Bucket’s List #1.14: “Dangerous Business” | Star Wars Resistance

Bucket’s List #1.14: “Dangerous Business” | Star Wars Resistance

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– This is Bucket’s List
for Dangerous Business. Teroj Kee– the mysterious
visitor to the Colossus is a Keteerian alien
named Teroj Kee. Another Keteerian can be
spotted in “The Last Jedi” in Canto Bight– a hotel concierge
named Terrib Igmusk. [YELLING] – Premium Droid Oil– Jooks visits Flix
and Orka’s shop for some premium droid oil. – Can of premium
deluxe D90 droid oil. Make it fast, kid. – The packaging looks similar
to a hyperfuel container, but can be identified by
the logo on the front. Flix– – My father was part
Gungan, you know. – Flix claims to be part Gungan. He’s actually a
new alien species created for the show, a design
based on an early Ewok sketch by Ralph McQuarrie. – Why can’t you be honest about
your father for once, you know? Gungans don’t have feathers. – Check out “Resistance”
on Disney Channel.


  1. I thought Teroj Kee was just another alien made up for the show but it’s really nice to see them use an already existing species and bring it into the spotlight.

  2. I can't tell you how badly I wanted Teroj Kee to die in this episode. I think he's my new "least favorite character".

  3. All I could think of was R0GR asking for the good stuff…and how my family would LOVE it if Lego Star Wars All-Stars would come out on DVD!

  4. Is it just me or should this not be #1.13? I noticed both this and Resistance Rewind skipped straight from 1.12 to 1.14 – are they really that superstitious?

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