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all right so we’re inside what Jake
what’s wrong Logan I don’t think I can build a box
for today I’m sorry you just gonna have to leave Logan today’s not the day what
are you doing that’s not even a real fire
it’s rebel to me Logan it’s real for me just get out of here all right today’s
not the day buddy what’s wrong with today what why is today not today I just
don’t get it do you you just don’t get it don’t you you know what today is
okay chase Halloween scariest day of the year look and I never told you this but
I’m extremely afraid of puppets I can’t see them they’re everywhere don’t
how are you scared of pumpkins they’re just vegetables I’m afraid of vegetables
have you never seen a pumpkin lit up anything it’s nice to peering into your
soul pit Logan I can’t go outside today it’s too scary Jake you gotta be more
like me man I’m not afraid of anything especially vegetables oh okay all right
well you think you’re some big shot just cuz you’re not scared of vegetables or
pumpkins yeah that might be weird to be scared of but I know you Logan
you’re scared of Bob the Rumba Jake you know I don’t like robots all right all
right then how about this we do a friendly Halloween scare off I see if I
can’t scare you in my very own haunted box sport if I make you scared you have
to admit that you’re a big scaredy pants and I’m really cool and awesome and not
afraid of pumpkins all right fine but if I scare you Jay you have to eat a
pumpkin all right deal it’s a scare off then welcome to Papa
Jake scare off spooktacular event halloween themed box 40 staff Danza oh
and by the way guys if you love spooky videos and he wants to do more of these
even after Halloween let’s try and crush 10 hundred thousand likes and we’ll do a
five nights at Freddy’s themed box fort hey yo what’s going on guys this Papa
Jake here from T Epiphany and we are back with a brand new video and today
guys we are getting spooky all right we are getting in the Halloween theme by
doing one of the creepiest one of the spookiest
one of the scariest box sports we have ever done we are gonna be making a
haunted house box sport Logan thinks that he cannot get scared we’ve tried
everything to scare Logan but you will not budge so I came up with the plan I
said to myself look if I’m gonna get Logan scare it’s gonna be through one a
pop of Jake’s amazing hot I’ve made like two of them maybe wanted
that I made one haunted house before and it was pretty spooky so we’re gonna go
back and we’re gonna make our very own haunted box for it so it’s gonna be kind
of like a trail that you have to walk through and make it from room to room
and then eventually exit I mean if you do exit you might get too scared and run
out the entrance which is which is what we’re hoping for here so this is gonna
be our awesome Halloween themed box for video also guys I am a little bit under
the weather I think spending an entire week out in the rain and cold for zombie
week got me a little bit sick but that’s okay I’m a DAB on this sickness and
we’re gonna get to build in this epic and spooky Halloween box for it so chose
to build this in the garage for two reasons one it’s actually kind of
raining outside so boxes don’t really like the rain too much but – this is the
spookiest place in my house I mean I mean just look at this place what lives
up there you know something’s up there I don’t know what’s up there but whoever
it is we’re friendly please don’t come and eat us so basically what we’re gonna
do is we’re gonna start out this box floor by making kind of like a trail I
want it to be different rooms that Logan gets scared in but the main thing is
gonna be kind of like a path that he has to walk down so I’m thinking if we start
here and kind of make like a u-shape where it ends up down there now way in
order to complete the spooky box where you have to make it all the way through
but if Logan does not make it all the way through that means he’s a scaredy
pants and we beat him it’s also giving me freaky because we’re gonna have to go
through it ourselves and even though I’m making it I know
it’s gonna be spooky just based on some of the stuff I got so I actually went
with my girlfriend and we spent a bunch of time getting some spooky props for
this video I don’t want to show all of them or give all of them away yet but
some of the stuff that we have guys is really scared we got like scary chains
that’s a scary one look so yeah nice nice old lady and bam scary face
so that’s definitely freaky I don’t want to give that way everything but I also
have a fog machine as well as some other cool like cobwebs and stuff like that so
I don’t think Logan knows what’s in store for him so why don’t we start out
by laying down the floor plan and get building there we go we have our base done so the
thing is looking awesome now I know it’s not too spooky yet cuz I mean it’s just
a floor full of cardboard but wait we still gotta put the walls and then the
roof once that’s done we can start decking this place out with all the
creepy props that I brought actually went ahead and modified my
plans just a little bit so as you guys can see actually took apart the second
row gear and made it one primary digger row over here leading to this bigger
open area down here I did this because I realized what I was trying to do is make
a massive haunted house box for it but what I should have been trying to do was
make a very scary box for it so instead of kind of scattering across all my like
scary items and making it so they kind of last the whole thing instead of that
I’m just gonna have a really really scary run up to a freaky room that Logan
has to enter the instead of the eggs that being back at the entrance the exit
is on this side through this door it’s still gonna have an entrance and an exit
I think this way it’s gonna be even spookier so now it’s on to the fun part
or in this case the spooky part we’re gonna be decking out this box forward
with all of our scary props to make it a truly haunted box fort house so what I’m
gonna do now is I’m not gonna put the roof on I’m gonna go in and start
decking out the whole thing with all our cobwebs all over lighting so I can get
everything organized before I put the roof on because I don’t really want to
be in a dark box for when there’s creepy faces and ghosts and sounds scaring me
oh and if we’re gonna dimension two guys I’m a deck in this box for that with
surround sound that way we can play sound in the box for to creep Logan out
I’ve got a bunch of different scary screams as well as a recording of the
rake sound that we recorded ourselves and I know Logan’s freaked out of the
race so we’re gonna be playing that throughout the box for it also and if
nothing else gets him I think the rake time will definitely scare him so this
is all the props we’re gonna be taking the box start out with I’ve got a bunch
of cobwebs as well as some like really cool aesthetic pieces some scary
paintings and a bunch of other awesome things including a fog machine and I
even bought an ammeter onic witch so we’re gonna have a witch sitting in this
room as kind of like the final boss Logan has to get past and she moves and
screams and I don’t know I’m was too freaked out to open the box yet so we’re
gonna find out how that works but first I’ve got these so I gotta like the box
for it and I bought these kind of like blacklight cool-looking things I’m not
sure how much light they’re gonna give off so we’re gonna see now and if we
need to add more light will definitely add some more light but let’s test it
out I mean lights on here but let’s see whoa
that’s freaky I don’t know how much light that’s gonna give off I’ve got a
lot of like glow-in-the-dark soup so I think it will definitely reflect off
this we’re not gonna really know how much like this has intellect what the
roof on but already that’s getting freaky so as you can see we’re getting
pretty close to being done so I actually went ahead and I put in most of our
props in here we’ve got like a flasher over there as well as some really creepy
cobwebs and this lady here who I’m calling the witch and she’s nice to meet
you she’ll be freaked out I’m like looking at it but she turns on and she
moves around and gets all creepy I also I’m not done putting up all the cobwebs
yeah I still wanna put some more cobwebs in here but as you guys can see we’ve
got blood on the walls which is kind of lights up with the light we also got
some blood on the floor and over here through this creepy kind of doorway in
here we’ve got a whole creepy section full of paintings and stuff not
completely done in there but what I’m gonna do now guys is I’m going to go
ahead put on the finishing touches and then put on the roof once the roofs on
this place will be complete I’m gonna fog up the whole thing with the fog
machine and the only let you’re gonna get for the entire haunted house is a
little flashlight with a crummy battery that might go out at any time but that’s
you know that’s all you get so I might go out of my turn dark now
which might show up in your face who knows I’m also putting a creepy window
over there within opening that way we can actually put on like a scary mask
and when Logan’s going through here we’re gonna prank him cuz he’s not gonna
know what’s going on he’s gonna be vlogging himself going through here and
I’m gonna pop out of that window wearing like a freaky mask and scare him then he
has to enter in through this room and face all the horrors that are inside
here I’ve also got some really cool glow-in-the-dark paint as well but I
don’t want to show you guys everything because I want you to experience it the
same way Logan will be so I’m gonna finish up by putting the roof on add a
couple extras finishing touches and then we’re gonna go ahead and go through this
whole thing first-person guys so check this out we’re inside the haunted house
now and it’s time to go ahead and do our first run-through I’m talking really
fast because even though I build this thing I’m really creeped out to be
inside here and this is really freaky it’s really hard to see right now cuz
there’s a lot of smoke in here but this place is extra creepy so this is gonna
be kind of like a dry run I’m gonna go through and show you guys what we have
in here and then when Logan goes through there’s gonna be a lot more stuff but
let’s go through here and see what we got he would start here at the entrance
with this creepy kind of web netting here once you make your way through into
the primary hallway here it’s really hard to see too far in front of you so
you don’t know where you’re going we got spiders up here lots of cobwebs
all along the walls and we’ve got these really creepy paintings which I find are
really freaky cuz they look like regular photos but if you look at them on an
angle they turn into like these skull creatures keep moving along there’s
blood splatter on the bottom of the floor here all along the walls here
there’s cobwebs and at each point there’s different creepy photos like
right here we got another painting slash photo of a guy here also up here you’ll
notice there’s a secret little door here this is where I’m gonna have a hand come
down and try and grab Logan I think that’s gonna really freak him
out this is where I’m gonna pop out wearing a freaky zombie mask and try and
scare the living daylights out of him all right as we get down here we go to
the primary room here definitely don’t want to be going in here under normal
circumstances but let’s go in and see and this guy’s is the main freaky room
all right let’s get going here this is really pretty there guys I don’t even
like big ice it’s actually working perfectly because it keeps going off and
on because I fill this thing up with like the bare minimum batteries I’ll
also have some more fog coming in here once Logan gets inside here and then of
course this creepy witch and guys once he gets in here the only
way he can escape is by getting a key and the only way to get that is by
putting his hand in the witch’s potion pot inside there there’s gonna be some
really creepy and gooey stuff he’s gonna feel it’s just Orbeez but he’s not gonna
know that it’s gonna feel like eyeballs to him so he’s gonna have to put his
hand in there find the key and only then will we let him out I think this is
really gonna scare Logan guys so let’s go get him and do this thing for real
with all the sound effects and much more all right Logan I’ve worked all night on
it but she’s finally ready the box for haunted house if this doesn’t spook you
I don’t know what will you’re gonna enter through here and have to make it
all the way through to the exit in order to get out though you’re gonna have to
find a key it’s somewhere in the last room I’m not gonna tell you where this
thing looks a little bit scary but again I don’t get scared easily
Andrew through the entrance here and I’ll turn off the lights and see if we
can’t spook you all right guys I’m gonna have to do the front looks like you got
some weird kind of mesh stuff all right so we’re inside what guys I can’t see anything it’s
pitch black you get one flashlight Oh spider what’s that noise Jake you’re not
gonna scare me today it’s a little picture guys I don’t like this I don’t
like this still not scared Jake you’re not gonna scare me oh it’s like a little
kid and his parents oh whoa that’s not a little kid that’s that’s a ghost or
something get out there what still not scared yet Jake guys I think that was a
hand looks like another old photo of some dude grandpa man skull man pretty
cool like it’s like you have two different identities not scared Jake
still not scared yet not scared at all keep out what’s this on second thought we’re just gonna keep
that thing closed keep out danger beware of zombies Oh like I haven’t seen some
zombies in my day I think I can handle it how do I open this door looks a little a little bit intimidating Jake knows I don’t like robots okay I
gotta get out of here that’s it I’m done I gotta get out of here find the key
it’s in the bucket of ice the bucket of ice oh gosh
find the key how do I get out there like you brought here that was helpful
yes wait where you out here this whole time did I cry like a little baby who is
talking to me there was a guy giving me hints no that’s been out here this whole
time oh well looks like I want Logan looks
like it’s official Papa Jake beat you in our spooky scare off dude how are you
even planning on scaring me there’s no way you could even top that would you do

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