think he’s gone forever? Leo: I don’t know..I’ve heard a lot of conspiracy theories that he was never actually a ghost. Leo: Some people actually think he’s still alive today. Charlie: Cool! By the way, do you know where history class is? ???: Hey newbie, we’ve got history as well. You can tag along with us! Leo: I’ll see you later! ???: First day, right? Charlie: Yeah. ???: Just a heads up, some seriously strange things have happened in this town. ???: People have been disappearing near the forest. ???: Jeez, why gotta go scaring her like that? Teacher: ….And it was only twelve years ago today that the great war between the bacons and guests finally ended. Teacher: Uhh, class, please welcome our new student. Teacher: Uhh…what’s your name again? Charlie: Uhm..Charlie? Teacher: Oh, okay. Cool! Teacher: You can take a seat next to Vanessa over there. Vanessa: Heyyyyyyyyy, what’s up girl? My name is Vanessa. ???: She already knows that, idiot! ???: The teacher’s just told her. Vicky: I’m Vicky. You must’ve done something really bad in a previous life to end up at this place. Violette: I’m Violette. You can hang out, y’know, with us at lunch if you like. Charlie: Sure. Thanks. Teacher: Hey! Pipe it down over there, you guys! Teacher: Alright, where was I… Teacher: …The bacon people. Felt like they were being treated like second class citizens Teacher: Outcasts, if you like. Teacher: Which led to a lot of discontent amongst the local bacon- Charlotte: What the…Where am…I? (Doorknob Rattles) (Rattling Intensifies) (Knocking) (Rattling Continues) (Rattling Stops) (Slam) ???: Sorry sir! Door was stuck again! My mom’s car broke down.. Teacher: Hurry up and take a seat. (Toilet Flush) Charlie: What the heck… Charlie: What is going on? Charlie: Hey.. is everything okay? Violette: I’m sorry… Charlie: Oh, don’t apologize! What’s wrong? Violette: My brother’s been missing for over a week… No one knows where he is! Charlie: I’m… so sorry… Violette: You’re new…I shouldn’t be making you feel bad like this. Violette: Let’s go grab some lunch.. Vanessa: What animal does a turkey come from..? Vicky: Ugh..shut up, Vanessa! Vicky: Come on then Charlie…! What’s it like having a famous dad in the army? Vanessa: Yeah, bet your mom has to watch out! Vanessa: All those women throwing themselves at him! Violette: Come on guys! Stop harassing her! It’s her first day! I’m sure she’d rather talk about anything but her dad! Vicky: Okay! Sorry…spoil sport! Vicky: Hey, there’s a party in the forest tomorrow. You should come! Charlie: Yeah, sure. Charlie: Who’s that guy…? Vicky: Who? Zack? He’s seriously weird… Vicky: …always by himself… Vicky:… stay away from that creep. I don’t trust him. Vicky: See you at camp, tomorrow night! Come on losers, let’s go. Bully: What’s the password, creep? Bully: Lost your tongue? Bully: Say “I’m a bacon terrorist” and we’ll let you pass. Charlie: Hey! Charlie: Leave him alone! Bully: Oh! I’m so scared! Charlie: Bullying him because he’s a bacon hair? You’re pathetic! Bully: Nobody talks to me like that! Do you understand? Charlie: Get away from me! Charlie: I’m not scared of you! Bully: You are going to regret that-! Teacher: Is everything okay here? Bully: Yes sir, we’re just introducing ourselves to the new girl. Teacher: School finished ten minutes ago. Hurry home. Bully: Next time I see you, you’ll regret it! Charlie: Hey, you alright? Zack: Yeah, thanks. Zack: You should’nt of got involved. They’ll come after you now. Charlie: They don’t scare me. Zack: You can see into the dark world, can’t you? Charlie: Wait, can you see that too? Zack: I shouldn’t have said anything. It’s too dangerous. I have to go. Charlie: Hey! Zack! Wait! Zack: What are you doing here? Charlotte: Look, I know where you live so I’m not going until you tell me about this “dark place” Zack: There’s so many things you still don’t know. Zack: That dark world we can see into is called “Limbo”… Zack: …and inside Limbo are a lot of evil creatures wanting to get out. Zack: Being able to see into Limbo is one of the abilities of an Astral. Charlotte: What? What’s an “Astral”? Zack: I can’t tell you any more. If “it” finds out about us, then we’re both dead. Albert: Hey Megan, I sure hope there aren’t any murderers here! Megan: Do you like, ever shut up? Albert: Hey Megan, are we in Vietnam? I feel like these trees are watching us. Megan: Yeah, it’s kinda spooky-looking in here. Albert: Hey Megan, did you know that- Megan: Uhh…Albert? Megan: Albert? Albert: Wh-wh-where on earth am I? Albert: What was that?! (Foot Stomping) Albert: You’re not Megan! (Roars) (Screams) Leo: Hey stranger, how’s it goin’? Charlie: Okay, as far as school goes. I suppose. Charlie: Ugh..This is a really random question, but, do you know anything about “Astrals”? Leo: Yeah…legend says that they have the ability to manipulate the laws of physics and move objects with their mind… Charlie: telekinesis and apparition? Leo: Exactly, and the only way to tell them apart is by the glistening colored glow in their eyes when they’re using their powers. Leo: There have been rumors of a very powerful, dark Astral who wants all the powers to himself. Leo: Legends claim he was the first ever Guest in existence. Leo: Some say he’s the devil himself. Charlie: What’s…his name? Leo: Blox Watch. Leo: But that’s just some weird urban legend. Charlie: Gotta go. Are you going to the party in the forest later? Leo: Yeah, I’m goin’. I’ll see you there later. Zack: If you want my advice, stay away from the camp. Charlie: My dad taught me to be strong and not run away from my problems. Charlotte: So no, I don’t want your advice. Stop hiding and stand up for yourself, Zack! Student: Let’s get this party started! Charlotte: How do you know so much about Limbo and Astrals? Leo: That’s the perk of being a nerd, I guess. Vicky: What’s up, girl? Glad you could make it! Vicky: This here is my handsome boyfriend. Bully: It’s such a pleasure to meet you again. Vicky: Anyways, see you around. Leo: Everything alright? Charlie: I’m beginning to think coming here wasn’t such a good idea. Charlotte: Wasn’t that Violette’s brother? Leo: Can’t be…He’s still missing…Isn’t he? Charlie: Let’s check it out. Leo: I’m not sure that’s such a good idea. Leo: Just so you know, if you get us killed, I’m blaming you. Charlie: Yeah whatever, you wimp. Charlie: Anyway, thought you were my “protector”. Leo: Yeah, well…I’m a believer in equal opportunities. (Screaming) Leo: What was that?! Leo & Charlotte: Hello? Charlie: I can’t see anyone. Leo: I don’t like this… Something’s not right. Leo: Let’s go. Bully: Oh boy… [maniacal laughter] Bully: You should’ve seen the look on your face… (Plays a screaming audio) Bully: Now I do believe we have some unfinished business from earlier… Leo: We don’t want any trouble, okay? Bully: Oh look, she brought her boyfriend with her! Bully: I don’t even know who you are. Stay out of this! Charlie: You’re in our way! Come on, Leo. Bully: Oh you’re not going anywhere! Bully: Grab him! Charlie: Zack! What are you doing here? Zack: Thought it was time I joined the party. Sorry I’m late. Bully: You! Bully: I’m gonna make sure I break every bone in your body! Charlotte: No! Stop! Bully: That’s not possible! Charlotte: I…I don’t know how I did that… Bully 2: This is too weird, bro. You’re on your own! Bully 3: Yeah. I’m out of here, man! Bully: You bunch of wussies! Bully: Robbie? Where on earth have you been, man? Bully: Everyone’s been looking for you! Your sister’s been worried sick! Leo: That’s not Robbie… Zack: Blox Watch. Blox Watch: Hello, Charlie.


  1. While you wait for Part 2 to come out, here's the prequels to Blox Watch 😁🍿

    ► Guest 666 🎬

    ► The Last Guest 🎬

  2. What was the music during the introduction ((ya know when they showed all the people that are in it at the start?))

  3. uhm whats the game about "The Breach"? on roblox, they all just attack soon? and its created in = 7/19/2019 . and its about blox watch isn't it? :T

  4. 11:14 ObliviuosHD:Hmm?… What should be in that bacon voice? What is that annoying and strange voice? I GOT IT! FLAMINGO OF COURSE!

  5. I realise this movie is a Trilogy of Guest 666 and Last Guest 😀 I will Love it Mr OBLIVIOUS ima go buy ya merch now

  6. Anyone else get a stranger things reference from when the young girl was imagining things? William Byers?

    Only me?


  7. Albert: Hey Megan, I sure hope there aren't any murderers here!

    Megan: Do you like, ever shut up?


    Also albert: Hey Megan, are we in Vietnam? I feel like these trees are watching us.

    IDK IF U GET THE BAD JOKE u prob wont idk xD

  8. Lol the Albert scream…Wait…..i am in this animation….My real name are Zack….And my avatar is like that….DUN DUN DUN

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