Bollywood Movies – Bhago Bhoot Full Movie – भागो भूत – Hindi Dubbed Full Horror Movies – Kids Film

Bollywood Movies – Bhago Bhoot Full Movie – भागो भूत – Hindi Dubbed Full Horror Movies – Kids Film

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Ball! Give the ball!
– Catch! What are you doing? Hurry up. Sixer!
– Hey! Splash!
– Splash! My mother. Yes, orange sweets. Hey, look! Sheetal and Manda. Hey! Come on you. Darn! Frogs from the marsh.
– Frogs from the marsh. Sir’s come. Greetings, sir.
– Greetings. Greetings, sir.
– Greetings. – Greetings, sir. Sir’s come. Greetings, sir.
– Greetings. Did you hear the school bell?
– It rings everyday. Sir will hang us upside down. Kailash, wait.
– What are you doing, Nanu? Fell down. The pumpkin fell down.
– Wait, I’ll teach you a lesson. Kailash. What are you doing?
That’s my new shirt. What are you doing? Leave! – I won’t leave.
– My father got it for me. Pumpkin fell down. Prashant Tambeke.
– Present, sir. Rahim Abdullah.
– Present. Present, sir.
– Present, sir. Present, sir. Present, sir. Why don’t all of you give the same answer? Say present, sir. Understand? What did you understand? Present, sir.
– Yes. Jaisurya Vankutre.
– Absent. Why hasn’t Jaisurya come yet? He’s on time everyday. Kusum Wakde. Goat!
– How did the goat come here? Hey! You! How many times have I told you.. ..not to pass from the middle
of the class with your herd? That route is longer.
– So you enter here? Catch! Look, I’ll send all your goats to
a butcher if you come here again. And you’ll be sent to a jail.
Understand? What did you understand? Take your seats. Hey, get down. Let’s go. Game over.
– Come on, take your seats. Nanu Zende.
– Present, sir. Nanu, get aside. Let me come. Today again you’re late? What is this? Where’s your shirt? Sir, he pulled my leg
and pushed me into the pond marsh. No, sir. He wiped mud with my new shirt. Purposely, sir. You’re lying.
– It’s you who’s lying. – Sir, he. I had to wash it again.
– You’re lying. You’re lying. – Sir, not my fault.
– I didn’t do anything. You pulled my leg.
– You tore my shirt. You started it.
– You started it. – No. Fight! Come on. What will you do? Stop! – What will you do?
– I’ll hit you. Hey! – You hit me?
– What’s going on? Why are you fighting? Come on. Go, take your seats. Nanu, you just use your scissors.
You’re a blot on this school. If you do it again, I’ll whip you. Understand? What did you understand? Go take your seat. This village Chimkhada is strange. Here goats are
in the class and boys in the pond. Come on. Take out your History books. Sir, may I come in? Why are you late?
Were you too in a pond or on a tree? No, sir. Today I took the long route. Not the regular route from the well.
– Why? Sir, there’s a ghost in the well.
– What? A ghost is living there.
– What are you saying? My grandma heard in the market. Fine. Come. Take your seat. Kids, did you hear that? No one will go near that well from today. Understand?- Understood.
– What did you understand? Yes, sir! Today we’ll learn about
the first battle of Panipat. Who’ll tell me? Listen. Hey? Hold this. Run! Ghost! Hey, where are you running?
It’s not a ghost, but a bat. Where are you running away?
– Nanu, let them go. Run! What is this? They’re afraid of monkeys.
– Forget about them. Cowards. Come. Run! Let’s go. Let’s go.
– Run! Run! Nothing will happen. Let’s go. Nanu? Where are you going?
– Down into the well. Hey, where’s the ghost?
– It can’t be spotted so easily. Run! We’re dead! Hey, run! Run! Baba! Ghost! Laugh again. Brother ghost, come out once. Don’t be afraid. I won’t do anything. Which leg is hurt? This one. Get up. Look, can you stand straight? Walk. I thought I broke my leg. It would’ve been a holiday for me. Do you want to broke your leg? No. Not at all. Who are you?
– Don’t you know me? What? I am Bhago. The ghost from this well. Ghost Bhago. Liar? You can’t be a ghost. The feet of a ghost face backwards. Your’s are straight. You’re smart, friend. Too smart. No. I am the dumbest in my class. What’s your name? Nanu Chagan Zende. Nanu. That was fun. Wow! Bread!
Garlic sauce for accompaniment. Looks like you’ve been starving. Yes. I haven’t eaten a proper
home cooked meal since a long time. There’s a lot to eat in the forest. Roots, herbs, berries,
fishes, birds and snakes. Snakes? You’re kidding.
– I swear. What book is this?
– This is my Hindi book. Read. Yes. I’ll read. Read. Bird sitting high
on the branch of a Peepul sings. Do you know what message
she gives in her language? The birds soar in the skies,
undeterred by boundaries and unafraid. She doesn’t fill her coffers
with others’ earnings. She says, humans,
learn to live from us. We’re free spirits.
Have you tied shackles around your feet? Very good. What is this?
– Introduction to Geography. You can’t read? I forgot. Of what use is reading
and writing in this forest? I’ll bring story books the next time. Next time? Listen.
You’ll not come here again. Why? Because I don’t want any company. Especially a human being. That’s why I escaped here
into the forest. And I live here alone in this well. Understand?
What did you understand? Even you talk like our sir. Understand? What did you understand? Now run.
– Alright. Uh, listen. Wait. Wait a minute. Catch. This is ripe. Brother Bhago, this one’s for you. Alright. Now run. Don’t tell anything about me. No. I won’t. Nobody. What if I tell them?
– You dare. Do you know what I’ll do? You’ll break my leg. Okay.
– Yes. So hero? Do you want a
Sharukh Khan cut or a Salman Khan cut? Hritik Roshan cut. Sit. Why so late? Where were you? I was studying at school. Studying at school. Fool someone else, kid. New shirt? How did you dirty it? Tore it as well.
– Huh? Did you fight with someone? No, I fell down. Be careful of your clothes
if you fall again. Clothes don’t come for free.
Unlike you. Go get the brush. Oh! God. Sir! Get the rounder. Where did he go? Greetings, sir.
– Haircut or shave? Neither haircut nor shave. Wait. Let me serve the vegetable. You’re behaving as
if you’ve not eaten for days. I am a growing child. Mother. Pack an extra bread
in my tiffin from tomorrow. Alright. You leave half of the bread
in your tiffin everyday. What did you study in school today? History, Geography,
Maths, Hindi, Civics. What is that? We’re taught about doing good things. Like.
– Like, ghost hunting. This son of yours took his
entire class to the well in the forest. But a ghost lives there. Chimabai was heard
saying at the flour mill. Ask your dear son.
What does the ghost look like? You create a new problem everyday.
Aren’t you scared? He is only scared of this leather belt. Come here.
Come here if you’re a man. Come. Let it be.
Let the poor kid have food atleast. He comes home only to eat food. Your pampering has spoilt him.
Come on, get up. I say, get up. Are you going to get up?
Come. Come here. – No! Come. Leave.
– No. – Brother, Chagan. Will you take me to
the town on your bike? What’s the hurry? What happened? Need to fetch a vet.
My donkey is badly injured. Why? What happened to Bhola? These kids are very mischievous. Some fellow tied a drum
to his tail and made him run. Poor animal ran out of fear
and got stuck in barbwire. Poor thing is in pain. How can these kids be so ruthless? Will you come?
– Yes, I will. I’ll handle this donkey after I return. Poor donkey.
Bhola is such an useful animal. Mother. A fresh bread. Hot. Wait. Let me cast off
the evil eye from you first. Goddess Jagdamba,
protect my Nanu from that ghost. My dear friend. Who did this to you? Don’t worry. My father has gone
to town to fetch a doctor for you. And, yes. Thanks a lot for saving me
from the leather belt. Here. I’d told you not to come here. I’ve brought home cooked bread for you. You’re bribing me?
– Is it wrong to bribe? People bribe even the God. I’ll offer you 100 pieces of
sweets if my son lands a job. Father also offers money to
Lord Hanuman every year. That’s the reason I pass. You pass not with
the blessings of Lord Hanuman.. ..but because you’re smart. Very smart. Forget that. Do you see this miracle?
This is a very tasty root. We’ll roast this.
– Should we light fire? Yes. Our ancestors used to light
the fire by rubbing dry sticks. Should we find dry sticks? No. That takes too much time. Hold this. I have a better solution. Come on. Nanu. Not all roots are meant to be eaten. Some are poisonous. Your Parathas were delicious.
– Even this. You’re not carrying your bag? No. It’s a holiday today. Bring it the next time. You’ll keep coming. Why don’t you like it when I come here? There are 2 reasons. One, I don’t like when you bunk school. But today is Sunday. A holiday. Oh! Everyday is a Sunday for me. Other reason? I want to stay away from mankind. I don’t like humans. They’re inhuman. Inhuman? Some are not inhuman. Like me. Everyone loves me. Except father,
sir and the girls of my class. Girls are fools. Actually, even I like animals
more than humans. Most of my friends are animals. I have a best friend. Bhola.
He’s a donkey. Poor thing. He’s badly injured. He’s in pain.
– What’s ailing that donkey? This is for your Bhola. Now you see
how fast your friend will recover. The ointment for your injured
Bhola is ready. Apply this on his wounds. Apply this.
– Yes. Gently. And then?
– Then wait. Here you go.
– Yes. How many times do I have to apply this?
– Till it gets cured. Sheetal. Look. Nanu?
Is your friend going for a wedding? Adorned with henna? Yes, your marriage. Hey! You say anything. Nanu. What are you doing? Nothing. Nothing at all. I was just looking at Bhola. What’s this? I was looking at Bhola’s wounds.
– What nothing? You were applying green color to Bhola.
– That’s not color. It’s an ointment. Very effective.
– You’re trying to fool me? I want to treat Bhola.
– You’ll treat him? Bhola’s my friend.
– I got a vet from town. He couldn’t treat him.
– Nanu, aren’t you going to school? 1..2..3..4. Be careful, you’ll fall. 1..2..3..4. Be careful, you’ll fall. 1..2..3..4. Stop.
– What happened? What is it? Boom! Hey, where did you find this? My uncle got it from Mumbai. This lizard is fun. I removed it from a pot of curd. Mother fell unconscious with shock. Will you give it to me
in exchange of 4 marbles? Go. Wash your face. Now you see how I fool everyone with this. We’ll not take this route
today from the well. Why? We didn’t see any ghost that day. Why take risk? Yes. Sir’s also told us
not to go near the well. Yes. Let’s go. From now onwards everyone
will complete there homework on time. I will not listen to any excuses. Understand?
What did you understand? So children. Take out your maths books. Did you hear that? Last time, we solved a lot of addition
and subtraction problems. Damn! Who brought this lizard in the class? This is made of plastic, sir. You? Stand up. Nanu Zende. You’re a blot
on this class and the village. Aren’t you ashamed of playing
such pranks with your sisters? But I didn’t hide the lizard
in Manda’s bag, sir. I didn’t hide it, sir. How do know it’s a plastic lizard? Tell me. Who hid it? Why are you silent? Come on. Get of the class. Go and work the scissors
in your father’s shop. Why do you pollute
the land of this temple of knowledge? Come on, get out. Right now. Out. It’s good for you.
Neither school nor sir. Come. Didn’t I tell you not to bunk school? I didn’t bunk. I was thrown out. Injustice. There’s very less justice
in this world, Shamu. Not Shamu. Nanu. Uh. Nanu. Smile. Let’s start our school here.
– Wow! It will be fun. But, who’s be the teacher? Yes. You’re the teacher. Fine. Hold your bag
and take out the book. Who’s this? Rani Laximi, the queen of Jhansi. Why this moustache? Because she wasn’t less than a man.
She was very brave. But Rani Laxmibai
doesn’t need your creativity.. prove her bravery. As it is, you shouldn’t spoil
your books like this. Anyways. Tell me about the queen.
– Yes. In the year 1857. Hey, watch my moustache.
It’s a growth of 4 months. Excellent growth, sir. – Yes.
– Which manure do you use? Where’s Nanu?
Didn’t return from the school yet? Oh! God. Now what has he done? This boy will take my life one day. Your son is one of a kind. He cured my donkey. Absolutely fit. See. “Are you the full moon or the sun?” She was such a brave woman. You too should learn to read and write. I’ll teach you. Come. – Come.
– Let’s go. Let’s start from first. Ka.
– Ka. Kha.
– Kha. Ga.
– Ga. Gha.
– Gha. Very good. You’re intelligent.
You’ll learn fast. Keep revising this. Now it’s your turn to be the teacher. What will you teach me?
– Forest story. Listen. First law of the jungle. Look. Don’t touch any rock
in the forest unnecessarily. We are at danger from them
and they from us. There has a to be
a mouse burrow nearby. Wait. See. See? Mice are great thieves. They steal grains from homes
and fields and stock it up. See. In a burrow you can
find food sufficient for 2 people. That’s enough food for both of us.
– Yes. Here. See this.
You see these simple plants. Every plant has a cure for some ailment. This is the treasure of our medicines. That means, a chemist shop. See. I’ll explain. Each of these herbs is a cure. They have an answer right from cold
and flu to asthma, diabetes and jaundice. Ultimate cure. Our ancestors have
an experience of a 1000 years. Forget humans, even the animals of
the forest know their importance. They find a cure for their ailments. Be careful. See, a honey factory. Oh! Honeycomb. This is an owl.
He knows everything about the forest. He sitting quietly.
How it is staring at us. It says, night is about to fall. Go home. Nanu?
I heard you cured Jagan’s donkey. But tell me.
Where did you get all the knowledge from? Mother.
– Here you go. I’ve heard your praise
for the first time in my life. I felt so proud when I heard this. I’ve only heard complaints
against him all the time. What have you brought for your son? A new suit. Yes. Nanu, visit Jagan’s house
tomorrow morning. He wants to meet you.
– Yes. Welcome, our hero.
Did you meet your friend? He’s all adorned.
A garland around the neck. And a heavy load on his back. It’s a washerman’s donkey.
It will not sit idle. Wait. I want to give you a reward.
That’s why I called you here. Come on. Choose one shirt for yourself. Yes. But these belong to your customers? So?
– What will you tell them? That’s my secret. You pick a shirt for yourself. But I? Can I take an oversized shirt?
– Oversized shirt? Yes. Slightly oversized.
– Why? That’s my secret. Nanu! – Hey!
– Nanu! A band is playing at uncle Patil’s house. It’s awesome. It’s from the city.
– A granddaughter is born at his house. He’s distributing jaggery. Yes. – Let’s go. – Let’s go.
– I’ll drop you. So mischief mongers?
Don’t you have school today? We do. Sir’s also there. May the granaries be filled.
Glory to you. May the obstacles be cleared. May the offerings be useful. Your times have gone, Baba. It’s the time of Band now.
– What can I do, son? The village has woken up,
wake up Panduranga. Wake up, Panduranga. The sun has risen, wake up, Panduranga. Wake up, Panduranga. Wow! Mr. band. Here. Greetings. Come, children. Have sweets. Me too.
– Yes, take. Brothers? Will you play at my place? Yes, we will.
– How much will you charge? Ask him.
– There. How much will you charge.
– The rate is 800. 800?
– Yes. – Do you think I am a Patil? Burst crackers. How will we play
if you’re not paying us enough? Greetings.
– Enjoyed it, village chief. I also enjoyed it. – See you.
– See you. Sir, good. Kids. There’s no holiday
for school today. Come on. Hey! Look.
– What is it? The band is going back. Yes. They must’ve earned a lot. Hey, what if we make our own band? Special band. – Yes.
– We too will play during weddings. And make loads of money.
– Yes. We’ll give some at home as well. Then we won’t have to come to school.
– Yes. But, fools. From where will
we bring the drums and instruments? Not coming?
– Come on. Hey! Idea! Listen. – Tell me.
– Listen. – What is it? What if we make our own instruments?
– Wow! Friends. 1..2..start! Listen! What’s going on? Band’s playing.
– Yes, band’s playing. You’d called a band from Mumbai,
hadn’t you? We’ll charge less.
No transportation charges. We’re from this village. Let’s start. Kids. Stop this. Take your tin boxes aside. But we haven’t even started properly yet.
– Yes, we haven’t even started. Don’t start. Here’s 5 rupees. Get lost.
– Yes! 5 rupees for stop playing music? Silence! What is this noise? Stop this noise. Stop this noise. Hey, my grandson is sleeping inside. Both playing and stopping costs money. Money?
– Yes. How much? 10 rupees.
– What? 10 rupees. Go away. God! Yes.
– Stop, guys. I’ll give you 5 rupees
to stop making noise. Fine.
– Listen. – Yes. I’ll pay you 5 more rupees to play
in front of village chief’s house. – Oh! Get lost. – We’re dead.
– I’ll put you in jail. – Run! – Run! All of you will be put behind bars.
– My hat! Run!
– Run! Nanu, run! Band made a loss. Eat Candy Floss. Candy Floss. Nanu. Why’re you making noise?
Go to bed. Nanu.
– Brother Bhago? You here? Where’d you been for the past 2 days?
Why didn’t you come? I was worried. Really? – Yes.
– I’ll definitely come tomorrow. Bunk school.
– No. Didn’t you promise?
If you bunk school you’ll become like me. Wow! That would be great. No, kid. Study well and then teach me. So that one day I might
again become a man from a ghost. Really? Brother Bhago, really?
– Yes son, really. Am going. Listen. Can I take a hen? Yes. No the hen. Yes. Take all the eggs if you want. Brother Bhago, for the eggs.
– Oh! And this is for you. What’s this?
– Have a look. Strange. Not a single egg today? Got it. Nanu! Yes, mother. See.
This is because of your trumpet. Poor hens didn’t lay
a single egg due to fear. What are you doing?
– Studying. Studying?
– Yes. Show. Is this Gwalior? Idiot. You come. Show. Very good. It’s our supreme duty
to save our environment. Wow! Nanu. Wow! Wow! Beautiful. Me or the swing?
– Both. Come. Did you go to school?
– Yes. Sir was very happy with me today. I gave a lot of correct answer in class. Everyone was wondering
how this change in me? Lord Ram! Lord Ram! Lord Ram! Lord Ram! Lord Ram! Lord Ram! Did you see how much
our villagers are afraid of you? Come. I need to show
you something interesting. – Yes. Come here. Come. Now we’ll study properly. This is our black board. And this is our chalk.
– Wow! Give.
– La. Kamala. Thorat sir?
– God! Now what? Please come, Thorat sir.
What brings you here? Why? Hair cut and a shave. Thank God. I thought Nanu is up
for some new mischief. What are you talking? Your son is very smart. He’s very studious and intelligent. Yes, he’s a bit naughty.
He’s a boy after all. But he’s improving. Amazing. You’re a very good disciple. And you? You’re a great teacher. Why didn’t you ever go to school? There’s a lot to study
even outside the school, Shamu. Not Shamu. Nanu.
– Nanu. Alright. I’ll leave. Take the chalk. You might need it. Keep it safely.
– Yes. I’ll keep it in your tree safe. Hey! Nanu!
– In the tree hole. Hey! What are you doing?
– Keeping the chalk safely. For the next time. You told me. Dare you put your hand in this hole. Don’t ever come near this. It’s of no use to you. I should leave. But now it’s my turn to teach. I am getting late. What’s this? Anna? Anna? Brother Bhago! Brother Bhago! Brother Bhago! Come fast, brother Bhago! Brother Bhago, come fast! Hey, this is a snake bite.
– Yes. Run.
The leaves I’d shown you the other day. Grind them into a paste and get it fast.
– Yes. Hey! Hey, brother. Don’t sleep.
The poison will spread. You hear me? Here’s the medicine.
– Very good. Now go and call the villagers.
– Yes. Uncle Nagu, hurry up.
Come fast, all of you. What happened, Nanu? Where do we have to go?
– What’s the matter? – What happened, Nanu? Anna is lying unconscious
on the jungle road. Unconscious? What happened? A snake bit him.
– Snake bite? – Don’t tell me. Chandu. Go call the physician.
– Go, go. Someone call the snake charmer.
– Let’s go. Let’s hurry up.
– Hurry up. This way. Fast. Yes. – Oh!
– Here he is. – He’s unconscious. Oh! God. What happened? Anna? – Anna?
– Anna? Hey! Someone has tied
his thigh very tight. So stop the poison from spreading. Who tied this?
– Nanu, did you? And someone has applied
a herbal ointment. See. Yes. Nanu, did you do this? Something had to be done. Let’s rush to the village
and consult a physician. – Yes. How will we carry him?
– Yes. Hey, what are you doing?
– Yes, give. Yes. Why lose? Hold it tight. He’ll fall. Watch out. Looks like the medicine
has done its work. He’s gaining consciousness. Laxmibai. Your husband would’ve died.. ..if he’d not received
the treatment on time. I thank God, he saved my husband. Lady, don’t thank God. Thank this kid. Glory to Naru. The whole world is praising you.
Why are you upset? Nanu. Look what I brought for you. Come on, go. Nanu. Here, son. I got your favourite sweet.
Do you know what it is? Khaja. Here. Take it. Khaja? What’s the matter?
Is it Diwali today? Every day is going to be like
Diwali in our house. Do you know? The footfalls in the shop
have increased because of your son. Have only footfalls increased
or even the customers? Oh! You too. Wow! Nanu.
– Wow! Nanu. Excellent. Even after all this, he’s still working. Wow! – Wow!
You’ve become a hero of the village. Take the clothes. Nanu, listen.
Visit my mother on your way home. She suffers from joint pain. Zende. You must be proud of your son. Nanu, what will you be when you grow up? Engineer. He’ll become an Engineer. Yes.
– Not an Engineer, he’ll be a doctor. Nanu, chocolate for you. No, I’ll become
an expert barber like father. See? That’s like it. I’ll teach him
all the skills of my business. You’ll open a salon in the town. “Papa says, I’ll make a name for myself.” “My son will do something great.” I feel much lighter. Show. Show. Wait. Let me give you a haircut. Yes. So tell me. Do you want a
Shahrukh Khan cut or a Salman Khan cut? Who are they? What’s the difference? No difference. Father always asks. The customers like it.
– Come on, hurry up Shamu. Not Shamu. Nanu. Why do you keep calling me
Shamu all the time? Nanu. Hold this.
– Give. Hey, see this. How’s our snakebite patient? He’s fine. But I am worried. Everyone is praising me. It’s who did everything.
Sometimes I feel like telling the truth. Dare you tell anyone about me. Otherwise I’ll leave this well.. ..never to return again. Understand? Yes, understood. Atleast now show me the mirror.
– Come. Come. Here’s the mirror. Wow! Nanu. Nanu.
– Going to school? – Yes. Let’s go.
– Yes. Bye, Bhola. Am going. Stop! I got late today. In my hurry I forgot my tiffin at home. Oh!
– Today I’ll eat from your tiffins. Right. My foot. Hey, the water level
has risen too high today. Let’s go. We’re late. 1..2..3..4. Be careful, you’ll fall. Brother, listen.
Mother has sent your tiffin. Brother, listen.
– Mumtaz, don’t run. Look! She fell down! Mumtaz!
– Somebody help! She doesn’t know swimming.
Somebody help. Mumtaz! Don’t give up. Am coming. Farooq, what are you doing?
– Leave me. Don’t be crazy. You’ll matters worse. Let’s go back.
We’ll take the help of the villagers. Brother Bhago! Come fast. Brother Bhago! Mumtaz! – Brother Bhago! Forward. Forward. Hurry up, Brother Bhago!
There’s a whirlpool ahead. The current is strong. Where’s my child? I have to rush, Nanu. You handle this. Hey!
– Come. Keep doing this. See.
– Where? Not in the water, on the bank. Mumtaz! Nanu?
– Yes. I thank Allah. Press. Press it hard, son. Chaganrao. Wake up. A great personality is
visiting your house. Hey, is there a greater
personality than you? Our village chief. Village chief?
– Village chief’s special man. Chair!
– Yes, get a chair. Ganpat! – Please come.
– Chair. – Jaisurya. Special chair’s coming. Yes. Please sit, village chief. Yes. Very good. Chaganrao.
– Coming. Please come, More. I don’t know
which kind act of mine brought you here. Your son has done all the kind acts. Your brave son, Nanu. Tea.
– Yes. Listen, make tea. – Right. Strong, sweet and hot, sister-in-law.
– Yes. Chaganrao. The village court has
decided to organise a gathering. Your son will be honored. Yes. Thank you. That has to happen. Brother, Nanu is the pride of our village. The village chief wants to
organise a grand celebration. A shed will be put up. – Yes.
– A stage will be built. Yes. – People will come.
– Is it? And the chief guest will be.
– Our Patil. Who else can it be? So tell me. What do you think? There won’t be any celebration.
– What is this boy talking? I won’t come.
– Hey? Hey?
– What is this boy saying? Will he actually not come?
– Or is he shy? He’s shy.
– Fine. But what if he doesn’t come? His father will also come. We don’t want the father.
– But the son. – Yes. Brother, Nanu will surely come.
My responsibility. Nanu’s here. He’s here.
– Nanu sir’s here. Please come. Nanu, come. Yes. Applause. Come, son.
– Greetings. You sit there.
– Very good. Greetings. Residents of Chimkhada,
a promising child of our village.. ..not just once or twice but he’s
proved his bravery on three occasions. He cured Jagan’s donkey, Bhola. He saved Anna with his timely decision. And risked his life to rescue Mumtaz
from the strong current of the canal. Brothers. I’ve always believed.. ..that this unusual child is
the pride of our village Chimkhada. A pride of our school. Nanu’s not just a brave kid but
he’s also very smart and intelligent. He leads in studies, sports.. ..and adept at singing and music. He’s fascinated everyone. Sir, enough. Spare something for me. With this,
I invite respected village chief. Sir spoke of everything
I’d planned to speak. Still I would like to say one thing. Nanu is the second form of Shivaji.
– Wow! – Yes. Village Chimkhada honours him.
– Yes. Our Patil will present him a trophy. But, first. A garland.
– Garland. Nanu. Nanu.
– Stop. I don’t want anything. I haven’t done anything.
You’re making me a hero for no reason. A false hero. I am not the real hero. Then who is?
– Bhago. Bhago?
– Bhago the ghost. A ghost from the well.
– Ghost from the well? What are you talking, son?
– Tell us everything. Bhago lives in the well. He’s not a real ghost. He’s my brother. My dear friend. A best friend. He’s very generous. Very intelligent. He knows all the medicinal herbs. He can also swim like a fish. How come we never saw him? Looks like the kid is out of his mind. This celebration has affected him. What my son says is not baseless. Hear him out first. Yes, where’s your friend? Yes, introduce us to him. Yes, we’ll believe
only after we meet him. Yes, only then will you believe you.
– Let’s go then. Let’s go.
– Let’s go. Nanu.
– Hey! Village chief. What’s going on?
Let the function get over. More. More, what’s happening? Zende. Zende, where’s Nanu? Call Nanu. What, what?
– He’s a kid. Give it to me. Where’s Nanu?
– Where’s Nanu? – Leave. He’s right here.
– Show us where your Ghost Bhago is. Come back. Nanu, where’s the ghost Bhago? Stop. – Show.
– There’s nothing. Where are you going? Lord Ram! Lord Ram! There’s no ghost. I told you. This boy is not afraid of anything. I am. Nanu, we’re going. He’s only our Nanu’s friend. Nanu. Looks like your Bhago ran away. Nanu, we’re going. You go. I’ll come later. Hey, how can we leave you
in this jungle all alone? I come here often alone. You go.
– Alright. Let’s go. Nanu, come soon. Nanu, you broke your promise. I am going away from here.
In search of a new well. Take care, my friend. Bhago. Take care, my friend. Take care, my friend. I am sorry, brother Bhago. There was no other way. I couldn’t take false praise everyday. Come back, brother Bhago. Dare you put your hand in that hole.
Don’t even go near it. Principal B. G. Joshi? Very good. You’re intelligent.
You’ll learn fast. Keep revising this. Not Shamu. Nanu. Nanu. Hold this. Shamu. Fire at principal’s house. In the house of B.G Joshi,
the principal of Vidhyanidhi college.. ..a severe fire broke out in his study. His 10 year old son, Shamu.. ..jumped into the fire to save his dog. A burning log of wood fell on him.. ..and the fire swallowed him. Against the increasing hooliganism
in his college, principal Joshi.. ..had launched a successful mission. A lot of students who were
suspended from college.. ..had announced to take their revenge. Principal Joshi had met with
an accident two years back. His wife Mangala was hit by a speeding
car and left her bleeding on the road. No person from the crowd came forward
to rush wounded Mangala to the hospital. Mangala died on the spot. The court has held the accused
guilt in Joshi fire incident. They’ve been sentenced to
5 years rigorous imprisonment. Principal Joshi resigned from the
college soon after the gruesome incident. He’s still missing. Brother Bhago. Listen. Not everybody is inhuman. All the people in our village are kind. I am not bad either. Come back, brother Bhago. Listen, brother Bhago.
Stop being a ghost. My swear. Shamu’s swear.


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