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(grunting angrily) (mysterious music) (growling) ♪ Stuck-up, baby baby baby, stuck-up ♪ ♪ You turn your nose up
to all of my friends ♪ ♪ You’re stuck-up ♪ ♪ You were raised in a
mansion up Barner Hill ♪ ♪ You’re stuck-up ♪ ♪ When I kiss your lips,
you don’t kiss back ♪ ♪ Then all I get is yakety yak, stuck-up ♪ (mysterious music) ♪ The rule will protect
all the girls and boys ♪ ♪ Keeping monsters at bay
and creepers dormant ♪ ♪ Cast them away and play to torment ♪ ♪ Be gone rage, and vanquish sorrow ♪ ♪ We are the monster hunters of tomorrow ♪ (pants) – You okay Larry? – Yeah, saving my energy
for the scavenger hunt. – Listen up, this is the starting point for the Camp Willowdale
massacre scavenger hunt. – Huh, massacre? – Here are your lists. Each task is specifically
designed to test your strength, your intelligence, and most importantly,
your survival skills. You may team up or be on your own. And the first one back to
camp with every item wins. (whistle ringing) Let the hunting begin. – You wanna start this way? – Oh. – Hey Daniel, you’re coming? (soft music) – Go ahead. – You know my dad, he won
this hunt when he went here. So did my grandpa. There’s no way I won’t win. – Is that what it takes to
become a monster hunter? – (chuckles) monster hunter? Kenny, don’t tell me you
believe that baloney. – Daniel. Haven’t you heard about our
founder, William Willowdale? (wooshing) The schools, the camps,
legend has it, this one, is for finding monster hunters. My dad even told me. – Well, if that was
true, me and my brother would’ve been picked for sure. (laughs) It’s true. – Hey Daniel, why don’t we
see how brave Larry really is? (music builds up) (cracking) (mysterious music) (scratching) – Come quick, it took Charles,
and it’s got your brother. (suspenseful music) Look. – Daniel! Oh my God. (grunting) – Look out. (splashing) (laughing) (grunting) – Hey, give that back! – Squeal, squeal piggy squeal. – Stop, it was just a
stick and some berries. (grunting) – Squeal piggy, squeal piggy. (grunting and screaming) (squealing) (music intensifies) (thumping) (growling menacingly) (oinking) (huffing) (growling and squealing) (screams) (grunting) (mysterious music) (thumping) (soft music) – Okay, this is where you start. Now follow the path straight through. – You’ve all really done this? – Not only have I walked the path but I fought a monster. How else do you think I got this? You do wanna be part
of the crew, don’t you? Then you have to walk the forbidden path. – I get it. You’re afraid of bumping into a monster. – You do know the muller right? Big yellow teeth, dripping
with the flesh of his victims. – He killed his own brother. And he loves to rip campers to shreds, stabbing them with his giant tusks and feasting on their bones. – But we get it, you’re scared. – No, no, I’ll do it. (exhales loudly) – Let’s have some fun. (crickets chirping) (dramatic music) (grinding) (screams) (grinding) (screams) (music intensifies) (grunting) (screams) (yells) (coughs) (mysterious music) (low grunting) (music intensifies) (thumping) – What do you think
you’re doing? (banging) (ringing) (grunts) – Oh. Oh. (grunting) You’re the muller? (grunting) – So, if you weren’t there to
steal the torment fragments were you there to hunt for Lawrence? – No. – ’cause I gutted the
last hunter who tried. – My bunkmate said if I
walk the forbidden path, they’d let me be part of their group. I’ve never had a group. It was a mistake. – What’s your name? – My name’s Eva. – Well, I can tell you a few
things about mistakes Eva. – Larry, we’re brothers, you’re
supposed to take care of me. (grunting) And I’m supposed to take care of you. (grunting) It’s okay. We’re gonna be okay. (soft music) – Summers are always the worst. We had a few close calls over the years but I’ve always managed
to protect the fragments. (grunting) – Counselor Richard? (faint whistling) (squealing) – Monster! – Do you think there’s a
way of turning you back? (grunting) this could be dangerous if the
wrong person got hold of it. – How else do you think I got this? – I know where the fragment is. And I can get it back for you. (crying) – Oh my God, you cry
before you go to sleep, you wake up crying,
don’t you ever shut up? – Leave her alone, Maddison. (screaming on the phone) – Think I’m gonna share
this, to show everyone who will never become a monster hunter. Oh sweetie, close your
mouth, you’ll catch flies. (crying) – They’re not real, right? Monsters? – Monsters are everywhere Katy, but they’re not all
evil, I’ve even met one. And some are human, and even human monsters can be stopped. I promise. (sniffling) – Make sure she’s confronted. – Okay. (exhales) – Oh. – Is there a problem Eva? – Maybe. (faint whispering) Hello? (lights buzzing) (door wooshing) (creature squealing) (screams) – Enough Maddison! – Get this loser off me. – Give me the torment fragment now. – Torment fragment? No way I’m getting you
get your hands on this, I Hey! (suspenseful music) I’ll take that. (monster grunting) – Maddison, is this
the monster you fought? You can protect, stop monster. (monster squealing) (organs squishing) (mysterious music) (monster grunting) (coughing) (monster squealing) (screams) – What the hell, what are you doing? – That’s not yours, is it? – Give it back! No way am I– (monster grunting and squealing) (screams) Leave me alone, please. (screaming) – No stop. We have what we need. (soft music) You have to go, monster
hunters will be here soon. (monster squealing) (crying) (soft music) (music intensifies) (wooshing) – [Announcer] Watch new vids every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, only on Crypt TV. (screeching)

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